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Q: My next steps with my TF on optimal temporal reality: unity, love, peace, joy, passion

MSG:  My stuff is NOT like Bible stuff.



There was a guy I was working with who was trying to say my stuff was his. (?)

There was a tree fort (?) (DV Tree Fort Peggy Sue and DV Tree Fort missing kids) and a Bible Verse or Bible code not correct.  It was basically a group of people trying to say the Bible was correct and I was stopping that way of thinking.  But, ‘they’ were trying to say my stuff was like their (Bible) stuff . . . or that it was ‘that’. . . and I was like, “No.  No it’s not.”   I think it also was about a prophesy. A prophesy fulfilled(?).  (DV Prophesy – emailed to CG 7.12.2017)

There was a lot more going on like 4 to 5 different sequences . . . oh yeah . . . .


There was a Jackie Chan guy!  But, it was funny because my tweenage daughter Meadow and I were in his home, only he wasn’t the real/original Jackie Chan (I thought he might be my former writer Quinn Lasson). But, everyone thought he was the real Jackie Chan.  However, the real Jackie Chan was a huge fan of this guy who looked like him.  The look-a-like now looked more the real Jackie Chan than the actual Jackie Chan, as this look-a-like was more fit and spry, where the actual Jackie was now older and sort of overweight. 

I cracked a joke-comment to my daughter and we both were giggling about it. It was likely something along the lines of how the look-a-like looked more like the ‘real deal’ than the actual real one did! (lol)

I watched as my friend, the Look-a-like-Chan (Lal-Chan), got on his cell phone and called the real Jackie Chan and began to tell him about what I had just joke-said to my daughter! Lal-Chan was laughing about it and teasing the real one. I was like oops! I hadn’t planned on that one happening, but since it did I still stand behind what I said. (DV Counsel Meeting connect? – emailed to CG 8.8.2017) I then correct-ensured it was known I thought the real JC was great and that I liked joking around.  It turned out the real JC liked the joke and found it rather amusing. I was really glad to see that.  My friend began planning a get together with JC. It seemed the real JC was gay and he liked my friend, his look-a-like, a LOT.  I believe I also joked, ‘since the look-a-like was more like the real deal than the ‘real deal,’ then do I actually need to be friends with the real one or was being friends with the look-a-like, like being friends with the real one cause they were such good friends and like one-relationship-over contact. It also seemed the real Jackie wanted to come over and have a two-layer birthday/wedding cake with the look-a-like.  So, that may have been what they were arranging on the phone.  One of them almost seemed mildly retarded, but nothing noticeable in 3D it was more of a thought energy. My friend and JC finished their conversation and Lal-Chan got off the phone and began talking with me again.

Prior this sequence . . .


I was with Meadow walking on a dirt road.  At first it was sunny out and we seemed to be in some type of Hawaiian Jungle/rain forest at a clearing type area with a cliff side towering some above us, placed on the slope up was a large cement slide that almost ran straight up and down.  There were no curls or cork screws, just a semi-gentle but still very steep, slide placement. It may have even been a waterfall with no water flowing out of it at this time.

I turned toward Meadow and told her, “I’m going to climb up it” She asked me to wait for her.  I was going to wait, but then I decided to just start heading up it.  I was about 1/3 or maybe only 1/8 of the way up the 100 ft or much longer slide, when Meadow said, “Hey, I asked you to wait.”  I stopped my ascent and looked down at her and said, “I’m waiting. But, why don’t you come up now because I’m going up now.  I’m not going to wait if you’re just going to lolly-gag around. I gotta go up this now. So I’m not waiting around for you to ‘decide’ whether you’re coming or not.”  With that Meadow began to climb onto and up the slide.  I didn’t expect her be able to climb up it.  I climbed up the slide with my feet on either side of it and hands grip climbing I’d pull up with my hands and then push my way up with my legs and feet, like in the bowling alley dream with the sloped lane that I fell down into but climbed out. (Striker Dawn and Bowling Ball Ship images – emailed to CG 5.8.2017)

There seemed to be something at the very top that I needed. The weather was beginning to turn and was looking like a dark storm brewing.  My ascent reminded me of a pyramid somehow or like this was an old western water sluice for gold digging or rather ‘gold panning’ and I commented to Meadow below me, “If the water were on we could pan for gold.” We were both nearing the top now. (DV Billy and pro-baseball players – emailed to CG 11.9.2017) I said, “We have to hurry just in case the water gets turned on.”  I reached the top and climbed onto the flat ground surface. (DV waterworld connects – Gorik Drunk I Drive and Off World Kids http://aristoneart.blogspot.com/2018/02/20160812aug-gorik-drunk-i-drive-ray-gun.html

Directly in front of me was a small bramble-like bush with a bush-brush entrance to go inside. I was reminded of Briar Rabbit and the Tar Baby. (DV surviving the winter eating gold leaves – emailed to CG 7.25.2017) The sky was filling with even more dark storm clouds, yet it was still sunny out. I entered the opening and there was just enough room for me to crouch-move around inside and not much more space on either of my sides. Meadow finally reached the top and joined me crouching inside the brambles.  I told her, “I’m surprised you made it.” She replied with her sort-of-ego-like-retort, “Of course.” and  “I told you I could do it.”  I had to agree, “Yeah, I guess you did. But, I didn’t really expect you to.”

The very dark tropical storm clouds were now completely upon us.  I told Meadow, “You can duck and hide better under the jutting-out-rocks or thicker bramble-like bushes areas.” I then moved my head to be more under a jutting rock and thicker brambles area myself. Fortunately the bramble-bushes had no thorns on them. Yellow and red roses came to mind.  The dark storm clouds couldn’t hold their water load any longer and they began to start pouring rain.  It was coming down extremely hard.  I was thankful we’d made it to the top, otherwise it’d have been really hard to climb up or we could have been washed down the mountain-cliff side.  As the rains continued pouring down they were creating streams of water, I held out my arm and brace-held Meadow back to ensure she’d not be washed off the mountain side with the waterfall-like rains. I braced her as if she were a dog on a passenger seat next to me and as if I had hit the brakes.

Lightning bolts now began coming down all around the mountainside. I again ensured Meadow was ok and instructed her, “Cover and protect your head.” Some of the bolts were coming down very threateningly close to us. I worried some we might get washed off the jungle cliff-ledge mountain top and I still hadn’t even heard any thunder. This seemed to be an electrical lightning storm only.  I wondered if a ‘space battle’ was going on, like I thought I’d seen occur when living in Shingle Springs, California, around 2010. My family and I had watched a lighting only storm for over an hour, without a single rip of thunder.  We thought it might have been some kind of inter-dimensional battle over access to a portal. (DV Lightning God Bolt I return with telekinesis– emailed to CG 7.1.2017)

The rains continued pouring down. While the clouds were all very dark and ominous, it was still more of a ‘sunny’ tropical rain storm.  I could see the sunlight shining down and possibly a rainbow off in the distance somewhere. (DV Jumpy Rainbow Message – emailed to CG 8.4.2017) Meadow and I continued to wait for the rains and the storm to subside. Finally, after a while the rains and lightning did eased up and then both stopped all together. I also finally spotted whatever it was that I needed to see and/or affirm or get from atop the mountain. I then told Meadow, “It’s time to head back down before the storm and rains start up again.”

I crouch walked out of the brambles and began to head back down the cliff-side-slide. I turned around to face the slide and placed my hands on the top edge of the slide curve and my feet inside and onto the side walls of the slide curve. Then, I slid down smooth and easy as if ‘carpet skating’ down the slide with my feet and my hands equally smooth gliding down the top edging.  (DV Carpet Skating and I call my shoes to me – emailed to CG 8.20.2017) I felt like I was carpet-surfing down stairwell rails, like I do in some dreams. I reached the bottom safe and sound. Meadow wasn’t far behind. She’d chosen to come down facing forward with her knees tucked up underneath her.  As she reached the bottom I asked, “Oh . . . did that leave a skin burn?” and per her sometimes usual ego-style she said “No of course not.” I looked and it seemed she was correct, she was ok and had no skin burns. 

There were 2 or 3 other sequences, but this is what recalled.  There may have been a Chad Rictor looking guy too somewhere in the dream sequences, who also looked similar to the male server with short brown hair that I saw in Waking 3D Life when at Red Robin restaurant, where I’d taken my friend Landon for his birthday meal.

MSG: There was also something to do with going to the Library and checking out 1, 2, or 3 books with brownies inside of them and secret cut outs. Steampunk. (DV How Time Flows Advanced Class and Projects – emailed to CG 7.10.17) 



Now I was at some type of outdoor ‘party-like’ game place.  People were sort of being wiped out by things. (DV murder mystery game, but someone actually dies)

I had arrived with my “dad” and tweenage daughter, Meadow. We were going to enter this Halloween-like game, but it wasn’t exactly ‘Halloween.’ (DVs Halloween Towns and pumpkins) The place was also like Sherwood Forest for Robin Hood and his band of merry men. The “game” was set up like a ‘donation’ system.  In order to enter the main game, you had to “donate” the pair of shoes you were wearing.  If you didn’t ‘donate’ your shoes, you weren’t allowed to enter.  My “dad” took off his shoes to donate them at the standard 3 foot by 8 foot brown fold up table, being ran by 2 young college age looking girls standing behind it.  I didn’t want to donate my shoes. So, I wasn’t going to be allowed to enter.  I said, “I like my shoes and I want to keep them.”

I looked down at my shoes. At first they looked like my black and white low top knock-off Converse, then they were actually my red shoes.  But, I had on two different red shoes.  One looked like my red ones with the glow-in the-dark rubber soles and the other like my red ones with the LED rubber soles, both looked more like Adidas though than either of my Waking 3D Life (W3DL) low budget generic Chinese import shoes.  I then stated to the main young gal colleting the shoes at the table, “Besides most people want matching shoes anyways.” I stated it twice in order to ensure being heard. Looks wise, she reminded me of my teenage childhood friend Zamy Wumzalt, whom I loved goofballin’ around with doing things like standing on billboard signs and waving at people driving up the highway, or making spoof Monty Python style videos for her History class where I was ‘Patsy’ and wore a blue Pom-Pom on my head and clacked boxes to sound like horses walking. I also recalled her once friend-jealous-teasing me that I’m so pretty even gay guys like me, as a gay friend of hers seemed to be flirting with me in the coffee shop that day. Although Zamy was very cute herself with a nice petite built and long blond wavy hair. She was always more girlish-cute though, rather than being the stunning blond beauty, but attractive none-the-less.

“Zamy” now accepted my “dad’s” shoe ‘donation’ and my daughter Meadow’s shoe donation as well.  Someone else prior our arrival at the table had turned in a pair of really ruddy modern grey-tan clog looking shoes, that reminded me some of the slippers my ex-husband gave me that were too small for him many years ago.  I thought maybe the shoe style was from the Mudd (?) brand.  I looked at the pair of ruddy shoes on the table thinking, ‘Who’s going to want those?’ Maybe they were Wig-Wams (?).  Zamy replied, “It doesn’t matter what they look like or how they are, someone will be excited to have them and they are a part of the process.”  I wished I’d put on my other ‘new’ black, grey, and purple colored women’s Walmart shoes instead, that I’d meant to return but hadn’t.  Cause those were new and I didn’t care if they had those, as I didn’t like the style so well.  The Zamy-looking girl now gave my “Dad” and Meadow a little grey raffle looking ticket to enter the game and they both went inside.

I remained at the table with ‘Zamy’ and said, “What if I’m invisible?” she was like, ‘Yeah right.’ thinking me joking.  I knew what that’d mean for her if she told someone, ‘Yeah the invisible girl snuck in.’ (lol) She began to joke around about it with the other young college looking helper girl.  I then walked over to the wall entrance area to my right, made myself invisible, and passed through the wall and was now inside the game.  ‘Zamy’ was then trying to tell someone, “The invisible girl snuck in.” (lol)  That didn’t go over so well with her superiors. She was trying to tell them to look at the cameras. Which wouldn’t show much of anything anyways. (lol) She was trying to prove I was ‘there’ and then that I wasn’t there.  But, they’d have to look at the reels.  I didn’t care, but I was wondering if I was doing the right thing. 

Inside the outdoors game area it was both daylight and sunny, I became visible for a moment.  A guy wanted to go by me. I told him he could walk right through me instead and that it’d be ok.  He maybe hesitated a moment, then walked through me with a sort of ‘Cool!’ type response.  I decided I better go invisible again so the cameras couldn’t directly follow me around.  This Halloween-Sherwood Forest type place seemed really religious.  I had come inside to fix and change things by seeing what was going on inside first.  I could see small crowds of people at various locations.

I passed through the small crowd nearest me and even semi-through a lady who reminded me of Bonita from Waking 3D Life. Bonita was a very kind middle aged lady, who registered kids for gymnastic in at my local kid’s gymnastics place.  She seemed to sort of feel me pass through her.  Then I saw a guy who looked like my friend, Chad, that I used to buy indoor hydroponic gardening supplies from, only he noticed me.  I wondered if my invisibility spell had stopped working because as I walked toward him he lifted his hand off the wall and raised his arm up to let me pass even though I would have just passed through his arm. He was wearing a purple shirt.  The crowds of people inside were mostly having conversations with one another about all the things set up in the game designed to scare them.  This was like a Halloween-Scare-House, only in broad daylight.  I spotted my “dad” and Meadow standing with a crowd of people near a field.

The field in front of the crowd had some kind of monster laying inside it and the people were looking at it. The monster was very large and filled up a good portion of the field. It was possibly a large sea snake monster or Monster University style snake. (DV Big Birtha May (BBM) eats grass clippings after guy who loses bullet bet – emailed to Corey Goode 10.11.2017; DV 100ft long BBM snake pre Feb 2018 W3DL phone call with Duke; DV huge snake scaring people in city I go find it and sing to it and it shrinks down in size; DV tiny snake with cold I’m nursing back to health)  The snake-monster seemed to be used for fear based tactics to get people to ‘access’ their ‘abilities’ or ‘wake’ them up.  (DV USAF watches me https://aristoneart.com/2018/10/07/2017_07_31_jul-scram-jet-usaf-watches-me-3-passes-incl-1-vert-1-hover/ ) I thought, ‘These types of ‘games’ and ‘lessons’ are so foolish’ I may have then said aloud, “Why do people do this? And who does this make sense to?” I then may have used my magik to sedate the snake-creature.  The crowd was looking at it wondering why it was asleep and if it’d been drugged up to be harmless as they really wanted their next ‘big-scare’ lesson.  I may have sedated it so they’d not be harmed, but maybe I didn’t, I wasn’t sure. (DV Inter-Dimensional Ray Guns – Silver hair hologram snake program being fixed– DV emailed to Corey Goode 8.2.2017) Regardless, they all needed to find and discover other ways to learn lessons.  I lost sight of my “dad” and Meadow again, they’d apparently headed off to another section of the game. There was a now flowery vibe to this place.

I went and stood under a second building overhang area pre the field with the snake creature in it.  I wondered, ‘Why is this place so sacred anyway?. Why do people think this is so great to come inside and even worth giving up a pair of perfectly good shoes to enter?’  It all seemed a scam more than anything with a few ‘trained’ monsters to scare the ‘tourists.’  I could now see the Halloween grounds wrapped around and back toward the front entrance.  I also saw laundry washing machines with dirty piles of laundry and stinky socks. These all seemed part of the game too.  (DV my SSP role and smelly sock feet guy and famous Tevis Cheese – emailed to Corey Goode 10.19.2017)  I thought to myself, ‘This is supposed to be ‘fun’ and ‘making it?’ No, thank you.’ I spotted my “dad” again and he seemed to think it was moderately fun.  I found it all incredibly boring and to be a fraud and a scam.  Not even worth a pair of ruddy shoes.

I headed back toward the entrance of the game place and decided to go and check out the real woods and forest area. I entered the forest.  It was all very dark and low lit.  Just inside the forest, someone was about to be eaten by a small creature that looked sort of like a cross between my Monstas doll and a Boar Pig, though it seemed to be a black dog. (DV Excalibur https://aristoneart.com/2019/06/02/2019_06_02_jun-hecka-thick-ice-n-excalibur/ pswd: secretlanguage ;   DV airplane with dark energy and black dogs; DVs misc black dogs and jackles) I spoke my language and emitted a white light from my palm at the creature.  It was a more low density magik, so it was not as visible to the eyes.  I made the black creature stop eating the person and maybe even made it be ‘dead’ and/or I zapped it away to be re-worked elsewhere.  The kid I’d helped, I couldn’t tell if they were a boy or a girl, but they thanked me and went off unsure of what had just happened.  I may have told them I was like ‘Merlin’ but they went off seemingly not aware of what I’d just said, or maybe I’d not really told them, or rather I had . . . but, their belief’s couldn’t receive the truth.  

I continued to go deeper into the forest and walked up 3 to 4 steps set against a tree trunk when a black Jackal-like dog came at me to eat me.  I spoke one word and emitted light with my hand and turned him into a dried up tube of green oil paint. The tube looked crusty-crunchy and as if it’d been dried up in the sun.  I was still standing on the top step and began posting my first warning sign onto the tree for the rest of the creatures to know they were NOT to do things like: kill, eat, and/or harm others and if they did, I would handle them and they’d wind up ‘dead.’  So, they needed to stop the abuse and eating. I understood their hunger and need to eat, but they needed to eat differently or it would start costing them their lives now. The colors of the signs I was starting to post were bright and flowery with pastel purples, pastel pinks, and pastel greens, printed onto a bright white paper background. The signs also had a sort of anime style.  I continued posting more signs onto different trees, when more of the black jackals arrived.

There were 2 to 8 of them this time and they were coming right at me.  I again spoke my language to counter their spells and rendered 2 to 3 of them inert (dead?) in this realm. I had spoken one word in my language and had used my right palm to send the spell out.  I tried to tell the creatures yet again it was foolishness to persist in these bad behaviors, but some still wouldn’t listen. 

Now, a much bigger creature was after me.  This one was sort of a dog-cat-werewolf-like creature, with scraggle-hair that made me think of the purple time travel tubes and melted sisters dream experience. (DV melted sisters and time portal travel president http://aristoneart.blogspot.com/2018/04/20180427apr-time-portal-travel-president.html ) This creature stood up on its hind legs and it had very ferocious teeth. It was very angry and ready to attack and kill me.  I again spoke one word, sent the energy at it, and it fell over dead/inert, then it evaporated away almost as if to ‘hide the evidence,’ but more to send the energy off to be reworked. Then, there were 2 or 3 more of these creature things. I again spoke my language saying a single word. Each time I used a different word, dependent on the energies needed and it would then render the creature inert. I finished handling this group of creatures and continued walking through the dark forest.

I came upon a cliff-side overlook and looked down. Below was a beautiful and magikal land that looked clear and spacious, with bright colors. There were some square bubbly Smurf-style mushroom structures and candyland gum drop style looking things. It looked lovely.  (DV 2 mushroom types, one type poisonous the other safe) The forest area near the overlook was very dark, dank, and very shrouded in shadows.

Now a large snake was being sent after me, but we both knew what I would do to it.  The snake arrived and I seemed to hug, kiss, and sing to it, then it changed and was rendered inert. 

I began to head back to where the forest entrance was as creatures continued being sent at me. I kept doing my thing and rendering them inert, while continuing to post more warning signs along the way.

Then, a man came.  I didn’t even bother to look at what or who was being sent at me anymore, so I just put out my hand and spoke one word with power like, “Carunesh.” The men felt it but he was still awake and aware (not rendered inert). He then emitted his own white light beam at my 3rd eye, like the ET telephone pole ‘abduction’ experience dream and I felt it.  (DV ET Telephone Pole ‘Abducted’ White light beam https://aristoneart.com/2018/04/30/2018_04_28_apr-abducted-white-light-beam/ ) I then got really excited and said, “Only one person can get through my shieldz to touch me! My Twin Flame!” I knew he was the ‘Magician Trent’ and the magician-date-guy. 

I turned toward him to see him.

Then I was walking through the Halloween style crowd of people again, only now we were in a mall-like setting. Gorik was there and my daughter Meadow too, but Meadow looked like a 3 to 4 year old toddler instead of her actual tweenage waking state self.  I was holding her hand and helping her fly around with me.  She felt somewhat weighty compared to how it is in other dreams, where the person I am helping may feel like a feather weight or no weight at all.

I flew over to where Gorik was and hovered in the air. I asked him if he could fly yet or if my dreams were accurate and he couldn’t.  He told me he couldn’t fly yet. I decided to help both him and Meadow fly at the same time and was going to hold Gorik’s hand with my free hand.  I reached out and took Gorik’s hand and tried to lift him up, but he seemed firmly rooted as a ‘solid’ to the ground.  I let go of his hand and placed Meadow onto my back instead and had her hold onto my neck. Now I had both hands free and I planned to grab Gorik’s hand with both of mine and lift him up.

Then Gorik suddenly took on an appearance like my dad and he put out his right index finger for me to grab hold of, like I used to do with my dad when I was a small child myself.  I was like, ‘No way. I am not a baby and I am not your daughter. I am not interested in doing that and have zero desire to go back or do any of that again.  I grew up for a reason and I like it this way.’ I then just zoomed around with Meadow on my back for a bit.  Gorik got the message and stopped trying to play ‘daddy’ to me.

I think I then came back to him and grabbed his hand.  Gorik still felt really weighty to me. Both he and Meadow felt somewhat heavy.  I then seemed to use my ‘flap-the-arms’ method to grab the aethers and get up into the air with Gorik. We then did some very low to the ground flying together, as I didn’t want to scare him by taking him too high, too fast. (DV Light cabal party and magik I show – emailed to Corey Goode 10.22.2017)  Instead, I told him about how high I could fly and that I could even go into outer space if I wanted too and that I can have a protective sphere around me that was likely blue.

Then I woke up.