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I was with my parents, Jared and Tja, and my 12 year old daughter Meadow. We were attending a Green Valley Christian Community Center Church upscale casual banquet. The banquet was being held in the main church sanctuary and it was rather crowded. There were a lot of long tables placed around and people seated at them.  It seemed to be a full banquet.  

We were there to dine with Andrew McKay. A famous news caster, turned public speaker and known for his alternative and controversial news exposing the corruption of current kings, queens, and other well to do elites, along with his beliefs about them being of the “reptilian alien” race behind the scenes.  I was seated directly across from McKay, my mom to my immediate left and Meadow to my immediate right.  My dad was seated across from my mom and next to McKay. To McKay’s left (and my right) was his number 1 assistant, a middle aged male.  I decided to ask him about Gorik Nip Kaplin, whom he was going to do a public speaking event with many months ago; but McKay had backed out after Patrick (Gorik’s former employer) had phoned him and warned him about Gorik’s shenanigans.

I looked at my mom first to ensure she was ok with me asking McKay about Gorik, she was.  My mom had a white sheet of paper that seemed to have do with my “Dreams The Missing Text” bookmark giveaways.  Her sheet was also similar in vibe to the 2/3 white sheet that Patrick had in the dream sequence on December 20, 2019, that was sort of an apology to me for how he’d treated me prior, minus the apology.   I then looked back at Andrew McKay again and asked, “Excuse me, may I please ask you a question?”   I again looked at my mom to ensure she was ok with what I was about to ask him next.  She affirmed with a slight head nod, ‘yes.’  I returned my attention back to McKay and asked him something about Gorik Nip Kaplin like: ‘Why don’t you like Gorik?’ or ‘What’s your connection with Gorik?’  I was about mid-sentence when McKay suddenly stood up and said to his assistant, “I’ve got to leave for a moment.” His male assistant knew he was to get up and go with his ‘master,’ so he stood up.  McKay was very afraid of me . . . or rather Gorik Kaplin (GK). . .and he wanted nothing to do with me!  He and his helper were now rapidly making a B-line toward the church sanctuary exit doors.  I knew they were leaving for good and not coming back!

I looked at my mom again. She gave me another subtle nod that it was ok if I left and went after McKay.  I got up and was thinking to go through the sanctuary to follow them outside, but they were already out of sight.  I decided it would take much too long if I went the same way they had just gone and they’d be long gone if I did.  The main wall behind where McKay and his assistant had been seated was made up of large full-wall-length-windows and I could see outside to the side dirt parking lot area. (DV Church Parking lot and teacher I want to help) I got up and walked over to the window wall, well aware that some of the people in the banquet would see what I was about to do next. I then passed through the window-wall as if it wasn’t there.

Outside, I quickly spotted McKay and his assistant off in the distance on the main large blacktop parking lot area.  He was looking for his vehicle. They both seemed sort of like they were having trouble finding it or remembering where they’d parked.  They were still trying to make a mad dash to get out of there and get away from me, when I’d done absolutely nothing wrong and certainly nothing to them.  But, McKay was freaked and angry toward me, because of GK.

I was standing on the tiny dirt parking lot section by the side of the church building and was about to briskly head after McKay, when I heard a man in his mid-thirties standing over a well. He was looking down inside of it. He sounded like he was on the verge of tears, but he was keeping it together to stay strong.  He was saying, “Timmie (Timmy)! Timmie! Oh Timmie, we’ll get you out of there!”  Nearby were two young boys around the age of 11 years old or so.  All of them were very distraught. Then I heard Timmie from inside the well.  He sounded alive and ok at the bottom of the well (no broken bones or the like), but he seemed to have fallen in and was now stuck at the bottom not able to get out. I said to the 2 young boys near me, “What?. Did he fall down the well or something?” Just in case there was something else going on that I didn’t know about.  They acknowledged I was correct. 

I quickly walked over to the well and stood next to the man.  None of them had a rope or anything to use to get the boy out of the well.  The adult male continued looking down into the well.  I began to softly speak my sacred language and placed my right hand palm up and made gentle “up” motions to bring the boy up from the bottom of the well.  As I brought him up, I saw the well was filled with grey and white ashes and as he came up the ashes created a mound and then parted as his head came through them and the ashes fell away from his head.  I continued to use my magik and raised him fully into the air and above the well by at least a few feet.  I then levitated his body over the regular dirt parking lot ground near the adult male, then magikally set him down on his feet. 

They were all basically crying now (but not quite) as they were all so happy Timmie had survived and was alive.  They all had thought they were going to lose their friend for sure.  Timmie’s friend nearest me, thanked me deeply. I replied, “It makes you realize how special people are to you.” Inferring sometimes it takes almost losing someone for us to realize just how special they are to us.  Timmie’s friend agreed and gave me a deep and meaningful hug of gratitude, he was a small and lean built boy. Then he and the other young boy quickly went over to their rescued friend.  I was mildly reminded of the episode of Lassie where Timmy falls down the well and he hollers up to Lassie (his Collie dog) to ‘go and get help’ and she does.  Now all of them were thanking me profusely.  I apologized that I had to leave abruptly. I still had to stop McKay and get an answer.

I needed to move faster than walking to catch up to McKay and also needed to see an overview of the parking lot without the parked cars blocking my line of eyesight, so I decided to fly.  I lifted up into the air and began looking for him again. I seemed to shift my aerial view as if I were inside of a video game zooming in, out, and around.  (DV Ender’s Type Game I get a headset to play http://aristoneart.blogspot.com/2018/10/20180706-enders-game-i-get-headset-and.html?m=1 ; and DV Incredi”BLE” Hologram Game – sent to Corey Goode 9.19.17) Then, I spotted McKay and his male assistant again and quickly flew to the parking lot area just above them. They didn’t seem to notice I was flying. They were frantically trying to find and get inside their vehicle.  I flew down and landed near them as they arrived near their vehicle.  I walked right up to McKay and was about to try talking with him again when he said, “BLOW ME!!!!” ((lol)) He was mad!! He did NOT want to talk with me!  He was walking as fast pace as he could away from me and around the backside of his pickup (?) truck, then around to the driver side door area with me close in tow behind him.  He thought maybe I didn’t hear him or get the message the first time so as we got nearer the driver side door he stopped, turned toward me, and with the same amount of vehemence said, “BLOW ME!!!”  I now thought about the literal and physical act of doing that to him… for the second time…   I wasn’t mad at him at all, because I understood what is done to people in dream states by Gorik and his associates especially if I was involved. Gorik was very jealous, possessive, abusive, and controlling.  So, I really couldn’t blame the guy for his ‘programmed’ aversion to me.  So, instead I brightly responded, “I appreciate the offer, but that activity is already reserved for someone. But, thank you for asking.” (lol)

McKay lightened a little, but he still did NOT like me. I asked, “Why don’t you like me anyways? I didn’t do anything to you.”  He was still trying to walk and get away from me as fast as he could, so much so, he walked right passed the driver door. As we walked around the vehicle, I was asking him if we could please discuss this and for him to get to know me and who I am as a person and as an individual and to essentially be ‘friends,’ but I wasn’t going to push it. (lol)  We rounded the front of the vehicle and then went by the passenger side door and then back near the hatch area.  The vehicle now seemed to be an SUV or 5-door Sedan with a rear lift-hatch door. (DV Rough Drop off and Bear to ride in my van – send to CG 9.4.17) (DV I yell at EOW boys https://aristoneart.com/2019/10/07/2019_10_27_sep-i-yell-at-eow-boy-and-will-share-my-mac/ ) I followed McKay all the way to the hatch area, then I passed him and stopped standing directly in front of the fully opened rear hatch looking inside. McKay remained just off to my right. 

Inside the vehicle were 2 females seated side by side on the rear bench seat. They seemed to be a mother and daughter, with the daughter being in her late 20’s or early 30’s.  Behind that in the tiny hatch area with no seat, and the ‘hatch space’ maybe slightly bigger than my tiny commuter Spark car hatch area, was the male assistant.  He was lying down and also somehow awkwardly folded in half at his waist in order to fit in the short width space of the vehicle. Underneath him was a pile of soft folded fleece looking blankets that ran the length of the short width of the hatch area and they raised him up about 1 ½ feet, so he was about mid-level to the back seat row.  He’d been stuffed there for the ride home. I didn’t imagine it to be very comfortable. He was used to being treated this way.  They seemed to have a 3 to 5 hour ride ahead of them to get back home again. 


I asked the male assistant, “Did you ride here like that?”  McKay was still standing immediately to my right and he was NOT happy with me being there at all!  But, he was tolerating me for the moment.  The helper guy looked up at me. He seemed to like me ‘ok’ as a person and was open to seeing who I was/am as an individual and like I was the first person in a long time to even acknowledge him as a human being and treat him with dignity and respect as such.  I’d asked him about being in the back storage area as it was more like he was a commodity and a servant, rather than an equal human being to the rest of the people in the vehicle and especially sub-human to Andrew McKay.

I now asked the male assistant if he’d like to be teleported home instead of having to ride in the back hatch area like that for 3 to 5 hours.  He did want to be teleported, but McKay was standing right there and the assistant didn’t want to make him mad by directly saying he wanted to be teleported, so he asked, “You can do that?”  I replied, “Yes, of course.” Then, sensing the possibility of mild concern if I knew where he (or they) lived that I might show up univited or do something bad, I clarified, “I don’t need to know where you live to send you home. Only you need to know where you live and that’s where you’ll go.”   I then began to speak softly in my language and raised my right hand with finger tips pointed up and made a gentle twist motion . . . and . . . nothing happened.  I said, “Huh, that’s odd.” Then, I tried again . . . and . . . he was still there.  I looked at Andrew McKay very suspect-like and said, “Do you have a dampening field or something?” He looked at me with a bit of a smirk and wouldn’t answer.  I said questioningly and rhetorically, “You do. Don’t you? You have something to dampen things.”  He again didn’t answer with a yes or no, but his look said he did have something.  I got the impression he carried whatever it was to keep ‘reptilian aliens’ from just randomly teleport popping in on him, or out.

I looked McKay directly in his bright blue-grey eyes.  His face was very close to mine and it made his eyes and that part of his face seem twice as large.  He was very distrusting of me and sizing me up with his smugness over the dampening field and like he was trying to prove I didn’t have magik, but he knew I did, but he didn’t trust it or me.  He was only giving me listening space because his helper male wasn’t alarmed by me, nor were either of his 2 female passengers.

I then was bothered by my magik not working and I said to the helper guy, “I can do all sorts of magikal things.”  He was like “What can you do?” I said, “Usually teleport.”  I then gave McKay ‘a look’ and continued, “Myself to anywhere I need to go or others.  I can, of course, fly.” I figured ‘everyone’ could do that by now in dreams and/or wouldn’t be surprised by it, but the assistant was surprised and excitedly said, “You can fly!?” I replied, “Yeah.” He asked, “What else can you do?”  I was trying to think of what I should tell him of my abilities, so I said, “I can shapeshift, time travel, teleport, manifest things with my hands like a ruby or food.  I can pass through things like walls and objects.” I decided to show them a demo of the last one, hoping McKay’s “dampening” field wouldn’t interfere again.  It seemed he had some small object that was roundish mostly opaque and crystalline and maybe a light sky blue color.  McKay still wanted to leave, but he was tolerating me because the other 3 weren’t alarmed by me or afraid at all and he wanted to see what I could do.  He seemed to trust his assistant and the 2 females’ judgments about some things people wise, because his experiences were so odd that they could help him be more balanced in seeing things more accurately. Like he didn’t always know or recognize good people because of his ‘reptilian’ experiences and these 3 people were ‘normal’ per say and didn’t see ‘reptilians.’ So McKay relied on them sometimes to gauge if someone was ok or not especially if he felt an aversion to someone, like me, for no apparent reason.

To demonstrate, I walked back around to the driver side passenger area of McKay’s hatch back or to the driver side of the vehicle parked next to our hatch back passenger side. Inside the vehicle, were 2 girls seated in the back seat.  One had a digital cell phone/tablet of sorts in her hands with an orange and/or off white cream color rubber bumper protector around it.  I passed my right hand and forearm through the glass window and she let me grab the phone out of her hands.  I then pulled it back outside with my hand through the glass window.  It was questionable as to if the window was rolled down or up.  It seemed rolled up, but the glass could be seen as being a type of stage magic trick.  So, as I passed my hand back through the glass a second time to hand back the tablet-phone I went a little lower so my hand also passed through about ½ -1 inch of the top of the door.  But, it was so close it could still be deemed as a trick of the eyes.  I gave the girl back her phone and pulled my hand out of the vehicle again.  To ensure there were no questions on if I’d actually done it or not, I said, “Here, let me show you more obviously.”  I then passed my hand and arm through the side of the door (no window or glass at all and no way to be a sleight of hand or trick of the eyes).  I said, “I can pass through objects like this without a problem.”  I then waved my hand around inside the vehicle with my body outside the vehicle, everyone saw, McKay too.  I pulled my hand out again and explained this often looked to onlookers like I’d become one with the object, but I wasn’t really doing that. I was only vibrating at the same rate and matching its structure to some extent and just filling in the spaces between.  I thought of the Vatican dream where I showed how I pass through walls and gave a detailed explanation to Gorik and the ‘Vatican’ guy with ‘no-pointy-hat’ who didn’t really get it, but sort of. (DV The Vatican Dream, sent to CG 8.1.17)

I decided it was time for me to leave now and McKay still wanted me to leave too.  I didn’t want to scare or overwhelm him or the others, so I said I’d show them next that I can fly. That was how I was going to leave.  I then flapped my arms using my ‘flap-the-arms-to-catch-the-eathers-and-rise-up’ technique and I began heading upward toward the night sky. But, before I got very high off the ground my daughter Meadow was suddenly there in the parking lot with us and she grabbed onto my back. She was sort of making it harder for me to fly straight as she was only ¼ on my back and catawampus hanging onto my leg.  I told her “Get onto my back all the way.” She finally managed to get onto my back all of the way and was straddling me as if I was her flying horse and we flew off and away to where I had to be next.

Then, I was in other Dream Vision sequences and woke later to document.