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(DV Animal Sanctuary Heist (rescue) and DV notation that I put rainbow wet naps into lioness ears
https://aristoneart.com/2019/06/12/2019_01_20_jan-snowboarding-guy-no-animal-sanctuary-prison-heist/ Pswd: sanctuaryheist)

I was on a journey with others.  It was dusk out.

It seemed we were moving through the cold and even Alaskan-like lands and semi-ski-run-like Cliffside places with rocks and boulder-like rocks too.   There were about 30 of us travelling together, give or take 7 to 10 people.   We were now passing through ‘The Plains of Africa’ section but it was all still very icy and cold.  It made me think of Disneyland’s Abominable Snowman ride (DV various Abominables connect; DV gold under the candy store and abominables emailed to Corey Goode during 2017) 

This “African Plains” section had horrible lions in it. 

Two in particular would brutally kill and eat those who came into their territory.   We now ‘entered’ ‘their’ territory.   I had a little girl with me, as we entered the territory.  She was like Vanelope from Wreck it Ralph.  She seemed sweet and innocent and cute and was trying to be extremely quiet.   But, the lions came anyway!

They were very angry, mean, hungry, and began to kill.

I could hear their lion feed roars and that ‘SHRAWRMP!” sound as they fed.  Myself and the little girl (my tweenage daughter Meadow?) got up on top of one of the raised up platform areas about 7 to 10 feet above the ground level.  (DV ‘Billy Bob Thornton’ and ‘Tommy Lee Jones’ try to rob me – I leave safe https://aristoneart.com/2020/02/26/2018_12_16_dec-dealership-computer-ran-alarm-goes-off-billy-bob-thornton-and-tommy-lee-jones-try-to-rob-me-i-leave-safe/  pswd: SemiFinalDraft2345678 )  It was like we were in a war zone, where the few soldiers sent in first ‘always’ die.  The two lions did not see me and the little girl . . . yet . . . and they ran and did the “Shrawerump” as I watched the Scar looking lion (like the bad one in the Lion King) rip off the head of one of one of the others in my group, he died instantly and his blood spattered everywhere.  The body was completely bloody with its head ripped off and the head was eaten within seconds.  The other evil lion, Goliath of Gath, now came upon my group and ripped the head off of another travellor.  But, he wanted, and was looking for me.  I was not afraid, I knew I would be protected . . . by Aslan? Coming . . . (DV Spiderman Wall walks and alter I clean)  I watched the lions, as the girl and I moved as quickly as we could. We had to come off the ledge area to get out of this section and head down the main road.  The road was similar in style to my childhood home in the Apple Hill area of Camino, California. It was a dirt road with cliff areas off to one side and more like the narrow parts of the Sierra at Tahoe ski resort runs. (DV ski resort and snowboard connects; DV Future timeline, old timeline, date mad reading the bottom of my snowboard thinking he has no choice and milkshake, emailed to Corey Goode 8.11.17)

I now watched a good and unsuspecting or weaker lion come out.  The two super bully ones turned on the weaker lion and more so the Goliath of Gath one did the lion feed sound and then pounced on the weaker lion and immediately bit into his neck and back area.  Blood, again, spattered everywhere and the body was immediately bloody and raw. I could see it all.  A second unsuspecting lion also came out and this one Scar pounced on doing the same thing Goliath of Gath had just done to the first one.  But, both of these lions . . . Goliath of Gath in particular . . . wanted to eat me.  He was now getting wind of me and directing Scar to look for me . . . to corner me . . . to eat me . . . But, it was also like they wanted to eat me as ‘the little girl,’ like I was also the little girl travelling with me. Yet, I as the older traveller with her was protecting her and the Teddy Bear she held. Her teddy bear toy was like something from the animated film Toy Story, even like Mr. Potato Head. (DV Gorik Drunk I drive and ‘off-world’ abused kids fighting over one toy I’m looking in on to help. http://aristoneart.blogspot.com/2018/02/20160812aug-gorik-drunk-i-drive-ray-gun.html )

Then, the lead evil lion, Goliath of Gath, saw me. 

I knew Aslan would come and he’d also somehow been with us the whole time even as if my former Chinese Foo Dog Teddy T. Munchkin (my former Boston Terrier) energies were also present and like Teddy would protect her too. Goliath of Gath, wanted to be the one to eat me . . . as the little girl and then eat me as the grown adult protector.  He and Scar began to run after me.  It was like they head tore of two or three more people along the way.  I’d thought to myself this is so disgusting, but also this is how their species live and who am I to judge how they eat, when I eat meat too.  I sorta whispered that to the little girl next to me. It seemed people above, around, and below us were being eaten and the bodies were splattering blood all over and they were dead in an instant.  It was also as if we were walking a dead and blood spattered bodies obstacle course. (DV surprise I arrive early via a non-planned game route emailed to Corey Goode 8.12.2017 and was a depiction of my winning case remand from Federal Court back to state court 12.03.2018)  As we walked, we seemed to have to also duck under tree limbs and branches and avoid thrown things. (DV tree house connects)

Nothing touched or harmed us.

Then  . . . Goliath of Gath and Scar had cleared a pathway to us . . . Goliath of Gath was now in mid-leap to pounce on us . . . then . . . Teddy T who seemed to never have killed before like this and was even seemingly a timid and scared-ish lion . . . even sheepish . . . (DV sheep dream connects) now knew what he must do and Teddy left my side and was suddenly the huge, powerful, and even unknown if he still existed powerful lion; the biggest . . . and most powerful of the jungle . . . Mufasa?  . . . but now he was the son all grown up to fulfill his destiny as the Lion King.  He loved me and the little girl and would let no harm come to us.  He was now the biggest and most beautiful full grown golden yellow fur lion and still had some childhood innocence about him, but he had grown up to be a ‘man’ now. (DV Devel dream, a time when a boy became a man – Andrew VanDeen)

Mufasa? Now came up, as if hidden off the cliff edge and leaping up. It was as if a spot light shone on him in the dusky evening and music played. It was still icy cold out.  It was known, prophesied, he . . . the-legend-whom-not-all-was-sure-even-existed . . . would return at this time. . . and he did . . . it was still somewhat uncertain (more by ‘Aslan’ (Mufasa) the Lion King) if he would win . . . but . . . he loved his little girl friend with me, like Wreck it Ralph protecting Vanelope, and he would protect her (my) life at all costs and would allow no harm to ever come to her.  This force and drive motivated Aslan to be the Lion King of Legend . . . this Lion King savior that had been prophesied.   (DV AI negotiations; DV DC Legends and screw plate; DV I get jacket others want to steal from me and cannot; DV my secret locker and duffle bag of things on dark side of town)

Aslan, was now mid-leap . . . as Goliath of Gath was almost landed upon me . . . the little girl . . . we were not afraid and knew Aslan would come.  Then as Goliath of Gath landed just next to us Aslan landed on top of him.  For a moment I stopped and stared. . . as Aslan said to us, “GO! ON! GET OUT OF HERE!!!!” I worried briefly for a moment for him but knew I/we must leave . . . run . . . go . . . we began to run. I looked back and saw Aslan as he now made the “shrarmph” type lion feed roar (DV ‘Awar’ monster in space connect) and pounced on Goliath of Gath. There was a 2 or 3 second pre-kill gap and it was just enough to see the look of shock and surprise on Goliath of Gath’s face just before Aslan ripped into his back and ripped out his back and neck bones.  Everytime these brutal deaths occurred I could see the raw bloody red flesh and again blood would spatter everywhere. Goliath of Gath was killed instantly.  He had been told to never harm me again, but we all knew Goliath of Gath could not and would not control himself, so Aslan the Lion King had finished him off.  He was prepared now to get Scar too.  But, Scar was more of a coward follower without his big bad Goliath of Gath lions share friend.   We safely made it out of the very dangerous lion planes.

We were now moving along more in daylight and in another section with an icy road running along a cliff side.   A guy on a motorcycle (Zak Tomlinson?)  was now protecting us.  He was a stunt rider and very skilled! He road with ease on the icy snow patches.  I seemed to be on a separate bike now with the little girl and I was driving very slow and gingerly, like how I drive my Spark car in snow and ice conditions.  The guy was now doing a hand stand on his motorcycle with his hands on the handle bars while riding on an icy roadside patch.  I was VERY impressed! Somehow him riding that way, was protecting us and clearing our pathway to safety and protecting us from harm as he’d do stuff to protect  and thwart the bad guys from behind us. He was also doing it to show off some too. But, he was very impressive! (lol)

It seemed Scar was trying to follow us a little still on this South Lake Tahoe- cliff-style-road on Highway 50 going down into the valley.  I was also reminded of the Hawaii volcano semi-cliff downhill bike ride I went on in my teenage years.  Aslan was still with us and hot on the tail of Scar . . . he may have terminated Scar, or Scar got too scared and ran away, but either way he seemed neutralized. Now Aslan was running and with me and all of us again and with the Teddy T energies.

There was also a scene of all of us as humans again and there a bad guy who wanted to kill me and steal from me.  We were near parking lots and I seemed to get and put on a hard to get and hard to find Matrix leather style or tweed-like jacket coat (DV I juggle discs and manifest matrix jacket) I had one arm sleeve inside out that I was working to finagle my way into putting on.   The jacket was mine, but all given to me to keep me warm. (DV rumple still wants me; DV Golden Sliff honey energy on stick) It again seemed I was avoiding the same type of situations and problems just seen by the lions, but now like sleuths were set upon me, but equally unsuccessful. 


Then, I was up top at a party celebration.  Aslan arrived and I had been given a lute/lyre (an Alphorn actually) which was like one of those yodeler Holland (Swiss actually) sheep horns.  But, it was made out of beeswax ear candle type material, with no spiral style wrap, just a solid piece that was milky-clearish-silver-grey.  It was a reminder of the death of Goliath of Gath.  Aslan said for me to remember all that had gone (transpired) before.  

Two special gift things had been done to the Alphorn. (DV Gorik gifts me premie baby boy clothes) One of the two things was done by Aslan as a ‘gift of reminder’ to celebrate our freedoms now and with no more terror from Goliath of Gath.  There were around 20 to 30 of us celebrating with a mini feast and red wine.

Then, ‘Jean Luc Picard’ did the second gift to the lire/lute (Alphorn) item.  He installed onto it a small flap made of the same beeswax material or leather or pig hide and placed it near the mouth blow hole end.  Now the Alphorn could play beautiful music like a flute.  I could now play it and make beautiful songs!  I think I then did play it.  (DV I play flute and am watched by a man on stage who recognizes me like I’m a celebrity; DV guy with didgeridoo on stage and Manny Mousewits)

4:10 am  There were more details but this is best as I recall.  (DV originally dated May 16, 2006, they all think I am dead, but I rise up and kill ‘bad dogs’ to protect the cats emailed CG on 10.11.2017; DV originally dated 3.13.2017, Amber has slit eyes and in awe of me as though I am a legend/myth emailed CG on 08.14.2017)

There again seemed a girl who was jealous of me (Luicinda?).

(DV Glowing finger points to change; DV I show rude girl out of ‘Gpa Dan’s’ mansion; DV boss and side kick with 2 call girls and MJ opps they run on the side)

I also kept on thinking of what I told David Wilcock at Conscious Life Expo February 2017 of “That explains why I was re-writing things.” Meaning dreams and dream data, due to his dream info and data being off, and that all ‘dreams’/things were being rewritten to match mine now, even of all that of people/humanity.  This was the very important message that I delivered.

Next steps immediately with Gorik?  (DV I protect Andrew VanDeen and send big guy with X back through portal I make for a tribunal)

Waking 3D Life – 6pm – I put together and emailed another huge group of stuff I foresaw to Corey Goode around 1 or 2 pm.