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3:56 AM

I found myself once again in my childhood home located deep in the Apple Hill forest areas of Camino, California.  I was in my childhood downstairs bedroom located next to the kitchen.  I had a girlfriend that I would communicate with through an old boxy ‘TV,’ that was also simultaneously a computer screen, even a flat PC screen at that.  I set the computer-TV screen on the floor just outside my bedroom door, in the hallway. I could take two steps over the hallway and be in the kitchen if I wanted. I could see my girlfriend through the PC-TV screen.  Normally, she could both see and visit me when I set up the screen like now and be able to ‘walk’ through it into my reality, just like an ordinary 3D person. The screen was like a travel gateway. But, today something had happened. She was trapped somehow in her realm. (DV 90 degree realms and back in time to date James)

I had a green apple in one of my hands that I was eating.  This seemed to be our ‘usual’ signal to say ‘come visit me’ and ‘usually’ maybe she’d throw or roll her apple through the screen to me and then she and the apple would both be in my realm and she’d be walking down the hallway as if coming from my ‘brother Kyle’s’ room.  But today instead, when I took a bite of my apple . . . she took a bite of her green apple too. It seemed all I could see today on the screen was her camera recording images as if it’d been dropped on the floor and left ‘on’ recording evidence, and as if she was hopeful that the camera would not be noticed by the perp-stalker-assailants that seemed on their way to her home or already there. Even though that seemed to be all I could see, I could also somehow see her mirroring my apple eating actions.  I took another bite of my apple, she took another bite of hers.  We both continued to do this until our apples were about 7/8th eaten or ¾ eaten. Then, we both set our apples by the PC-TV screen and they looked like they mirrored each another.  My girlfriend seemed in the Alice in Wonderland looking glass type realm. (DV I unseal Mirror world and leave)

My girlfriend was signaling me now that something was wrong and that she was stuck in her world/realm today.  Something had been done to her gateway that was keeping her from being able to visit me as a 3D person and she was stuck in her realm like a 2D person. (DV I phase shift to visit Hercules on a 2D planet; DV Dimension Rescue) There seemed to be two thugs that had altered her gateway somehow and sealed it off so she couldn’t use it to pass through to me. Her realm seemed ‘flat’ to me, like she was stuck in the Tron video game world in the film “Tron.”  I wasn’t sure what to do right then for her, but I knew I had to do something.

I walked down the hallway or through the kitchen and entered the family living room with the huge vaulted ceiling and skylight window set atop it.  Our large flat screen TV was set where it ordinarily was against the wall next to my parents’ bedroom double entry doors. It was our huge flat screen TV from the 1990’s that was considered top of the line back in the day. It was about 5 feet tall, by about 4 feet wide, and about 2 feet deep. My ‘parents’ were sitting on the main sofa directly aimed at the TV and they were watching some ‘programming’ show.  My brother ‘Kyle’ and my daughter ‘Meadow’ may have also been there.  While it seemed all my main immediate ‘family’ members were present, it was unlikely this was actually any of them from waking states and more likely various visiting souls (like Gorik and Meryl, and Lucinda) in disguises and Gorik likely playing a dual, triple, or even quadruple role in this one Dream Vision sequence.  My ‘brother’ (likely Gorik) and ‘daughter’ (likely Lucinda Mia Swimple) seemed to want to watch a monster movie show.  But most of the ‘monster’ show didn’t seem about monsters, it just had one main hidden and super gross murder type scene in it and outside of that most of the show would look super innocent, then about 2/3 of the way into it the bloody murder and raw eating scene would occur. They asked me if I wanted to watch it, I replied, “Why do people watch those things?” (DV bloody naked guy Christmas Gross Special and DV Aslan Rises up to protect me) 

I was now sitting in the sofa lounger chair by our non-lit fireplace and nearby my ‘parents’ (likely Gorik and Meryl) on the sofa. My ‘parents’ seemed sort of unaware the show would get gross later. For the most part, most people didn’t know it would get gross like that later.  But, my ‘brother’ and my ‘daughter’ both seemed to know it’d get gross like that and they both also seemed to like that about it and wanted to see it and feed off of the perversion of it.  I continued saying, “They always start off these shows like they are sweet and innocent and they are interesting and have a storyline . . .  but then . . . they just get all gross and have no point and what’s the point to watching any of that? . . . it’s just gross and I don’t want to see that.” 

Then, the gross section of the show seemed to come on.

It was odd because it seemed the gross section of the show with the guy (likely also Gorik) bloody eating the thing was both on the screen and in 3D in the living room at the same time and (of course) right next to my sofa sectional and right in front of my parents’ sofa.  The character from the show was now bloodied and consuming the animal flesh raw, like scenes from the Netflix series “The Magicians” that I stopped watching in Waking 3D Life (W3DL) because it just got to be too gross and pointless as the series went on. The small animal the human character was eating seemed to have been alive when he began and like he’d done like the evil magician guy in the “The Magician”  series and popped it open with the pressure on the animal and now the guy was bloody-maul-eating it with his face all in it.  I closed my eyes as I didn’t want to see the scene on the TV or the 3D version happening right next to my sofa chair.  (DV guy tries to steal my lazy boy chair I use magik to stop him, but let him borrow it) I commented to my ‘family’ members how gross it all was and that I didn’t want to see that or any of it for that matter. I seemed to peek once or twice (maybe!) to see if the gross scene was done yet, so I could get up and leave without having to see any more of it. (DV DNA Powders emailed to Corey Goode during 2017)

At the beginning of the scene the character from the TV screen seemed to be somewhat annoyed and/or even frustrated that I didn’t want to see him do any of that and that I was actually serious about it being gross, as most would ‘say’ it was gross and that they didn’t want to see it, but then they would watch it all anyways.  I was basically ignoring the male character on purpose and waiting for an opportunity to leave without seeing anything further.  The main character didn’t seem used to that and he even seemed to want to force or make me watch him, but like that wasn’t part of the ‘programming’ so he had to stick with the movie storyline he was given, which was a moderate relief. (DV Serial killer and P.I. guy mistake _mar-grumbly-bickery-guy-comes-with-me-purple-snake-terminated-serial-killer/)


I was now somewhere else. 

I was inside some type of large building space. It seemed to be after hours, so basically nobody else was inside.  I was with an attractive 20’s looking female. She’d entered the building to hide from two murderer type men close in tow behind her.  One of the men was skinny and tallish looking like a cross between the Alfred Hitchcock Bates Motel murderer son guy and Stanly Tucci. The other murderer type male was more heavy-set by comparison with a small ball-belly and overall bigger build than the thinner guy and stood a little bit taller, but not by much.  Both were about 6 feet tall or slightly shorter and both now entered the building.  I seemed to be both me and observer of this scene.  (DV Fishman and “Yo” ball belly uncle https://aristoneart.com/2019/01/10/2019_01_05_jan-big-fat-italian-family-banquet-fishman-and-forest-ranger-john-bear-man-shakes-baby-abuse-he-stops/)

As ‘me,’ I seemed to be a ghost out of phase with the two murderous men and they couldn’t see me, but I was still acting as if they could. The girl they were pursuing seemed to be my friend and she was visible in the murderers’ realm, yet she could see me just fine.

I went and hid among 3 tall bushy Italian Cypress looking large planters set close together in a triangular shape. I briefly came back out of them, as my girlfriend was the one that actually needed to hide in the planters out of view from the murderers. She saw me and the planters and finally realized this too and went and hid inside them just in time. The thinner murderous man was now nearer the planters, but still a small distance away looking around.  The heavier set guy had gone off somewhere else looking for my girlfriend.  I remained outside the main planter section, but I was still hiding behind a large planter like it was a fat pillar. I watched the skinnier male from my hiding spot as he walked around the room looking for us. As he walked around the room, both I and my girlfriend would finagled our positions, we’d both skootch around as if hiding behind large pillars to stay continuously out of his direct view.  Then, I had the opportunity and went back inside the planter area.

The girl and I were now talking about things. She was getting rather loud as she spoke with me, like a murderer type wasn’t near enough to hear us or something. She was saying something about me and being very loud about it, so much so, I gently shhhh’d her as we both backed out of the planters to hide somewhere else, as she could give us away being that noisy.

We left the large planter room and entered into another room space that reminded me of my dad’s Shingle Springs, California, car dealership parts department counter area or a clerical section in government buildings with the basic counter area and glass windows to separate customers from workers. It reminded me some of Grand Junction’s City Hall, only this window area was wider and there was only one window pane.  The waiting room space we stood in for the customers was fairly small, maybe 10 to 15 feet by about the same.

I left the small room to distract the murder guys in another section of building, giving my friend more time to hide.  In the murderers’ realm, I seemed to only appear as a plaid button down shirt.  The others in my ‘ghost’ realm and elsewhere in this building, about 5(?) also appeared like that, but the murderous types typically thought us all to be dead and/or ghosts and/or didn’t always even know about our existence. (DV I show girl I’m a ghost emailed to CG during 2017)  There were other things I was doing and I also seemed to be avoiding and evading the murderous types. Though I was invisible to them, I continued to act like I was visible in how I went about things. (DV Axe House and the Magik Shirt emailed to CG during 2017)

I came back into the parts department customer area. My female friend now seemed in the worker area behind the glass and the window section was somehow open (?) so we could speak. I asked her, “Why didn’t you wait for me?”  she responded, “I did. But, then I left.”  It seemed we were supposed to meet up prior this chase in another location and like she’d truly intended on waiting for me, but then she’d had other things come up and she had to leave before I got back. She’d meant to wait for me and had sort of wanted to wait for me, but like it was too complicated and it maybe even had to do with this chase situation she was involved in now that she left before I got back. I wasn’t mad at her, but she may have been able to avoid this chase situation had she just ‘waited’ for me to get back.  I may have also told her I had almost been all done with everything I was doing at that time and that I was just about back to her, when she’d left. I told her if she’d have only just waited a little bit longer, like a few minutes or a day (like till that evening or the following morning) I’d have been there.  The colors present in the room seemed to be sky blue and white. (DV Animal Prison Sanctuary https://aristoneart.com/2019/06/12/2019_01_20_jan-snowboarding-guy-no-animal-sanctuary-prison-heist/ Password:  sanctuaryheist)

Right now we both knew she had to hide as these two (2) thugs wanted to brutally hurt her.  They felt to want to skewer her with a thing in her face or her eye and bloody eat-kill her. (DV Dangerous Party Right Eye can see it before it happens  https://aristoneart.com/2018/12/11/2018_11_04_nov-dangerous-party-right-eye-can-see-it-beforeit-happens/ Password: twinflame ; DV Data Layer Eye Substrate)

The tall thinner thug entered the customer section of the room.  I needed to distract him.  I realized I could affect his world some and ‘touch’ him like a ghost, poltergeist style, so I blew in his face. He felt it.  Then, I realize in his realm I was like a plaid shirt, so I was now using the plaid shirt to snap at his face and nose.  Though I was like a plaid shirt in his realm, in my realm I was like a regular person snapping a shirt at his face and nose yet I also felt like the plaid shirt too.  My human form was completely invisible to him, but he could see and feel ‘me’ as the shirt.  He was preoccupied with being snapped gently in the face and didn’t notice my female friend behind the counter and glass. I told my girlfriend it was ok for her to leave me and go hide somewhere else, as she was in the murderers’ realm and could physically be harmed by them.

The thin thug was very curious about this ‘shirt’ and he was getting lustier and lustier for it by the moment! He wanted it! He knew about the ‘ghosts’ here and he’d apparently always wanted to capture one, but like he’d never really known how to do it or even how to prove they existed. He was now going after ‘me’ as the shirt. I was able to just barely get up (fly) into the air to be on the ceiling just barely out of his reach. (DV Espionage and Kindness Meeting Merlin – in Ari Stone’s DreamWalker book – https://www.amazon.com/DreamWalker-Dream-Adventures-Enetka-Tulina-ebook/dp/B072TRB9GP/ref=sr_1_fkmr1_1?keywords=air+stone+dreamwalker&qid=1585777200&sr=8-1-fkmr1 )  He was super close to grabbing me the entire time, but still unable to do so and he was growing lustier and lustier for me as the shirt by the minute.  He was blood lusty too, but more so he wanted to control and keep the ‘ghost(s).’  It seemed the ghosts had already ‘died’ or lived in a slightly different dimension or slightly different solid state to the regular ‘dense’ or ‘solid state people,’ like him.

I began to fly away and out of the room into other sections of the building. (DV I own building for time travel?)  He was running after me as I flew away as the ‘shirt.’  This entire time I still also felt like I was only an observer.  He was trying so hard to catch me.  I continued to stay barely out of his reach.

I entered into another very large, empty, and even warehouse like room, where another flying ghost, a male, joined me. In my realm he was a very muscular and fit middle aged man, in the murderers’ realm he also appeared as a plaid shirt, but he seemed more of a yellow plaid shirt.  The lusty guy was trying to follow me into this room and just as he was about to nab me, my guy ‘shirt’ friend helped me out and distracted him.  I noticed another person in my ‘ghost’ realm in this large room.  She was a heavy-set black gal also around her mid-thirties and she was standing on the floor below.  Her ‘shirt’ was wrapped around her body like a towel and hers was more of a semi-shear pink colored material, without it she appeared to be naked. Once she removed her shirt from around her body, her body would be invisible again to the murderer guys’ realm, but both I and my male friend would continue to be able to see her. She seemed to remove her shirt from around herself now.

The lusty guy entered the room saying, “A Subconscious Isolate!” about me and the other ‘ghosts’ He was extremely lusty as he stated, “I Just HAVE to have one! As a PET!”  He was trying very hard again to grab me and I was again just barely out of his reach. (DV letting ‘dead’ people ‘ghosts’ talk through me; DV Rich lusty art collector just has to HAVE all the girls – emailed to Corey Goode for negotiation purposes) 

Then, I woke up. 

There was a lot more to all of this section of the Dream Vision (DV); but this is what I recalled.  The lusty guy really wanted to catch one of us ‘ghosts’ as a plaid shirt in his realm, to keep us like pets in his home and not necessarily a well-cared for one. More like a ‘pet’ kept as a caged thing for his (sick) pleasure and amusement, like the guy in “The OA” Netflix series that I also stopped watching due to it being too twisted with the lab doctor and pervert style experiments occurring, even though it seemed to be some about dreams and dream-like states and as they relate to Near Death Experiences (NDEs).


Q: What to know about OBJECTION and outcome of it “as it”



There was something to do with programming and me doing something to rewrite it and telling someone else to not let it happen to them and what to watch out for.  Like some 3x done thing with a computer TV screen. (DV computer tunnel and programming; DV Chess Master)


I now found myself outside with a group of people.  There was a campsite and I had a tent of my own in another location.  There was also a large tent the size of a big room with a high ceiling nearby me.  I went inside the tent room with another girl and we both sat at the table near a corner of the tent. 

The ‘bugs’ were coming.  (DV rainbow bug; DV bugs n glowing popsicles) They’d actually been sent.  The bugs on their way were dragonfly-ish looking, but they all were a spring green color and could potentially bite and/or sting.  They were coming as a swarm and I could hear them.  I maybe “shhhh’d” my female friend, pointed, and indicated there was something coming and that she needed to cut off talking and be quiet. She was still talking, as I told her, “The bugs are coming.” (DV I use magik to remove hundreds of spy bugs) One bug in particular seemed to be targeting my girlfriend in particular, to sting her near her neck or head.  She finally got the message and stopped talking, she and I along with about 5 or so others inside the tent, needed to zip close all four (4) of the tent sides.

Most of the tent flaps were already down (screens so we could see out) but they were not zipped at the bottom zipper edges.  (DV zipper craft with consciousness) The one tent wall section to my left and connected to the side immediately behind my friend seemed slightly rolled up and wrapped around a piece of log or firewood board.

More people quickly entered our tent room as the swarm was almost now arrived.  (DV Harry Potter like train and bug swarm, I leave for a bit many people in town dying and guy with unique device; DV threads and frogs to eat the maggots) Others were working on rolling down the flap by us and zipping closed the rest of the tent while also calling out to all the others in the campsite to ‘close their tents.’  Someone finally got down the flap side near my friend, just as the swarm arrived at that side of the tent. Others continued to zip closed the rest of the flaps at the bottom. I may have gotten up and zipped one bottom section myself.  No bugs seemed to get inside our tent while we all quickly worked to close things down.


Now, I was outside the tent room and in another section of the camp. I was outside and the bugs weren’t here yet or they’d briefly left.  I stated to others nearby, that we were all leaving now due to the bugs and that we’d essentially been ordered to evacuate.  It was largely dark out now and people were using flash lights.  I was gathering up my things to leave.  I seemed to have a lot of things to gather.  I had two airplane carryon travel size suitcases.  One was red, the other black.  I also had my black purse with lots of pockets all over it, my black backpack, my Zazzle carry satchel with my Andimas (?) Energetic Portal Design on it, and maybe one more pouch thing.  (DV get lift by going in direct opposite direction) As usual in these types of packing-up-dreams of mine, I seemed to move slowly and it was hard to pack things quickly.   I was cramming in a bunch more of my shirts and pants into my already mostly full red suitcase.  I seemed predominantly to be packing PJ (Pajama) style clothes of mine: tank tops, stretchy pants, my blue-grey hoodie, my thicker cotton mottled grey zip up hoodie (from Wal-Mart) that I’d worn to bed in Waking 3D Life; and maybe one pair of jeans.  (DV campsite vendors and meat; DV campsite vendors with flyers)

There were other people around this large campsite area also packing things up.  My tweenage daughter, Meadow, was nearby as well along with a female friend of mine packing up things.  My red suitcase was packed totally full and I still saw more of my clothes laying around the campsite. I grabbed my black suitcase now and opened it up to add more clothes to it. The black one was also almost completely full. I removed 5 pieces of clothing from my red suitcase and put them in the black suitcase when I realized, ‘what am I doing…’ and I should have just closed my red suitcase as I didn’t need to make extra work for myself by moving clothes from one suitcase to the other one, rather than just grabbing up other clothes of mine not already packed.  I stopped moving clothes from the red suitcase to the black one and closed and zipped the red one shut, then I got up and grabbed more items of mine to place into the black suitcase, to likely include toiletry items. (DV Timeline switch and I arrive early in new world and have abusive boyfriend I don’t like emailed to Corey Goode 7.8.17)

I told my female packing friend (who may have also been my tweenage daughter Meadow) to finish with packing her things and that we had to go . . . now.  She already seemed ready to go, it was me with loads of stuff to pack still that seemed the hold up.

Another girl arrived at our area holding something in her hands to give out.  She seemed to be my packing friend’s older sister and was about 19 years old or early 20’s.  She told us locks were being handed out to everyone in the camp now since the tents were sort of off limits because we were all leaving the camping site area.   The older sister passing out locks found a flashlight, turned it on, and sort of was aiming it towards me now as she said, “Can you catch?” I replied, “Yeah . . . but . . .” then she threw a little lock looking thing in an arc lob toss toward me and I heard it land behind me.  It was too dusky-dark for me to see it to catch and she’d not aimed her flashlight where I could see it.  I said, “Why’d you throw it? It’s hard to see in the dark.”   She then threw a lock thing toward my packing gal pal, her younger sister, who also couldn’t see it to catch in the dark and hers also landed somewhere nearby to her. We both were looking for our locks now in the dusky-dark.

I’d heard where my lock had landed and I grumbled some as I got up and went a few paces behind the area I’d been sitting and packing.  My lock had fallen into a ditch with a short metal fencing blocking it off from human foot traffic, but there was a gap of about 6 inches or so under the fence line.  There was a small crack that seemed to lead to the underground sewage area and the lock-item had just caught in the slit.  I carefully reached under the metal post base and cautiously grabbed my lock and pulled it back out to safety with me. The mini-lock, for the suitcases I think, looked more like a mini USB stick encased in a shaped animal plastic design (like my micro Minion USB stick or micro Dino Dinosaur USB stick) the lock also had a little key attached to it. My lock was a small pig shape.  I was hoping for a bear or something. (DVs prize pig) I then tried to ask the older sister, “Why’d you give me the pig one?” but, she left either ignoring what I was asking or she didn’t really hear me and continued to deliver other locks to more campers.

My packing gal pal was in a light panic now as she still had not found her lock.  I came back over the few paces to be near her and spotted hers right away. I picked it up off the grassy-ish dirt ground and said, “Is this yours?”  It was.  I handed it to her.  Hers was either a brown dog and/or the Dino Dinosaur from the Flintstones (like Meadow’s Micro USB stick in Waking 3D Life with her SIMS backup games saved to it).

I finally seemed to finishing packing up my things.


I was now in another section of the campsite and seemed to be standing outside a smaller 4-man tent, but this little tent seemed to be ‘my’ tent and the main one I was leaving now.  (DV showmen and flyers and tents) There was a guy there with me, also packing up his things. (DV packing fruit for the journey; DV Surviving the winter eating gold orange leaves and I shape shift into a bumble bee – emailed to Corey Goode 7.25.17 I put on my black backpack, looped the strap of my black pocket purse over my head and one shoulder, and then looped the satchel strap over my head and my other shoulder. I may have also put on a hat.

I went and stood in front of a little vanity makeup mirror desk set outside and a little ways away from my tent, it seemed to be mine. (DV Gorik Swooperman haircut and casino kisses – emailed to Corey Goode 10.21.17) No bugs were here yet either.  I pulled out my little 2” x 3” craft store baggy filled with quarters and my ¼ gallon Hefty zip baggy also filled with some quarters. The lil craft store baggy probably had around 10 to 15 dollars’ worth of quarters in it and only 3 to 4 dollars’ worth of quarters in the larger ¼ gallon hefty zip bag.  As I was grabbing other things of mine from this area, I noticed I’d left my quarters out in the open on my vanity-desk and I was worried about theft. Someone seemed to maybe come and steal something out of my purse and/or backpack.  My guy friend noticed, but he didn’t say anything to me while it was occurring.

Just after the person left, I asked my guy friend if something had occurred as I thought I felt my backpack move on my back, but I didn’t want to seem paranoid.  He said that someone, maybe a young girl of 12 or something, had come and ‘taken’ something . . . like my quarters baggie . . . from my pack.  I was not happy about this and was going to see if I could find her still and even tackle her for my things.  (DV tackling my fiancé in parking garage and biting up her arms to ensure she’s telling me the truth – emailed to Corey Goode for negotiation) But, it’d be too much work to do that (tackle her) with my backpack, purse, and satchel on me. Plus, it only seemed she’d allegedly stolen my quarters and I still seemed to have them all.  I then worried if she had my ID’s, but I still seemed to have those too.   I was again stuffing more things into my seemingly already jammed purses and pouches and other travel things and I was ready to leave soon . . . ‘ready’ or not. (DV Alina tries to take my wallet https://aristoneart.com/2019/10/04/2019_09_20_sept-science-clone-thing-alina-n-almost-sonic-boom-flying-qofe-eow-2-bible-guys/ ;    DV Thief I demand back my wallet and he has tons of other peoples’ IDs;      DV Billy Bob and Tommy Lee try to rob me I leave safe https://aristoneart.com/2020/02/26/2018_12_16_dec-dealership-computer-ran-alarm-goes-off-billy-bob-thornton-and-tommy-lee-jones-try-to-rob-me-i-leave-safe/; DV Aslan rises up to protect me and Kills goliath of gath https://aristoneart.com/2020/02/26/2018_01_06_jan-aslan-rises-up-to-protect-me-and-kills-goliath-of-gath/ )


There was also something like I knew a girl who’d been written about in Michael F. Bell’s book and like she was famous and I was just now realizing, my friend-acquaintance was the now semi-famous girl from his book.  Like he’d mentioned her in the middle of his book and written a section about her. 

In W3DL Michael’s F Bell’s book, “Invisible Crime Micro Chipping” is only about himself and the organized stalking abuse endures, no ‘girls’ like this were mentioned in the ‘real life’ book, other than him not really being able to date anyone because of the organized stalking, micro chipping, and ongoing drugging and harassment.