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Dream Vision emailed to CG 9.1.17

As you read this next Dream Vision, please keep in mind that I do have assistance from my family of love and light.  This is not some nebulous ‘spiritual’ hoopty-dance of calling on some higher power that many spiritual teachers misrepresent and mis-teach the truth about receiving assistance (such as Corey Goode and David Wilcock), which usually means disempowering the person seeking assistance by teaching (demanding) codependent reliance on someone (usually themselves) that has far less skills than the person seeking their help.

The following Dream Vision is a lesson about being strong and courageous in oneself and receiving help from those who support being strong in love.  I believe the family of love and light that assisted me in the following dream is people like you. People awake and aware and wanting to change things in waking states to be more love based, and when people go to sleep at night their souls travels and they contribute to the positive changes we are seeing in our society today. So, I say thank you.  I just happened to be the one remembering the soul-spirit energetic experience. With practice and desire you can too.    

As humanity awakens more to the truth and breaks out of the mind control programs; often associated with the CIA and Intelligence Community most notably labeled as ‘spirituality’ and ‘religion;’ dreams will overlap more and more from different people.  Just like our experiences overlap in waking states, such as when two people attend a birthday party, they both will share a certain amount of those experiences yet retain their unique view with separate experiences and unique interactions with other people.  Dreams are like that too, with variation about why some things funnel into waking states and other things do not.  Being honest and truthful is a major key to ‘seeing.’ 

If you want to learn more about my observations of over a thousand documented Dream Visions and explanations as to why some things funnel into waking states literally vs figuratively and how to put together your own dream mystery puzzle to foretell your own optimal future, get a copy of my Award Winning book “Dreams the Missing Text” https://www.amazon.com/Dreams-Missing-Text-Determines-Experience/dp/099696083X/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?keywords=dreams+the+missing+text+by+air+stone&qid=1570119785&sr=8-1-fkmr0


Q: Who wants to speak with me most tonight and about what?



I had been receiving and making good use of Wendle’s smoke stack signals. Each with an individual message.  3 particular path choices, or rather 3 particular messages on the path, one for each person on the path and groups.  One felt to be for Patrick Trillin, the other Gorik (and DW?), and the 3rd Neal Arlington. . . Yes? No?  . . . or maybe the “church,” like the minister or ministry messages about another group of 3 friends receiving bundles from the churches in white squared up packages. Bundles wrapped in hemp twine.  (((Dream Vision (DV) Shark man and college kids MJ twine packages https://aristoneart.com/2018/10/03/2018_03_04_mar-i-take-mib-stamper-and-go-with-shark-to-waterworld/ pswd:  twinflame ; DV ‘Diploma check for being born, church payment mafia steal accepts MJ bag’ & DV ‘MJ Dots passed around and guy who claims he my boyfriend, DW trampoline’ – emailed to Corey Goode 8.14.17; DV ‘Orange-Melon Bud Nugs’ – emailed to CG 11.23.17 ))) Like laundry bundled and softly bulging.  There were at least 5 to 6 of these around ‘the group.’  I was also using my silver cloud hand magik.  To emanate silver hued clouds from my hands for things, to manifest I believe, things for others and myself.

(DV ‘Magik silver sparkles and Manifesting Gifts’ gifted in Pre-publication book to CG and DW at Conscious Life Expo Feb 2017 see “DreamWalker Dream Diary Adventures of Enetka Tulina & the Trizad for Peace” https://www.amazon.com/DreamWalker-Dream-Adventures-Enetka-Tulina-ebook/dp/B072TRB9GP/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=dreamwalker+dream+diary+adventures+ari+stone&qid=1569791220&s=books&sr=1-1 ; DV Mansion & Magik transformation giving sweets to my friends – emailed to CG 7.29.17 ; DV draco mysts – emailed to CG 10.14.17)

Q2: Most important for me to know right now on my Twin Flame path of the optimal temporal reality?

Cont . . . info dream one message.  It was becoming known my powers and I was receiving and using the messages for good.  I was choosing and choosing well.  There was a 3 folded up paper that also was folded in 4’s . First a horizontal tri-folded paper, then a quad-folded to a square paper.  I thought of the finger paper game and counting. (DV Amazon and boy counting with ball; DV mansion and counting)  It was known I was/am receiving the smoke stack signals and using them for good.  The good of all. 

There was also something to do with a lovely grey stone castle and my Dragon roots/blood. (DV SSP guys and storm I brew https://aristoneart.com/2018/09/15/2018_03_18_mar-ssp-guys-and-storm-i-brew/ )



There were hundreds of military men all getting a directive to go to war and they were following it.

At first I was just walking alongside the ocean shore with some other people.  I appeared as a young blond haired boy of about 15 or 16 years old, but I was also myself as a middle aged female only I didn’t look like I do in Waking 3D Life.  I saw the military men coming toward me and my 3 guy friends.  They planned to take us all to their prison camps as ‘the enemy.’  I began to just walk really fast, like I was just a kid going to play elsewhere.  The military men coming after us and spackled about on the beach were all wearing full military gear, dark green colors, half shell helmets, and carrying huge guns.  I heard the military men talking and one telling each other, “Don’t let them get away!” asthey indicated me and my guy friends. Another military man with them seeing, us just walking and not doing anything ‘wrong,’ asked in reply, “So what’s wrong with just walking?”  With that line of thought I continued to walk away and empath repeated it to the military men, “What’s wrong with walking. I’m only just walking.” and I kept walking away.

I spotted an overlook area and went up it with my 3 guy buddies and surveyed the area below. I could see the ocean shore off a little ways in the distance. My guy friends were scared and saying things like, “We should just go back.” I said, “No way, we’re just walking.”  Another military guy directed his military buddy “Get em!”  The  men were almost caught up to us.  At first there were only a few military men on the beach, but now I saw about a hundred coming our way and the first group was upon us now.   I knew what to do.  I quickly spoke a protection spell over myself. Then, I began to speak my language and saw the violet ray form around the military men and me.  At first they didn’t want to listen to me . . . then . . . I made them listen.  I spoke loud, firm, and strong commands.  It was like I was barking orders at them, but not actually ‘barking!’ (lol)  I ordered them to put down their weapons!  I was strong, firm, and commanding. My voice was very masculine, full, rich, deep, and rounded.  The military men all put down their guns and looked to be in a sort of daze. I commanded them again in my language which also doubled as their language (German?) to hug one another! They did and their energies changed. They were fixed/healed.

We were fine now from the first small wave of military men, but now more were coming.  The 3 boys with me, still were not fully seeing or comprehending what’d just happened and they were still afraid some of the military men.  I was not.  We made our way to be inside a type of underground tunnels bunker.  It was a very wide cement walled corridor. The cement walls in the tunnels reminded me of the underground kid lab I’d just seen the other night. (DV Underground labs, Trump and me – emailed to CG 8.27.17) with cement that looked bleak and rundown with that hopeless vibe look.  But in the tunnels it was lit with spotlights type lights seemingly set in silver clamp like dishes, like I’d used for growing MJ seedlings. (DV’s misc MJ connects)  

Now thousands of military men were coming.  This time they came in vehicles and old school flat black motorcycles and gear.  They were driving straight toward us, as if they were going to run us over.  The other 3 boys with me sort of ran out of the way.  I stopped moving and stood directly facing the oncoming vehicles and put my hands up in the air and said, “NO!”  I again spoke my language and visualized the violet purple ray of love and light energy and had it form around them all.  I could see dozens of motorcycle and military sand dune buggy like Jeeps coming right at me, they were small and even quad-like.  I first spoke softly ordering them to stop.  They didn’t listen.  They were now upon me and even some vehicles driving passed me.  One vehicle was heading straight toward me and about to plow right into me. My buddies were freaking out and wanting me to run. Instead, I stood my ground and very staunch with zero fear boomed out very loudly for all to hear, again in my language and simultaneously in their tongue, “STOP!”  I commanded them, “NOW!” and all the vehicles and men stopped and froze.  This was the second wave attempt at war.  I began to tell them in my tongue, their language, to get off their motorcycles and out of their vehicles.   I could feel the thousands of additional military men that’d been on their way (outside the building? Corridor?) to the tunnels had also stopped at my command. 

I now removed a layer of haze that’d put them all into a lackadaisical haze. I seemed to do this even literally and I peeled off a layer of film from one of the military men, like one might find on a new TV, and this was symbolic to peeling it off of them all.

I now ordered them all to put down their weapons and they did.  The guns and weapons put on the ground were piled up about a foot deep and the men took to standing on top of them. They didn’t know what to do now.  I first seemed to scold them in their language, like a parent might, and then continued to boom out in love to them. (DV Prophesy – emailed to CG 7.12.17)  Since hugs had worked so well the first time, I decided to go with that again!  I boom ordered them all to hug one another and they did.  I could feel President Trump in the background somewhere energetically, possibly at the white house (?) issuing and handling physical commands and orders, whereas I was issuing spiritual soul commands and orders, but we both worked in perfect unison.   

The tunnels were filling with the sounds of people talking, getting happy, being social and friendly again, like a lot of people talking and being jovial at a party.  I thought felt the colors orange and white present and of the orange color used with the poison gas spray, but now it was being used for good, correctly. It was now more like an orange creamsicle pop, with vanilla. YUM!.

(((DV MJ Orange-Melon Bud Nugs – emailed to CG 11.23.17; DV Diploma check for being born and church payment mafia steal accepts MJ bag – emailed to CG 8.14.17;  DV MJ Dots passed around and guy who claims he my boyfriend – emailed to CG 8.14.17;  DVs misc MJ connects; DV Poison Gasses – info sent to CG 3.6.17 ; and 1. DV Surviving the winter eating gold orange leaves shapeshifting bumble bee 1950s car cut up display like museum toxic orange gases looking for signs of wildlife;  2. Improv Chemtrails Area 51, Toxic Orange Gas Spray on Asian family – emailed to CG 7.25.17)))

While I stood there watching others hug, a young civilian kid with goldenish honey blond hair came up to me. I decided, ‘Yes, I’ll hug someone too, but I have to be careful cause it could easily turn into sexual desire from his end’ and I didn’t want to inadvertently hurt him or for him to feel lead on.  I now was appearing as myself, an attractive middle aged brunette female, instead of a 15 year old blond male. I walked the rest of the distance to the young man and he assured me he’d be ok. There was a cute young girl similar in age to himself (both teenagers nearing their 20’s) that had a crush on him.  I gave him a big and warm hug and felt my aura envelop him like a warmth of radiance cocoon of light.  He liked it. I liked it.  We embraced for a few very warm and inviting moments of at least 3 seconds.  Then, I gently backed away so as not to let it go into the sexual and pointed out the cute young girl with a crush on him, who was maybe his girlfriend(?) now, coming our way.  I instructed him to go ahead and hug her and he did. I slipped away from them and into the crowd.

A 3rd wave of military was being sent.  This wave was the largest and hugest one yet. Like they (the cabal) were now trying to send every single military boy (and girls too, but strongly felt ‘boy’) they possibly could from all over the entire world (to get me?). I was fully prepared for them and this.  At some point during the second wave I had called forth all the family beings of love and light for their energies to assist me, protect me, and help me, and they did.  I was making my way out of the wide cement corridor halls by rapidly walking up a square cement turn stairwell.  Some of the newly arrived military men brushed passed me, not fully aware or realizing who I was. 

I empathed to my 3 guy friends near me to not worry, that I was/am the secret weapon, was ready, knew exactly what to do, and had been waiting for this very moment to be deployed.  I’d been kept a secret till now so we could get all the military men to gather together in this way, so it’d be easier to ‘get them all’ in one single moment in time. The moment in time when I, the secret weapon of love and light, would be released (deployed) to ‘destroy’ the old, but not ‘destroy’ in ordinary terms, instead I would elevate them into the ways of the new.  I continued turning left up the cement stairwell speaking my protection spells. I exited the stairwell to be on top of a large square roof top.

Hundreds of thousands of military men were coming and the rooftop was completely full.  It was night out. The moon looked to be half full and even a crescent.  I heard one of the military men again say, “Nab Her!” meaning me.   I waited till even more military men came up and onto the rooftop.  Then, I rose up into the air in mayhap a white or purple robe, a few feet above the masses of military people. I again called forth my family of love and light to assist me and they did. I could see the ocean beach area I’d dealt with the first wave of military men.  The people on the beach were fine and still getting along.  The military men on the roof were reaching up with their hands trying to catch me, but they could not.

I spoke a massive blanket spell now of purple-violet or violet-purple over all the men on the roof.  Then, I thought felt I just need to blanket cover the entire globe.  I now made sure this 3rd time that all energy commands blanketed the entire Earth in order for ALL to hear and follow the instructions, so that this 3rd time would be the final time.  I really didn’t want to have to repeat myself again! I visualized the spell and energies of the blanket and thought of it being like what I am. I made it a 3 foot thick blanket of energy that covered and sank into the entire globe.   I couldn’t fully see it as I usually can, but I knew it’d work and it did.  I then boomed out in a very loud, masculine and commanding voice as though I was a chief or military officer and I again ordered everyone to put down their weapons.  This time there were so many weapons it was like a sea of weapons and they were piled up to the mens’ waists.

In the distance I saw the hundreds of thousands on their way to ‘get me’ stop and also put down their weapons.  It all reminded me of a gothic skull and crossbones scene. I thought mildly, ‘Wow . . . all of this was to be used for Armageddon and now it’s like a sea of skull and crossbones for weapons that are no longer needed to fight.  It was now a graveyard of black weapons with white light glinting off them and hand grenades all lain to rest.  It was a weapons Armageddon; the death of all the weapons. This brought me great joy and I felt teary eyed, but didn’t have time for that at the moment.  The men didn’t know what to do now.

I again spoke simultaneously in my language and theirs. In their language I military style barked more booming commands and instructed them to get on top of the piles of weapons and extract themselves, so as not to ‘drown’ in them.  In between barking orders, I was also softly speaking in my language.  As I was speaking the weapons took on a look like many large spheres or rather opaque pellets of blue and white about 6 to 8 inches in diameter. They reminded me of the pellet beings story where the pellet beings surprised me and I knew I’d work with them again more later.  Maybe this was them, the military, or Ai weapons now set down?.  (Original hand written and photographed Dream Vision emailed to Corey Goode 10.11.17 and shared Feb 2017 at Conscious Life Expo with David Wilcock and Corey Goode in pre-published book “DreamWalker Dream Diary….” Chapter 3 “Sugar Pellet Beings Help Save The Day” https://www.amazon.com/DreamWalker-Dream-Adventures-Enetka-Tulina-ebook/dp/B072TRB9GP/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=dreamwalker+diary&qid=1569976414&sr=8-1 )  The pellets all seemed to formerly be the hand held machine-like rifle guns.  None-the-less most all of the men were standing on top of the guns and “weapons” piles, that were around 3 feet or so high this time. 

The men on top of the weapons piles again didn’t’ know what to do.  I spoke our common language and barked the order for them all to hug one another. They began to hug.  I noticed some men still partially buried in the 3 foot deep weapons piles, so I bark more orders at them to help one another.  AS they hugged and helped one another the energies changed and shifted, they were now a more flowery energy state. 

The military men on the roof and those that’d been on the way were all realizing and seeing things, some for the first time, like, ‘Hey, this guy, my new buddy, is pretty cool.  Why’d I ever want to try to fight and kill him(?) when we can maybe instead both go out and get a couple of beers together’ or whatever is it that they drink and likely enjoyed, even possibly hard liquor or Jim Beam Whisky.

I knew, thought, and felt now that my job was/is done for that and this time had now come and the moment was done, is done, is finished, has been done, was done, is now done, it had been completed and was completed in totality and had been reached to fruition.

With that, it felt the next set of instructions or tasks for them was to work together building the water puzzle. It felt more so that others would direct that now.  (misc DV’s about puzzles; and DV Trump Water Puzzle Organizer – emailed to Corey Goode 8.30.17)  My mission/purpose for full deployment such as it was now done, had been fulfilled.  I thought wondered what I’d do next and thought I’d like to just sit and relax and make some art again for a bit.  Then I remembered, ‘oh yeah, I gotta get my house in Kauai (first? To make art there?), set up and establish foundations, and create and start all my fun business ideas that I have for people to continue to learn to better access their joy (magik) and have fun.  I could hardly wait! Fun stuff! Yippie! LOL

I then woke up feeling super Boom-shaka-zoo-loo spunky!