Directive Need to know for Video #2 and Etc/ need to do?   On TL where I’m financially successful as an author/artist this year and independent and get to be with my TF in W3DL.


They were basically wanting to use my info to ‘induct’ me in (to their crap cabal agendas/dis-info) but it was not working out for them.  I kept using my own info and ‘destroying’ their efforts.  They wanted to make it look like I was working with them.


5:16 am

I was at a party, inside a large banquet room with a lot of people.  (DV grandpa’s banquet and destruction https://aristoneart.com/2019/11/07/gorik-cia-call-gpas-banquet-and-destruction/)

Some were members of my Sicilian “Stone” family on my dad’s side. I sat at in a seat with my group. Mathew English was here too, but he’d just seemed to have just arrived.  I wondered if Mathew was the filmmaker Patrick Trillion in disguise.  (DV Mathew Owns a B&B; DV Greatest Showmen http://aristoneart.blogspot.com/2018/02/20180122jan-greatest-showmen.html)  I continued looking at Mathew and his guy friend and smiled politely at them.  Mathew seemed to like me a little more than as just a friend, but I wasn’t fully interested like that.

I now slouch sat in my seat, like a guy.  There was no table in front of me. I was seated next to a girl who sorta thought me to be gay and that’s why she didn’t go for Mathew, cause she was hoping to maybe get together with me.    It seemed I might sorta actually be gay, but it was more so that I wished I was in a male body.  I slouched down even more with my legs open wide as if I was a man and I thought about how good it’d feel if I were a male right now, with male anatomy, seated like this, rather than being in a ‘stupid’ female form.  I didn’t really think my female form was ‘stupid’ per say, it was more so I just didn’t like how disrespected females are in general and typically being viewed as ‘sex objects.’  I imagined how good it’d feel to not have to deal with all that crap anymore and to be ‘in charge’ as a male again and how as a man it’d not really matter much about my looks either or etc.  I thought about how if I were a male and liked a girl I could just sort of ‘take her’, but not really ‘take her’, but sort of like I could, because as a guy I could do that and get what I wanted without all the stupid waiting, or seeking approval,  or asking of the guy.  I wouldn’t have to be demure or need to look attractive.  There may have been an Asian girl at the banquet that I would have dated, had I been a man. I seemed to be telling all of this to the girl seated next to me.

I looked again at Mathew and his buddy standing near the banquet ballroom entrance.  I thought he’d probably not like me much if he knew I was thinking of myself as a male.  But, I knew that line of thought and thinking was really of no use, cause I was a female this life and unlikely to change it.   I sighed internally.  It was basically time to eat now or for me pay more attention to those seated nearer me.

I was now seated in a chair at a table. 

We were maybe being served a beef stroganoff type of meat with cut mushrooms.  I seemed to have a bite or two of the mushrooms.  (DVs mushroom roof dated 2019_07_04_JUL; and DV poisonous and safe mushrooms dated 2018_10_23_OCT)  Overall I seemed bored with the party and the rote mundane things going on, so I decided to spice things up a bit.

I stood up, raised up into the air, and flew around the room a bit. 

An older magician-like gentleman was watching me in particular.  The group near him was questioning things some about me too.   I flew above and was like, “See, if I need to, this is what I do.” Inferring if I’m being chased, I fly in order to be out of reach.  I was somewhat low in the air. The magician-like male, appearing around 40 -50 years old, seemed at first to be my friend and like he and the people at the party weren’t afraid of me for showing magik. I then explained I didn’t always do this in front of people (show my magik) because they would sometimes want to worship me or alternatively were afraid of me and/or wanted to capture me.  I continued, “If I need to get away, or fly unnoticed, I also go invisible. . .  like this.”  I couldn’t fully tell if I was invisible or not, so I was gauging it by looking at the magician-like man to see his reaction. If he looked like he couldn’t see me anymore then I was likely invisible. It seemed like he wasn’t able to see me and I’d successfully gone invisible.  I said, “If I have tons of people after me and I need to escape, I don’t try to use normal ways.  I may just go invisible and then sink through the floor.”  I made myself visible again in the air above their heads so they could see me drop through the floor. I then ‘dove’ feet-first toward the floor and sunk through it halfway with my body, then I went invisible again.

(DV Escaping mafia and Meeting myself as Merlin in DreamWalker book https://www.amazon.com/DreamWalker-Dream-Adventures-Enetka-Tulina-ebook/dp/B072TRB9GP/ ; DV messing with corporate guys http://aristoneart.blogspot.com/2018/11/20180519may-messing-with-corporate-guys.html/ ; DV SSP guys and Storm I brew https://aristoneart.com/2018/09/15/2018_03_18_mar-ssp-guys-and-storm-i-brew/ ; DV Tanos https://aristoneart.com/2020/06/03/2020_04_28_apr-tanos/ pswd: tanos56789)

The area below the banquet was all just inky black and seemed a trap by the magician-like guy in order to try and capture me and keep me there.  (DV Black Blood Ink – https://aristoneart.com/2020/03/21/2020_03_09_mar-corona-black-lady-poofy-hair-black-blood-ink/ pswd: Black Blood Ink )  He seemed somewhat fearful of me and what I could do though he acted calm, cool, and even dapper collected.  I wondered if he was ‘Dan’ the CEO of EARTH TV (E-TV)  A few of those standing nearby him seemed to have gotten somewhat scared by me and my abilities.  It felt the magician-like man wanted this to be like the ‘metal net’ from another dream and for it to capture me and make me be afraid.  (DV Mirror World Unsealed emailed to Corey Goode on 11.10.2017; and DV DeCern group emailed to CG on 6.21.17)  I felt a mild pang of concern of ‘what if I was stuck here.’ I calmed myself. It seemed ‘others’ at this ‘party’ were also trying to capture me to lock me up and put me away for a very long time.  I mildly panicked, but only like 1 percent or 1 degree and then I decided to come back up and did.  I re-entered the ballroom banquet area fully and stood on the ground like a normal person.

I then realized that the ‘trap’ seemed to have actually been due to a little boy seated at a little desk table with his mother standing over him.   The boy was holding crystals and stones and was chanting spells.  He seemed in a trance and like he was taken over by some dark entity. He was chanting like a possessed little boy as he rattled off words.  The mother was concerned and ready to take away his crystals because she thought the crystals ‘bad.’

I began chant-saying my own counter-spells as I walked up to the table.  As I approached the boy and his hand holding the crystals, I took his closed hand, made him open it, and then made him dump out the  crystals onto the table. They were all simple polished and smooth stones.  Three to four were clear quartz points crystals, one was a medium blue colored stone (Chalcedony?), another was Snowflake Obsidian, and then there were two flat jagged matching cut pieces.  One of the jagged pieces was pinkish-white colors and the other more tan-brown and grey-blacks; both were very super-patterned in their coloring and even fossil crustacean-like.

The boy had been in a trance to this point and the mother was still thinking to take away his crystals and stones and never let him use them ever again, because she mistakenly thought the crystals and stones were what was really ‘bad’.  She was also thinking to take them away so her son would no longer be able to use them to hurt anyone or me.  I energetically let the mother know it was ‘ok’ and to not take them away from him just yet, but she remained poised and ready to take the crystals and stones away at a moment’s notice if I needed her help.  

The possessed boy felt to be a five year old version of Andrew VanDeen. 

I continued to speak my counter-spell and reached down and placed the 2 jagged cut stones on the table one on top of the other.  I seemed to also have extra saliva in my throat issues and so I was also talking through that with grit teeth (DV A.I. Negotiations and grit teeth talk with Andrew http://aristoneart.blogspot.com/2018/07/20180602junartifical-intelligence.html?m=1) By doing what I was doing I was removing the spell of mind control off of the boy.  I was telling him and by extension his mother, the stones are not ‘bad’ and that the boy was not to use them anymore like he was doing. I explained to him he could use the stones and benefit from them by using them with love and that they could then heal.  I told the mother it wasn’t the crystals that were ‘bad’ it was how the ‘owner’ used them that was important and I’d let Andrew keep the stones and crystals so long as he used them with love and for good. 

The boy was now coming out of his stupor/trance and he was somewhat afraid of me, but he knew I wasn’t going to hurt him, but he also knew I wasn’t going to let him abuse his powers either.  I told Andrew he was to use the stones for good and to focus on imbuing them with love and to use them to add to the lives of other people instead of harming them and that doing that was far more powerful.

I now needed to go.

The mother was going to let Andrew keep working with the stones and he was also no longer trying to ensorcel me. 

It was now family photo time.

I went and posed with my Stone family. Then there was to be a huge photo of everyone at the banquet all together.  I went back to my seat and turned around in it backwards so I was aimed toward the cameras and I held a smile for while, but they were dawdling, so I turned away and sat in the proper direction in my seat (aimed away from the cameras).  I leaned back my head in my seat and waited while pretending to be tired.  Three to four pictures were then taken of everyone before I realized, ‘OH!  They are taking pictures now!’ and I turned around and got into the last photo, or last two photos, taken by two different people.  There were around five different people total taking photos. 

My “Aunt Claire” seemed a prominent family member nearby and her mother was there too (dead in Waking 3D Life, but alive in the dream). (DV Letting Dead Souls Talk through me to prove my abilities https://www.wattpad.com/story/200268748-2019_08_06_aug-letting-dead-souls-talk-to-living/ )   My “dad” (possibly Gorik in disguise) then said to me, “About time.” to my realizing that the pictures were being taken and that I’d finally turning around to be in them with my face.  (DV lots of Stone family pics on my art studio wall dated 2019_09_26_JUL) The large group photos were now done and I was like, ‘Ugh, I have the back of my bun-haired head in 3 of those photos and I hoped for one with me turned forward.

I then flew out of the banquet room.

I felt a dark energy was nearby.  I was now in a large whitish-walled hallway.  (DV escaping ICC prison http://aristoneart.blogspot.com/2018/01/20180109jan-escaping-icc-prison-with-my.html; DV Gorik drunk I drive and white dust covered kids http://aristoneart.blogspot.com/2018/02/20160812aug-gorik-drunk-i-drive-ray-gun.html )  

 I could feel the MKULTRA monster (like from the Netflix series Stranger Things) was nearby and looking to feed.

I saw a large white goat-ish looking animal also in the hallway.  The goat-ish animal wished it could be me this life and not what it was . . . a sacrificial lamb-goat animal that was destined for being eaten.  I was glad to not be a creature like that.  The goat was lean and very large, even tall, standing about 5 feet in height even on all fours. He wanted to try to ‘grab’ me, like that’d make him more like me.  I now got onto the walls and was doing my spiderman-style wall-walks and went near the ceiling.  (DV I show Spiderman wall walks to Gorik and his friends and clean off the alter – dated 2018_11_26_NOV)  I knew I was safe and the MKULTRA creature could not eat me because it couldn’t reach this high. (DV Sandin creature in DreamWalker book part 1 and part 2 https://www.amazon.com/DreamWalker-Dream-Adventures-Enetka-Tulina-ebook/dp/B072TRB9GP/) As I walked along the walls, my hands and feet magikally stuck. 

Then the MKULTRA creature arrived.

The goat looking animal went inside another room in an effort to both escape the creature and to be eaten; as it’d gone into the sacrificial room.  The MKULTRA creature ate the goat.  The MKULTRA creature looked to me like the left over blob of the MKULTRA serial killer I’d terminated in another dream.   (DV MKULTRA Serial Killer dated 2019_11_02_NOV;  DV Serial Killer escapes Magnetics Cutter dated https://aristoneart.com/2019/03/10/2019_03_09_mar-grumbly-bickery-guy-comes-with-me-purple-snake-terminated-serial-killer/; DV Serial Killer and poison donut spheres https://aristoneart.com/2020/04/04/2019_08_02_aug-perv-guy-and-poison-donut-spheres/ PSWD: working on it 23423443 (rough draft))  I was again glad to not be the goat creature as it was basically born just to be eaten as food by the bigger monsters of ‘black energy.’  (DV slit goat throat and golden honey on a stick and war to avert https://aristoneart.com/2019/10/20/2016_11_20_nov-slit-goat-throat-golden-slif-magik-honey-on-stick-and-war-about-to-break-out/)

I then went back into the banquet hall . . . I think . . . as it seemed a little safer to hang out there.


They were trying again to use my materials and to say it was theirs. The little boy or man wore worn out and loose black fitted clothes. He knew it’d not fly and that he couldn’t keep me from saying anything either . . . but, maybe (maybe) . . . if he was ‘nice’ to me . . . something else could be worked out to make him not look so bad . . . (DV portal threads and magician date emailed to CG 6.15.2017; DV Paraglider Safari emailed CG 12.5.2017; DV my favorite homeless guy 11.19.2017; DVs homeless guy and etc emailed to CG 8.13.2017, 9.19.2017, and 10.31.17  )


There seemed as usual some others sort of after me, but as usual I was evading them.  I was in a house with a large flat screen TV.  I thought I was putting on ‘Netflix’ or something similar. It had 2 radio-style button choices. I pressed one and it turned out to be the option to play games.  Sort of like it was a Sega Genesis.  I was going to maybe play, because I couldn’t seem to do the other option really anyways and this seemed to also keep me safe. 

As I was waking up I was hearing “It was a time when a boy became a man.”  (DV Devel and Andrew VanDeen dated 2016_10_01_OCT; DV Enders Type Game and I get a headset to play http://aristoneart.blogspot.com/2018/10/20180706-enders-game-i-get-headset-and.html?m=1; DV incredIBLE red/blue Holograms emailed CG 9.19.2017; DV Hologram River Walk and guy whose face I accidentally take a chunk off of – emailed to CG 12.10.2017)