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Most important for me to know right now?


I walked right up to him and handled it, saying, “Of course I handled it and will be awake for the next step.”

The crystals in my hand each represented a next step or all the steps in one hand. Each crystal had its own individual message. 

I seemed to be at some type of retreat center. Like I owned it through the crystals; the one’s I had actually slept with in my left palm.  Other’s sought to own it too, but the magik crystals had chosen me. 

It was all now only a matter of time.


I found myself inside of a place that looked to me like a United States Post Office.  However, it was run by an abusive Time Keeper man.   I watched him take his fingernail and run it around in a circle on one of the brushed silver metal post office looking box doors. He cut a perfect circular hole in it.  As he finished cutting the hole, there was a magik circular swirl type vibe, and the circular cutout plate section fell off and onto the ground.  Stuffed inside the super small space behind the circular hole was a boy.  All I could see was his face.

The abusive Time Keeper said to the boy, “You are not to look outside or see the sunlight, or to speak with anyone.”  The boy responded, “I know.”  The abusive Time Keeper man told the boy he could come out now to do his job, work only.  The boy now came out of the hole and the Time Keeper man walked the boy to a small and dimly lit room in the back and sat the boy down at a desk. The boy began stamping things with a stamper. The time keeper man was acting like he was being kind to the boy to let him out at all.

Somehow, I’d managed to sneak the boy out.  We’d been eating brunch or linner together with a very wealthy Aunt of mine. The boy had never experienced a meal like we’d just had, nor such a fancy place.   The boy and I were both only about 9 or 10 years old and definitely not older than 13.  We had finished eating and were now walking out of the fancy highbrow restaurant with my rich aunt, my parents, and two other kids. My rich aunt asked me and my folks how we knew the boy.  I knew I couldn’t tell her that I had snuck him out from the abusive Time Keeper office, as he could get in trouble if I told the truth.  So I told her he was a relative of mine, like a cousin or something, and that he’d recently moved in and was living with me and my family from now on.

As we exited the building we parted ways with my rich aunt. I looked around and there was still some snow on the ground lining the edges of the sidewalk.  The boy noticed the snow too and said, “OMG What is this stuff??? ” He promptly went over to it and step moved it around under his shoe with his foot as he said, “I’ve never seen this stuff before.”  My parents and the two kids trailing behind me and the boy by about 10 to 20 feet, looked at us in semi-surprise.  But, then they all just figured the boy probably came from a warm climate without snow.  A lot of the snow had already melted off, but there were only a few small patches of snow left on the grass embankments near the sidewalk.

Suddenly the boy needed to pee really bad and he was about to go right there in broad daylight right in front of everyone, when I quickly gave him a look of, ‘no, no.’ and shook my head.  He stopped his actions and I took him further away from everyone, at least 50 feet away and where the sidewalk had at least a 3 foot down slope, so he had a slight wall blocker. I let him know it was ok now and I turned around.  While he relieved himself I bent over and scooped up some snow and made it into a makeshift snowball and threw it towards my family for fun, but not to hit anyone. I was thinking to show the boy how to make snowballs later, as he’d not seen me make or throw it.  I was going to wait, so as not to overwhelm him with too much new stuff all at once.

Suddenly, I found myself standing at my coffee espresso making spot in my home’s kitchen and I was having some of the Chinese chicken from my daughter’s meal, when we’d visited the Mile High Flea Market the other day.

Then, I woke up.