YouTube JW Free Ascension Course and my Twitter DV Connection CG and DW Failed Slit Experiment

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1- “Jay Weidner’s #Free #Ascension Course. Lesson One: There Is No Upgrade Coming, We Are Already Prefect”

Interesting YT on ascension. Basically, we ascend once we die & not before. 

2- So #CoreyGoode & #DavidWilcock are selling expensive pre-death plans as ascension, along with thier fear porn plans of only they have the answer for you to ascend (die). How ‘nice’ of them.  

It was interesting the book image Jay Weidner showed of the the plasma body when one dies, it matched the tube bazooka burn mark from the Corey Goode and David Wilcock ‘Slit Experiment Something Gone Wrong’ Dream Vision emailed to Corey Goode 10.19.2017 and similar images of the burn mark style emailed 10.20.2017.

The DV now Makes a lot more sense after watching Jay’s video because CG and DW are peddling ascension (death plans) via trying to scare people to listen to them, just like they claim the cabal people they are opposed to do. Its also key to note in the Dream Visions (I filed on the court record) that are directly related to my lawsuit situations with Corey, in dream states Corey threatens me with guns and in waking states the guns tend to be lawsuits with his false claims.  

In the slit experiment DV Corey and David are using a Tube Bazooka gun and they mess up thier shot, duck like cowards, and it bank shoots off one wall and then makes the plasma burn mark shape on the second wall, that apparently looks like the light body shape that occurs when one dies according to the book JW showed images from by author Barbara Brennan. 

(Below image sent to Corey Goode 10.20.2017)

image emailed to CG 10.20.2017

In waking states Corey and David tried a “tube bazooka gun” style situation when David’s improper Florida attorney Liz Lorie threatened a then potential witness of mine, and not me and provided a fake law firm address for legal correspondence. Thus the lob and drop shot. But the shot originated from David (the bazooka shooter in the dream) because he’s the main one that instructed Liz to send the email as if she was a legitimate attorney but she was fraudulently threatened legal action under color of law; the next bazooka shot banked and hit the wall because it wasn’t about me directly but the situation involved me, so I was present in the bazooka shooting room. In waking states Corey and David also kept trying to use me as a tool to create fear porn for the masses with their public LARP (Live Action Role Play) frauds and their frivolous lawsuits. In the dream they are trying to get me to show them a better way to make explosions with their bazooka (legal threats and etc) to scare more innocent and unsuspecting people to follow them and their fear porn ways. I told them ‘no’ in the dream, and I repeatedly tell them ‘no’ in waking states. 

((For fuller details on their abuse of legal process watch my YouTube video of my OBJECTION to Attorney fees filed on the court record March 19, 2020 as EXHIBIT CD))

Then it goes into a sequence where David is very unhappy with me, basically because I see things in dreams before they occur and can legally and legitimately prove it, no faith, belief, or religious (fake news) bent required, only people willing to look at the facts and evidence.

So, that’s the general gist of that Dream Vision, more fully expressed and understood in waking states and that connects with other Dream Visions as the “activator” dream, showing the connected ones will also likely soon be occurring.  

Bookmark and follow my Dream Vision blogs to see more of what David Wilcock and Corey Goode got to see of my dream research during 2017 that is highly coveted by deep state/CIA type interests, along with seeing new dream data connected with what CG and DW already received by email from me in many PDF files, approximately 500 hand written dream visions, due to my then belief in thier public frauds and financial donation schemes.

To learn more about the CIA and other 3+ letter agency interest in research like mine please view my 5TH INFO FOR THE COURT YouTube video here:

Below is a redacted portion from the orginal Dream Vision sent to #CoreyGoode.

Newly CONNECTED Dream Vision – due to the similar fell-on-the-floor-camera-view seen in the Failed Slit Experiment and again seen in the first DV section titled ‘Bloody Show’ prior the Subconscious Isolate sequence. The CIA calls the parts they seek to use for mind control the “Subconscious Isolate.”

To read the Dream Visions and connected similar waking state situations filed on the court record and that involve the judge, download the affidavit and attached Dream Vision exhibits filed with the Motion to Void Judgement on February 12, 2020.