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Question:  The next critical step on the journey? 100% pure love, light, magik, TF, unity.


I had a dream I was in process of recalling when the bunnies kept being punky and thumping a lot!  They started up three times total and by then . . . it was too hard to pull back in the DV (Dream Vision).  I look forward to a pet free bedroom again.



At first, I was in what appeared to our garage at home in GJ. Only the garage was larger. More like my Aunt Ingune and Uncles Joel’s garage in southern California. My parents seemed to sort of both be my Aunt and Uncle too, only they were not them.

I went into the garage to get something out of the freezer. My parent’s large SUV was parked inside with its front bumper the usual two to three feet distance from the refrigerator doors. I walked around the horizontal floor freezer, navigated between the front bumper and refrigerator, then opened the freezer door on the left side of the fridge.  I wished the vehicle wasn’t there because it was always such a tight squeeze trying to get in and out of the refrigerator. I decided to pull out some popsicles. As I pulled them out I discovered they were attached to the bottom of a quadpod or hexapod telescoping PVC pipe legs. I barely missed hitting my dad’s SUV as the popsicle quadpod or hexapod began to telescope out. Each leg was now around 10 feet tall! The popsicles at the ends of each leg didn’t really fit into their freezing molds and were set only about one-quarter inside the mold.  I thought, ‘Gee, that’s silly. I thought the container-mold was larger.’  The popsicle quad or hexapod was now walking on its own. (DV Bugs and Glowing Popsicles)

My daughter Meadow entered the garage. She also wanted a popsicle off of one of the telescoping legs. My parents entered the garage a few moments after Meadow. They briefly looked around and didn’t notice anything unusual then went back inside the house.  I followed the hexapod about 10 feet away and to be near the hot water heater. I finally managed to get the dancing hexapod of popsicles to stop dancing and telescoped all the legs back down to its shorter height.  Miraculously, I did not hit my parents’ SUV with them! Suddenly, the SUV was now in front of the hot water heater area and I again barely had any room to move.

Then . . . a box fell from the shelves above my head . . . It seemed to be a box with canned Thai Organic Coconut Creams inside it. Like the ones I order and have shipped to me from Amazon.com. Somehow the fallen box also seemed to be one of the telescoping popsicle legs and it hit the center of the SUV hood with a defending WHAM that was more like a reverb WHUM . . . .(Hum) . . .  The SUV hood was made of some type of smokey looking glass or even a type of crystal quartz. I looked where the box had landed on the hood and the SUV hood still looked pristine and undamaged.  But, I knew better and thought, ‘Oh great, what’s the damage under it?’ I was hopeful there was no damage, but I doubted it. Meadow came over to the immobile hexapod and pulled off a 6 to 7 inch gumdrop shaped popsicle from the leg that was part of the box that just hit the hood.  Then, her popsicle looked like a Flintstone raspberry push pop. She then went back inside the house.

Next, my ‘mom’ came back into the garage.  She still had a combo energy vibe of also being my Aunt Ingune.  She looked at the box on the SUV hood and exclaimed, “ . . . . OOOooooooo. . . . your dad is not going to like this.” I immediately felt defensive and quipped, “Yeah. Well. He was just asking for it parking the SUV in the garage like that.  It was only a matter of time.  I’ve been trying to ‘not’ do that, like every time I’m in the garage since he started parking it in here.”  Meaning to ‘not’ hit it on accident or damage it with something. To this point, the garage had largely been used as storage space. However, since I’d recently cleared out enough stuff, we were able to fit the vehicle inside again.

I sucked it up and removed the box from the hood to see the what the damage might be underneath it.  There were now 3 huge circular glass smashed that looked like a bullet hitting a thick impact glass window and that had not passing through it. It also looked like 3 lead softballs had fallen and hit the hood in a triangle form. My mom stated, “Oh, your dad is going to be very angry about this now.”   I was very miffed myself that the SUV was in the garage. I told my “mom” it was bound to happen (rather than apologize). Technically though, it wasn’t my fault. But, my attitude wasn’t right and I was very defensive and upset. I had chosen to be defensive because if I acted more like a jerk about it, the ‘wrath of dad’ would be lessened, cause he’d see I was already mad and upset about it, so he’d not need to be upset as much.

The garage changed and was now more like my Aunt and Uncles garage in southern California, than our garage in Colorado. It was now large, clean, and upscale.  It had also rotated a 90 degree angle to how it just was.  My dad now entered the garage. He immediately noticed the damage on the hood, but was calm and it even sounded like he could repair it.  But, then he suddenly got angry and was sounding like my Uncle Joel. He was fumin’ about the hood to me and saying, “Why’d you do that!?” He went on and on about how damaging the hood like that was a definite, ‘no, no,’ and how could I be so stupid and dumb to even do something like that.  I listened quietly, thinking the whole time it wasn’t my fault the box up top had fallen down. It wasn’t even my box.

Now my actual Aunt Ingune and Uncle Joel were in the garage.  They were no longer a combo energy with my parents. Everyone was now looking at the damage to the SUV hood.  I continued being ridiculously defensive and I was going off about how stupid it’d been to park the vehicle in the garage in the first place and that dad should have known better.  I looked more at the sides of the vehicle and instantly realized why my dad had suddenly gotten so angry, the hood was not the only part damaged. All four sides of the vehicle also seemed to be made of the same smokey glass and it’d all gotten ‘blown out’ from the box falling on it.  All four sides looked like peeled up glass set in layers. My dad was fumin’!

My mom was visibly upset and went and sat on a bench seat near the driver side of the vehicle. I followed her and sat down with her.  She was crying, but also not. I placed my arm around her shoulders and comforted her saying, “Oh, so that’s why dad was so mad. I did not see that or do that part.” I gave her a few reassuring pats on her back to let her know it was going to be ok.

I then looked down at my own body and noticed I too was badly damaged.

My right hand was almost completely gone.  It looked like an Ai skeletor of bones with some red muscle tissue and blood. While it looked really bad, it didn’t really hurt. I also had other chunks of flesh missing from other patches of my body, only not as severe as the damage to my hand. The other patches of missing flesh were more like gash-gouges from surface areas that were about ½ centimeter deep and looked more like burnt-off flesh marks.  (DV scar marks that Gorik left on me)

My dad and the rest of my family had now decided on using some liquid neon green stuff to repair the SUV. One of them brought a jug of it into the garage and began to pour it out into the air.  The neon green liquid seemed to have a life of its own, as well as a consciousness. It flowed out of the container, but instead of pouring down with gravity it floated up into the air. It looked like neon green coolant or transmission fluid and behaved like a spirited blob.  The thick neon green liquid went to the SUV and began to repair it.  I watched as other portions of the neon green liquid formed into small cubes, making me think of them as green watermelon gum pieces. Like the Hubba Bubba Bubble gum with the liquid flavoring inside each pillow-like piece. (DV Watermelanie ET exchange program and DV Gorik delivers a message to me in the pool).  I watched the floating squares move toward me and also thought of after dinner pillow mints.

I suddenly realized what the neon green liquid was and could do. I queried, “Why didn’t anyone tell me you were going to use this. . .  these?”  I got up from sitting with my mom and went over to being nearer the SUV. I stood in a location that was more private and somewhat out of view from my family.  These beings knew me and thought of me as one of their own, even though I was in a human form. Were they Nanos? Nanobots?   The floating square raised pillow mints floated over to me and began to attach one cube piece at a time to my skeletal hand.  The first cube piece landed on my hand and as it attached it burned lightly. It felt as if I’d scraped off flesh and then touched it with a salty fingertip. It stung and kind of hurt. Then, the square green gum cube meld-form blended into my hand with its green beams color and worked at becoming that section of my flesh. More pieces landed on my hand, attached, and then the skin on my hand would stretch, pull, meld, and bend around the square piece like it was a cowhide canvas being stretched to tan. It hurt.  But, my hand was being made just like new in each section the square-cube shapes attached. It took around 7 to 10 square pieces to almost fully heal my hand. The nanite(?) gum would then finish it process by becoming my normal flesh tone color.  

My hand was now largely normal but still missing chunks of flesh off of my pinkie and ring finger. My right index finger was also missing some flesh, but the rest of my hand was filled in and looking fairly normal now.  It was almost as if I was made of the same stuff the neon green gum was made of. If any of my family could see me and the healing occurring, they didn’t seem to notice I had just used the neon green gum to heal myself too. Like I was also a piece of machinery, robot(?), Ai(?), other tech(?).  I was reminded of the Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator shows.

I walked back over to where my mom sat and sat back down next to her again. I showed her my healed hand and began telling her we could all use this stuff to heal. She wasn’t interested or listening but I continued anyways, “Look.” and I showed her my hand.   As I was showing her my hand, another neon green piece was on it way floating towards me. Only this time it was shaped more like a flat sheet of paper and was approximately 4” x 4.” The floating neon green square sheet landed on my right thigh just above my knee (DV Gorik left scar marks on my leg), where I had another large patch of exposed and burnt peeled off flesh.  The green nano(?) gum sheet that landed on my exposed leg flesh was excruciatingly painful as it burn melded into my flesh by doing the same stretching and lifting of my original skin. My flesh was like dough being kneaded for 3 to 5 seconds. (DV Creepy Clown dream) It too upon completion of its work, finished by melding by became my same flesh tone color and the pain was then completely gone. My leg, in the formerly damaged area, now looked like nothing bad had ever happened to it. 

I tried again telling my mom she could use this stuff too, if anything ever happened to her.  She still didn’t seem to care or listen.  She preferred to feel whatever pain and drama she was suffering with, rather than listen to the solution being provided and self-heal in one excruciating burst. But, then she would be ‘all better’ in that area afterwards.  I tried one final time to at least convey to her that I was mostly normal now and all healed. I only needed a few more patches.  She still didn’t seem to care at all, preferring her drama.  She was now trying to tell me of her ‘great hope’ that was much better in her mind than anything else I’d just tried to show her for healing.  She was talking about her investment and what she’d do with it once it came through. An investment that we’d all listened to many lies over the years about how it would ‘come through’ every day. I tried again, unsuccessfully, to tell her I didn’t believe the investment wasn’t likely to come through, because I hadn’t seen that in my dreams.  But, maybe it would because I didn’t know how else I was supposed to go to ‘Hawaii’ before Boulder, as seen in dreams. Unless of course, it was metaphorical and not literal. 

For whatever reason my mom just wasn’t listening at all to me or seeing the solution right in front of her eyes and she continued to be completely wrapped up in her drama about the SUV being broken. She didn’t care one wit that I was almost totally healed and well. She didn’t seem to care about the solution because it didn’t fit her ‘whoa is her’ narrative.  She literally didn’t seem to hear a word I said.  I felt exasperated, sad, and elated.  Sad because I felt I had sort of just lost my best friend because she was stuck in drama and lies seemingly by choice. But, I was elated because I was healing and I knew the nanobots would continue to help me and finish healing. 

I knew now the only way I could help my mom was by leading my life by example.


I now found myself inside a mansion.  It felt to be my daughter’s friend Amber’s mom with the physically challenged other daughter.  The mildly physically challenged 11 year old girl stood next to the lady who looked like Amber’s mom and she was both holding and looking at a cell phone in her hands.

As I approached them, I saw a kitten that really loved the physically challenged girl. He was an off white color and somewhat frazzled looking, like Splat the Cat. He was also somewhat unusually colored with barely noticeable light pastel colors of blues, oranges, yellows, and teals.  A young boy also no entered the mansion. He appeared to be about 15 years old and I guessed him to be American Indian, Hispanic, or even Puerto Rican. He had short to medium length lightly wavy hair and was pleasantly a little husky. 

I made my way to where the frazzle-kitty was as I wanted to pet it. But, the kitty seemed afraid of me due to my more masculine energy. I understood.  The young Indian looking boy went and picked up the kitten and carried it with him into the sunroom area near the large entryway area. I followed behind him and entered shortly after him into the sunroom. The kitten he was holding was now sing-yodeling its sad song of longing for the physically challenged girl with the cell phone.   I told the young man the kitten wanted to go back to the physically challenged girl, as he seemed to miss her.  I offered to bring the kitten back to the girl, but the kitten was still too unhappy and freaked out by me.  I thought I might have looked green and sort of like a grey type alien; or I maybe had 3 fingers and a green alien arm.  The Indian boy understood and we both walked back to where the physically challenged girl was and he handed the kitten to her.  The kitten clung onto her chest and even seemed to wrap around her body somehow.  She didn’t notice him much, aside from giving him some pats and telling him he is a good boy. The kitten really liked the strokes. The Indian looking boy went back into the sunroom. I remained standing with the physically challenged girl.

The physically challenged girl moved to be standing so close to me, we were almost touching.  She was looking at and holding her cell phone like it was the greatest and newest invention ever and acting like I had no idea how to use one.  She was excitedly telling me the teacher had told her to follow the instructions on the screen.  She began describing to me extremely simply things like, “Turn phone on. Swipe off-screen to clear notification.”   I was incredibly bored and did not want to listen to this kindergarten level stuff at all! However, to be polite I stayed and listened.  But, I wanted to run away screaming like my hair was on fire and I wanted to be doing just about any other activity under the sun more at my skill level.  I pretended to be interested in what she was saying, as I could tell she was extremely excited to be learning these ‘amazing’ ‘new’ things.  I wanted to pass out with boredom but, I stayed listening.  I only did it to show her she was special, of value, and important as a human being; and not for anything about the ‘lesson.’   She seemed to think the closer she was to me the better I would grasp her lesson. She leaned in even closer with her head to mine as she showed me these ‘amazing’ ‘new’ things she was talking about. She was extremely very proud of herself for learning these new skills.   I continued to be encouraging of her knowing this was the best level she could get to. She wasn’t likely to progress much further this life due to her ‘challenges.’

Two of her physically challenged friends entered the room and came over to where we stood.  Her two friends were incredibly interested in what she had to say. They seemed to have never heard this ‘amazing’ ‘new’ stuff before.  All three of them were incredibly excited.  I stayed a little while longer, again to be polite, and now all four of us had our heads leaned in super close together. The other two physically challenged girls were even closer with their heads to the main physically challenged girl then even I was.  The two new girls were looking at the lesson on the phone and saying, “WOW!”

Much to my great relief, Amber’s mom came over and told the challenged girls it was time for class.  The three girls expected me to go with them. They thought me a school mate.  I politely told the girls I already heard all of this stuff before.  They looked at me a little perplexed and didn’t seem to understand the words coming out of my mouth.  I then slowly and loudly broke my words into syllables for them, “Grad-u-ated . . . I al-read-y  grad-u-ated . . . see my L-E-Ds?” and I pointed at my head like I was wearing my ½ shell LED motorcycle helmet I’d gotten in another DV when I’d graduated.  I said it one more time, “GRAD-U-ATED.”  They finally understood. The lead physically challenged girl now set the frazzled kitten down onto the floor as she and the other two physically challenged girls, bound off giddy and excited to class.

The frazzled kitten went back into the sunroom to be with the husky Indian boy. I trailed after it, still wanting to pet it.  He still didn’t seem to like me much and was semi-freaked out by me.  I entered the sunroom and walked over to the Indian boy and spoke calmly with him, while he continued to play a video game on his phone. (DV Enders type game, I get a headset and go on stage to play)  I asked the boy about the kitty. He told me “Don’t’ worry about him. That’s just the way he is. He’ll come around eventually.” I really wasn’t convinced about that, but I trusted the young man and chose to leave well enough alone.  The kitten was giving me the stink-eye and looked ready to hiss and spit or scratch me if I did or said ‘one more thing’(?) wrong, or if I were to try to pet him again he’d show me! Like that would make him a tough kitty to scratch a green alien that was trying to be his friend.  The young Indian man and I seemed to be friends, even though we’d ‘just met.’ He and I continued to talk a little more. Our conversation was casual yet it also felt like old familiar friends and even like we were having a couples’ type talk about things.


I was now off to do something more productive and challenging, something at my skill level. 

I began to fly around inside the mansion for fun and began passing through the walls. I entered a two story vaulted ceiling section and looked down below. I saw the 3 challenged girls walking to class. The main one had the frazzled kitty hugging onto her again.  The frazzled kitty noticed me and now seemed freaked out to see me flying around. He looked at me like I was a ghost or a poltergeist.  He also looked at me very arrogantly, like he was coolest kitty in the world because the physically challenged girl liked him. He thought the physically challenged girl was incredibly intelligent and he thought her very popular. He wanted everyone to also think he was cool because the physically challenged girl thought he was cool.  I couldn’t care less about the frazzled kitty’s neediness and codependency for his identity game. I returned his looks with my own look that said, “You’ve got to be kidding me. Seriously.?” with raised eyebrows. I then gently shook my head and closed my eyes to hide my eye roll at him. I opened my eyes again after the eye roll and the frazzled kitty was still clinging to his challenged ‘girl’ like I was super scary to him.  He was watching me much more acutely now than when I’d first tried to pet him.  I didn’t care, I knew he was Andrew in disguise. He had to either recognize the truth and learn the lesson(s) or he could keep on going on as he was, and had been, and stay limited at kindergarten level with his girlfriend.  I wasn’t going to force anything, so I continued about my business flying around through objects and walls.

As I flew around to another section of the mansion and was flying down toward the first floor in a zoom type motion, I heard an announcer style voice that was trying to sound really scary to me. It reminded me of the creepy Halloween style voice in the Michael Jackson Thriller song, which I actually like. I wasn’t sure if the announcer voice was the frazzled kitty’s, a poltergeist, or something else.  The Halloween-Thriller-announcer-voice was now saying to me, “Never go into the mirror looking glass land because you’ll never be able to come back out and return from it.”  I was at that very moment flying straight at the mirror glass and was already partway passed through it. The mirror glass was more like stretchy bendy slime and it meld-bent in as I was halfway through it. I then stopped immediately and began to back out, as I did the mirror seemed to sort of stick to me and pulled out with me like a world-distortion of sticky slime where a 3D extrude node was stuck to me and pulling on the mirror shape like it was a 3D animation program object.  I came back out from the mirror fully and safely.

I heard the announcer again. He was still trying to scare me unsuccessfully. I thought to myself maybe I had gone all the way inside the mirror world and maybe I was supposed to go back inside the mirror world because the ‘announcer’ said I was supposed to be stuck inside the mirror world for eternity and ‘never’ dying, because I was also a vampire.  So . . . I decided to fly back into the silvery reflective mirror because the announcer might have just been lying about being stuck inside forever anyways, as I clearly wasn’t trapped and I’d just sorta already been inside. I then flew back at the silvery mirror and passed through it all the way this time.  I was now inside a small empty grey color room that was about 11 feet x 12 to 15 feet.  The walls were made of the mesh metal material I’d seen in the DeCern type dream where a man was using a tennis like racket made of mesh to try to hit and capture another man with it. Only this room’s mesh grid lattice made entirely of light and appeared like a weave. It was all an illusion, a hologram (DV Creepy Clown Hologram Game).  However, it felt I could not walk out any of the walls or back out the ‘entrance’. 

What was expected of me was to sit on the ground and cry and feel sorry for myself for eternity for being stuck in this lil boring empty box room.  I thought about what else I might do in this room for ‘eternity’ . . . twiddle my thumbs . . . prob be bored with that within a minute. Think . . . that’d be ok for maybe an hour or two . . . THEN . . . I thought about food. . . there’d be no food or water (or drink) for eternity, but I’d not die of starvation or thirst. That wasn’t going to work for me.  I now noticed a pair of black MIB style glasses sitting in the middle of the room on the floor.  As I looked at them they went from being black to turned a red color making them look like my writer friend Quinn’s glasses. The one’s he’d recently left at my home in Colorado while visiting for my daughter’s birthday. I put the sunglasses  on briefly, then took them off and carried them in my hands.  I looked around the room again and at the walls. I thought about things a bit more and decided I was already bored and leaving. I verbally declared my decision, “No thank you. I’m outta here.” 

The Halloween Thriller style announcer voice was still trying to convince me I was stuck.  I couldn’t care less about what he wanted me to believe. We both knew he was lying.  I walked over to the ‘door,’ which was the backside of the mirror I had entered through and knelt down placing my hand on what seemed like a yellow-gold light pathway lining the door. I emitted from my hands a light message and also spoke it, “Thank you for your service to this point and for all that you have done, and all the lessons that you teach, and have taught. I love you and thank you, and your services are no longer needed in this form or format. I now free you to become something new.” With that the ‘spell’ was broken and the lock unlocked and the seal unsealed.  I stood up and strode calmly out the mirror world. Full on knowing the energies were completely transformed into something new and different and would be something else the next time I encountered them.

I began to fly around castle mansion again. This castle-mansion seemed to be the same castle I freed the spider from the porthole (DV Freeing a Spider from a Porthole). The castle felt very safe now and no Vatican type people after me anymore.

My only drama now was to navigate how to befriend the cute frazzled kitten, but I wasn’t worried about it. I knew he’d be ok with me eventually.  All I had to do was the same solution I was applying to help my parents. . . live my life to the fullest and lead by example.                     5:07am


Now I found myself with the husky magician guy from other dreams (DV bathroom and portal threads). It was night.  There were traps (booby traps?) or challenges I had to navigate.  For some reason these traps were lain by other ‘YWAM buddies’ or ‘YWAM people’ I didn’t know very well.   They seemed to be purposefully laying these traps to get me to prove my magik skills due to their jealousy issues and more accurately, their fears.  The magician was warning me about the traps. He was showing them to me as he told me about them.  Then, the square section of ground dropped away from underneath him to reveal pins and needles as the new surface cover.  The magician said, “HA-Ha” He now wanted me to ‘prove’ myself and my magik abilities to him and the others, by me holding him up from the trap below.  I wasn’t sure if I did or didn’t hold him up, or if he managed to do it himself.  I may have gave him a stack of floaty inflatable books, similar to the ones I’d given to another other guy in another DV (Dream Vision) to keep him from drowning.  The magician may have now been standing on the stack of books.

I spoke to the magician telling him, “Magik powers are not for ‘showing off’ or using them as an ego booster.”  I was safely levitating both of us in the air above the pins and needles below with my thought energy. I then re-set him down on top of the 3 foot tall inflatable blue books stack.  He was telling me about the other challenges lain out for me by his YWAM friends for me to ‘prove’ myself.  I was no longer interested in ‘proving myself’ to him or his ‘YWAM friends’ any further.

I was going to continue to do as I felt lead and remaining on the path of peaceful flowering out. In so doing I would continue to naturally attracting those drawn to my energy and excited to work with me.  I was no longer interested in navigating the magician and his friends’  ‘trickery,’ I was seeking team players.  If the magician and his friends would set aside their ways, I would work with them as part of my team.  Navigating anymore ‘challenges’ to further ‘prove’ my abilities to them was nothing more than a colossal waste of my valuable destiny time.  I began to walk away from the magician, in order to move forward with new friends of a like mind to bond with. I was looking to flower out projects by focusing on the energies of successful, rather than navigate booby traps to prove I have the skills that I was here to teach.  I was tired of the magician and his friends’ games. 

There were plenty of others ready, eager, and willing to see me and without drama-challenges to navigate a friendship.  Those were the people I would bond and move forward with.  Those ready to achieve their optimal destiny together, with me as a team.

Then, I woke up.

DV sent to CG at SBA on 11.10.2017