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I found myself inside a type of vacant office building living upstairs with my daughter, Meadow. We were just trying to survive. 

I looked outside the window and saw a military super jet hovering near the building corner and rooftop above us.  It tilted left, then right, and turned over upside down and then right side up again.  The jet went in and out of my view as it did this. I thought for sure it was going to hit the building roof top! I was bracing myself for impact and telling Meadow “RUN! GET OUT OF HERE!”  The second or third time the jet tilted sideways a wing tip came through the corner of the room and rooftop areas.  It passed through the wall as if it wasn’t there. It was using some type of cloaking technology! I again said, “RUN!” to Meadow and “WE GOTTA GET OUT OF HERE!”

But, it was too late, a government lady and man (suits) entered our room just as we were making our way across the room to leave out the front door.  The ‘Suits’ tried at first talking all nice to me in order to manipulate me. But I knew what they were doing and why they were there, so I decided to just bag on ‘em instead.  I said to the lady, “Oh you’re a pudgy one!” she was only partially fat. She was offended and replied, “I am not!” I said, “Yeah you are . . . Look at the fat here . . .” and I went over to her and began to push on her body fat saying “. . . and it kinda squishes out all over the place . . . and here . . .” I continued to push on various spots of her body fat and she got very offended now saying, “Stop IT!” I said, “FATTY!” Then, I addressed the Male Suit, “ . . . and IDIOT Boy!”

The suits made Meadow and me go with them outside the room and outside the office building. They were taking us across the street-driveway toward the pub containing the entrance to their underground bases. As we walked, I was blathering on about our rights until we entered the pub.  There were about 7 to 8 people sitting or standing around inside

, including one bar tender. 

An old school Private Investigator now entered the bar room via a back door or hallway and he asked me what we wanted.  I said, “To NOT be taken underground to the military base section or underground labs where they’ll use us for testing and experiments.” The P.I. looked at me like, “Seriously?”  The other people sitting around the pub were thinking us ‘crazy’ too.  I said to the people, “Do you REALLY think they DON’T have them!? (inferring the cloaked jets) Morons! Do you seriously think they don’t have jets with cloaking technology?!”  I then indicated, by pointing, that I’d just seen one outside and I said, “I just saw one outside!”  The people in the pub mostly looked blankly at me not really knowing what I was talking about, but they were starting to register the possibility of it now.

As I stood there I looked at the second entry door at the far end of the pub and was contemplating running and escaping out of it with Meadow.  As I was contemplating I could feel the warmth of my ancient white dragon family and the ‘grandfather’ sending us energy and protection to help us. It was then I said to Meadow again, “RUN!”

We both ran for the second entry door at the far end of the pub and and it placed us back at the same driveway-street we’d just come in off of from the first entry door.   Once outside, another Male Suit showed up. He pointed his gun at my chest and shot a bullet. . .

. . . I began to speak in another language. . .

The bullet should have hit my heart or throat, instead it missed completely. It got about one foot within hitting me and instead crumpled as if it hit an invisible wall made of solid lead, then it veered off to the side and fell to the ground.  The Male Suit said, “WHAT!? How did I miss you!!!?” He was furious! 

Then Idiot Boy and Fatty Patty came out of the pub to try to nab us again.  All three of them were now about twenty feet away, facing directly at us, and began shooting hundreds of bullets with their guns. Meadow and I just stood there.  All the bullets did the same thing the first bullet had done; they crumpled as if they’d hit an invisible lead wall, then veered off to the right or left of us, then they dropped inert onto the ground. I was a bit surprised by this, as I’d expected otherwise with my magik.  I said, “IDIOTS . . . Seriously! . . . You’re just gonna keep on trying to shoot us!?”  They continued to try to shoot us and hundreds of crumpled bullets were now forming into large piles near both our feet. Meadow mildly taunted them with, “Really?.”  Some of the bullets looked very close to hitting Meadow’s shins, as if the force field was just above them, but the bullets did the same thing. They would hit the invisible shield, crumple, and then rolled down Meadow’s shoe just before dropping off onto the ground.  The government suits were furious now and saying, “WHY CAN’T WE SHOOT YOU!?”  To further irritate them with their own stupidity, I said, “Maybe it’s cause we were just near the cloaking ‘thingy.’” like I’d gotten into the field of their cloaking technology jet and this was the side effect, or some such ridiculous nonsense.

I told Meadow again, “RUN.”      

We both began to run away from the military suits and the pub. I knew there were at least 2 cloaked jets above us and it felt like a third cloaked jets was also there as well, or on its way. They all seemed to be following us.  

The sky above us was a lovely blue color with some very pleasant and puffy cumulous clouds and I could have sworn I heard the ‘blue bird’ of happiness chirping the ‘happy day’ song.

We were now within 10 feet of the government suits as we ran away from them and the super jets. They were all trying to close in on us, but only half as*ed now, as they were leery of what else we might be able to do them, considering all the bullets . . .

Then, I woke up. . .

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