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Q: What am I supposed to do regarding Gorik?


I was outdoors being chased by a group who’d been trying to catch me a long time!  They knew I had powers and could shapeshift. They wanted to capture me.

I had just reclaimed something from them that was mine and that they’d wanted.  I was like a Faery Princess  . . . or rather a Faery Queen. . . and they’d wanted to nab me a long time, but I always evaded them.  I was me, as the Queen, and also partly observing this Queen and the chase, like she wasn’t me. (likened to DV Giant Squid Octopus in outerspace; DV Soul Visits)

The thing I had taken back may have been money; or rather that is what it meant to them.  I now transformed the thing I took back into something else and then put it into my shirt bosom.  There were only 1 to 3 people after me at the moment.  I got up and flew.  I gave them the illusion I was going to put it in a safe-box in a tree.  The main minion after me may have been the web-footed baby creature thing from the VHS phony repair man Dream Vision. The minion was short and small like a child and told the 2 others with it to go to the other locations. The minion then either flew up after me or ran on the ground to get to the tree it thought I was in.

It seemed I (the Queen) had a regular known route path; or rather there was only one main route for escape that was not above ground and having only one exit. (DV I am conjured to my Egypt like Kingdom; DV Faery prince I think I am to hit in the face first)  I flew toward the tree so they’d think that was where I was going and to buy myself some time, then I quickly flew down and into the hole in the ground. (DV caves and raise Amber from dead) 

The cave opening was small, like a borough hole for a groundhog or a squirrel. (DV Fishman and caves; DV Trudy robot cookies)  They seemed to sort of know about this route too and they thought I couldn’t go in the hole due to my too-large-to-fit in-the-hole-human-form and size, but I shapeshifted to be small and sort of slyph ‘worm-like.’ I became a yellow color and was rounded and rectangular with a cylindrical shape as I went into the hole. (DV Golden Slyph)  Those following me, sort of winced in a desperation kind of way, like my parent the time I ran away from home as a teenager.  They sounded forlorn, but they were going to keep on coming after me.

Once I was inside the cave, I shapeshifted back into my Waking 3D Life human form. But, now I needed a form to navigate the cave, as the route was largely underwater. I shapeshifted into a mer-woman form with a tail and I could breathe underwater.  A friend had been waiting for my arrival in the cave, to help me escape via the water cave path to escape-exit out the other end.

As the observer self, I thought, ‘I should’ve just given the illusion of going this way and then doubled back.’  But, it seemed they’d planted guards and dogs to wait there for me.  (DV Excalibur)  My female friend in the cave actually seemed to be the web-footed baby creature I saw in the Dream Vision with the fake repair guy trying to put mind control powders into my VCR.  She was also troll-like and was having me swim and follow her under the water pathways.  The waterways were all fairly shallow, only about 4 feet deep in the deepest areas.  We both swam quickly toward the cave opening on the far end of town. By land it would have been a few miles, but by cave system travel it was about one-third the distance.  So, we had some time. My small friend was willing to sacrifice herself for me, as we both knew I must escape and survive.  We swam through various cave sections and channels and were nearing the end, however the others chasing me had realized and known where this route ended, so they had people already enroute. 

My friend and I were now almost at the exit and came up to a seeming dead end cave wall.  I then took the lead and went under the wall and resurfaced above water in the cave section immediately beyond the wall.  It was a type of water swell area.  My friend was still on the other side.  I could hear the cave stalkers in the same cave section as her now.  Somehow, they’d managed to get into the caves. I could hear them converge on my friend.  She and I both knew that I couldn’t turn back for her or all her efforts would be in vain.  I slightly called out to her at first but then I heard the ‘baddish’ ones overtake her and I had to go! 

I quickly shapeshifted back into my human looking disguise, they would have really liked to have captured me as a mer-person and I couldn’t have that.   I gripped the wall and ceiling near the cave wall underpass and hung onto the side of it and out of the way.  About 7 minions came under the cave wall into my section to get me . . . but, they didn’t see me hiding and holding onto the cave wall. They all went right passed me, even within feet of me in the waters.  All talking some to each other and moving in a single file line by me and towards the exit/entrance.  I held onto the walls as still and as motionless as possible. (DV Homeless shelter lightning and potato sack connects)  They didn’t notice or see me at all, much to my surprise.  I thought to double back, but I decided I needed to get out of the caves right now.

I then quickly went right by them all, still unnoticed, and out the exit/entrance hole.

The exit hole opened into a house. Right near the exit hole there was a lady ironing a shirt.  She looked like the wife of the shrink in the film, “What About Bob.”  She was supposed to be waiting there to catch me. But, she’d been waiting so long that she’d decided to iron a shirt or something while she waited.  I stalled a brief moment deciding if I could get by her.  I decided, ‘yes’ as she couldn’t seem to quit ironing without finishing what she’d started.  She was sort of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) about it.

I came out of the hole, while she had to OCD finish her iron strokes. As I went by she was saying, “I can’t do this right now.” about the ironing. She tried to reach out and grab me but I was already passed her.  She had failed.  I quickly went outside the house. She followed in hot pursuit.  I said, “Just let me go.” She was sort of going to let me go. 

There were now a lot of little moth like bogs near her hands on a surface.  With her hands not touching them, she had the little moth-like bug forming into a Vinyasa Yoga logo type shape I’d seen before. I was about to leave when she said, “Wait, I have a question about dreams.”  I wasn’t so sure it wasn’t a trap to capture me.  She did seem to have a question, but I wasn’t so sure it wasn’t just a delay tactic. Even if it was just a delay tactic, I felt I could spare a few moments.

She then asked about her moths forming into the Yoga logo, “Why do they do that?”  She meant why could she control the bugs to form into shapes.  She seemed to emit with her hands a vibration sound pattern, that was not heard by ears, like cymatics.  The sound emission seemed to direct and order the bugs into the shape.  I said, “Because you’re making them do it.”  I wasn’t sure if she was testing me or wanting me to reveal the secrets of her abilities to her . . . so she could maybe misuse the knowledge.  Right now, she seemed to use her abilities for good. But, she was unaware of how she was doing it.  She also only seemed to have this one ability with ‘bugs.’  I knew if she knew the secret she could expand on it and I wasn’t keen on telling her the technical or more about it, because of the people she worked with.  I still wasn’t so sure she wasn’t just stalling me for time.  She said, “Yes, but why?” She was genuinely interested to know and understand it.  But, I had to be cautious.  She might also be willing to help me instead, if I played my cards right. 

She knew I had abilities and that the group that was after me seemed to have little to none and she was genuinely seeking answers and might switch to helping me, if I proved to her my abilities, by proving my knowledge that I was being group stalked for. 

Then, I woke up.

The moth-like bugs would form into a shape she would choose for them and the vibration would emit from her right (I believe) hand.  It would vibrate the surface the bugs were on and they would have to get with the vibrations in a single file line to make the shape. Like head to butts all the way around. (DV Greatest Showmen)




 I was outdoors walking along a beach like area.  I think I was there with my mom and daughter, Meadow.  Meadow wasn’t where I could see her and she seemed to be off somewhere with a friend.  It also felt like she was older than in Waking 3D Life and was maybe gone working a job or just had responsibilities to take care of.  There were other people sparsely on the beach too. (DV rescuing my potential Pirate Boyfriend) It felt like we were in another country like New Zealand or something and the ocean shore was maybe a lake shore instead.

To my right was an ice cream sandwich shop that was also a restaurant. No one seemed inside buying anything and it had a deserted feel, even though 1 or 2 owners were inside.  It felt they’d been waiting ‘all day’ for people who might straggle in.  I imagined some of the people spackled around the beach playing, or swimming in the water, would go in at some point.  I knew I would if I were playing in the hot sun all day.  But, we were just walking along the beach.

Mom (?) and I then decided to go to a large play center nearby, the kind that might have foam-ball-jump-in-pits. (DV Dimension Rescue)  We walked to my Spark car and I drove us there.  Meadow was not with us. There were a variety of people at the play center.  I parked the car and we got into line and were soon at the main front window.  We obtained 2 rental mobile phones that seemed to be for use for the next 24 hours, one for each of us. 

To get a better view of the place, we then climbed up a ladder and stood on top of a wall surface. As I viewed all the playland structures below I said, “Yeah, this place looks really fun. But, we need to go get Meadow and then come back, cause she’d really enjoy it here and would be disappointed to not be here to play with us.”  ‘Mom’ was ok with that and agreed.  It really was more a place for kids.

We climbed back down the ladder and went back to my Spark car parked near the main window booth we’d just received our rental phones from. (DV Spark plan foiled) I got inside the driver seat and began looking at and using my rental phone.  My ‘mom’ got into the front passenger seat and I told her, “Yeah, we’ll need to get a rental phone for Meadow and her friend Amber too.” The phones were for communication with our group, sort of like walkie talkies only better, with video chats, maps of the theme park, and even possibly ‘tickets’ to use in order to play the games.

Mom (?) began telling me; or someone came up to my driver side window; or it was in my other cell phone; or the radio(?) in my car; was telling me there was something like 350 inaccurate(?) predictions by Andrew VanDeen (about me?).  In my mind’s eye these inaccurate predictions were seen like check points on a map, with one main key checkpoint that Andrew expected I’d go to or be there according to him . . . But . . . He’d been wrong . . . every time . . . and his biggest prediction about me on the map, was a place I especially had zero need or desire to go to. I especially wouldn’t go to it because he predicted it. I knew it’d likely be some kind of ambush setup anyway.  It was also like some of these ‘predictions’ had one or two of them as if they’d been tattooed on my left thigh. (DV scar left on my leg from Gorik)   The tattoos felt more like a prison inmate tag number only made of light . . . but, those weren’t really there either.  Just more of Andrew’s inaccurate predictions about me.

Upon hearing these things I said, “Wow, that’s really bad to be that inaccurate!” I had to wonder if Andrew was just literally making it all up based on his delusional ‘wishful’ thinking or if he was being given very wrong and inaccurate dream info for whatever reason. (DV Andrew is an Ai wearing a chef hat – Vatican connect) Regardless, I wasn’t worried one iota about any of Andrew’s predictions for or about me being accurate at any point. He clearly was dis-info and/or receiving obvious dis-info and he was clearly on the wrong track. Very wrong track with his info about me.