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I found myself standing in line with around 15 to 20 people.  There was an adult female standing in front of us, that we all were waiting line to see. The female up front also seemed to be me. She had decided to let ‘dead’ people; souls no longer in flesh forms; share her (my) form briefly so that the not-incarnate visiting soul could speak with their family members still incarnate in flesh and blood that were sad and missing the ‘dead’ soul.  I was doing this to let the visiting-soul say its final piece to their flesh and blood family members and friends, so they all could move on.   A mother and daughter stood at the front of the line.  The rest of the people waiting in line were also parents with children.

As the observer-me standing in line, I strongly felt the host-me experiences as my own. I then felt the first visiting soul enter my host form through my left palm and then go up my arm and into that half of my body.  The visiting soul then began to speak it’s piece to its flesh and blood family at the front of the line and sort-of took over my physical form to do so.  I was completely conscious and cognizant of what was going on.  I worried briefly if the visiting soul(s) would try to take over my form to stay permanently. But, I determined I’d not have taken the risk of permitting a visiting soul to speak through my form, if they could take it over. I had full control of my body, but let them animate it to speak.

I found it a little strange to think how readily I could invite other souls into my physical form. I was also mildly unsettled thinking I could potentially leave my physical form as easily as the visiting souls had entered.  I knew my work in the flesh was not done yet, so I would remain fully seated in my current form. I briefly thought to myself, ‘I could probably leave and no one would be any the wiser, except maybe the family of the visiting soul.’  As host-me, I had chosen to permit visiting souls to enter me as a way to prove my abilities to living people. I figured people would believe my abilities, if I could tell them things only their deceased family member or loved one would or could possibly know.

As the observer-me standing 4th in line I seemed both visible and invisible.  As the I-host me I addressed the mother and daughter standing at the front of the line, “Are you ready?”  They acknowledged they were.  I then let the visiting soul in my form speak with them briefly. The visiting soul first spoke with the mother and then the 7 to 10 year old daughter, possibly about a doll the little girl had.  I, as the host-form, then turned and began to speak with another 7 to 10 year old girl standing 5th in line and immediately to the left of observer-me.  I-host began to speak very gregariously with the 2nd little girl and was telling her things that only the visiting soul would know about her.  The visiting soul seemed to be an aunt of the girl’s and possibly a sister to the mom standing in the front of the line, but felt to be more the sister of the father, who was not present.

As the I-observer me, I wondered if the mother and daughter had tried to trick I-host me by placing the 2nd girl further back in the line as though she was waiting there with another family for a different soul visit.  I-host continued speaking with the 2nd girl as though she were the main girl the visit was for. This 2nd girl felt to be either a BFF (Best Friend Forever) or sister to the little girl at the front of the line. I, as the host, told the little girl to come to the front of the line and stand with the mother and daughter there. As the 2nd little girl came out of line she exclaimed, “Best Birthday Gift EVER!” and she walked over and stood next to the mother and daughter. I-host continued speaking excitedly with the 2nd little girl. Apparently, it was her birthday and the mother and daughter had brought her to I-host me for this visit.  I, as the host, then asked if the family wanted to take a photo with me. I knew that even though it’d be my body in the photo the family might still be able to see the visiting soul through my eyes. They all excitedly wanted a picture with ‘me’, so I-host joined them and took a quick photo with them.

Someone in line, possibly the mom at the front, said we were all running out of time. Apparently, we all were standing in what seemed to be the airport garage parking lot. Everyone still needed to cross over the walkway bridge above the regular flow of in-and-out drop off traffic and go through security still, in order to catch their plane flights.  Everyone in line seemed to have a plane to catch very soon.  I didn’t want anyone to miss their flights because of me.  

While this group of people coming to see me was smaller in number, I knew as word got out about my abilities, more and more people would come to see me.  I told the small crowd, “Yes, be sure to check your flight times.  You’ll need at least 5 minutes to walk there.” Someone then said, “More like 10 minutes.”  I agreed, “Yeah, probably a good idea to give yourself at least 10 minutes, or even 15 minutes if you have to go to the bathroom first.”   We were basically at the 15-minutes-till-mark now and I watched a couple of people near the end of the line leave right then to go catch their airplane flight. (DV Airplane ride with ‘Gorik’ to another country)  I was ok with people leaving, but decided I should probably choose a better location for the next soul visit time, so people could stay, listen, be focused, and relaxed.

I, as the host, thought about permitting one more different soul visit interaction, but probably wasn’t going to, as it felt 5 minutes would be way too short of a visit for the next family.  So, I-host let the current visiting soul have that little bit of extra time instead to finish talking a little longer with their living family.  I-host felt there were 2 or 3 other visiting souls waiting in the wings to talk with their flesh and blood family members waiting in line, but they’d not be gotten to this time around.

Then, I transitioned into a dream where I was a son stopping my mother from committing suicide.