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After a series of highly interesting Dream Visions (DV) before this one including: another personal visit from Gorik and someone who seemed to come from the future that reminded me of something I must create, I found myself at an outdoor event of Gorik’s buddy, Andrew VanDeen.

It was a moderate sized speaking engagement with possibly 500, or less, people in the audience.  Another person was currently speaking on the slightly raised up platform-stage. Four or five others also stood on stage, but off to the side. The person speaking finished and then Andrew took center stage. He began telling the audience his usual bull-crap/hogwash lies. Only this time, the people in the audience knew hella fast Andrew was lying.

Andrew walked near the front edge of the stage next to the audience in the front row .  A guy in the front row near Andrew was sick and tired of hearing his crap and literally jumped on Andrew, pulling him off stage.  I thought to myself, ‘Uh . . . is that for real, is the guy actually beating Andrew up?’  as the guy sorta made it look like it was part of Andrew’s show and a planned example. The two men were rolling and spinning around in front of the stage.  Two more grown men, also in the front row of the audience, wanted to beat Andrew up too and so they joined in. All four men were now rolling around as if cartoon characters in an old-school Looney Tunes ‘Road Runner & Wile E Coyote’ show, where the characters are in a dance-like air-spin-roll-fight-pile.

Andrew didn’t really fight back because he wasn’t very strong and his time had come.  He was also used to being rescued by others, so he waited for his security detail to step in and they did. Two or three security detail near the front of the stage came over and began to get the three men off of Andrew. I realized for sure it was an actual fight now. One of the security detail reminded me of Gorik’s business manager, Duke, but didn’t seem to actually be him. I heard Andrew say, “Get them off of me” then the security guys finally got the three men off of him.

Andrew went back to center stage, more towards the middle back half now, and he continued talking like it was all ok and as if ‘nothing happened.’  But, the entire crowd now hated him knowing he was still spouting a bunch of lies and crap.  It felt like Andrew was Area 51 and everyone in the crowd literally got up and began to walk-rush up toward him and onto the stage to get him.

I remained in my seat location and stood up next to a short and small built male reporter.  He seemed to be my friend.  He looked young and skinny to me, wore glasses, and had short blond hair.   He also wore a backstage news reporter pass around his neck and gave me one to wear. The passes reminded me of the screenshots other people take of Gorik’s tweets that have a black background theme, rather than how I always see them on my PC with a white background theme.  I put the pass on over my head and also wore it like a necklace.

My news reporter friend walked up toward the front of the stage and briskly went around to the left of it.  I didn’t want to be involved with the people mobbing the stage either, so I quickly followed my news reporter friend’s path to the left of the stage, where the backstage entry was.

Andrew and his onstage crew were all near the back corner of the stage and uncertain if the people were really going to mob Andrew or if the people would do the usual and calm down in a bit with another lie, but it was doubtful.  It felt Gorik was there somewhere, but I had zero interest in waiting to see Gorik or Andrew via some dumb groupie line again.  I decided I wanted the real story anyways and could only get that backstage and I had a pass now. (DV I take MIB stamper and go with Shark to water world https://aristoneart.com/2018/10/03/2018_03_04_mar-i-take-mib-stamper-and-go-with-shark-to-waterworld/ pswd: twinflame  ; DVs Water World;  and connected DV https://aristoneart.com/2018/07/20/2018_06_07_jun-valentine-like-document-i-sign-in-crayon/ )

I reached the front edge of the left side of the stage and watched my friend near the back end of the stage show his pass to a middle-aged lady sitting at a table checking passes.  Behind her was a black circus like curtain that lead to the backstage areas.   My reporter friend was approved and went behind the curtain. I approached the lady and showed her my badge-pass too.  She told me mine needed to have another part to it, a barcode.  I said, “Oh, I just got this from my friend…” indicating the guy she’d just let through, “. . . he just passed you.  His name is . . .” I knew his name, but couldn’t seem to recall what it was for the life of me as I tried to say I was with ‘so-and-so.’ I took my pass off and handed it to the lady and stopped talking while I racked my brain for the guy’s name.

The lady was nice and believed me anyways and she placed a barcode sticker on my pass, like a book ISBN on the front side.  She then handed the pass back to me ensuring the barcode was facing up and saying, “Its ok, you can go in now. Be sure to keep the barcode side up, so it’ll be known it’s a legitimate pass once behind stage.”  I thanked her and looped the pass back around my neck, certain I had the barcode side facing out.

I went behind the black curtain and saw what looked more to me like a carnival area, with vendors and booths.  (DV Greatest Showmen http://aristoneart.blogspot.com/2018/02/20180122jan-greatest-showmen.html ) However, unlike a carnival with all the noise and raging energies, it was very quiet, calm, and peaceful.  It was also a pleasant cool-warm sunny day.  It felt like fall or spring. (DV 90 degree realms Trump and Melania)  I walked a short ways from the curtain, then went back quickly and reopened it to see the lady and asked, “Where is the nearest bathroom?” She said, “There’s one right there.”  I looked and the bathroom was about 30 feet away.  I thanked her again and headed toward it. 

On my way, a man who looked like Robert Jackalonie a radio show host said, “Hey, turn that pass around to the other side so it’s facing out.”  I haltingly replied, “Uh . . . I thought it was . . .”  I looked down and the barcode side was down.  I took it back off, turned it over, and again looped it back over my head with barcode facing out. When I looked up, Robert had already walked off.

The bathroom had a line of two to three people in it, so I went around the corner to the entrance on the other side to wait and saw my mom in the front of that line. I decided to head back to where I was at first to wait. As I walked back toward the corner I saw two or three more guys just arriving to wait in the first line.  I then saw my mom go into the bathroom from the second line as I rounded the corner.  I walked near the bathroom door by the newly arrived guys in the first line and told them, “I’ve been waiting to use the bathroom for a while now.” Indicating it was my turn before theirs.  One of the guys who’d just arrived had on roller skates and the other two guys wore rollerblades. (DV Bowling shoes and skates ‘Grandpa Dan’; and DVs Dan)  I asked the three guys, “Do any of you ice skate?”  It didn’t seem any of them did.  I now had one rollerblade skate myself from somewhere and put it on my (left?) foot while standing. Once laced up, I stood up tall and only onto my foot wearing the rollerblade.  I was at least 6 inches taller with it on and now the same height as the others or slightly shorter.  I looked over at the bathroom and could see my mom inside it at this height. I said to the boys, “Oh . . . you can see inside from up here . . . no looking in to see my mom . . . or me when it’s my turn.”   My mom was finishing up inside and didn’t seemed to notice or care if I watched.  I then turned around to face the guys and not the bathroom.  I came down from my skate height standing on the none rollerblade wearing foot.  All the guys stayed laced up and very tall. I took off the one skate and set it on the ground near the bathroom wall.

My mom finished and came out of the bathroom.  It was my turn now, so I went inside.  I tried to close the door directly in front of me, but it wouldn’t really shut. It was both a curtain and wood somehow. I sort of got it to close and then continued holding it shut with my left hand when I noticed there was a second door open to my right. The second door adjoined with a second bathroom that no one was inside. The bathrooms all had a bit of a closet vibe and second bathroom had a second door opposite the one near me and that door was open too.  Through the two doors I could see a dinning court area with people sitting at tables and some were also eating. 

I began trying to close the adjoining bathroom door to my right with my free hand.  This door was a wall sliding door and as I got it ‘closed’ it’d springing back open. (DV springy playland – Emailed to CG 7.29.17) I tried at least 3 times to close it unsuccessfully.  This door also had a curtain-like vibe.  I decided to just hold both doors closed, one with each hand.  Since they were both slightly curtain like I was able to hold them and work down my pants then sit on the toilet. It took ‘forever’ for me to be able to finally pee. I was very uncomfortable with possibly of being seen, so it wound up being ‘pee, wait, pee, wait, pee, wait,’ as I was having anxieties about being seen. Finally I finished with the last main pee and got up needing toilet paper.  There was none.  Instead I spotted a pair of white inside out leggings that seemed to be ‘mine.’ I managed to grab them and tore off one pant leg and used that to wipe and then threw it into the trash. (DV strip dancers, I may go on next but no one expects me to strip) I didn’t feel completely dry, but was pulling my pants up anyways while continuing to hold both doors closed.  I still felt like I needed to pee, but that was because I actually needed to pee in Waking 3D Life.  I got my pants back up and may have been seen some of the time using the bathroom. (DV Uber low level cabal guy I threaten – Emailed to CG 8.14.17 ; and DVs uber) I let go of both doors, went to the sink, and used the Melaleuca foam soap to wash my hands. It smelled like it was a Raspberry scented flavor.

I was now ready to go back out and likely just barely catch the start of the backstage press Q&A time.  I was maybe going to be a little late, but more like just in time by the skin of my teeth.


As I was walking toward the Q&A area, I walked by a lady’s home with a moderate length walkway up to her front porch. She held weekly meetings on Wednesday nights that started at 6 or 7pm and were 1 or 2 hours long, but no longer than 3 hours. Out front by the sidewalk, where I was walking by, she had a 8.5” x 11” sign attached to the top of on a stanchion type post that read something like, “The Great Awakening – White Light Writer” and then it listed her day and time. 

The meetings seemed to consist of watching White Light Writer videos together as a small group.  They seemed like church agape type group meetings and it felt they were meeting in about an hour. For now, it was very quiet. Nobody felt to be inside yet, except maybe the host lady preparing.  I thought briefly maybe I’d attend later, but I was glad more and more people were catching on to the scams and frauds of Andrew and Gorik and starting awareness groups to wake up more family, friends, and neighbors. 

This was a very good thing.  I continued to walk on by to where I was heading.

(DV Military Fake Track to steal people’s hopes and dreams –Emailed to CG 9.23.17 – DV Figment Speed Military Vibration Fix – Emailed to CG 6.28.17 and in Award Winning book “Dreams the Missing Text” Appendix D https://www.amazon.com/Dreams-Missing-Text-Determines-Experience/dp/099696083X/ref=sr_1_5?crid=3OMGZF59J6QHE&keywords=dreams+the+missing+text+by+ari&qid=1569762988&sprefix=dreams+the+missing+text%2Caps%2C224&sr=8-5 )