Take my super short 2 question survey and let me know if you’d like to buy pre-cut plexiglass kits of my designs to foil and solder together your own stained glass looking projects.

GlowForge is a personal in-home laser etcher 3D printer.

I am still learning the ropes around 3D etching and cutting.  I waited over 2 years to receive my GlowForge from one of the world’s largest crowd funded campaigns.  Now that I finally have mine, I’m learning to create the amazing artworks I see in my head in order to bring you new beautiful creations that glow-in-the-dark, use LEDs, black light paints, and are functional and meaningful.

Currently, I am developing two key lines of thought for display in the RAW: GALLERY

  1. Cutting acrylic and making it look like stained glass art
  2. Creating LED based artworks with meaningful words like “Love, Coffee, I Love You, Adventure, Peace, Joy” and adding custom embellishments to enhance the meaning behind the work

To see my progress with GlowForge art creating please follow me on Instagram: where I post most of my updates with images.  You may also follow me on FaceBook for some updates here and there


Acrylic GF Cut, foil and soldered like stained glass, painted with glass paints, acrylics, and glow-in-the-dark powders

First make #lasercut #acrylic look like #stainedglass paint tests. I #3Dprinted a bunch of 1×1 clear acrylic squares, I'll foil with two different width #copperfoil and then get some #soldering practice in, then test painting to see how the paints various, paints, powders, and pigments work together. In this above example: I used #GlowInTheDarkPowders, mixed with #StainedGlassPaints . They look great when in the dark, #twilight, and direct sunlight dining through, but a bit milky and not very stained glad lime when no light shining through, so I'll take that into consideration. But, all in all, #FunStuff #MadeOnAGlowforge #plexiglass #abstractdesign #abstractart #contemporarydesigner #designartist #abstractartist #abstractstainedglass #stainedglassdesigner #designer

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GlowForge in action etching Energetic Portal Design “Spider Web” in black matboard


Painted Spider Web matboard