2019_07_14_JUL Twitter Reply About Abuse Victims

I do believe that Corey has been a victim of some type of abuse. Possibly MKULTRA and MiLab, as he claims, or some other form of abuse. I can speculate that I ‘believe’ he is telling the truth here because of what I’ve seen in dreams and the moderate number of military dreams & injection type dreams.

I do not believe the “blue avians” are ‘real,’ because in all my 1k+ dreams (with CG extensively in them) the BLUEBIRDs are never there. This is why I suspect they are modern day hypnosis/mass mind control, as the observable evidence fits that.

If CG were a victim of mind splitting and mind control programs as he claims, a court of law will have to take these factors into consideration, just as I do in my interactions regarding him and this situation.

We know in CG’s protection order with Darling International he mentioned having traumatic brain injury, epilepsy, and complex PTSD amidst other problems. These types of problems would impact his choices, emotions, behaviors, personality patterns, and etc.

When someone is abused (regardless by whom) this severely impacts thier behaviors & choices and how they interact with the world around them. Imagine being in a program with severe levels of abuse. How might you behave afterwards?

While one abuse, does not justify another abuse, in many instances abused men are on auto pilot doing what they think will protect themselves and they will also perpetually set up situation with new partners (or society) and etc to make themselves the victim, while also being the aggressor.

The vicious cycle of abuser/victim role play has to be consciously stopped by establishing healthy boundaries, much like a loving parent as these types cannot do so on thier own. They kick and scream at first but eventually they learn the behavior is unacceptable and ultimately learn to respect others and themselves in the process. It is important to remain detached from thier drama and keep healthy communication open.

Back in 2007 I went through being in a relationship with a man who was abused. A couple books I read, that helped me learn how to interact in healthy ways with victims of abuse and to correct my own behaviors are:

“If The Man You Love Was Abused: A Couple’s Guide to Healing” by Mariel H. Browne


“Back From the Looking Glass” by Kim and Steve Cooper (my relationship heros)  https://narcissismcured.com/