2019_07_06_JUL Twitter Reply CG Case


The claim is not in federal court.  Long story ‘short,’ Corey and Ms. Yanaros Wilde improperly removed the claim to Federal court from state court. It would have made logical sense, had they actually filed my complaint on the federal court record….

….as I initially understood it to be a copyright claim.  However,  they did not file my Complaint on the federal court record, instead, they filed papers I never filed on any court record as the complaint and proceeded to push for thier motion to dismiss for failure to state a complaint, so they ensured what they filed (and unlawfully alledged was me) something that clearly failed to state a complaint. They also failed to serve me for months on end copies of what they filed. 

They also filed non-court stamped document and made it sound like the they were still waiting on a ruling from their malicious prosecution stalking case against me (July 24, 2018). They lied on that record too, as they failed thier first attempt June 2018.  The July 2018 case was summarily dismissed in my favor after the judge read my papers and Corey failed to appear at the continuance hearing he asked for, Aug 6, 2018. 

In Federal court, fortunately the dispositive Federal court judge saw through thier tricks, he even cited thier concocted register of actions and said I was doing a better job than Corey’s legal counsel. The non dispositive judge,  was more in favor of Corey ‘s dismissal. But thankfully, he was not making the final decisions. The case was not dismissed. 

I did not initially understand the damage of the improper complaint (as I am not a lawye) until after a variety of conversations with the Denver Federal Pro Se clinic and various lawyers kind enough to talk to me. I then understood the problem with the filed complaint and understood my case was/is a Trade Secret case. 

Since Corey and Ms. Wilde filed a completely bogus complaint; in my motion to amend the complaint I crossed out everything they filed and filed the amended complaint on the pending state court record and the federal court record and cited state level Trade Secret statutes. I also filed an amended motion for remand refering back to the jurisdiction problem now, rather than a procedural problem.

Ms Wilde was given the opportunity to write a motion to show cause as to why it should stay in federal court.  After that Judge Moore granted my amended motion for remand, December 3, 2018.

The case was then re-opened in state court Dec 5, 2018  Ms. Wilde (TX) is not licensed in the state of Colorado and may not represent Corey in colorado State court without pro hac vice entry.  I learned that during the Broomfield hearing when Corey was ordered to retain legitimate legal counsel. He did not.

After the Broomfield hearing, I formally grieved Ms. Wilde to the Texas State Bar. (about Aug 10, 2018)

On May 14, 2019, The state court judge finally reviewed all my motions since the opening of the case June 25, 2018 and Corey was ordered to respond to the Nov 13, 2018 Amended complaint. Corey again simply denied everything and filed another motion to dismiss and I filed an objection. 

State Court is slow as criminal cases take precedence, so waiting to see what the judge will decide in state court, when he has time to review the case. Even though a lot of my incorrectly written motions were denied such as: Motion for TRO and Motion to Impose Sanctions, they served thier purpose and the judge saw Corey’s background and how involved the CIA is in stalking people like me and understands I’m serious about my claim and problem and that I have been manipulated. I continue to seek legal help, but need pro bono assistance, for what is a highly unusual case and may be a rather large undertaking. I am also open to having LSR (Limited Scope Representation).

I need to find out via discovery what exactly has occurred and it would be helpful to have legal counsel that can help consistently and help me correctly write papers for the courts the first time and that is familiar with court processes and trade secret litigation.