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There was an expose’ of me showing the evidence of my dreams as truth.

I was in a car dealership of sorts, with all glass walls.   I went into a salesman-like office and pushed a key fob button(?) accidentally (?) and caused lights and alarms to go off (?).   It was also like ‘I didn’t do it’ or ‘didn’t actually push the button’, but the starlight sparkles and alarm had gone off anyways.    It seemed it was ‘Uncle Albert’s’ dealership and because it was owned by ‘my family’ nobody really said or did anything mean to me about the alarm, but were more like ‘look what the boss’ kid or family member did this time.’ (DV alarm goes off in future home of friends and I escape)

I seemed to also be at a stoplight(?) simultaneous to being in the office (?). (DV writing outside while near a stop light)  I peeked outside the office window-wall and saw two sales looking men near the main office entry door.  The place felt ran by a computer system (Dan?) more so than by a human and was similar to the Star Trek female announcer on the Enterprise.  There was foam and shaving cream involved too and the car alarm was as if I’d won a door prize or something. (DV guy shaving his knee caps and our slime’s touch)  One of the salesmen seemed to be Manny Mousewits, an Italian friend of the family that was also a well-known shady smooth talker, but overall very likeable.  (DV I heal wheelchair girl at dealership; DV Insurance Agent gets Shocked https://aristoneart.com/2019/09/14/2018_11_03_nov-rumple-wants-me-still-insurance-agent-gets-zapped/  pswd: wattpadaichap1 )  

Manny was standing outside the door with another salesman who looked like the good guy in the Upside Down film, Bob Boruchowitz (Timothy Spall) . Bob, lived on the Up side of the two worlds with opposite gravity polarities and this same actor also played ‘Wormtail’ in the Harry Potter films.  However, in my favorite film, Upside Down, ‘Bob’ helps Adam change the two worlds’ (rich and poor) after Adam, from the poor/downside world has lost all hope of being with his love, Eden, from the Upside, rich world.  In Upside Down, Bob gets fired from his long time corporate job and is disgruntled by it.  He then sells the stamps from the down side world that he traded for earlier with Adam and makes a fortune off of selling them. He then invests in the face-lift creams that Adam was developing and discovered more secrets along the way to intermingle the two worlds’ opposite gravities. With that accomplished he then visited Adam in the down side world and made it so Adam could go see Eden again.  This ultimately changed both of the worlds from one being rich and the other being (raped) poor, to both sharing and changing both realms to being prosperous. (DV 90 degree realms Trump)

So, this ‘rat guy’ (rat connects?) was there too outside the office, but I didn’t recall too well what else occurred.  It seemed someone came into the office and corrected the alarm situation, then handed me back the car key fob. (DV Gorik and I leave hotel and in vehicle with key fob)  I may have owned the vehicle, that was maybe an SUV, or Geo Tracker, or Blazer type vehicle.   It seemed Manny gave me a wink and/or a smile-grin of like, ‘that’s my girl.’ And a sparkle glint of ‘trouble-maker Ari Stone’ look.

There was a lot going on, but it was difficult to recall.  

Q: How to and best way and coming up this next week in the courts, to handle my situation and move the case forward to get remedy and attribution due and be with my real TF in W3DL this year/today.?



I was with my mom, dad, and tweenage daughter Meadow, in a Grandpa Dan style guest hotel bedroom. It was upscale, rich, clean, and elegant.  I had placed some of my things in the fancy dresser drawers.  The dresser was similar to my childhood bedroom set in an off white egg shell color with classic gold metallic paint trim lines, only this dresser was more French looking than Baroque style.

My brother, “Kyle” (Gorik in disguise again) was briefly in our hotel room.  He opened the mirrored slider closet door where some of my things were.  I asked him, “What are you doing? Going through my things, eh?”  He sort of tried to act like he wasn’t; but he was clearly inside the closet and moving my clothes around along with my purse, amidst other things, Gorik also moved a wallet looking item of mine as I noted the vacuum hose also inside the closet. (DV Peggy Sue and vacuum that burns up filed on Broomfield court record by Corey Goode)

I walked over to Gorik (‘Kyle’) who was now holding my wallet looking item and I said, “I’ll take that.” But, then I grabbed my purse and clothes that I was planning to wear later on to the family pot luck dinner.   I also seemed to grab my driver license ID from him. (DV Alina and I take my wallet back from her https://aristoneart.com/2019/10/04/2019_09_20_sept-science-clone-thing-alina-n-almost-sonic-boom-flying-qofe-eow-2-bible-guys/   pswd: semifinaldraft222)  I told ‘Kyle’ to get out of the room now and that I’d already told mom and dad what he was up to.  My parents began to head toward the entry door to go and attend the pot luck dinner or Christmas meal where ‘Grandpa’ and the rest of the ‘family’ were. As they left, “Kyle” began to try and act like he wasn’t rooting around in my thing (lying), but he sheepishly grin-smiled cause he was rooting around in my things and he knew he’d been caught, he then left the room after my folks.

My daughter Meadow and I were the only ones in the room now. I knew “Kyle” (Gorik) was up to something not good, so I went outside the hotel room door too, it lead into a garage. (DV Gorik grumbling about having to move his car; DV faery prince I think I am to hit in the face first) The garage was also like my grandpa’s, it was clean and elegant with a special floor coating clean enough to eat off of.  

There was a girl sitting in the passenger seat of a car parked next to mine. I owned a sunny yellow color jeep.  She was staring at me.  She looked young and pretty and she kept staring at me hard core . . . it was not a good stare . . . it was a stare that told me she was there stalking me in order to steal from me, a stalk-stake-out.  I looked at her and my Jeep.  My vehicle appeared to be locked, then suddenly I knew  what I had to do!

I went back into the hotel room, closed the door, locked it, and told Meadow we had to leave immediately and that she was to pack only the things she needed and that were important, like our IDs, money, and essential clothes.  She asked, “Where are we going?”  I replied, “Anywhere but here.  We can’t be here right now, its’ too dangerous and we have to leave before it’s too late.”  She began to gather her things from the closet.  I put my essential items into my black backpack and then went to the dresser drawers and pulled out of the sort-of-cluttered-drawer-of-things, my driver license, money, and our two cell phones.  It was hard gathering the correct things, but I managed to and put them all a lil sloppily in my black purse. 

I could feel ‘them’ coming. . .

I told Meadow, “We have to go . . . NOW! Take whatever you have gathered to the car right now.”  I grabbed my backpack and purse along with some other things like my clothes.  With my free hand I unlocked and reopened the door to the garage.  The lock was either like my bedroom door lock, a little turn-button, or front of the house door dead-bolt lock.  I wasn’t scared or anxious, but I was hurrying us along as if I were.  My head was extremely clear. Meadow and I entered the garage.

 I was relieved the girl wasn’t sitting in the passenger seat of the car anymore.  I told Meadow, “Put our things in the Jeep.”  She went over to it and opened the passenger side door. I said, “What?. Did you leave that unlocked?” she replied, “No.”  I believed her.  It seemed the girl from the car next door had somehow unlocked my Jeep and looked through my personal identity items: driver license, insurance papers, car owner slip, other personal info, and etc.  (DV garage hacker kids try to steal my car) Meadow and I quickly sort of ‘dumped’ everything we’d just gathered into the Jeep.  I still needed to go back inside to get my purse and our mobile phones.

I quickly went back inside with Meadow close in tow, when I saw ‘Billy Bob Thornton’ and the MIB guy from the Men In Black film played by Tommy Lee Jones (Agent K), who trained the Will Smith (Agent J) character in the film.  The MIB agent “ Tommy”(K) was looking through my things, he was trying to find my ID’s and personal info.  I said, “Hi Billy Bob! How ya doing?”  He saw me. I knew exactly what they were there for and had already removed most or all of my identity items out of the areas they were looking at.  I leaned over to Meadow and quietly told her, “Go back to the vehicle . . . now . . . we are leaving.”

The two MIBs didn’t know if I realized what they were actually looking for (my purse, phones, and any identity stuff). I said to both of them, “Looking through my things, eh? Looking for something are ya?” They still didn’t know if I knew they were there to steal my things or not, or if they should grab me or not. I then nonchalantly went back into the garage saying something like, “I left something in my car, be right back.” Or “I have to go to the pot luck now and will right back.”  Meadow got into the Jeep and I got inside the driver side, it was smallish and hard to fit inside. (DV Gorik drunk I drive http://aristoneart.blogspot.com/2018/02/20160812aug-gorik-drunk-i-drive-ray-gun.html )  Meadow seemed to get out of the Jeep and then the Jeep was suddenly along the wall, so she couldn’t get back in.  I got out and literally moved it off of the wall with my hands and pushing it back and told Meadow to get back inside again and she did.  I got back inside too.

I pushed the garage door opener button and the main garage door began to open.  It was just high enough now for us to get out underneath it with the Jeep.  My Jeep was now a convertible Jeep with the top off and because of that we’d be able to go under the garage door without hitting it.  It was hard for me to getting the Jeep into drive due to how crammed it was, but I managed.  Thankfully I’d parked with my vehicle facing the door; as I began driving forward, the 2 MIB goons had figured some things out and came into the garage and pushed the wall garage door button in an effort to close it before we got out.  I said to Meadow, “We are leaving . . . even if the door takes off some our windshield.” As we headed for the exit door, I calmly told Meadow, “Call mom and dad and tell them the place is being robbed and have them call the Police.” We got to the closing garage door and just barely made it out underneath it and without any vehicle damage.

The two goons were busy scratching their heads and still uncertain what to do. Their car seemed to be parked far away, so we had some time now.  Meadow was handling the phone call.  It was night out.  I drove us very quickly away from the hotel and the MIBs.  We had at least a good 5 to 7 minute lead.  After driving at least a short distance away, I spotted a place to pull over that was sort of hidden and just off the road before a tunnel.  I parked and turned off the engine and headlights.  There was a wall with an upper backyard(?), that was like a ½ cement-wall boxed in deck. We could reach the deck by climbing onto the Jeep’s hood and into the balcony yard area. I told Meadow to grab everything she could, including the potato salad (like the one the artist brought to the W3DL artist meeting the other night). I told Meadow, I would need to make two trips to get everything. (DV Wreck it Ralph mad and smashing wall and glider with 5 friends; DV City Market job offer)

Meadow grabbed the things I instructed her to, climb up onto the hood, and into the balcony area. I followed and set my handful of things down onto the balcony, then hurried back down to grab my purse. There was now a house vacuum hose coming out of the glove compartment that I avoided. (DV Jeep and zip ties sent to Corey Goode on 9.5.2017; DV don’t ask don’t tell dead guy in purple Ford Mustang emailed to CG 8.14.2017) I was having trouble gathering things when I saw the headlights of the two MIB goons approaching, but still far off.  I continued to struggle gathering things, knowing sort of that I was in a dream.  I thought to myself, ‘I’ll just say I have it all . . . and it’ll be so’ as I didn’t really have time to double or triple check everything.  To this point I’d been extremely calm, but was feeling a tiny bit anxious now as they were so close and I worried about being spotted. 

I quickly grabbed my purse and climbed back up the Jeep hood and onto the almost-impossible-to-believe-anyone-could-climb-up-it-wall and told Meadow, “Lay down.” We both laid down flat on the floor, with all our things hidden out of sight with us by the solid cement ½ wall of the deck.   Though well hidden, I looked up and saw them driving toward us. My Jeep was also hidden by red-brown dirt and shrubs and was totally off the road parked right next to the wall.  I thought for sure they’d spot the Jeep and search it, and think we ran on foot into the tunnel just beyond and below us.  I was feeling mildly anxious, but not by much. 

Then I woke up, also feeling some mild anxiety, but ok.  

We were going to go into the apartment/house through the glass slider door to get out. Then, we’d go into the city.  We had a map it seemed, Google Maps, and we’d find our contact in the city and/or would use the crowds to blend in and avoid and evade detection from the bad guys by wearing local touristy clothes.  It seemed China Town was nearby or had something to do with our contact/help. (DV Threats and Thatch House, emailed to Corey Goode during 2017)


It also all had to do with the Flu and Flu virus and like ‘they’ Gorik and his friends were trying all sorts of thing that they’d play off as the Flu as part of the 7, 8, or even 9 blue hot links to websites. I might have been show explaining this to WLW to expose their lies. (DV Feb 2, 2020 CG and Stacy visit and have Flu, CG posts a tweet he and fam have flu on Feb 9, 2020 and DV filed on court record Feb 12, 2020. http://AriStoneArt.com/corey-goode-lawsuit  and there is an International Corona Virus/flu outbreak(Feb 2020))

W3DL – Google search December 17, 2018 –

In MIB show, Will Smith played Agent J, and Tommy Lee Jones plays Agent K.  Agent K’s younger self is played by Josh Brolin.

This AM at 7:19am Amber alert a purple Spark car 2014.