2019_08_10_AUG Twitter – CG Case – Info Used

Reply to Tweet about CG using my info

My situation is unusual because of the dream factor involved. It is highly unlikely thier specific uses of my info came from other sources. I cited approximately 70 instances with specificity in the still unrebutted affidavidt pre-litigation complaint dated April 18, 2018 and served upon Corey for response USPS Certified Mail, April 20, 2018. In a court of law an unrebutted affidavit stands as truth.

Notably, during 2017, I was romantically gang stalked in dream and waking states, as a result I sent approximately 500 dream visions for free to Corey. In dreams I can do anything; shapeshift, time travel, manifest rainbow spheres from my hands, manifest portals, dimension hop, fly, pass through walls, stop bullets, manifest anything I need, heal people, work with advanced technology, in general perform lots of Magik, along with regularly stopping the CIA/mafia/govt goons/etc in all thier death attempts of me in dream states and etc. I thought everyone did those things cause its just regular stuff for me.

During 2017, I was sending emails to Corey at his SBA account and subsequently he and Wilcock regularly “synchronistically” commented on things contained in my emails on Cosmic Disclosure episodes or other public mediums. Corey also claimed my dream experiences as his own stories and represented the info as though his own experiences, to include the light table puzzle built with the mind (cited in pre-lit complaint). Corey’s most notable derivative work was done in his alledged January 2018 Mega Update, where he retailored or used data from what appears to be approximately 20 of my Dream Visions. Each use was cited in the pre-litigation complaint.

Along with seeing derivative works, I was also regularly publically communicated with gang stalker style…aka…”synchronicity.” After over 100 “synchronistic” uses of my materials or references to things only in my emails, it became unreasonable to label it “synchronicity” or all just ‘forseeing.’ During 2017, Corey never complained about any of the content or quantity of the emails until after he realized I wasn’t buying his “synchronicity” ruse mid to late Dec 2017. Then he and his associates began thier overt Defamation Per Se of me, first privately then publically, which I am seeking an injunction to stop and think I finally asked in court correct ways August 2, 2019.

Corey and David (but predominantly Corey) also regularly visited in dreams and occasionally astral states. Corey was well aware of my abilities during 2017 (see below – my artwork on his associate’s slide; understood to be his personal assistant; at Corey’s for profit event Eclipse of Disclosure during Aug 2017, titled “Modern Day Shamans”). No remedy or attribution was given to me at any time. Here’s a link to my artwork on Instagram posted February 2017. https://www.instagram.com/p/BRC3fLaAG5q/?igshid=1hnhx07bp0que

During 2016 through 2017 and even to current, I was still figuring things out about my own abilities, while being romantically gang stalked in both dream and walking states. It was no secret I was on a personal dream journey to find my Twin Flame in 3D (i.e. waking states).

My evidence says Corey knows darn well how to dream visit and astral visit, and he has done so with me extensively and continues to do so. Corey alleges being trained from a young age by the military to perform exactly such activites and I would say he’s rather adept at it. (See screenshot from Corey’s recent YouTube video)

As to his alledged BLUEBIRD friends, they are likely part of the MiLab program he is still a victim of.

Investigations will need to be had to determine more fully what has been occurring, why, and for what purpose.