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Dream Vision (DV) Emailed to Corey Goode 7.2.2017


Show me something (positive of love and light) that will occur in my life within the next 3 to 7 days. Dream Language book for 1/3 interpretations, internet for 1/3 interpretations, and experience / Waking 3D Life other 1/3 interpretations.



I had somehow killed, because I had to, a bunch of different animals. (DV I rise up and kill bad dogs to protect the cats; DV Excalibur https://aristoneart.com/2019/06/02/2019_06_02_jun-hecka-thick-ice-n-excalibur/  pswd: secretlanguage ) There seemed to be 3 to 5 of these animals. Three animal types I couldn’t fully recall.  One was a cute white dog, a Bichon Frise, that turned out to be a goat in reality.  This Bichon-Frise-goat was also a puppy dog or that was the second dead animal I knew what it was.

I was inside a house with 2 garages, avoiding detection by being in one of the garages. (DV Gorik grumble moving his vehicle out of the garage)  For some reason there would be some misunderstanding (no kidding) about the animals having been killed.  But, I had to do it for some reason, to protect myself and others.  It was like the first animal, the dog-goat, had come over to check up on me like a spy and it had snorted like my Boston Terrier, Kona Joe, and so I had to kill it. (R.I.P. Kona Joe October 2019) It was like I was even paid to do it. I was disgusted with it all, but for some reason I felt I had to do it. 

I had to use the petrified dead white Bichon-Frise-goat-animal now.  I could no longer leave it in the garage.  I placed it inside a yellow plastic-play-sand basket. The kind a child might use at the beach. (DV Explosion proves the Beach is the girls  https://aristoneart.com/2019/09/22/2018_05_08_may-couples-talk-water-explosion-and-andrew-opens-red-envelope-letter-oh-dear/ pswd: taste-tation ) The dead and petrified goat animal had a slit throat and bloody neck. I had to take it outside the front gate to dispose of it.  But, there were cops/guards.  Like coast guards and they were looking for a perpetrator. I needed to do this now in order to keep it from being realized now about the dead ‘white-puffball-headed-animal-dog’ (goat) whose throat I’d slit 2 or 3 years back. At the time, all I had done “to hide it” was stuff it away in the garage cabinet. (DV Faery realm and cluttered garage things crash – emailed CG 6.30.2017;  DV Faery Prince in garage I think I am to hit in the face first, then protect him – emailed to CG 7.8.2017 )  I placed the petrified dog-goat animal in the yellow sand-basket (bucket) hoping the dead animal could pass for a living one at a glance. (DV Rothschild girl and I are to hang out or something in garage and start a fire – emailed to CG 8.14.2017) The goat animal was now leaned all weird in the basket and even upside down angled.

The second animal, a Pug(?) dog (but also not a Pug) came into the garage and I thought I had to kill it too and think I did. It was weird and unsettling and I didn’t know why I thought I ever would think I ‘had to’ do that . . . then I realized, ‘Oh, it was because I ate meat and now I had to kill to eat my own food. So I was trying to kill now, to eat it later, or sacrifice it. L   I seemed like Dracula. L (?)

I had the basket of dead animals set on a tall counter top or booth-like area in the garage.  I then scooped up my wallet and the basket of dead animals and headed out of the garage to get rid of it . . . like nothing ever happened. . .

Q2:  Ok, show me more info. Most important for me to know about all of this and why?

7:22 AM


It all seemed I had to convince the pastor in a white sheet that I was one of them and that I had some kind of list to follow.

The pastor and his group tended to have wrong policies that needed to be “moved over.”

One bathroom, one community area.  (misc DVs perv bathrooms and pervs in bathrooms; DV Uber Low Level cabal guy tries to activate my genes – emailed to CG 8.14.2017;  DV university kids and new bunny)

LKP, he was the last and final friend I’d have to and had to help.

There was some kind of large battle about to take place.

At first I was visiting a vendor at what seemed like a huge outdoor fair event, with hundreds of people walking and milling around.  The vendor at a booth was trying to tell me he’d discovered ‘their’ secret about _________. He then twisted a gooey golden honey and gel-like substance on an enormously long, maybe even 10 foot long, wood post shaft-stick. The ball of honey-like goo on the stick was in the form of a large ball wrapped around the stick and reminded me of a large spun cotton candy ball.  (DV portal threads and gold eyes in bathroom – emailed to CG 6.15.2017;  DV blue gel that powers phone and calls – emailed to CG 9.23.2017) It was a light yellow honey color.  He continued to twirl the honey-like goo on the stick and about half of the stick broke off, but he kept on turning the portion with the honey still on the stick and pointed at me, it was now only about 1 to 2 feet in length.  This was the ‘Big Secret’ he’d discovered.  The honey had something to do with free energy.  Free human energy. He then offered the stick to me. I accepted it.

I walked a few yards away with the honey on the stick and gave it to Darin Shoetoff, a German friend of mine from my YWAM days with black hair, husky build, and similar height to myself of about 5’ 8” or slightly taller. I asked him to hold the stick for a minute. I needed to go back to the vendor guy to ask him more about the golden-honey. Darin had a pet Basset Hound dog standing next to him on a leash.  I thought of how my dad and I always like to call them “Cleo.”  So, his dog was “Cleo” to me.

I walked the short distance back to the vendor’s counter area and the vendor was no longer there.  He’d already been discovered by the evil ones and taken by them.  I was only gone for about 10 seconds and returned back to where I’d left Darin and Cleo. At least I’d thought the guy was Darin, but maybe he was somebody else I’d just asked to hold the honey stick for a minute, whoever they were, they were already dead too.  They were just a pile of bones in a zipped up blue baseball style duffle bag. Cleo’s leash was now tied to the duffle bag straps and she(?) sat beside it unharmed.  I unzipped the duffle bag about 1 to 2 inches to see if it was the person’s bones inside and it was.  I notably saw the top bone-node-end of a leg femur and a hip (Pelvic?) bone. I zipped it back closed affirming what I’d thought and unhooked Cleo from the duffle bag, picked up the honey stick and walked off leaving the bone filled duffle bag on the ground.

I was now walking with Darin again and Cleo the Basset Hound and holding the honey stick.  The honey was still safely twirled into a blob around the stick portion I had been given.  I gave it to Darin and said, “This is dangerous to have and it could cost you your life.  What I am about to tell you may sound very weird.  However, it is the difference between an awake and aware person vs. a sleeping one. If you are awake and aware you will understand what I am about to tell you, if you are asleep it won’t make any sense to you.”  Darin assured me he was awake and aware and ok with the danger.  I continued, “This is a magik energy device and it belongs to the people and needs to be returned to the people.  The evil ones have kept it hidden from them all this time.  If this knowledge and wisdom is restored back to the people they will eliminate the evil ones and be victorious instantaneously. Most people need to see something physical, like this honey on the stick, in order to believe they have ‘it’ and can use ‘it.’”  I was then telling Darin the honey on the stick wasn’t really necessary for the people to have in order to be victorious. But, it was because then the people would ‘believe’ they ‘had’ what they needed to be victorious that was already inside of themselves.  

I had to leave Darin and Cleo now.   I walked through the fair-like event grounds toward the river nearby. (DV guys beat up Andrew and I go behind stage with back stage pass to fair like setting)

I now either rode on boats on the river or only saw them, I was unsure which (misc DV’s about boats; DV raft boat with holes from high heals; DV boat kept from sinking with steam and I use magik on ninja course) I got off the boat with my 9 year old daughter Meadow who was with me now. I told her to stay close to me as this was a very dangerous time and war was about to break out at any moment and she could be killed.  She didn’t really take me very seriously, but she came with me anyways because I was her mother. We made our way through hundreds of people and entered a building.

I saw some people inside already showing battle wounds: some with broken and cut body parts and someone with a cut and bloody arm. We went up the stairs to the main top level area.  There was a cubby-niche on the floor area about 2 feet high by 5 to 6 feet wide and cave like.  Inside it was a huge bluish dog-like creature.  If it were standing next to Meadow, it’s back would be at her head height.  He was fierce, but he seemed on our side and even like he was our team mascot. (DV Meadow wins shooting game cause she cheated and Gorik encourages that as being real life)  I told the fierce bluish dog to keep Meadow with him and safe.  I then instructed Meadow to stay put as well.  She went inside the cave area with the mascot. The ‘wall’ to my right was solid window panels and I could see outside where we’d just come from. 

I went inside a room nearby.  There about 20 people inside the room and windows on the wall in front of me and behind me. The war had officially begun. I looked through the windows in front of me and saw a large expanse of field and the opposing team. The team opposite mine had light yellow-golden color impish goblin-like creatures fighting for them stood about 3 to 4 feet tall and were very slim.  They had paw-like feet and hands.  Their feet reminded me of an Australian Sugar Glider’s.

I went and stood on top of a round barroom style table and began to speak my sacred language and placed a protective rainbow white light energy sphere around myself. It was invisible to the naked human eye.  I wished the humans fighting knew they could do this as well, but they still seemed energetically asleep. I began to summon the same type of rainbow white light protection energy over everyone now, including the ‘bad’ guys.  I saw and felt flowers.  The trouble was, if these humans chose to fight and die . . . they could.  With the protection spell in place, I needed to go back to check on Meadow again. 

I left the room and returned to the big blue mascot dog cubby-cave. The mascot and my daughter were not there.  I was worried.  Then, I got a message or a note that said Meadow had gone to ‘so-and-so’s’ shop with the blue guardian creature.  It seemed the shop was a Magik shop of some sort.  I realized that magik shop was either on a boat and/or it just regularly travelled and moved around.  I thought it was maybe called: “Max’s Magick Shop & Sundries” or the like. I knew the shop owner/keeper was a good guy, but I was still worried about Meadow due to the war being broken out all over.

I went outside and made my way to Max’s Magick shop. It was currently on a flat-mid-sized house boat that reminded me of a white and pink icing cake that I might see at a wedding or birthday party.  I found Meadow inside the shop all happy go-lucky. She still seemed oblivious to all the dangers around us and not taking me seriously about the war either.  I got her back from ‘Max’(?) and thanked him for taking care of her for me until now.  I was going to try and find her a better place to hide.

Then, we all seemed to be marching and fleeing (but not really ‘fleeing’) and running to safety in the woods or in trees up the road a ways.  The road seemed to be the California Hwy 50 section of road, just pre the cliff section of the drive just outside of Placerville just passed the Smith Flat House Rd exit. The exit just passed my then favorite hair stylist’s shop.  We all seemed to also be in Banyan style tree branches and also a part of them.

Then I think I woke up.