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Gorik and I finally had our own private place. I noticed he’d lost quite a bit of weight and was looking pretty good. The place we were in was more like one of Gorik’s secret hideout spots and I had a pretty good idea where we were. The colors of everything in the small room seemed grey-tan colors, like mesa dirt.  I was reminded of the Dream Vision with the “Off World” kids that were abused and how they had all of that whitish dust on them and how I was looking in on the situation in order to correct it. (2016_08_12_AUG Gorik Drunk – I Drive – Ray Gun Portals Built By Off World Kids http://aristoneart.blogspot.com/2018/02/20160812aug-gorik-drunk-i-drive-ray-gun.html)

Throughout the dream Gorik kissed me . . . A LOT . . . all while fielding a phone call from what seemed to be a CIA(?) contact about a secret mission, pretty standard stuff for Gorik. He was worried some for my safety and that they might send an assassin after me. I let Gorik know I wasn’t worried at all, as they had to first approach me in dreams and I always told them “No.”

((((Dream MKULTRA serial killer assassin terminated in Dream Vision (DV) 11.02.2019. DV occurred one day after I filed November 1, 2019 “Motion to Set Hearing” for my lawsuit against Corey Goode and I cited multiple amounts of CIA technology and programs to include: S.A.T.A.N. (Silent Assassination Through Adaptive Networks). Subsequently, three other family members and/or friends of mine were also dream assassination attempted within three days of the legal motion filing. The method I used to terminate this particular assassination attempt is contained with the Dream Vision “Vampire Relations a Day in a Draco’s Shoes” in my Kindle book titled “DreamWalker Dream Diary Adventures of Enetka Tulina & the Trizad for Peace” by Ari Stone. “DreamWalker Dream Diary Adventures” is a collection of some of my magikal dreams and advanced A.I. technology experiences. This DV and various other DV’s contained in this book are occurring now in waking states. I gave a copy of this book, pre-publication, to David Wilcock and Corey Goode at Conscious Life Expo Feb 2017.  Since then, both Corey and David, along with various associates of theirs, appear to have used and disseminated my Dream Vision experiences, information, and discoveries as their own or as twisted dis-info teachings and/or fake news.))))

Gorik could see I lived in a very different reality from him and how it all always seemed to just ‘work out’ for me, but he continued to still be anxious for me some.

After our wonderful personal interactions and the ‘secret mission’ CIA phone call; where I was aware of what Gorik was to do next, I woke and documented the experience. I then went back to sleep and dreamed the following Dream Vision.


3:35 am

Emailed to Corey Goode 11.25.17

I was invited to attend my “Grandpa’s” 70th (?) birthday banquet feast along with my parents and my 10 year old daughter, Meadow.  I asked my mom if my friend Trinity(?) could come with me. It felt like I wasn’t really wanted at the party and had only been invited because technically I was biologically family, but not really because they wanted me there. I asked if Trinity could join us because I figured if I brought a friend with me I’d have at least one person to talk to.  I was glad to be told she could join us.

I began telling Trinity it was just going to be a small party, around 100 to 150 people. Then, I turned to my mom standing next to us and asked if that sounded like the correct amount.  She replied, “No, it’ll be around 300 people.”  That surprised me and I stated out loud, “Ok, the party is much bigger than I expected!” then more to Trinity “So, ok…yeah, a “BIG” party!”  It was either a birthday party or an anniversary party I wasn’t sure which.  It felt to be around Christmas or even New Years Eve and for some reason I thought of the film “Rent” that I did SAG extra work in many years ago in San Francisco, California.

The party was about to begin.  

We arrived outside skyscraper building with the banquet hall inside. It was surrounded by more skyscraper buildings. Each was very futuristic and modern looking. The area looked like its own cityscape and all of the buildings seemed to belong to my ‘Grandfather.’ We were basically going to have a banquet inside his mini-city corporate compound. (DV Living Giant Part 1  http://aristoneart.blogspot.com/2018/01/living-giant-and-game-changers.html  Part 2 http://aristoneart.blogspot.com/2018/01/20180105jan-part-2-living-giant-and.html ) We entered the skyscraper building and made our way to the very large banquet hall. Inside, were three enormously long tables that ran the length of the massive banquet room. The ceilings were incredibly vaulted and at least 50 to 100 feet above our heads.  The banquet tables looked like something straight out of a king’s castle. Each table was set for 100 people, covered with an elegant white cloth, and set with gold foil trimmed plates and matching settings. In the center of each plate was a white napkin origami folded into a shell-like shape.  (DV The Vatican Dream and how I pass through walls demo with Shell – emailed to Corey Goode 8.1.17)

 We walked over to the tables looking around for the tent cards with our names on them. I found mine and sat down at my designated seat.  My daughter’s neighborhood friend, Amber with dark brown almost black hair, sat down next to me on my left. Meadow may have sat down to my immediate right and Trinity to her right, or Trinity sat immediately next to me and Meadow to her right, I couldn’t really tell which it was.

Directly across the table from us was my cousin Tavia, a professional dance instructor. Her fiancé was set to inherit the main portion and brunt of this corporate city. Her fiancé in the dream also wasn’t the man my actual waking state cousin was married to. The fiancé in the dream seemed to be a version of Andrew VanDeen and he wasn’t seated with us at the table at the moment.  I wondered why ‘grandkids’ (people) like me weren’t set to inherit the main business portions and why the snob-jerks, like my cousin’s fiancé, always got places like this bequeathed to them. For some reason, ‘King Darius of the Meads and the Persians?’ came into my mind. (DV Queen of Capurnica?)  Then, I thought of my friend Aistan who lived in Iran and how he’s Persian. Somehow it made logical sense to me that maybe Aistan could take over half of this company instead, because he was Persian and at least then a good guy could be in charge with some power. Aistan could then see about changing the way things are done along with the hearts of many for the good of all. Most of the hearts here were blackened and greedy, but Aistan would be able to lead by way of example and sharing. We all chatted for a minute at the table. Then, everyone was hushed for announcements.

My “Grandpa” stood up in front of the banquet tables and began addressing everyone attending his party.  As he was speaking, he reminded of Dumbledor from the Harry Potter films. My ‘Grandpa’ was even sort of talking a little bit like Dumbledor, which then reminded me of the Vatican-like guy in the film “Packing for Mars.”  While my “Grandpa” was still speaking, Amber suddenly had a waking state ‘Dream Vision’ flash.  She was seeing my cousin’s fiancé, Andrew, standing inside the large hexagonal building spire (#5?) and saw something bad happening to him.  Amber’s Dream Vision flash ended. She was worried the rest of us might think her crazy or just making up stories, so she decided to ignore her Dream Vision flash and write off.  But then it happened a second time right away. She was seeing everything even more vivid and clear, then it finished.  Amber knew she had to tell my cousin “Tavia” about the Dream Vision flashes and warn her about the fate she saw befall Andrew.  Amber started by saying, “The writing is on the wall. (?)” then she told Tavia she saw Andrew die in the collapse of a building in her Dream Vision flash.  She said she saw him standing on a Platform in building spire #5(?) and it gave way from under him and he was swallowed up into a fiery-pit and died. After Andrew was swallowed up, she’d seen the entire building sink into a similar lava style pit-hole-of-fire-and-brimstone. 

Amber was still uncertain if her Dream Vision flash was a real experience and if it really was important to warn Tavia and Andrew. I found myself wondering in my mind how the building had collapsed. But, I believed Amber’s Dream Visions were real and a legitimate concern and that it was important for Tavia to not only hear the message but to also listen and act on the message. The banquet hall began to start having some minor Earthquake tremors. To support Amber, I told the small group seated in our area about my own Dream Vision background.  I told them I’d written a 126 pages document of things I’d seen in dream-visions and flashes prior their waking state occurrences and how Amber needed to be taken seriously. As the things she just saw were essentially real things coming and different waking state choices could be made to alter the outcome still, if so chosen. I finished by logically asking the group, why would an 11-year-old make up something like this?. The tremors were getting worse. My cousin Tavia believed me.  She knew I was honest and by extension she believed Amber because I did, as result Tavia was now very concerned about her fiancé and his safety.  She didn’t want him to die. She cared about him very much, even though he was a total jerk and treated her badly.

The Earthquake tremors were moderately scary now. Tavia got up from the table in order to go find her fiancé and warn him of the grave danger he was in.  Amber and I decided to go with her and help her recognize the dangerous location.  We’d also decided to leave due to the increasing tremors. They were turning into major Earthquake activity now and I then understood just how the building had collapsed in Amber’s Dream Vision flash.

We exited out of one of the five sets of double doors. Everyone in the banquet hall was murmuring amongst themselves as the shaking continued to increase. People were becoming a little manic. ‘Grandpa’ was trying to calmly direct everyone out of the room like it was a standard school practice fire drill. He had everyone getting into a single file line to walk outside to a safe zone. After exiting the banquet hall, we possibly went down some steps and out onto a back patio walkway area.   A small group of 5 -12 teenagers were there and began walking with us.  We all walked quickly away from the banquet hall and then fully outside skyscraper building toward building #5(?) as the earth continued to shake more and more violently beneath us. It wasn’t stopping.

We arrived at building #5(?) and promptly went inside. The earthquakes stopped as we entered, but the building had already lost a lot of integrity and was creaking and popping and the floors were slowly shifting below us.  It felt like the building could collapse any moment. It was risky, but we took the elevator ‘up’ to get to the floor level Andrew was seen dying at in the Dream Vision flash.  The elevator were on was more like the Willie Wonka “Wonkavader” and it could go in all directions, maybe even sideways like a MagLev train.  But, for now, we just went ‘up.’  The elevator stopped with an air break type sound and made hissing sounds like steam being released as the doors opened. (DV Peggy Sue and then Gorik talking with Lawyer about me and our case – filed on Broomfield court record by Corey Goode and blogged here:  https://aristoneart.com/2018/07/15/2018_01_21_jan-peggy-sue-and-gorik/ )

We all exited the elevator, just as we did Amber had another Dream Vision flash. She saw exactly where Andrew was now inside her mind. We began to head the way Amber directed us toward and spotted more teenagers on the way. They appeared to be around the ages of 16 to 19 years old.  The floors were creaking more and more. We arrived at the room.  It was large and empty, with glass windows forming the entire wall opposite us and the ceilings again massively vaulted above our heads.  It felt all the furniture had been cleared out for some reason, like to make a fast get away before being caught or nabbed for stuff they shouldn’t have had in the first place or that they didn’t want to be seen.  The floors were slightly angular, rather than flat, with large physical geometric shapes covered with a blue-grey low pile carpet. The floor reminded me of the time travel chair I worked on in another dream, with octagonal, hexagonal, triangular, or similar shapes forming peeks and ridges all over it. (DV Time Travel Chair info emailed to CG 4.13.2017) There were about 7 to 10 major geometric ridges that comprised the floor of the room, only the shapes dipped down, instead of peeking up. 

We looked inside the room at one of the platforms thinking it was the one Andrew had died at, when Amber said, “No. Not at this platform.” She then said he was on platform 3, 5, or 7.  We fully entered the room and passed another group of teenagers, about 5 to 7 of them, and yelled at them, “Get Out now!  The building is about to collapse!  If you want to live you need to leave immediately!”  The teenagers were a little confused and didn’t fully believe the warning, but they knew something was wrong with the building. The sky outside the window-wall was dark blue-black with had a horrible ominous storm look.  A hurricane was coming or a tornado that was sucking up the ocean waters and even now creating a massive tidal wave.

Amber pointed to the fiancé, he was about to walk to the very spot she had seen him die.  We ran over toward him saying, “There!” to Tavia.  Tavia reached Andrew first. She was so glad he was still alive. She began to kiss at his face.  Andrew however, was a total jerk about it.  He began being very rude and arrogant toward Tavia saying, “Of course I’m still here.”  His ego had replaced his actual self-worth and it was WAY over inflated. Part of his massive ego was due to being set to inherit the business and mini-skyscraper compound. He acted like he was SO great and how could anyone think he’d ever die.  He was way too (self) important.  His blondish hair was a straight crop haircut with a sexy bangs swoop style accented by his light grey-blue eyes and face freckles.  He reminded me some of a cute school boy with lots of cute light colored face freckles and who liked me during Middle School when I was attended school at Capital Christian Center Church.  

The ground began to shake again.  The room’s creaking and popping increased as the floors began to start giving away. 5 to 7 teenage kids further inside the large room quickly ran over to where I was standing to be more near the exit/entrance to the room.  Andrew was standing near the section of floor that had started to cave-in. There were a handful of other teenagers standing near the dangerous spot as well, then the floor fully collapsed in that area and the teenagers standing by it went into the sink hole and died. Tavia ran over to Andrew and grabbed his hand and pulling him safely away from the section of floor collapsing.  She had basically just saved his life. The fiancé finally believed Tavia a little bit because he has almost just died in the floor section that had just collapsed.  But, he hadn’t been standing on ‘the spot’ he’d been seen dying at. Only moments after being pulled to safety, Andrew was already back to being his usual incredibly arrogant and rude self. He was already completely non-appreciative that we’d come to save his life.

The teenagers with us numbered around a total of 20 to 30 now and they all seemed to energetically have on Mickey Mouse ears, like we were at Disneyland and they’d gotten souvenirs of the mouse ears on the ¼ skull cap hat, that was also reminiscent of a Jewish Vatican style yarmulke with the hat skull cap portion being a red burgundy color made of felt.

Andrew continued acting incredibly rude and like he didn’t believe the Dream Vision flashes at all, or that he could or would die, and he especially didn’t believe someone else could foresee his demise.  Amber was trying to tell Andrew to stay away from the platform area she’d seen him die at.  Andrew scoffed at her and then had all his teenager friends gather and stand around him.  They stood as if they were preparing to take a group class photo in 3 rows, with all of them gathered around Andrew.  I was again trying to validate Amber’s Dream Vision, only this time to Andrew. I was short of breath as I began to tell Andrew about my own Dream Vision experiences and how they were legitimate. I said, “I wrote a 126 page document, where I showed how I too have seen things in Dream Visions.” I continued telling him Amber was just starting to recognize her own Dream Vision seeing abilities, and if she saw him dying on the platform spot, he needed to stay away from it.  I tired to reason with him too about ‘why would an 11 year old make up something like that,’ especially since we were experiencing the horrible Earthquakes and building collapses, and why would she place herself at risk of dying too unless it was something real and serious.?  For some reason it also seemed relevant that I point out to Andrew how in Dream Visions I had seen triangle ships and square ships. I told him in Dream Visions I use the square ships to time travel and seal the rifts in time-space, but I didn’t know for certain what the government actually used them for in waking states. (Square Ships DV emailed to Corey Goode 6.25.17)  

Andrew was looking around at his duped group of teenage friends for their support of his very bad and rude attitude and he seemed to receive it from his groupies.  I was very displeased with him. Finally I just told him what an arrogant jerk and pig he was and how I would never choose a guy like him, and how my cousin would be WAY better off without him in her life and that she could do SO much better than him.  The building began to shake more and more violently and more sections of floor were creaking and beginning to give way.

Andrew was so incredibly arrogant and determined to prove Amber was ‘wrong’ about seeing him die on the platform, that he intentionally went to the exact spot she’d seen him die at and already had told him NOT to go there. Andrew went and arrogantly stood exactly where she’d seen him die. One to three of his teenage buddies walked over and stood with him too in support.  Andrew arrogantly proclaimed he was still alive by holding up both his arms like the Lockhart author guy in the Harry Potter films, who stole everyone else’s stories and experiences and claimed them as his own in his “bestselling books” Andrew arrogantly stood like that, looking at us with an expression of, ‘See nothing happened.’

Then. . .

The ground opened up in an almost perfect circle beneath and around Andrew and his teenage friends. It appeared as though a perfect cylindrical hole of fire and lava was melting down the floor directly underneath them until it dripped into one big hole that was about 20 feet in diameter with a brown colorization. It somehow reminded me of the very strange staff cloud-shape coming off the side of a regular cloud that I photographed in the sky one day in Waking 3D Life.  The floor finished opening up and Andrew and his teenage friends were all swallowed up in the lave hole and perished.

Concerned for my cousin Tavia, I went over to where she was sitting on one of the 3 foot tall platforms in the room and quickly had a brief conversation with her about Andrew. I wasn’t sad or sorry he was gone at all and I wanted to help her feel ok about it too.  I told her she deserved so much better than Andrew. She agreed. She was realizing the truth now about her ‘ex’ fiancé, that he was utterly selfish and didn’t care at all about her in this perilous time.  He’d only arrogantly thought about himself and she’d mistakenly thought Andrew was like her and would want to find her to make sure she was safe too and if they were doomed to die, that he’d want to die with her, but nope.  He was far too arrogant to care about anybody else. Tavia briefly told me she hadn’t even noticed the emotional abuse and how controlling he was until I came along and made it so prevalently and even painfully obvious to her what a selfish pig he really was. She just thought all of that was normal because of how her dad treated her mom. How he’d nick-pick at her and put her down, to both ‘feed’ himself and give himself a false sense of elevation by tearing her and/or others down.  She told me how he’d be rude and insensitive to both she and her mother’s needs, be very selfish, and how he essentially had no empathy for anyone. Tavia was feeling somewhat relieved now that Andrew had died, because it freed her up to meet someone new who would treat her better. 

Amber lamented, “This must have just been Andrew’s fate and/or destiny the entire time and maybe we were just meant to save the other teenagers in the building and not Andrew.” We all needed to get out of the building pronto before the entire place collapsed. We began to run out of the room as I was yelled at the remaining teenagers, “FOLLOW ME, IF YOU WANT TO LIVE!”  We all began to run back toward the Wonka-Vader, I continued yelling, “THIS IS THE WAY OUT, IF ITS NOT TOO LATE ALREADY!” I was concerned it might be too late due to the time spent talking with ego-boy Andrew.

Trinity (?) and I were now guiding 10 to 15 teenagers out of the building with us.  We ran down the hall and upstairs, just as the entire room we were just inside of broke off completely from the building and was swallowed up into the Earth.  It seemed the tidal wave had arrived and there were horrible winds and rising waters that seemed to have taken out the floors below us.  There felt to be around 50 floors in this skyscraper building and all of them with higher than usual vaulted ceilings, so maybe there were only 20 to 30 floors in this hexagonal skyscraper building.

We ran into another hallway. This one reminded me of the underground tunnels in the “Preventing 3 World Wars(?)” Dream Vision (https://aristoneart.com/2019/09/29/2017_08_31_aug-wendle-smoke-signals-and-preventing-3-world-wars-armageddon/  Emailed to Corey Goode 9.1.17) As we ran down the hallway, I began to explain some to the teenagers about dreams and what they really are.  I explained that dreams can tell each person’s own life story and show their destiny path.  I told them their dreams can be used to answer any question and gain wisdom and guidance on any matter and they could connect with their own spirit at any time, or other spirits and angels too, if they so choose. 

I told the kids dreams are like premonitions and they can be used to see some (a little) into the future based on the current frequencies and timelines involved.  I asked no one in particular as we began to slow down some, “Have you ever had déjà vu?” The kids affirmed.  I said, “Déjà vu is likely because it’s something you just saw or experienced in your dreams that night. Or you saw and experienced the night just prior or just fairly recently seen it. . .”  We all stopped running for a moment as I continued, “ . . . in your dreams. So, now in Waking 3D Life (W3DL) its very familiar to you, even synchronistic. But, synchronicity is different.  The happier you are the more synchronicities you will see because you are honoring and living your soul’s highest destiny path.  Again, déjà vu means you’ve already seen and experienced ‘it’ in your dreams, so you can recognize it now in waking states and also know that you are on your correct path.”

We had all stopped near a large light grey colored cardboard box that was approximately 5 feet tall, by 4 feet wide, and about 4 feet deep. I continued the lesson, “For instance, you might now notice a piece of cardboard like this box, because suddenly it has meaning due to seeing it in your dream.  Whereas prior the dream experience, it was just another piece of cardboard. But, now with the dream experience, something beautiful happens and you notice it when you go by it in Waking 3D Life.  Maybe even noticing the cardboard like ‘seeing’ it for the very first time when every day prior you just walked by it never even noticing it, maybe even a dozen times. But now, you notice it because it somehow has meaning because you’re subconscious has chosen it to.  Now it’s up to your conscious self to figure out why it showed up, why it has meaning, and what that meaning is. 

One of the teenage boys in the group, maybe with ½ inch short buzz cut hair, was feeling he had a dream connection with the cardboard.  He walked over and stopped in front of the cardboard box.  He was trying to ‘see’ for the first time because the cardboard box had initially caught his eye as we’d approached it. He’d also had déjà vu from it.  He was now trying to see its deeper meaning and how it was a guide and life connection for him somehow now in his life. One or two other teenagers also seemed to be ‘seeing’ it too now, but more vicariously for them.  They were seeing it because they respected their buzz-cut guy friend and wanted to be like him and not so much from their own dreams or experiences, they were able to understand and ‘see’ some because of their energetic connection with the buzz-cut boy.  As I observed them, they all seemed to be having a very psychedelic visual tripper experience, like they were on drugs, but they weren’t.  Like they were on Peyote or whatever that silly death state drug is; they’d achieved (or were starting to achieve) that state of awareness right then and were getting it.  The space of the air around them seemed to ripple, like heat rising off of the blacktop or a good BBQ.  But, this was more like a faery ring circle magik type ripple and it sort of had a smoke grey vibe to it.

We couldn’t dawdle any longer. We all began to run again toward the Wonka-Vader. We needed to get out of the building as fast as we could. As we ran, I told Trinity and Tavia that I’d used my dreams to find my Twin Flame and that I’d been successful, but it’d taken me about 10 years!  But, I’d finally succeeded and knew who he was in waking states and when he was ready he’d let the whole(?) world know too.  Trinity believed me and my cousin too, they both were very happy for me.  As we were running toward the Wonka-Vader we lost a few more teenagers along the way in various building collapses.

We finally reached the Wonka-Vader, but things had gotten extremely dangerous. I was worried if the Wonka-Vader would even have enough integrity to hold all of us and if it could even operate to get us out. I felt at about a total loss now. I was ready to sit down and cry giving up all hope of escaping the building and was just going to try to enjoy my last few moments with these people . . . whoever they were . . . when Trinity saw another way out.  Suddenly, it seemed my daughter Meadow was maybe with us too now.  Trinity said, “Look, this stairwell-up leads to the ship (pirate ship?) on the surface.” It now felt sort of like we’d been in a submarine below water, rather than inside a skyscraper building. Trinity  said we were going to go up the steps and that we’d come out the surface hatch to be rescued before the submarine (building) sunk entirely into the watery depths.

We ran up the stairwell behind Trinity toward the exit door and lost some more teenagers to more building collapses.  Trinity opened the door and led the way out.  It seemed to be me, Amber, Trinity, my cousin Tavia, my daughter Meadow (if she was there), and a few others that I didn’t know, who had just barely made it out alive.  The sky above and around us was still a menacing black-blue color and the winds were raging. Massive rains were coming. 

We walked a few paces to be at the edge of the building and looked down it. The building was largely submerged now in the waters and it was only about a 10 foot drop off of the side to the waters.  We needed to jump off the edge of the building, into the waters, and swim away immediately if we wanted to avoid the full sinking of the ‘ship’ suction that would be created. I wasn’t sure if we would be strong enough to swim away from it even now.  The five or so of us remaining held hands at the edge of the building. Trinity held my left hand, Tavia my right, and two others I didn’t know.  Even though we were holding hands, I was still able to plug my nose.  We jumped. I crossed my legs so as not to ‘romance the stone’ and we all went down feet first.  I felt the bottom of my shoes hit the surface of the water, as we entered the waters I let my legs uncross to be side by side. We all released hands and swam safely away from the suction. The building was very slowly sinking giving us the time we needed, it also seemed like a building-ship that was slowly drifting away from us in the waters.

I seemed to then find and grab onto a yellow-pool-floaty-raft or one of the floating wood pieces that were all around, I wasn’t sure which I’d grabbed onto.  It seemed all my personally known and immediate group and family members were safe along with myself.  There were maybe 5 to 15 other kids that’d made it out of building #5(?) out of the 30 to 50 initially trying to escape.

Suddenly, it was daylight out, the sky was clear blue, and everything was calm. 

We were still floating in the flood waters. But, the waters were now only around 20 feet high and calm all around the bases’ of the remaining buildings.  There were many other survivors from the banquet hall.  I saw a man in a small wood row boat who reminded of Ron’s dad from Harry Potter. He greeted us and asked if we were all still ok and we affirmed we were.  It seemed I could still see the golden-violet hexagonal building still standing (#5?).  All of these survivors seemed to be guests from the 5 star banquet meal hall; that had reminded me of my grandfather fancy-elegant golf club, where we’d celebrated his birthday years ago and at the event he had a live man painted gold standing out front like a statue. As a young teenager I hadn’t been sure if he was real or not!

Others people who’d survived from other building locations and sectors, were also floating on rafts or pieces of wood in the waters.  As I was floating in the waters someone offered me a chicken or turkey sandwich on a bread roll, or sourdough slices diagonally cut to be 2 triangle pieces.

Then, I was inside a building again. Everything was safe and normal again. 

I went over to a table where a husky man in his 20s or early 30s was busy doing something with orange duck tape. He was changing a doom and gloom word about himself that was written on the sticky side of the tape, to a new positive statement for himself that was one or two words.  He then folded the sticky part of the tape to stick onto itself and covered up the negative word so it showed only the positive word.  He seemed to be wearing cute-hip-trendy reading style nerd glasses and had light blond orange-red hair color.  I told him I’d go for a guy like him 100 times before I’d ever go for a guy like the fiancé guy who’d died. He was a little taken aback and surprised by what I said. He maintained his focus on his tape project and said, “really?” and continued to listened to me. I said, “Yeah, I’ve always been attracted to brains over brawn and might. . . at least a billion times over!  This young man seemed to be another version of Andrew. He was pleased by comment and continued to remain focused on his tape project.  Then, I heard the song, “You were right, I can’t get enough of you. . .” song in my head.

Then I woke up.

 Pre-Sleep 9:33am  Felt like a TV documentary style (news?) announcement. “The South East, The South East.”  Like India East, Iran, and Iraq type places and locales.