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The following blog is more Dream Vision (DV) evidence associated with the following YouTube video.

007 The Video David Wilcock doesn’t Want You to See – Court Filed Dream Vision Evidence

The “snowboard” seen in the YouTube at the end of DV sample 1 “Changing Kings Heart with Love – Progress” connects it with the DV “Future Date that’s Mad Cause it’s Already written on the bottom of my SIMS snowboard.” The snowboard element connects these two DVs together. The snowboard also connects both of these DVs with many other ski resort and snowboarding DVs I have as well.

Corey Goode is the bully guy and David Wilcock is the future date whose mad.

Time Stamp 16:23

This “SIMS” feature, connects in waking states with the Sentient World SIMulation being operated by the DOD and whereby everyone apparently is a node in this Artificial Intelligence SIMulated digital double world and that overlaps our organic neuronetworks and DNA and these frequency based intelligences can essentially take over the consciousness of a person by changing the frequencies in the targeted human’s brain which alters body chemistry and brain activity. Watch videos on A SIMULATED REALITY YouTube channel for more details, real whistleblowers and evidence.

The fact that the DV “Changing Kings Heart with Love” is now ‘active’ in “Waking 3D Life (W3DL) due to the unlawful dismissal orders by the king/judge, it means the connected one in this blog post is more or less occuring now and/or soon to be occurring more fully in waking states, along with starting in on the other connected Dream Visions becoming more active in waking states as well. Like the DV I recently blogged where a lock is given out that looks like my usb thumb drive that stores ‘SIMS’ PC games on it, because the snowboard seen in this blogged DV is a ‘SIMS’ snowboard, the SIMS feature links these DVs and data together.

The D-wave Quantum Computer is a Digital to Biological Mind Teleportation Device for Parasitic A.I.

This then connects with many more DVs I won’t get into in this singular blog post, but here’s a link to one more DV associated with the A.I. neuronetworks and my entering the virtual reality “game” (neuronetworks). In this DV I am given a VR type headset to enter the game. “2018_07_06 ENDER’S GAME – I GET A HEADSET AND GO ONSTAGE TO PLAY WITH A TEAM” Corey Goode (Gorik) is in it too.


What I’m doing now, legally proving my Dream Vision foreseeing abilities, is likely part of why DW is so mad in the “Future Date Mad” DV as his whole life of false belief systems and fake spirituality are going kablooey and he’ll legally be proven a dream psychic fraud, amidst his other similar public deceptions.

There was also a “twist” in my CG/DW Dream Vision situation that was shared with Corey Goode on 08.04.2017 that may also be something DW will be ‘mad’ about, thinking he has no choice cause its already been written in my dream journals what’s gonna happen. That Dream Vision “Telling DW there’s a Twist” was originally dated 05.23.2017 and was sent to CG a while after CG astral/lucid visited me as himself the night prior (05.22.2017) my telling DW in dream states about that “twist.” This notable CG lucid visit allowed me to begin tracing CG back throughout my dreams in his pleathora of disguises, going back as early as 2006 when I began documenting my Dream Visions. This has occurred with others as well within the community to include those exposing CG and DW, where I also saw them in Dream Visions as early as 2006 and only fond out fairly recently (2019) it was them in waking states due to the waking state situations occurring.

The following “Future Date Mad” DV was emailed to Corey Goode on 8.11.2017 with a group of others, that are also more likely ‘active’ now or soon to be active in W3DL, because of being email grouped during 2017 with a now active DV.

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Still have not used the Remote Viewing audio book. I suspect its part of how David Wilcock got mind controlled, as CIA folk are big on Remote Viewing and Telepathic Behavior Modification for Consciousness Obliteration.
The “Corey doll” in my backpack connects with the CIA S.A.T.A.N. (Silent Assasination Through Adaptive Networks) Voodoo Doll program. This is a program that broadcasts signals into the cortices of the brain to cause the body to feel physical pain in the targeted individual.

See Book:

Project: Soul Catcher Volume Two Secrets of Cybernetic Warfare Revealed
Robert Duncan and the Mind Hacking Strategy Group
DW and his wife ‘Beth’ are also connected with the S.A.T.A.N. program seen in other DVs sent to Corey during 2017. Notably in a DV emailed 7.1.17 where I make a portal from my hands and use it to portal David out. This connects with another major DV, that is to be revealed later.
0001 DAVID WILCOCK & CG Admit they are Cabal, Untuned Psychic Channels, & Receiving Negative Contact
-Listen to David talk about his Remote Viewing practice-
Declassified CIA document for Telepathic Behavior Modification for Consciousness Obliteration.

Wondering what happened to David Wilcock?
– This is likely it –
WATCH my Court Filed
for fuller Details and Patented frequency technology used for Telepathic Behavior Modification by placing people in Sleep-Wake states and that are the same networks in the brain (auditory) for hallucinations (aka seeing BLUEBIRD aliens and hearing them too!….surprise!….its the CIA, MKULTRA and MiLab!)
The Video Corey Goode, David Wilcock AND the CIA – Don’t Want You to See – 5TH INFO FOR THE COURT

– Without Further Adue –

2017_07_14_JUL FUTURE DATE MAD Thinking He Has No Choice

People are able to read my “secret” message to Corey because of now having to share them publicly.

The white ear buds connect with a key Dream Vision Corey Goode filed on the Broomfield court record July 17, 2018 where he is Peggy Sue (DW is the other elephant) and CG (again) later appearing as my brother, this DV is a long running one occuring for months:


The matchbook in this DV connects with this DV where CG is the Miltary Commander guy and the astral guy is likely Gerald O’Donnel. The girl switching from the dangerous night crew to the day crew was/is Kelly Farmer who spoke up about CGs doxxing problems and his FB defamation teams after I blogged this:


The follow page also was included in the dream vision group and has the start of a Dream Vision I’d been trying to remember where it was since the ‘Stacy and Corey flu barf visit’ DV. The barfing lady in the following DV is also likely Corey’s wife because she was barfing in her visit to me in the DV I filed with the FIFTH INFO FOR THE COURT. Shortly after I had the flu DV Corey tweeted he and his family had all been very sick with the flu. See YT video above of 5TH INFO FOR THE COURT start at 3min 10sec.

I won’t include the full following Prison barfing DV here, but it is one that appears to also be active and I’m expecting the “lightening strikes” to occur in waking states soon.

Update April 10, 2020

Yesterday, David Wilcock, sent out more of his fake news dream predictions. Watch above YouTube video 0001 where David Wilcock and Corey Goode explain exactly what their methods are for mind control and dream dis-info. In short DW states the dis-info prophets will predict doom and gloom, that is pre-planned, and will create self fulfilling negative prophesies.

Here’s DW latest email. My greatest concern since I began due process of law April 2018 is that David Wilcock (a fraud dream psychic) will be using my research as though his own and this is coming to fruition now, thanks to my local courts not doing their job.

It’s also key to note, David Wilcock had no known accurate predictions beyong the average lucky guess percentages or any people ever having come forward in all his alleged years of being a dream psychic saying he gave them an accurate dream reading; only David Wilcock has ever told everyone that he’s done this. But now, suddenly since I began calling him a dream psychic fraud on and off the court record…miraculously…DW “just found” dreams that allegedly are come to fruition, that predicted COVID-19, and allegedly on archive.org from 2000.

Now, Since DW lied about Peet Peterson in his go fund him scam, lied about people like me being Dark Alliance in his hate campaign LARP/donation schemes with Corey Goode, lied that he’s poor and yet has two million dollar homes, and DW works with an alledged FL attorney who uses a fake mailing address, and DW and CG (according to Cliff High) have their footprints all over the dark web, it is more likely the “prophesies” “just found” were recently uploaded by a hacker or were part of the long term CIA mind control dream dis-info agenda and negative timelines.

I cited in my unrebutted Pre-Litigation Affidavit Complaint (PLAC) first dated April 18, 2018 for legal response, that Corey Goode’s alledged Jan 12, 2018 Mega Update was based on at least 20 of my dream visions and information. This had never been rebutted and stands as truth in any honorable court of law. David Wilcock stated this alledged Mega Update of Corey Goode’s changed how he was writing his book ‘Awakening in the Dream.’ I will be revealing the PLAC in coming YouTube videos and showing how Corey Goode and David Wilcock “synchronistically” used my Dream Vision work and research during 2017 and forward, along with them using organized gang stalking communications.

The following dream also connects with the court dream with the snowboard and the Future Date Mad with the snowboard dream, as DW again appears looking like the DC Legends of Tomorrow guy and David is likely using my dream research in his coming book, as its been changed because of the mega update.

In this connected dream, I go “back in time” to warn DW, but he’s mostly ego gone and is using and teaching my research and discoveries as though its his own. This is a serious and ongoing problem of both Wilcock and Goode, Intellectual Property theft, and whereby they both twist legitimate info into dis-info for mind control purposes and to maintain their frauds and schemes at the expense of the legitimate researchers.

The dream sequence is short titled “Back in Time”

password: legalcase

Thank you for reading my Dream Vision research.

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