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I can’t say for certain, because of my own experiences that include the dream experiences as well and have to be investigated. I have seen a lot about him. But, what is literal vs figurative I don’t know fully.  

In one dream “Manifesting Rainbow Spheres” (dated 7.9.17 and emailed CG 7.10.17); and the dream was one depiction of many for the Broomfield court situation July 2018; In the dream I walked by a “bar” to pick a fight in order to change those who interacted with me.  “The Bar” was present because attornies, judges, etc, are members of “the bar” and I’d been sending Corey my pre-litigation complaint as of April 2018 (i.e. going by “the bar” to pick a fight).

In the dream, two men came out. One head mafia guy and one CIA guy. (literal or figurative I don’t know) The govt/CIA guy had a silencer gun he tried to shoot me with and I took it away from him; in open court CG wanted the protection order or “I would talk.” But, the judge read my papers and vacated the order; i.e. me taking away the silencer gun.

In the dream, the mafia guy (RR) stood there wanting to help but seeing his buddy was losing to me, he didn’t do anything. The govt/CIA guy then threatened to shoot me with another gun; in court Corey alledged he’d have Roger Richards testify against me and the matter was continued to Aug 6, 2018. But, Corey failed to appear and thereby no Roger either.

Subsequently in the dream, I took them like a truancy officer to a time share like place (basically like now…. waiting for things…) and was explaining to them about the rainbow spheres and demonstrating by manifesting them from my hands.

In the “Peggy Sue” dream Corey filed on the Broomfield court record,  I depicted him as being CIA. He may or may not actually be CIA (same with Roger and the mafia depiction), but the energetics are present and can point to a behavior pattern or can appear that way due to the lattice projections by himself or others onto him (i.e. desire) or can actually be literal, it really depends on what he’s chosen to push into manifestation into 3D.

In one of many military dreams, “Military Fake Track” (dated 9.26.16 sent to CG 9.23.17) there was a fake track where the military hijacked the train and was trying to lead people to think they were moving forward fast. But the train was moving hella slow and they were just changing the set around it and ultimately planned to just whump everybody off after they stole all thier riches,  hopes, and dreams.

But there were a handful of us that were aware of this right away and escaped but we lost some people along the way. In 3D this is what’s occurring now with those of us aware of what’s going on CG/DW/military them stealing people’s money and feeding off of thier hopes and dreams, but we escaped cause we caught onto them really fast.

This connects with another dream,  about the frogs that will rise up and eat the maggots and that has a sequence involving Jimmy Church.

I have also seen other things that suggest CG has been a victim of inappropriate acts and that he has a multiple personality disorder. He’s also appeared as a Pinocchio doll screaming in a dream and that I laser into his eyes and he overloads and shuts down and has to reboot cause he’s low on energy/power. Which connects back with the Creepy Clown dream; cited on the court record and that involves the judge(s) as well

In short, based on evidence and observations, and taken in conjunction with what I know about declassified project BLUEBIRD/ARTICHOKE, MKULTRA, MiLab, gang stalking, remote viewing/ influencing, I think CG is personality split from abuse and actually thinks he sees blue birds (part of the programs). I think his blue birds (blue avians) are definitely a military program, because in all my 1k+ Dreams and Corey is in them extensively,  I’ve never seen a blue avian and seen a variety of military, MIB, MIG (Men in Grey), CIA, Mafia, Vatican, MJ12, and etc  So, that tells me they are likely a mass scale military hypnosis program of project “bluebird” still running but at much grander scale.  I think ‘Teir Eir’ is Corey’s controller along with Ka Aree and that CG is programmed (just like a hypnotist does to his stage subjects) to see his controllers as something like a tall sporty blue bird and a hot alien chick. Who knows Aree could be a 300lb, 90 year old woman in actual reality, that smells really bad. But, Corey’s rendition would be much more socially acceptable, so maybe they with that.

I then factor in CERN and thier overlapping dimensions capabilities, the advances in hologram technology, voice to skull technology, GMO foods, Nano tech, and many other distortions and CG is now one very confused little “blue boy” on what’s real and what isn’t, before he ever even got a chance to enjoy a normal life.  I currently do think he is telling the truth he’s been abused (maybe via MiLab/MKULTRA, or some other similar or more abusive programs) since a young age.

From observations, his life (in his mind) is better now than where he’s been (with what I’ve seen,  I can agree), so he’s fighting tooth and nail to hang onto where he’s at now, not realizing if he keeps going as he is, he will destroy himself and David will be lost to us as well.

That’s only just a small bit of speculation based on what I’ve seen in dreams in conjunction with what I’ve seen occur in 3D and with what I know about  3D tech and some other stuff.

I need to try to read “Project: Soul Catcher: Secrets of Cyber and Cybernetic Warfare Revealed” because I think whatever that project is relates to DW and the battle I consistently see for his soul and him being “Ai” and that also points to Vatican involvement.  The Ai stuff could also just be a depiction of the Borg-hive-like mind mentality and that DW is also just a well researched charlatan, but, I think it’s more likely he is also a victim of some program,  like Project Soul Catcher.

There are many things I’m still learning about in 3D that explain what I’ve been seeing and continue to see in dreams.

Please feel free to post comments and info about any known govt/military projects, or whatever related to the topics here.