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PART 2 of EOW Dream Visions


I found myself in a ‘church’ like place.  It was the “Each Obloquy’s a Whopper” (EOW) idiot boys’ place.  (DV 3 idiots, baggin’ on govt goons and magik to stop hundreds of bullets – emailed to CG 6.28.17 and blogged here: https://aristoneart.com/2019/06/22/2014_10_21_oct-3-idiots-military-super-jets-and-hundreds-of-bullets-stopped-with-magik/ )  They were acting like they were SO Great and filled with their religious impropriety of ‘I’m so much better than you’ (smucks).  Bart, the huskier one with the golfer style hat and the other guy were telling their BS to their Capital Christian Center pew like crowd of around 500-1000 people. (misc DVs CCC)  I was p*ssed with them.

The people in their ‘church’ were brainwashed fools buying all their religious trash preachings.  At first I sort of wasn’t going to say anything.  I sat on the floor turned away from the main stage area with an old school Apple computer sitting on the pew. It looked like the old Apple iMacs in the late 1990’s and similar to what I used in Germany while studying Digital Communication (DC) with the Christian organization, YWAM.  (DV DC Legends screw plate – emailed to Corey Goode 9.25.17)  I was typing things into my iMac, possibly inputting a virus for Bart and what’s his name’s church system to mess with it. (DV Magik to Deflect Alien’s church lie ray – emailed to CG 8.2.17) ;  DV Andrew VanDeen recites heartless poetry, I decide to enter; DV “Teleportation Bullet” my ‘old’ bullet model works their new ‘improved’ model does not – emailed to CG 8.26.17 and in Award Winning book Dreams the Missing Text – Appendix A www.amzn.to/2B4823G  ) I may have even had a gold disc.  There seemed to be hymn books at the pews and like they were having the people use them.  (DV – AO-LIB monk like song hummed– emailed to CG (I’m not telling when…)) I was exceedingly unhappy with them!  The people were incredibly foolish, insane, and idiotic, thinking these two twits had any answers for them.

One of the “Each Obloquy’s a Whopper”  (EOW) boys went up near the front of the crowd. He was acting like he was a wonderful god-like pastor with ALL the answers for them.  I got up from my old school iMac PC to do something. As I did, one of the Whopper boys went over to it and started fishing (Phishing?) around in it.  They were using my mouse, typing on my keyboard, and trying to do something to steal my data or input a ‘virus’ code. (DV Cern Lab Rats n metal boxes (?) Kitty and Doggie BFFs– emailed to CG 9.4.17;  misc DVs Burger King and Gorik;  DV Feeding Baby Dragons Burger King 10.18.2017)  They were trying to input something to mess up whatever I was doing to them and their “church” plans. 

I went back over to my computer and vehemently told the Whopper Boy, “GET OFF MY COMPUTER!” He was hella rude and ridiculously full of himself. He seemed to be the younger Whopper.  He wasn’t evil natured, just an ass. Acting like he was SO much better than everybody else. He was trying to ‘read’ my systems.  I looked at my iMac Computer, it seemed to have the German Operating System on it, so he wasn’t likely able to read it.  I saw ‘schlushellbund’ (Schreibtischplatte) for my ‘desktop’ and thought ‘Awsvarfen’ (hinauswerfen) for ‘eject.’           

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My computer seemed to be written in language code, so even with the Whopper boy fishing around on it, he wasn’t able to read it without translator help and none seemed available to him. He seemed like he could only annoy me and ‘pretend’ he was looking at my personal stuff.  He could see my desktop icons, but he didn’t know what any of them really were or what they were for, other than guessing based on the picture icons.  Even if he clicked an icon, it seemed it’d all be in German.  I could read, write, and speak ‘German’; so I’d know exactly where he was, what he was clicking on and seeing, but he wouldn’t have a clue.  He’d only do more pretending. He mostly seemed there to give the ‘illusion’ he could understand what the contents of my iMac were all about, but he had no idea.  It seemed he’d not been able to input a virus either due to him not knowing where to go in my system to put it, since all my code was in a language he didn’t speak or understand. He hadn’t expected that. So he was there mostly to annoy me, act smug, and pretend he knew what was going on, when he didn’t. I may have then grabbed his shirt collar and made him get off my computer. (See Part 1 https://aristoneart.com/2019/10/04/2019_09_20_sept-science-clone-thing-alina-n-almost-sonic-boom-flying-qofe-eow-2-bible-guys/

The brainwashed church crowd didn’t really seem to notice much of anything going on with us and those who maybe did seemed to be wishing he’d give them individual attention too.  I was disgusted with the crowd’s stupidity. With the Whopper Boy off my computer and out of my way, I began checking my system.  Nothing seemed messed with, other than him trying.   I was still going to keep a close eye out though. 

Then a brainwashed church groupie girl, come over to me and was (stupidly) trying to defend the two idiots by trying to spout/preach their ‘Jesus’ love teachings. Good teachings that NONE of them actually lived or understood what they were talking about.  (DV’s about ‘Jesus’ aka Andrew VanDeen in disguise; DV Ai Andrew and magnetic field makes people bow to him – emailed to CG; DV Smuggled long stem rose onto (Earth TV) pirate ship Ai game and I know (and can teach) how to clear away the blackness – emailed to CG 8.9.17)  The girl seemed to be more nice and kind spirited and actually trying to live the teachings, but because she was brainwashed to think guys like Bart and what’s his name, were helping her and others, she was really missing the mark and foolish. She was trying to tell me I wasn’t being ‘Christ-like,’ or loving, or some such nonsense because I wasn’t supporting the Whopper boys that she was sexually crushing on hoping one of them would choose her. I was disgusted.  She wanted to be with one of them as the ‘goody-two-shoes’ perfect (aka fake) church wife kind of way.  The pretty young blond type that the pastor marries and maybe she could sing too for the church worship sessions. 

Without being too rude to her; as I knew she was a stupid brainwashed idiot groupie follower not likely to ‘get’ anything I’d explain because she was too engrossed in her false narratives (beliefs) about the Whopper Boys; I simply told her she wasn’t living the loving kind of life she was preaching.  She was way too groupie follower style and really into her false beliefs.  The younger chubby Whopper boy was very smug he’d brainwash controlled her so well.  Still, none of the church people really seemed to notice me.

I went over again to the same EOW boy (Bart?) and now I gave his smug-ass an earful.  He was acting like he was SO much better than me because he was religious (aka brainwashed). He basically lived none of what he preached. He was just as bunch of talk and wanted to be worshipped like a god by the people dumb enough to follow him. He was acting like he was better than me because he had brainwashed people that thought he was a good ‘pastor’ person helping them.  But, he knew the truth.  He was a fraud and a crook . . . with no answers.  He was now trying to play ‘cool’ in front of the people and he was trying to spout some of his religious crap to make it appear he was being ‘nice’ when he really was being a jerk. I’d had enough!

I first told him he was nothing even remotely like a Christian, or even a ‘Law of One’ person . . . AT ALL  . . . and basically if he were he’d be nothing like he is now.  He wasn’t really listening, though he was.  He was looking at me with disdain and like, ‘yeah, right’ and he may have actually also brainwashed himself into thinking he was actually a good person and/or someone actually following his own teachings. He was duped with his own foolishness and folly. I was reminded of the scripture verse: Matthew 15:14  “Leave them; they are blind guides. If the blind lead the blind, both will fall into a pit.” This guy was like that and exactly whom the scripture verse was written for.  However, for this reason and a mild glimmer of hope to be able to actually communicate with his soul the truth, I was basically scolding him now.

The other Whopper Boy with salt and pepper hair seemed to be in the middle of pews, in a rounded projection stage/sound booth type area.  (DV Space Ship and Projections)

I angrily grabbed him by the front of his shirt and told him with great emotion and passion that I used to do all this church stuff too. He’d not expected that.  I also told him I went on church based mission trips to foreign countries with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) and did all the church preaching stuff to others too. But, unlike him, I actually cared about the people and ‘lived’ what I taught. I showed the teachings by example and living in the truth and I wasn’t about a bunch of blah-blah-blah for god-like worship from brainwashed people, the way he was.  He seemed to think I was a religious rube prior to this, with no clue about spirituality or religious teachings and like I had no church background whatsoever. He’d not expected me to have grown up in the church for about the first 20 years of my life or to have been so involved, or that I’d rake into him now for his abuse of the religious systems, spiritual community, teachings, and real love message that the root teachings were actually about.

I continued to grip his shirt and told him he was nothing like me.  He was still trying to look ‘cool’ for his audience and he was looking away from me.  I made him look at me and more forcefully told him to pay attention.  I continued to say how I used to just let guys like him tell me what to do and how I’d just agree and in so doing I supported bad behaviors and that I would no longer f*ing do that.  I was livid.  He seemed mildly afraid, but was keeping his cool for appearance sake.  He was also being reached somewhere emotionally.  Like a spot deep inside where he could feel some mild guilt/remorse for what he was doing. 

He tried again to spout-off some more of his religious (fake) love crap. I cut him off and continued how it was because of people like him getting into positions of power like he was in now, that I wasn’t doing any of that sh*t anymore and I was NOT going to support or promote idiots like him or give power or energy to him or any of the others like him.  I told him, people like him only succeeded to this point because of people like me putting energy into it and because people like me formerly didn’t stand up and say no to their bull crap.  I told him I’d never support anyone like him ever again. He was listening, but trying to pretend it didn’t matter to him, but it did. 

I finished by telling the Whopper Boy that if someone had come to me angry when I was in the church, like me with him now, I’d have apologized to them and would have worked it out and we’d be friends after.  I was saying that to convey the message if he was the “Christian-like” person he claimed, that’s what he’d be doing with me right now.  He felt guilty. He wasn’t doing what he taught and he knew it.  He was being reached some energetically. There was some hope for him to pull through his idiocy because he did have some empathy in there somewhere and I was accessing it through doing what I was doing which was how he needed to be communicated with.  He was getting it some, but he was trying to save face too by acting like he was a good, innocent, calm guy just being verbally chastised by me.  But, he knew I was speaking the truth to him. He also knew that I was right and he was wrong.

For the moment, he was still going to feed off of all the innocent brainwashed people in his congregation, but maybe thinking about changing.  Mostly because he knew there’d be more and more people like me coming after him as they woke up.  But, for now he was still gonna ‘play’ cool as he always had in front of his audience. I shove let him go, as I was done with him now.  Still, none of his audience really seemed to notice what I was doing to him, other than the one girl.


My iMac was now on another pew near the back rows of the slope-raised-up sanctuary room and near my parents.  I looked back to where my iMac was now and saw a Hispanic girl about late 20’s (likely Gorik in disguise) sitting next to it. She was twist-turned toward it using it. (DV I tell Andrew there’s a Twist – emailed to CG 8.4.17)  It seemed my computer was now in English or Spanish and that she could ‘read’ it.  I went up the church aisle way to the girl and grabbed her incredibly hard, even to hurt her with the intensity of the grip and angrily said, “What are you doing!? Are you looking around on my computer at my things?! For them!?” meaning looking at it for the Whopper boys. She was moderately scared even possibly verging on tears.  My dad was watching us and supporting me in telling the girl to back off, even as rough as I was being with her.  I gripped her forearm so hard it almost made her wince. (DV Liar Priestess exposed and saving the church people and little bully ‘girl’ I set straight – emailed to CG 6.28.17 and blogged here: https://aristoneart.com/2019/07/06/2015_09_28_sep-leading-the-people-to-freedom/ pswd: riptide).  My dad was saying she’d been using my iMac to contact her son. It seemed she had a son that was about 9 years old.

(((DV I tell Gorik I’m pregnant with our son in Black and White world– emailed to CG 7.1.17 and blogged here: https://aristoneart.com/2019/05/13/2017_04_17_apr-black-n-white-world-and-magik/ pswd: secret ;   DV BIG FAT ITALIAN FAMILY BANQUET – FISHMAN and FOREST RANGER JOHN – BEAR MAN SHAKES BABY- ABUSE – HE STOPS blogged here https://aristoneart.com/2019/01/10/2019_01_05_jan-big-fat-italian-family-banquet-fishman-and-forest-ranger-john-bear-man-shakes-baby-abuse-he-stops/ ))))  

I now gripped her shoulder extra hard and asked her, “Is that true!?” She was scared and could barely eek out a, “Yes.” and said that’s all she was trying to do. She seemed to be too ‘poor’ to have a computer at home and like she ordinarily went to the Library to use one, but since mine was right there nearby her she was using it instead.  (((DV Library Trojan hack to wipe my phone. In waking states a Trojan hack very similar to what I saw days prior in the DV was performed to our home network. We’ve never been Trojan hacked prior to my dealing legally with Corey Goode.)))  I didn’t fully believe her, so she was trying to say a little more about how she was just emailing her son.  I relaxed my grip on her having some compassion for her as it did feel she was telling the truth, but I still didn’t fully believe her enough to let go of her.  It felt maybe her first ‘email’ was just in case she got ‘noticed’ or ‘caught’ and it’d be a genuine cover and literally no other damages done.  I also felt compassion for her as she might also be a somewhat brainwashed girl, but also somewhat reachable.

I calmly and gently with compassion and kindness told her if she needed to contact her son, she could use my computer and relaxed my grip even more.  (DV Gorik and silver blue stone talk – emailed to CG 7.1.17;  DV Gorik, me, and our son Secret Santa MIB workshop – emailed to CG 9.7.17; DV rescuing our baby from a lab compound and from being injected) I told her I would share with her so she could talk with her son, as she seemed to genuinely need to contact him for something like letting him know she was alive, ok, and well. Like her son had not heard from her at the planned time frame and he may be worried, or scared, his mom had died or abandoned him.  She’d been using my iMac to tell him she was ok, even though it was way passed the original planned time frame.  She was maybe lightly in tears now, but it was more energetic in nature than actual, though her eyes seemed glossy with possible tears.  I told her twice if she needed my computer to contact her son she could use it.  Then, I saw a mild smugness cross her energy and I firm-light gripped her shoulder with my hand and told her, “BUT, if I find out you’re lying to me or have done anything you’re not supposed to on my computer . . . for them . . .” indicating the Whopper Boys, “ . . . You will be held personally responsible/accountable for your actions.  If you are on my computer to talk to family that’s ok, but if you’re on it for, Each Obloquy’s a Whopper (EOW) boys, I’ll call the cops!” She was again back in her other state of mind with the teary energy.  I still didn’t trust her one iota, but she seemed more genuine than disingenuous about the son thing. (DV Creepy Clown game and I don’t trust that clown one iota https://aristoneart.com/2019/08/26/2018_11_22_nov-creepy-clown-game/  pswd: legalcase)

I let her go again. She was properly scared of what I might do to her next if she tried anything funny-business-wise with me. I sensed she wasn’t likely try.  She was maybe (big maybe) gonna use my iMac again to keep in touch with her son so long as the computer was next to her in the church and me there.

I sat down next to my dad.  He pulled out one of the hymnal books and was looking through it like it was my Dreams The Missing Text book and he was seeing, “fu . . . fu . . . fu . . . fu . . .” like I’d tried to write or say f*ck like once and did eventually somewhere in the book. He was saying from a legal standpoint, like that was ok and fine and like I could have “one” thing like that and my book not be classified as a ‘mature’ type sexual book or the like.  Then, I mentioned about the Ai negotiations and ‘male genital’ type energy giving moment.  ‘Dad’ was like, “Yeah, once like that is legally ok.” And my book wasn’t needing or going to be categorized as an ‘adult’ or ‘mature’ audience only type book.  Like legally you can do ‘one’ like that and get away with it.  But, more might require book re-categorizing or something. I felt relieved to know for sure now it was ok and even legally I didn’t need to worry about it anymore.


I was again talking about and/or to the EOW Boys and was commenting on there being a ‘big gap’ and they’d already ‘missed it’ (like conversation or info from me) and like I’d already tried to do something, like “X,” or say something, but it was already difficult as it was. It seemed someone else was there and saying to me that I ‘should’ try again to show them and so I was maybe gonna try again to show them “the” something missed by them, and that seemed to be written in bullet points.  (DV I protect Andrew and send back being with “X” on chest for tribunal – part one of Dream Vision gifted to DW at Conscious Life Expo Feb 2017 – synopsis DW dreams sent to CG 8.9.17)  M