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Expected Release Date August 30, 2018

“Dreams The Missing Text – What Are They?  Why Do We Have Them? And How what we do in them Determines Waking 3D Life Experience”

ISBN 978-0-9969608-3-0

This is my 'Working Cover' for my new forthcoming book titled "Dreams The Missing Text" and subtitled "What are they? Why do we have them? And How what we do in them Determines Waking 3D Life Experience" ISBN 978-0-9969608-3-0 Planned Release Date: August 30, 2018 Bookmark your calendars and keep an eye out for a possible earlier release. – My current preface – Preface What Are #Dream and Why Do We Have Them? First of all, dreams are not what we have been told. We have been severely lied to about what dreams truly are. Go figure . . . Dreams are everyone’s natural birthright. You don’t need to go to Tibet and study shamanism for 109 years until you turn into a meditative rainbow pile of ash. You don’t have to go to China and study martial arts, eat a special diet, or go to your local church or “spiritual” group to meet with ‘God’ or some ‘higher guide.’ Contrary to popular opinion and traditional dream teachings, dreams are not a bunch of #subconscious fantasy (sexual or otherwise) junk where everyone in the dream is nothing more than a pooka of yourself, aka “archetype” where you’re working out all your own issues as 50,000 other people in the dream. Ok, so maybe there are only 7 to 10 other people or so in your dreams, but you get the idea, you are not all of them any more than you are everyone in your daily waking life. Souls visit other souls while the physical form rests (aka sleep). Everything you need to be a genuine magikal DreamWalker (aka shaman) is already within you and it is not something reserved for one or two super lucky people on Earth . . . it’s for everyone . . . yes, that means you! There are 3 simple key elements to access your inner DreamWalker Magik: 1) Love 2) Truth 3) Desire We will go more in depth on these key elements throughout this book and we’ll complete this first dream-lesson-book with one of the most pressing topics students ask me about, “How to handle dark entities?” and “What are they?” You will learn the answers to these questions and more and why it’s important to heal them with love. No fighting. #dreams #shaman #dreamwalker #artist #bookcoverartist #bookmaker #publisher

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Available now, $9.99 Kindle edition Only, a semi-raw collection of magikal dreams, advanced technologies and more. 


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