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Question:  What is the best way to handle Gorik to get mediation (ADR) without Lucinda Mia Swimple. Love and financial success and to be with my TF in W3DL.


I seemed to be prove showing even more evidence that the materials were mine.  It was obvious and clear.

Q2:  Show me fully who that is in 3D form from last nights “Art Collector” dream. 

(It was Gorik)


I was with a group of people who felt like showmen.  (DV Greatest Showmen)

At first I was in my local mall and there were a few women there that knew of my art.  An attractive black lady in particular knew of me, so I asked to be promoted by them as these ladies were good at marketing, but not so good at ideas and stories like me.  They seemed to be interested and gave me a “Yes” answer.  However, it was still sort of going to be on a little bit of a trial basis. I’d still need to fully prove myself to them, but they all also already knew I would deliver. One of the women felt like she might be my heavier set friend Ginger from waking states, but I wasn’t fully sure on that.

I went with the women to a new location.  A stage show was about to commence.  The audience was filled with hundreds of people waiting for the show to begin.  They were all looking at the stage. The front edge of the stage had a black chain link diamond shape hurricane netting that went ran the full length of the stage and was fairly tall. It divided the audience from the performers.  The planned stage performers were still trying to write something for the show . . . anything  . . . to create a play or performance or show of any kind. None of the planned performers were ready to do a play of any kind. (DV Alina)

The attractive black promoter lady took me to the main owner of the performance.  He was tall and wondering if I could really do magik, then he asked me if I really could really perform (do magik) and if I could also perform right then and there, on his stage.  I told him, “Yes, I can.” The CEO owner wasn’t fully convinced of my abilities, so my black lady promoter reassured him that I could perform real magik because she’d seen me do it before.  I was then basically asked by them, “Ok, can you go onstage right now . . . and do something?”  I replied, “Of course.”

I now flew up into the air and up and over the diamond link hurricane netting and hovered above the center stage ‘pit’ type area.  The chain-link-netting sort of made me feel like a nudy dancer on display and like the netting was there to protect me from the crowds ‘loving’ me too much and bum rushing me on the stage, but the height was just low enough that it would allow for red long stem roses to be thrown over the top of it and onto the stage for me to collect after the show.  The stage was very odd, there seemed no actual floor and the air inside the netting area that I was breathing was also different. The ‘air’ felt more like breathing thin water and ‘floor’ below wasn’t normal either. It seemed to be made up of water in its regular thickness. The floor surface, though there was none, was extra unusual as it also was like ice and I could ‘ice skate’ on it.  (DV Sharkman; DV back in time to date James)  My ‘clothing’ were also odd.  I seemed to be both fully naked and at the same time wearing a fancy red diamond sequin form fitted evening gown that was simultaneously a sky blue knee length diamond sequin dress.  

The Showmen band began to play some music for me to perform to.  The ‘band’ was actually an orchestra.  I began to visually tell a story through dance and movement, of loss then of finding again and victory.   I flew through the air within the hurricane netting of the stage space and then dove down into the ‘water’ section below as if I was the Fishman from the Shape of Water film and also a mermaid at the same time. (DV Fishman and Forest Ranger John; DV 3 that are one – mermaid – and me drumming; DV Conjured to my Kingdom)  I then burst back out of the ‘water’ and flew back high up into the air and used my magik to change my clothes, as I still somehow seemed more naked.  I changed them to be the more blue sequin dress and made it be a more evening gown length and form fitted.  I flew back down again, this time to ‘ice skate’ on the ‘surface of the water and my dress became more like pants. I beautifully ‘ice skated’ around on the surface of the ‘waters’ even though I wore no ice skates. 

Next I conjured a storm and the crowds “oooohhhed” and “aaaahhhed.”  I did twists and turns and bends in the air and made it rain some. Then, I cleared the sky to be sunny again. I was showing and proving my magik powers and abilities.  The CEO showman-producer saw and believed during the show and was fully convinced by the end of the show that I could indeed perform real magik.  .  The crowds loved it and were also starting to realize I used no ‘stage’ magic and was not performing stage tricks, as I did things I couldn’t possibly have prepared for ahead of time; like fly and magikally change my clothes in mid-air; because I’d just been put on stage. Even though I was magikally changing my clothing during the show, I still seemed naked the entire time.

The stage magicians were standing around in front of the stage watching me the entire time. None of them were behind or beside the stage operating anything for my show. Only the band pit orchestra area was even remotely near the back of the stage and it where the audience could clearly see them, to rear left of the stage on a raised up platform.

There were murmurings and mutterings amongst the showmen and owner(s)?. My attractive black female promoter friend was telling all the showmen again, “See I told you she could perform real magik.”  They were impressed but more bewildered at ‘how’ I did it and if I had strings or stuff attached to me . . . somewhere . . . that they just didn’t know about . . . but . . . this was their stage . . . and they knew I’d not had any access to it prior now.  They also knew that none of their people had helped me at any time. I had just shown up and used their cage-stage on the fly and had no need to for their stage magic, sleight of hand, or their otherwise stage tricks; my real magik was so much better.

I ‘finished’ my on-the-fly performance number and the fans/crowds loved me and wanted to see more.  The CEO owner knew I was legit for sure now, but he was still trying to figure out how I did it or if I had used any stage magic whatsoever. But, he couldn’t see how that could even be possible. So he was working to wrap his brain around it all to understand and comprehend what had just happened . . . magik . . . real magik.

The crowds remained docile and calm yet also like they cheered. (DV Dec 2017 the CG marriage dream) The CEO owner asked me if I could do “it” again . . . basically, create a whole new story to tell ‘on the fly’ at any time and I indicate-replied, “Of course” and thought of my 1,000 plus Dream Vision stories still to tell and to share.  It seemed I’d passed the test and the crowds loved me and my show too.  So I’d likely be a regular ‘performer,’ only I’d be more of a truth story teller.

There was lots more going on before and after this, but this is as best as I recall.  That and they can no longer deny the ‘use’ of my dream materials cause it was obvious to everyone.