Uncanny Valley Art Gallery

Ari Stone Art is inside Uncanny Valley Art Gallery


Ari Stone Art Gallery Mini Tour

Uncanny Valley Art Gallery

455 Main Street

Grand Junction CO 81501

Ari Stone Art Gallery is now open. Come visit the Ari Stone Art private gallery studio space in the back of Uncanny Valley Art Gallery.

Want LED or Stained Glass Looking Art?

Come see a variety of “Looks Like Stained Glass” Plexiglass Art creations hand-crafted-with-love and backlit with RGB color changing LED light strips. Color changing remote included. See for yourself these beautiful stained glass looking artworks that can be enjoyed in any room in your home or office.

Looking for Unique Cost Efficient Original Artwork?

Choose from a variety of blacklight responsive paint pours hand stippled to look like outerspace galaxy art.

Want to Relax with “Interactive Art?”

Pick up an adult or kids coloring book. Men especially love the adult Energetic Portal Design coloring books. For the kids, have them try the kids coloring book with coloring challenges. There are also canvas giclée prints available to paint or color your own Energetic Portal Design. For the more adventurous and crafting soul, try a DIY “Looks like Stained Glass” Plexiglass kit.

Want to Understand Your Dreams?

Have you already seen things from your dreams happen in Waking 3D Life and seek to understand this phenomena?

Pick up a copy of “Dreams the Missing Text” for answers. A non-fiction book that explains what dreams are, why we have them, and how the energies funnel in as actual Waking 3D Life experiences.

Ari has observed and documented over a thousand dreams. This book is a result of those direct observations. Powerful dream magik is love. Pick up your signed copy today and observe for yourself how your own dreams (soul-spirit interactions) funnel into Waking 3D Life as actual events.