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I was at some large science experimentation type center.  It was huge like a University building.  There were lab doctors in various places. I seemed to be in this place with ‘sort of’ a couple of friends, a girl and a guy. (DV Robot Mike Connect?)  We were inside one of the experimentation type rooms.  It seemed myself(?), the girl, and the guy, had somehow created or grown this blobby thing in the lab room. Or ‘the blob’ had been brought in and was maybe sort of like a thing gone awry, an experiment not quite right.  The thing was left on a lab type table.  We needed to leave it to incubate some more or something.  We’d also seemed to have injected it with something at its neck or head area.

We all left the room and safely locked the door before going back into the lab halls to the main open space meeting area. The main meeting area had vaulted ceilings and there were a crowd of people.  All the walls in this place seemed to be white and everything very sterile. (DV ICC Prison Escape with my Twin Flame http://aristoneart.blogspot.com/2018/01/20180109jan-escaping-icc-prison-with-my.html ) In the large meeting area there were about 500 or more people sitting in chairs aimed toward the front.  They were all people sort of awake and aware.

I walked with my 2 friends to another location passed the crowds.  We did some other things in other sections of the lab campus, like look at another experiment or ‘thing’ that’d been brought in.  The experiment we observed seemed to be one that’d gone ok with a ‘normal’ person or animal (but maybe retarded?).  My ‘mom’ and tweenage daughter both seemed to be somewhere inside the lab center, but not with me at the moment.  Nearby, there was a lot more going on. We had a conversation with a man about something and another situation.

Then, out of compassion for our experiment thing (clone?) locked away in the room all alone, I said we needed to go back and check on it.  We seemed to have been gone for a little while, at least 45 min to an hour or even longer. I wanted to ensure it’d not gotten out of the room and on the loose terrorizing people or whatnot.  We decided to go back and check on it.  It seemed, ‘the thing’ could be dangerous if not properly handled or cared for.  We seemed to have a gun with us now, with ‘drug bullets’ in it; just in case the thing was dangerous and we needed to tranquilize it.  (DV evil duck guy plans thwarted- emailed to CG 10.25.17 )

We walked back around the vast meeting room space and people, it took us about a minute or more as the distance was great. After our lengthy walk around the room and the crowd, we were back at the lab entry hall.  I stopped a moment, felt the pockets of my jeans, and didn’t feel my cell phone.  I realized I didn’t have my phone wallet pouch either.  I needed to have my phone.  I said to the girl (who also reminded me of my childhood friend Amanda Hilm?), “I need to go get my phone.  I don’t have my cell phone on me.”  She replied, “Do you really need it?”  I said, “Yes.  I need to have it just in case there’s an emergency and I need to make a call, or take some pictures.”  thinking if the clone was dangerous and/or to document whatever happened. I apparently left my phone to charge in what I thought might be the food court area located beyond the far side of the room and opposite us.  I would need to go all the way back around the crowds and then into the food court. (DV Mall people I show Magik to connect? DV Christmas Gross Special https://aristoneart.com/2019/02/25/2019_01_21_jan-christmas-gross-special-kermit-the-frog-and-bloody-naked-guy/ ).  Both my friends indicated I needed to sort of hurry and I thought ‘doh!’ cause I’d left my phone.  We weren’t really in a hurry, but I was because I somehow felt responsible for the ‘thing’ and that maybe I’d accidentally created it.  I’d also been the main one to say we needed to go back and check on it, so I didn’t really want to make my friends wait too long and I was also concerned how the thing might feel about being left alone for so long. I wanted to ensure it wasn’t terrorizing the people or escaped like a monster running amuck.

In order to speed up my trip back to the very far side of the room, I chose to fly. 

Some crowd people saw me lift a few feet up into the air above their heads.  I then began to fly toward the area I was just at and to where I thought I’d left my phone.  To speed up my travels even more, I went horizontal in the air and it was as if I turned on turbo jets on the bottom side of my feet.  I was flying like a bullet through the air and as though a very fast racer.  The people were watching me.  I put my arms up like a diver with fingertips together and pointed forward,  using my hands to make a needed 90 degree right hand turn by just barely tilting my finger tips to the right from my wrist joint. My whole body followed as if my hands were a steering rudder.  I did this a second time and made another right hand turn.  Some of the people were really noticing now.  I was then back at the far side of the room and maybe saw my ‘mom’ and asked, “I need my phone. Did you see where I put it?”  I seemed to have left it on a cafeteria table charging and it’d only charged a few minutes.  A guy near my phone picked it up and handed it to me.  I looked at it. It had only 18% battery life left.  I thought, ‘Oh boy’ but that it should be enough.  I put my cell phone in the back right pocket of my jeans and asked, “Where’s my wallet pouch?”  We found that too. I hooked it onto my white (?) weave belt and then pulled my phone out of my back pocket and placed it inside my wallet pouch.

I felt the need to go even faster when returning to my friends, so they’d not be waiting so long. My mom asked me, “Are you sure you want to do this? And gonna be ok?”  I answered, “Yes, we need to check.”  She said, “Ok.”  She was inferring go back in to the lab room where the ‘thing’ was. She was slightly concerned for my safety, but she knew I could handle myself and that it would be ok.   I lifted up off the ground again and went prostrate horizontal and began to fly very fast right away.  I was going even faster as I headed back to my friends.  I was going so fast, I was like a sonic-boom-jet-fast and even like I could hear jet engines and wind noises.  I focused even more to go extra fast and did my 90 degree turns to the left this time and in the same fashion.  People were definitely watching now, like most all of the people in the room.  I was going incredibly fast!!!  I seemed to be just under the sonic boom sound barrier.  As I was flying super speed my face began to get really hot and my body some too, but since it was a short distance I knew I’d not overheat my ‘jets.’  The people were like, “WOW! That’s a record!!”  like I was an Olympian athlete who’d just blown the best world record out of the box by like a mile.  I was at the side where my friends were near the lab hall entrance and landed again.

(DV  Super Speed and Chess Master – emailed to Corey Goode 6.25.17 and blogged here: https://aristoneart.com/2018/08/12/2018_05_24_may-chess-master/ pswd: gorik ;  DV 2013_05_08_MAY Miracles by me save alien plane and I show girl I’m a ghost – emailed to CG 6.28.17; DV plane predestined to crash then they travel with me)

We went down the empty hallway toward the lab room with the blobby thing inside of it.  My female friend unlocked the door with her key and we all went inside.  The lights were off and the room looked different.  It was now more like a library than a lab room.  There were at least 5 long rows of book shelves behind the blobby thing laying on the floor, that now looked more like the upper half of a (clone?) torso.  Like a male crash test dummy with arms, though it seemed to be female. My female friend walked down the entryway steps and over to the body. The guy followed but remained a distance away from it and our friend. I remained at the top of the short stairwell platform just inside the entry door.  The thing was lying on its back inside a white trash bag pulled very tightly around it, like it was a baby sac. It appeared to have some liquid inside the sac-like trash bag and the thing inside looked to be slimy from whatever the liquid was. The form looked to be semi-soft yet and not quite hardened into a human torso half.   (DV I don’t dance with crash test dolls)

The girl was standing right over it now, I was mildly concerned about her safety and said, “Wait a minute.  I need to have my phone in hand to take pictures.” I didn’t know what the thing might do or how it might behave.  The torso-thing began to move inside the bag as ‘she’d’ seen us and was wanting out of the bag now.  The girl straddled the torso then got down on her knees directly over it. She was talking to the torso-thing and calling her Alina (Pronounced like Ah-Line-uh) The torso-thing wanted us to pay attention to her.  It seemed she’d felt very alone while we’d left her alone during that time and she could possibly get angry about having been left alone.  I had sensed this potential earlier and still was mildly concerned about it. I was still slightly worried about my friend straddling Alina and said, “Are you sure about that? You should prob not be on top of it, if you’re going to open it up.” My friend was in process of working to ‘cut’ open and remove the white trash bag-like sac from around Alina, while still straddling her. I worried it could be dangerous once she removed the sac.

My female friend began to finger tear open the sac to peel it off, when she decided to stop straddling Alina just in case it was dangerous. Then she finished removing the sac.  The crash-test-torso-being now seemed to come fully alive.  It got up and moved around as if it had legs, only it was its bottom waist area that ‘walked’ with sort of clay Gumby and Pokey style motions.  My female friend and guy friend standing near Alina both quickly moved away from her.  The guy went and stood near the office work desk just below where I stood on the short 5 step stairwell landing platform. At some point I’d managed to put my cell phone and wallet on the desk. I very quickly urged the guy, “Grab my phone . . . GRAB MY PHONE!”  He did, then I said a little too late, “Grab my wallet. Grab my Wallet!” but he was already on the stairwell landing pad with me and handing me my phone.  I stuck it again into my back right pocket.

The torso-thing Gumby-walked over to the office chair by the desk, sat in it, and grabbed my wallet off the desk.  I headed back down the few steps to where Alina was.  She was opening up my wallet and trying to pull out my ID type cards. (misc DVs Gorik trying to steal my wallet and failing) She seemed to actually be looking for my driver license.   But, since my wallet was a bit retard-broken my cards were difficult to get out.  She was just starting to slide out my main MasterCard credit card.  Standing in front of her, I could fully see her clone-like body was not fully formed or developed. Her body looked melted somewhat to me, no hair, and strangely colored with blue, red, and yellow veins and the like all over her skin.  She was sort of map-like looking to me (misc DVs Maps).  While she was still trying to get out my cards, I quickly grabbed my wallet back from her hands telling her that it was mine and, “No. No.”  While I’d been concerned this entire time about her becoming violent, she felt more like an innocent child that could potentially grow up to be a mean monster if not treated right or handled correctly now.

I was working on securing my phone back inside my wallet and placing it back onto my belt, when the monster-thing had sort of walk flopped out to be by my friends at the door.   The clone-torso-thing then went outside the lab room door with my female friend close in tow to get her.  They left the door open and I followed them out, with the guy trailing behind me. 

Now the area outside the lab room was entirely different too. 

We were now outside, rather than in lab hallways in a building, and there were a crowd of people sitting in sort of cement baseball style bleacher seats.  (DV Billy and pro ball players – emailed to CG 11.9.17) Alina didn’t go very far from the door, maybe about 20 feet, as the aisle way had a cement half wall to her almost immediate right and baseball stadium style seats to her left. My female friend was calling for “Alina” to come back to her.  She was calling her by her name on purpose in order to make her sound more human to the crowds seeing her now, so they wouldn’t be afraid of her because of her appearance.  Alina flopped up to a crowd lady who responded with, “Where do they get these things?” as my female friend with great compassion went and picked up Alina as though she were her own baby/toddler and began to carry her back to the lab room. I followed them back toward the lab and heard another person in the crowd that’d noticed Alina-the-lab-monster-thing say, “What was that thing?.” The guy went back into the lab room behind them, then me.  (DV Aliza a bacteria on a cell in the central nervous system I speak with – emailed to CG 7.8.17)

I realized once back in the lab, that my female friend and guy friend had actually created this thing and not me or my ‘mistakes.’  They’d somehow done it.  It felt I was there to help somehow, like ensure Alina behave herself and that they had it under control.  Their compassion and caring for the thing now as though their child would change it’s development and Alina needed that.  The girl especially was going to be there with motherly compassion for her.  Though it felt both were committed to the things development and that she would be in good hands and care with them both.  



About 7:43am

I was with others inside a building.  I had to fly to show them things and to go to a ‘secret’ meeting location.  I had 1 or 2 special friends with me.  I seemed to trust them and they knew of my abilities.  They could also fly, a girl and a guy (I think), but they still needed to learn basically everything else.

I was now in front of a small group/crowd of people, like 50-100 sort of old school style, like the Queen of England and Red Coats. They sat in a more upscale cement-ish style bleacher seating area. It seemed like I was performing for the royals and up-uppity-ups of high-society-muckity-mucks. I came down to the ground from flying, along with my two friends and I was lightly explaining to the crowd about flying and how I might jump to get faster lift. To demonstrate, I bent my knees and jumped up high, at the height of my jump I flew up into the air.  I continued to speak to the small crowd as I came back down.  It seemed the people ‘sorta’ hadn’t seen me fly before; so I began to explain more about what I’d do next would look like a suicide jump, but it wouldn’t be a suicide.

I then walked about 30 feet away from the front row to the base of my high dive style platform and climbed up the ladder to the top.  I reached my platform and looked down, I was about 50 to 70 feet above the crowds.  Below me was a small metal pool of water about 10ft x 10ft x 15ft deep.  I had no intention of using it, it was just so the people would feel safer ‘knowing’ they were not witnessing a suicide, but still like it was dangerous and I could die if I did it wrong.

Standing on my platform, I put both my arms up into the air above my head. The platform I stood on began to raise as if it was one side of a drawbridge. Part of the show was that I would have to jump off the platform before it raised and dumped me off.  Just as I was about to jump; a person from down below, walking by the pool, fell into the pool and somehow their body filled up the entire pool.  (DV fat fishman and fish sanctuary) The crowds sort of gaped and gasped, because if I jumped into the pool now I would kill the person who’d fallen into it or myself.  My platform continued to rise and was becoming more vertical than horizontal.  I would soon be dumped off or have to jump.  Two people or stage workers down below immediately came over and began to pull the person out of the pool water. 

I jumped . . . I was heading straight for the pool like a pro diver, but because of the person in the pool below I only went about ½ to ¾ down, then I zoom-flew off to the right and landed in front of the small crowd.   Sitting in the front row near the left, there seemed a very distinct Queen of England looking lady with white short curl puff hair. She seemed to be paying the most attention.

I began to speak again to the people telling them I never planned to use the pool in the 1st place.  As I was speaking to the small crowd I wasn’t sure if the person falling into the pool was part of my show or not, to make it look like I’d die unless I used magik, or if it was a ‘coincidental’ accident, or if they’d been sent to do that just then to try to ‘foil’ my show. None-the-less, I was un-phased by it.

Some people lightly wanted to capture me, but no so much.  I began to explain more about flying and how I regularly do this kind of stuff.  I said, ”Now, if I want to get lift, I may jump.” I again jumped and this time instead of flying up I just hovered in the air at the jump height. I said, “Now as you saw just a moment ago, it looked like I could have been doing a suicide jump. I do that stuff all the time in other places, like crowded malls. (misc DVs showing magik to mall people;  DV Manifesting a ruby for my mall date man and things for my friends – emailed to CG 7.2.17) I then said, “When I get near the bottom of my suicide looking jumps, I simply levitate myself, not using a force field, and I hold the position wherever I want.”  To further demonstrate how I could levitate myself in different positions, I went horizontal to the ground and levitate held myself that way and said, “Like this.”  I now appeared laying down in the air about 2 or 3 feet above the ground.  I said, “When I do what looks like suicide jumps, I simply levitate myself closer to the ground, like 1 to 3 inches above it and just hover there, or stop myself from falling near the ground and then stand up and walk away; or I can levitate myself higher or lower in the air too.”  I now showed them how I could levitate myself up and down. I first went back to my vertical standing-in-the-air position and then levitated myself up higher and then down lower, not touching the ground.

Then, some people arrived that did want to capture me.  I told the small crowd, with the Queen looking lady, I had to go now and I left.  I had some ‘secret’ ‘underground’ meeting to attend now with my two friends to teach and show those people magik.

I flew off with my two friends. We zoomed down a cement stairwell with one “L” turn near the top. At the base of the stairwell we exited directly into a large open room with a vaulted ceiling and chandeliers on it.  It felt sort of like an underground ballroom.  I flew above the people below who were paying attention, maybe again about 100 people or so.  Some of the people there seemed to also want to catch me, but I was able to teach some of them by way of showing them that I could fly . . . without strings attached. After spending a little time teaching some of the people, I landed somewhere off to the side of the room. 

There was a really good looking guy (Like the guy from Sweden in the Nextflix show “Tall Girl.” He was very tall with that perfect blond shoulder length hair and character named, Stig.)   “Stig” seemed to ‘maybe sorta’ like me. (DV Gorik looking like Fabio cause he thinks that’s what I want in a partner, but nope.) He didn’t seem very intelligent, but he came over to talk to me at the direction of the snob girl (girlfriend?). The guy looked a little clueless and sort of like he was going to talk with me because the girl had told him too, but also sort of like he’d come over on his own too.

I went over to him the rest of the way and the girlfriend(?) came over and said something like, yeah I could have Stig now, like he was there for me, and like I was sorta gonna get on him sexually as he was laying down now on the ground waiting and still basically clueless.  He seemed a little ‘blank’ in general.  As I went to go and be on top of Stig and maybe kiss him too, the snob girlfriend continued talking to me like she’s nice, my friend, and acting like I can have Stig now. But, instead she comes over and sort of moves me aside, so I get off Stig and she immediately gets on top of him and ‘changes her mind’ about me having him and then starts making out with him again.  The guy was basically mindless and controlled and just did what the girl told him to.  He was being sexually lead, not necessarily having any sexual ‘desire’ for her.  He was just being physically stimulated to be sexually aroused, so his body needed sex. (DV Day in a Dracos Shoes https://www.amazon.com/DreamWalker-Dream-Adventures-Enetka-Tulina-ebook/dp/B072TRB9GP/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=dreamwalker+dream+diary+adventures+by+ari+stone&qid=1570327381&sr=8-1 )

Stig was now kissing the girl, with her on top of him rubbing around like they are going to have sex.  I wasn’t so sure about the guy in the first place and she was just trying to cause me to feel jealous, but I didn’t and I wasn’t angry either.  I just thought her really strange and somewhat rude and delusional to do the kinds of things she was even doing; offer me a (her?) guy and then take over with him to try to energy feed off of someone else being disappointed or jealous.  I just looked at her with eyebrows raised like,  ‘seriously . . . you’re so weird.’ and thought her to have very low self-esteem to even need to try to do something like that for stature or position, like she was better than me or others because she was with the guy and sexually stimulate controlling him.  He seemed he’d sorta wanted to be with me. But, he’d have sex with her cause he was used to it and it was ‘good’ from a ‘just have sex to have sex’ kind of way, but not from any passion, or desire, or emotional fulfillment.  I simply walked off like, ‘Ok . . . then . . . “ un-phased by her little game(s).  I think she didn’t like that, but I wasn’t interested enough to notice.

I was again flying above the people in the ‘secret’ underground ballroom like space and explaining again to them about flying and that I would teach them more later.  They seemed amazed and interested.  But, then . . . the ‘baddies’ seemed to catch wind of the secret meeting location and they came in from the other side of the large room, seemingly from another underground location that was a regular walk-in entrance area to this ballroom-like place, but on the far side of the room directly opposite the stairwell. The other entry seemed to be from a wide walled entry hall. (DV Preventing 3 World(?) Wars (Armageddon?) https://aristoneart.com/2019/09/29/2017_08_31_aug-wendle-smoke-signals-and-preventing-3-world-wars-armageddon/ )

I had to leave now. 

As they came in, there was now a crowd of people after me, trying to both touch me and capture me. My two friends and I were flying back toward the stairwell we’d entered from with the low ceilings.  I was giggling as I flew toward it with my two friends.  The crowds were right there with us almost able to touch me with their fingers. I made it into the stairwell right behind my friends. We made our way flying quickly back up the stairwell and barely got out of it without being touched or captured. They’d made it and I’d made it.  That was all I (we) had to do to remain safe, exit the stairwell and the ‘chase’ was done.  I’d escaped.  (DV shark man https://aristoneart.com/2018/10/03/2018_03_04_mar-i-take-mib-stamper-and-go-with-shark-to-waterworld/  pswd: twinflame)


The stairwell exited into what appeared to be a high school locker hallway. (DV I go to dark side of town and retrieve my duffle bag; DV underground and red stitches) I landed, turned right, and walked over to my blue locker along the stairwell side wall and opened my locker. Just as I did, 2 Bible holding ‘Christian’ boys came up to me.  They knew I had abilities and were trying to fit it into their Bible understandings and were saying things like, ‘Jesus said’ or ‘the prophets said’ or like ‘Moses’ or ‘Elijah’ or some such Bible mumbo-jumbo of the ancient text saying something like foretelling of me(?) or my abilities(?) or abilities in general and how to access them was in the Bible.  But, I knew it was all wrong, like the last supper scene meme with Corey Goode and David Wilcock that I’d seen posted online in Waking 3D Life. (DV spaceship landing and baby ‘Jesus’ with diarrhea – emailed to CG 9.19.17; DV homeless man tells me ‘Jesus’ is Jealous – emailed to CG 7.1.17 ) There were other people milling around the hallways too as if we were between classes or class periods, but nearer to the end of the break and time to head back to class, like in 1 or 2 minutes, so not the full pop amount of people walking around.

The older guy of the two Bible boys (maybe in his mid-30’s), was asking me about things and both acting and saying they wanted to know and learn.  I remained focused on my locker and packing my things inside it, I did not turn around for them. I asked “Are you ready to learn?” They both replied affirmatively.  I said, “And what if everything you know from that book is wrong?.”  They were a little surprised by this, but not really; because they knew what they had was ineffective and they genuinely wanted to learn.  The second guy appeared to be in his late 20’s or early 30’s.  I had already decided I wasn’t going to waste my time explaining things to either of them unless they were going to actually listen and pay attention to what I had to say.   They again indicated a ‘yes’ to being ready to learn and that they would pay attention.

To further verify if they were genuine, I asked them another question, or rather I began telling them a parable. “Now, let’s say you have a man who sits at a table with food in front of him.  He is hungry and he eats the food. Is he satisfied?”  They both agreed he would be satisfied.  The younger guy of the two was already losing focus and interest. I continued, “Now, imagine a guy sitting at a table. He is hungry. . .” The younger guy was looking away, off and around, and like he was looking for a girlfriend or someone to come along that he may actually have been waiting for, but he was also bored some it seemed.  The noise level in the locker hallway suddenly became very loud with the lots of people talking. The older guy was trying to get his younger friend to pay attention. I continued even with the noise,  “. . . and he doesn’t know how to eat . . .” the sounds around us got so loud now the Bible boys couldn’t really seem to hear me say, “Wouldn’t he be hungry?” But, even with the noise, it seemed the older guy maybe heard it anyway.

I was rather annoyed with the second guy coming for answers, then not even listening. I finally turned toward them both and grabbed the younger guy by the scruff of his shirt and said, “Pay ATTENTION!!!” He was a little embarrassed, but his older friend seemed even more embarrassed by his younger friend’s actions and he was again telling his younger friend to pay attention in a, ‘you better not upset her if you want to learn how to perform magik.’ He also didn’t want his friend to screw it up for him either. The older guy gave the younger guy ‘a look’ and the younger guy was now paying attention again or at the very least affecting paying attention. He did want to learn but his focus was a little chaotic. I let the younger guy’s shirt go.

I continued, “I AM Explaining things to you that you asked to know, this is the first part of the process.” Meaning I had to ensure they were ready to learn, just like a Chinese Master making the student scrub the walls first for months on end to prepare their mind for the lesson and to ensure they were ready to learn. The older guy was again telling his friend this was serious and to pay attention. I knew for sure I could teach the one, the other maybe. It would depend on if he really wanted to grow and focus.  It seemed more so that he did than did not, even if it just meant that he wasn’t left behind while his friend developed and learned new abilities with me and he didn’t. Jealousy was an acceptable motivator as he’d strive to learn and could be taught to let that go in time.

The noises around us now quieted down to a more normal decibel, I remained facing them and told the story again about the second man sitting at the table with food before him, being hungry, and not knowing how to eat and then asked, “Would he not be angry?”  They were able to at least agree with me he would be angry if he was hungry and didn’t know how to eat, I asked, “And what if he learned how to eat? Would it not be a new experience for him?”  They agreed.  I said, “I will teach you how to eat.”

I continued, “Now imagine this young man has never eaten before. Would he not need to learn how to pick up a fork to eat the food?” It seemed the food I was discussing in the parable was cut up steak and they again agreed he’d need to learn to use utensils; especially if he was eating soup he’d need a spoon.  I nodded, they understood.  The fork was to be civil and to fit into society and not look like an animal eating food.  I then said, “Would not that first bite of food in his mouth be a taste explosion?” I thought of it being similar to how bunnies must taste food with so many extra sensors in their mouth and continued, “Would not the flavors for the first-time-eater be an explosion of delight, even something as simple as a salad?” meaning just plain lettuce leafs on a plate.  They again agreed. I said, “That is what I will teach you.”  I then said, “Would it not be overwhelming to offer him too many foods at once?”  They again agreed.  I thought of that first salad bite being a leaf of Romaine lettuce and possibly a cut up into ¼ pieces cherry tomato. (DV Famous Tomato sauce secret ingredient love – emailed to CG 9.8.17)  I wanted to do more ‘meals’ for the Bible boys, like desert (chocolate mousse), but I knew it must remain simple and even what I considered bland so that they may learn.  I also knew they must be slowly adapted to new flavors and taste sensations, so as not to be overwhelmed.

They both knew I had to go to be somewhere else and were respecting me like I was a wise and ancient white wizard and they knew better than to disrespect me again and/or my time if they wanted me to teach them, which they did. The one for sure. (DV ‘Espionage and Kindness meeting Merlin’ and DV my Inter-dimensional home I am an ancient and powerful wizard – gifted to Corey Goode and David Wilcock at Conscious Life Expo Feb 2017 in pre-publication version – “DreamWalker Dream Diary . . .”  https://www.amazon.com/DreamWalker-Dream-Adventures-Enetka-Tulina-ebook/dp/B072TRB9GP/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=dreamwalker+dream+diary+adventures+by+ari+stone&qid=1570327381&sr=8-1 $3.99 Kindle edition only, a collection of some of my magikal dreams; DV Magik Light Up Crystals http://aristoneart.blogspot.com/2018/02/20170329mar-magik-light-up-crystals-mj12.html ; DV Excalibur https://aristoneart.com/2019/06/02/2019_06_02_jun-hecka-thick-ice-n-excalibur/  pswd: secretlanguage)  I focused back on my locker and packing my things inside my backpack.  I may have had a to-go food box too. (DV Epic Tale, Chinese to-go box and manifesting purple plasma to heal others – emailed to CG 10.22.17) My backpack was different than any I have in Waking 3D Life; it was a softer-thinner backpack material and looked more like a little girl’s backpack with maybe pink color and a floral pattern on it (misc DVs with Tiffany Twillig and Food trucks; DV Pancake Virus Death Spots – emailed to CG 9.6.17; and Blogged here: https://aristoneart.com/2019/01/31/2016_07_17_jul-pancake-death-virus-spots/ pswd: newmoon)

As I was waking up, I may have closed my locker, or I’d left it open and empty so they’d not find or see anything I didn’t want them to.