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I was some place that was semi-indoors-ish;  it was also like a captured prisoners place.  Though I was ‘there,’ it also seemed I was elusive and not able to be captured.

I was in a room. A guy wanted to kill me. He kept trying and failing. He was shooting people around and near me instead while he was trying (very hard) to shoot and kill me. He was also trying (very hard) to actually capture me.  He could not, as I would just consistently evade him and his shots somehow.  (DV Stopping hundreds of bullets with Magik – https://aristoneart.com/2019/06/22/2014_10_21_oct-3-idiots-military-super-jets-and-hundreds-of-bullets-stopped-with-magik/ )

I seemed to have a master plan that he and possibly 1 or 2 others with him wanted to know and get out of me.  So . . . The guy would try to shoot me and I’d know and just lean to the right or the left and avoid it. He wanted to hit me SO bad.  He wanted to control me. It seemed if he shot me it would drug me up and (in his mind) make me controllable.  It seemed ‘they’d’ even made the bullets just for me.  Yet, they were only picking people off around me.  I may have even watched the female next to me get shot and die.

There was a large flat screen TV up front that was hypnotizing people.  But, it wasn’t working (at all) on me and they’d tried. Even more so, it seemed they’d created the entire TV show/program just for me . . . and . . . I wasn’t even watching it. (lol) This also greatly frustrated them and they wanted to kill me even more.

I was now next to another (I think) female dying in someone else’s arms.  It seemed I could slow time and grab the bullets mid-air, then rub them down with my fingers and know exactly what their ‘message’ of death and destruction was for me. Which of course they didn’t want me to know about. Because it meant I could reverse read the message and thereby ‘read the sender,’ their plans, and their intentions for me.  They did not like or want this!  They wanted to hurt me really bad. (DV stopping bullet with liquid blue sphere – Emailed to CG 7.11.17)

One in particular seemed to want to rape me and was trying really hard for that.  But, he couldn’t touch me even with all his efforts.  That’s why he wanted ‘the bullet of death’ in me, cause he thought I’d then be drugged by it and too weak and etc. to do anything about it.  There seemed to be about 50-100 people in the ‘prison.’  It was designed to look like the people were free and having free choice. ((Dream Vision (DV) Overthrowing Nazis – Reawakening the village pod people https://aristoneart.com/2018/12/27/2018_06_30_jun-overthrowing-the-nazis-thwarting-hitler-village-pod-people-to-be-reawoken/ and Daring Nazi Rescue https://aristoneart.com/2018/12/22/2018_06_13_jun-asian-gpa-bugs-n-popsicles-back-in-time-remember-me-daring-nazi-rescue/  )) Everyone was standing in water that was about 3 to 4 or so inches deep. In some of the deepest areas it was up to mid-calf on them.

There were other scenes with these failed efforts and the guy in particular. There was also a main older 40’s to 50’s year old prison guard lady that was maybe a little butch.

I was then in another area and the main one guy wanted, and tried again, to assassinate-kill me.  He maybe tried to shoot me again and failed, or he set on me a 2 foot long small shark fish creature to do the job. (DV Sharkman I am to go to Water World with https://aristoneart.com/2018/10/03/2018_03_04_mar-i-take-mib-stamper-and-go-with-shark-to-waterworld/  pswd: twinflame ) The shark tried, and failed, to bite me. He wanted to rape me too.  He tried again to grab me, but I ran and evaded him. I may have had one female with me.


I ran to an area that was setup like a large water show area, large like something at Sea World. I looked down at my outfit and was now wearing my swimsuit. (DV guy wants my pancakes and my swimsuit; DV Slave camp covert ops I know how to do it – emailed CG 7.3.17;  DV pancake virus death spots – emailed CG 9.6.17 And blogged here https://aristoneart.com/2019/01/31/2016_07_17_jul-pancake-death-virus-spots/ pswd: newmoon) There was a large pool of water and I went around it to the far side.  In the process, I’d done something I wasn’t supposed to, like go partially in the large pool waters and I’d gotten some of the waters on me near my female area below. I was mildly concerned about germs and diseases. 

A big and tall, stocky built woman in her 30’s had seen me do whatever it was that I wasn’t really supposed to have done.  She looked like she might be a trainer for the water show. (DV Fish Farts to the Rescue – emailed to CG 9.4.2017 ) She sort of wanted to protect and help me get away. Although she was ‘gruff,’ or even ‘crotchety,’ or ‘crass,’ she seemed to favor me for some reason and wanted to help me, even though she was grumbly-complaining about it.

I was still evading being murdered. 

The crass lady said I needed to be hosed off and should not have been in the water.  She said it in a way that indicated the water was reserved for employees only, or those with a special pass, or those with a special suit on to not get contaminated. I was none of those things. Near to us and the pool water edge was a hose with a sprayer attachment hanging on a resting stand. It was turned on and had a metal sprayer attachment about 3 feet long with an “L” shaped crick near the head.  The crass lady went and took the sprayer off the stand and held it with the water spraying more toward the ground.  I quickly went up to her and grabbed it from her while asking, “Is it ok if I use this?.” It was fresh water. I began spraying it at my feet.  She didn’t really want me using it directly and now she was saying I’d basically be fine and didn’t really need to spray off after all.  She then took the hose back and set it on the resting rack.  I walked over to where it was still spraying clean water and let it lightly spray me off some more from my butt down to my feet. Just a tiny bit of the water spray got on me as I was discretely trying to make it look sorta ‘accidental’ and like I was ‘just walking by.’  (DV Preventing 3 (world?) Wars (3rd Armageddon?) – emailed CG  9.1.2017 And blogged here: https://aristoneart.com/2019/09/29/2017_08_31_aug-wendle-smoke-signals-and-preventing-3-world-wars-armageddon/ )  There was more . . .

But, then . . .

I went into an ‘apartment’ dorm room.  It was a large room with space for about 20 people to sleep in dorm like barracks. (DV Figment Speed Military Vibration Fix – Emailed to CG 6.28.17 and in Award Winning book “Dreams the Missing Text” Appendix D https://www.amazon.com/Dreams-Missing-Text-Determines-Experience/dp/099696083X/ref=sr_1_5?crid=3OMGZF59J6QHE&keywords=dreams+the+missing+text+by+ari&qid=1569762988&sprefix=dreams+the+missing+text%2Caps%2C224&sr=8-5 ) No one else was in the room yet, I was alone.  It seemed I had arrived early to pick and claim my bedding spot. I walked a short distance inside the dorm-like room then turned around and went back toward the entryway door.  My ‘spot’ was off to the side of the door and a short distance away set against the wall. ‘My spot’ already seemed semi-designated to possibly someone else, but I went up to the bed cubby area anyway. I sat down on the bed pressed against the adjoining wall of another group’s dorm room.  I then began to grumble-talk out my annoyance and feelings for Gorik Nip Kaplin and about my situation with him.

I was talking moderately quietly. After about 5 minutes of privately talking out loud to express myself as if Gorik or a friend was in the room with me; I heard a knock on the wall from the other side and the guy on his bed in the other room against our adjoined wall said, “Hey . . . You know I can hear everything you say right? I heard everything.”   I was a little embarrassed, but not really, because he’d likely think I was talking to someone physically in the room with me.  (DV lucid romance with Gorik and guy on bottom bunk rustling around – partial Dream Vision (DV) emailed CG 8.4.17 and DV dated 5.22.17)  I then replied, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude.”  It felt to be around 10pm, dark out, and ‘overall’ time for bed.  

After that I kept my voice down next to nothing, anytime I was saying something out loud. But, largely I kept it in my head so as not to draw any suspicion to me.

There were loads more (DV’s Laundry connects? DV hammer wash?), but that’s what I recall best.



I now found myself inside the huge Capital Christian Center church that I attended in my youth. There was some type of schooling-class on the main church level.  The guest teacher there today was going to be teaching the next day, which was Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.   She needed to carry in about 2 or 3 handfuls of stuff into the class the following day and needed a much closer parking spot for that. Today she’d parked really far away in one of the backside parking lots, which was about a good quarter mile walk to the classroom located near the main front entrance.

I entered the classroom and about 20 to 30 students were already inside. I walked over to the window and looked outside, there was ample parking right there.  For some reason, I wanted to be helpful to the teacher who appeared to be in her 40’s or 50’s. She had short curly-wavy blond hair.  I said to her, “Oh, you can also park up here.” and I pointed out the window to the smaller topside parking lot right next to the classroom. She inquired, “I can?” I replied, “Yeah . . . so long as they don’t have any rules saying you can’t, like ‘reserved’. . .”  I looked closer at the parking lot signs, “ . . . Nope . . . doesn’t look reserved . . . and so long as they don’t have any time and date restrictions. . .” I trailed off and looked closer at the dates and times and saw “Mon – Fri” then “Sat –Sun” and it read “SATURDAYS AND SUNDAYS RESTRICTIONS: NOTHING” I then said, “ . . . Nope . . . Nothing . . .” She wasn’t entirely certain and asked again, “Are you sure?” I repeated, “Nothing.”  To be sure, the teacher came over to the window herself and saw the sign and also said, “Nothing. I’ll park my car here tomorrow.”

Then I shifted into another dream sequence.


I was again escaping and evading those who wanted to nab me.  I was quickly leaving with my tweenage daughter Meadow and 2 others, closer in age to myself, that I thought to be female. We were all escaping via the water canal. We all got into the canal and began going with the water flow. We were getting far away from the stalkers that’d been trying to nab us and take our things.  They were after me in particular.  (DV 2 Pedo Witches https://aristoneart.com/2018/11/18/2018_02_10_feb-abominable-princess-and-two-pedo-witches/ )

Inside the canal I was holding a couple of items above my head and away from the water to keep them dry. I went to the side of the canal and took my cell phone wallet case, without my phone in it, and set it on the canal wall safely out of the water. I also had a book that looked like the 1st Aid/CPR workbook I had during my Early Childhood Education class. I set that on the canal wall next to my wallet. No sooner had I placed them on the wall to stay dry, the canal waters swelled up and took them into the flow. My wallet case and 1st aid book were now heading downstream with the water flow along with some of my daughter’s things and some of our friends’ things too.

Meadow was ahead of me a little ways in the canal and the two girls ahead of Meadow.   I got out of the canal and began to walk alongside it. I told Meadow, still in the water grabbing things, “Catch my wallet too as it goes by.”

Meadow and I were very near the end of the canal. The other two other girls were already at the end and standing inside the small shallow pool-like water section, just beyond the short waterfall drop Meadow and I were nearing. Beyond the small pool, the water felt to be like tainted sewer water.  The pool was just pre the sanitization drains and the water beyond our friends was draining off into them.  Meadow was getting closer to the short waterfall drop as I said, “OK . . . Be Ready . . . Here comes my wallet . . . Grab It!” and she did.  The 2 girls had already grabbed up their 1 or 2 things from the waters. It felt Meadow had also already grabbed up her 1 or 2 things as well.

Next, my softcover paperback 1st Aid book came down the water flow.  I could see its blue and black cover with the larger white text and smaller red text on it. The book floated down the canal near Meadow as I said, “Grab that book too.” and Meadow or one of the two girls in the pool grabbed it.  I seemed to also have a purse they may have gotten for me.

We all seemed to have our things now and the others were ready to get out of the canal too.  Meadow came over to where I was outside the canal and handed me my wallet.  I thanked her.  We all then seemed to get into my jeep(?) and rode away before the stalker predators caught up with us.


Now I was at another location.  I was sitting with an audience of about 60 to 100 people. 

They were watching a Gorik Nip Kaplin, Stalking BLUEBIRD Alliance (SBA), website projection on a type of large flat screen up front. I wasn’t sure if it was a flat screen TV or white projection pull down screen. Gorik and his groupies (associates) were scrolling through Gorik’s website looking for my IP address to see when I’d last been on the site.  Gorik and his team of 2, 3, or even 4, were showing onscreen “one time” when I’d been on his website like 3 to 4 months ago looking at like “one article” and Gorik was trying to tell or ‘show’ the audience I’d been on his website a lot and like I’d made up Dream Visions based on that. I wasn’t worried at all.

I sat unnoticed by Gorik and his gang in the small audience area. Gorik and his gang seemed to be remotely broadcasting the images to the small audience and didn’t seem to be there ‘physically.’ All I saw on the screen was the one article, like Gorik’s alleged off world January 12, 2018 Mega Update (that is legally in dispute as mine in Waking 3D Life and instances of CG’s specific uses and/or retailoring of approximately 20 Dream Visions of mine were cited in the still unrebutted pre-litigation affidavit complaint date April 18, 2018.); or even showing the “one time” on Andrew VanDeen’s website when I read the dream blog article years ago that lead me to Robert Moss’s dream books. They were trying to show the audience I had ‘data mined’ their site, but it was only “one time” and even like 3-4 months ago and I’d not written anything about him or it per say since I’d pursued that and I’d already sent Gorik the dream about the info in that article during 2017.

I was fine with him showing it, because he had nothing there . . . except proof that I’d already seen it first and I was just biding my time to show that on the court record. Convincing any of his audience of things wasn’t worth my time. They’d know the truth after I proved my case. Gorik had, yet again, placed more evidence (in my favor) and into my awareness and had again shown me his ‘plans.’

He was basically planning to (again) lie by omission and by trying to say I data-mined his website.  But, (again) I would use his defense to my advantage by proving I saw it first and that he was lying.  I remained largely unnoticed and unrecognized in the audience and to keep it that way I decided to get up and leave. Meadow may have been there with me too.  So, we both were leaving together before I got noticed as the one Gorik was talking about and whereby he was trying to set me up (again). But, between he and I, and me and his associates, we all knew it’d fail as a forensic investigation would prove what I said as true and him (again) as false and a liar.

I got up and left with Meadow to avoid dealing with Gorik’s brainwashed and blind groupies’ potential harassment. (DV stopping useless banter with magik)


Now I was inside an elementary school gymnasium, only the main floor was coated with ice, like an ice skating rink. There were girls around the ages of 8 and 9 years old standing near the main ice-floor about to play a game of hockey. Around 30 of the young girls began to enter the ice-floor in a row/line and began doing a sort of pre-game show-off-their-skills activity.  The audience was sitting in chairs placed around the central gym floor in 3 to 4 rows.   The coach was a big, tall, and sandy blond haired lady with a more butch type look.   She seemed to want me to stay and watch at least for a tiny bit.  I sat down in a chair to watch at least the opening of the game.  The puck may have gotten hit out of bounds near me and I may have picked it up and tossed or handed it back.

Then, I was ready to leave. I waited about 10 to 15 minutes into game play so I could leave unnoticed.  At that time, I got up and walked quietly out of the gymnasium acting like I was just going to the bathroom or snack stand and as if I’d be coming back, but I was leaving for good.  I had been interested initially, but not to stay and watch the whole game.  (DVs with ice skating and hockey connects; DV Hecka thick ice and Excalibur https://aristoneart.com/2019/06/02/2019_06_02_jun-hecka-thick-ice-n-excalibur/ pswd: secretlanguage)

Then, I woke up.