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Misdated 2013_11_07_NOV


Most important for “us” (collective us) to know right now? Unified Time Line, TF, Love, peace, joy, wealth, success, prosperity for all


I found myself on a grassy lawn with my back out of alignment.  One of my gal friends turned out to be a chiropractor or had chiropractic know-how-experience.  She reminded of my girl friend from grade school, named Amanda Hilm.  Amanda had a slightly overweight build now. She came across the grassy field to be where I sat on the lawn to assist me with my back problem and she instructed me to lay down on the grass. She told me to put one leg straight out, bend the other leg and lay it down to my side on the ground and roll my lower body onto it’s side. Next, she told me to put my arms up over my head and interlace my fingers. Amanda then gently lifted the upper half of my body and sat directly behind me with one of her knees under my low back and my upper back resting gently on her thigh. Then she looped her arms through mine and gently pulled on me downward toward her knee.

Her method was very different, easy, and surprisingly painless; like my chiropractic Doctor, Dr. Rizzo; she was extremely gentle and efficient.   I felt all kinds of bones popping, from my legs all the way up my back as I my body went back into alignment.  I was surprised!  It was amazingly easy, simple, and even felt good!. Amanda then had me switch my leg positions to get the other side and to roll onto the opposite side as well. She cradled me in the same way and performed the same motions. Again my body easily popped and realigned.  I was again surprised at how easy it was and how much it had helped me.   

Amanda now directed me to lay flat on my back.  I rolled over to be on my back with my head resting in her lap now and my arms up above my head in a type of ‘surrender’ position.  She again looped her arms through mine, like Dr Rizzo would, to arch my back up and over her knee for the third and final adjustment. The last few bones of mine went back into alignment.  All of my bones moved almost effortlessly each time and with zero pain. The process was so gentle it felt like silk.  Her methods were even gentler than Dr. Rizzo’s.  She was done now and said, “See how easy that was.” I agreed whole heartedly with her and profusely thanked her.  Her energies were very calm, warm, and inviting, almost like a romantic partner with the close friendship aspect and not the sexual.  I felt an enormous amount of warmth, love, and trust with her.


I now needed to go get something out of my car in the parking garage. (DV Creepy Clown dream)  I got up from the grassy lawn and headed to the parking garage.  Inside the parking garage I saw a red super-futuristic Lamborghini type car.  It was an extremely futuristic boxy design and was extremely sleek; almost like it had tower peaks to it.  Somehow, it felt like the Delorian from the Back to the Future film and it seemed to have something to do with the Bates Motel guy. (DV guy loses bullet bet and DV I arrive 50 years too soon and bemoan my boyfriend)  The Delorian almost shimmered as if made of glass or rather crystal (DV World that lost Technology), maybe even diamonds even though it was red colored.  (DV manifesting a Ruby for my mall date man) It was so reflective it had the same effect as if looking at a mirrored surface on a fancy sky scraper building, like in New Zealand, that reflected blues and teals in the sunlight. (DV Seagulls that cross the 3 rows, and military jets of Neal Arlington) The red color seen here though was actually more a fire-orange color refraction.

I don’t know if I found ‘my’ car or not, but it seemed the Delorian was ‘my’ car and that I had arrived in it with the Bates Motel guy along with a few others.  The Delorian actually seemed to be ‘all’ ours’ car as I thought about it some more.  I wasn’t sure if I got anything out of it or not, but thought maybe I got my black zipper backpack.  (DV ‘Antiquated’ technology for us, but conscious Triangle craft piloted by Robert Jackalonie) 

I left the parking garage now and headed back to my camp site where my YWAM and church friends were also staying.


Near our camp site was a large building that reminded me of the ski resort, Sierra at Tahoe’s, dining, rentals, and shopping building.  Outside was ample cafeteria style seating.  I got my tall skull coffee mug from somewhere, filled it with some water, and drank most of it. Then, I spotted my red-headed friend, Daniel, sitting at an one of the outdoor cafeteria tables across from his blond haired girlfriend.  Daniel had a mostly eaten bowl of Rice Crispies with milk sitting on the table in front of him.  I thought of the cover of the Rice Krispies box with the three little rice crispy guys on it . . . Snap . . . Crackle . . . and Pop.  Daniel was just about done now with his cereal. 

For some reason, I thought it would be ‘funny’ to dump the rest of my water into his cereal bowl. 

I thought he was done eating anyway and/or didn’t want any more of his Rice Crispies cereal and if I dumped my water in his cereal he could say “Oh gross! I don’t want anymore” because I knew he didn’t like Rice Crispies in the first place.  Daniel was too ‘polite’ to  tell his girlfriend the truth that he didn’t like them.  So, I was thinking, if I went over to where he was and dumped my water in his cereal bowl he’d a have a legitimate reason to not have to finish eating them.  Overall Daniel was only eating them so his girlfriend would think he liked them.  I thought that was just so ‘silly,’ because with that kind of ‘white lie’ everybody loses.

Daniel would lose, because he was eating something he didn’t like, supposedly for her. But, it was really just self-abuse by him to do that. He was hurting his girlfriend because he was not telling her the truth and was leading her to believe that what she brought him was good, wanted, and liked by him.  But, over time it’d just be another tool he’d use to ‘kill’ himself and his soul with over time. Both he and his girlfriend ultimately would likely be clueless to the death they were placing upon themselves by living that way.  Daniel mostly seemed to be eating the Rice Crispies so his girlfriend would ‘like’ ‘him.’  Which was highly dysfunctional because Daniel was not being his authentic self and his girlfriend wasn’t getting a real or fair choice in deciding if she actually, really, liked Daniel for who he actually was or not.  She was being denied the right to choose because Daniel presented himself like had a certain ‘taste’ (behavior) that in the long run would kill him because ultimately was out of alignment with who he genuinely is.  He was doing his girlfriend a grave disservice in pretending to be the kind of person she wanted, just to be liked by her, when he wasn’t that kind of person at all. So, it’s really wasn’t fair to anyone. 

The sticky wicket comes years later when two people do these things to each other over and over again, for years on end, and they ultimately grow to ‘hate’ each other because the one lies to themselves about who they are and what they want (or don’t want); and the other gets lied to, so neither person in the relationship can ever really truly make a legitimate choice about the other or themselves.   The one who tells the white-lie thinking it a ‘favor’ to their partner, in the end hates and blames the one they lied to as though it was their fault later in life because ‘they did it for them.’  Like it was a ‘service to others’ when it was genuinely an incredibly selfish act of ‘service to selfish’ because the one who’d originally lied did it just to get what they wanted.  Lying to someone like Daniel was doing with his girlfriend, showed zero regard, respect, or honor for her, through his withholding of the truth. Daniel was selfishly taking away her right to make a genuine decision of if she wanted to be with a guy like him in the long run.   With Daniel’s white-lie she never got a genuine or loving opportunity to decide what she really wanted. Sadly, many people are completely oblivious to such matters.  

With Daniel’s white-lie that he liked Rice Crispies; his girlfriend also never got to see the real Daniel; the Daniel that doesn’t like Rice Crispies and milk; which took away her right to decide how important it was to her to be with a romantic partner who also liked Rice Cripsies, like her, and that she could genuinely share in that experience with them.  The girlfriend was also being denied the right to decide if she’d be ok being with a partner who didn’t like Rice Crispies.  She never got to choose if being with someone who never ate Rice Cripsies was something she could accept, and/or if she loved Daniel, for Daniel, just the way he is, even if he didn’t ever eat Rice Crispies.  She was being robbed of choosing how important it was to her to share in that activity with another and if she should be with someone else who genuinely liked eating Rice Crispies. 

Fast forward 50 years later and couples like these who actually get married, then work at killing each other off to exit the relationship (marriage) in the standard dysfunctional-socially-acceptable ways because after all its ‘till death’ do they part.  In soul-spirit (dream) realms both are likely first doing all sorts of dysfunctional things to one another that then play out in their Waking 3D Life as sickness, diseases, accidents, and etc.  But the root cause is lies.  A lie where the guy, Daniel, actually thought he was doing a ‘kindness’ (service to other) for his girlfriend was really just him writing his own death sentence, to which ultimately later he’d blame her for, thus the nature of the passive-aggressive.

So anyway, I guess that’s why I thought it’d be ‘funny’ to dump my water in Daniel’s cereal as I thought I’d be helping the guy out. 

I walked over to Daniel’s table and joke-pretended to ‘trip’ and dumped my water in his cereal bowl saying, “Ooops . . . Oh, so sorry” in a very obvious joke-sarcastic way.  Daniel then looked at his girlfriend; who seemed she might have liked him ok, even if he didn’t like Rice Crispies; and he was worried about her not liking him so he said, “I wasn’t done. I was still eating those.”  I gave him a look of, ‘Are you serious?’ to prove his codependent-neediness-point he repeated he wasn’t done. He was lying repeatedly to himself and his girlfriend to convince her he actually like Rice Crispies, rather stating he liked them from a genuine space of love and truth. To further convince me and his girlfriend with the lie that he liked Rice Crispies he took it a step farther and said, “I can’t eat this bowl now.” like I had germs or something.   I could see he was hating himself for what he was doing and about to say and do next. Daniel then said, “I want another bowl.”  I was like, ‘yeah right…. You ‘want’ another bowl….please…’ I knew he was lying.  He looked at his girlfriend; whom his identity was co-dependent upon; for her approval.  The girlfriend seemed to actually ‘believe’ he liked eating Rice Crispies.

I realized Daniel wasn’t yet ready to be truthful or honest to himself, his girlfriend, or by extension others.  I decided to not say anything further because Daniel wasn’t ready yet to consciously evolve past selfish lying just yet.   He wasn’t ready to face the truth and acknowledge the whole thing (their relationship) was a sham.  If I said anything further at this time, it would have just caused more damage than good and he’d just have gotten angry and likely made a scene. I deemed that to be no good at this time.  So, I ‘apologized’ only to prevent Daniel from making a scene and a lot of drama; not because I was in the wrong per se. I apologized only for pouring my water into his cereal bowl, but I was not apologizing for my reasoning for doing so, which was to help wake him up to see and live in the truth.

The root issue Daniel faced was a serious lack of self-esteem. He deserved to be liked and loved for who he was, what he liked, didn’t like, what he does, and/or doesn’t do.  Stuff like that. Daniel seemed to think being with this pretty blond girlfriend made him more valuable and special or something.  But in doing what he was doing he’d lost his own internal spark’s value by giving it away (per se) to someone who may not have even wanted it.

I thought Daniel was joking about wanting another bowl of cereal.  But, Daniel had such low self-esteem and was so codependent upon his girlfriend for his sense of self-worth, he was again looking at her for her approval of him for what he’d just asked me for. He was needy of her for validation. After a few moments it seemed Daniel thought he received the approval and validation he needed from her, and he looked at me again and flat out lied as best as he could that he wanted more Rice Crispies. I looked at him now with my eyebrows raised to his wanting a whole new bowl full of cereal. He lie-assured me (a second time) he wanted more cereal.  I said, “Ok, I’ll go get you another bowl full. I didn’t realize you were serious.”  He again immediately looked at his girlfriend for more codependent approval and codependent energetic strokes.  He seemed to get them and then looked at me again like, ‘see we are happy.’  I was like ‘Yeah, sure, whatever buddy …’ and  ‘You’re not ready to face the truth.’  I’d thought he was by now, but nope.  So I decided again to play along, only to prevent a drama scene from Daniel out of respect for the other people sitting around.  I decided to not press the issue with him, as each soul must decide when they are ready to evolve out of their past and current lies. 

I’d hoped maybe later I could give Daniel another opportunity to try and see his own inner self-worth and self-value and that next time he’d choose to stand up and speak up for himself.  This is essentially  how a soul falls into the trap of what is often labeled, ego. Ego’s actual root is pretty much always low, no, or superficial self-esteem. I went off now to the main building to get Daniel another bowl of the Rice Crispies cereal that he hated.  He seemed to actually believe I thought he was happy, for now I was going to allow him to think that.  But, I definitely wasn’t buying what he was selling, not even close.

I entered the building and went upstairs to the cafeteria.  It was rather crowded inside.  The main cafeteria food ordering section was immediately to my right as I entered the room.  Attached to the main service counter area were glass food display units that wrapped toward the center of the room in an L-shape, set within the L shape was a two or three level tiered-up display table with various items on it.

I walked over to the L-shaped display section.

There was a yellow A-frame sign set in the middle of the aisle way between the glass L-shape display and display table that read something like “Piso Mojado” or “Atención.” At the aisle entry area was an orange road cone.  This area briefly had an Area 51 or CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) style “Do Not Enter” yellow-orange tape across the aisle, then the tape was no longer there or it fell down.  I suddenly found myself standing in the section near the A-frame sign looking for a bowl to use.  There were pre-packaged sets of blue colored plastic bowls and plates bundled with fancy light pink-violet-red Christmas ribbon tied into a neat bow at the top.  But the sets were only packaged with a fork. They reminded me of the Einstein Brother’s Bagel fruit cup I had bought in Waking 3D Life and placed in the refrigerator to eat later, but I never did and instead it grew mold on it, then I threw it out. I was now deciding if I should buy a packaged bowl and plate set so I could use a bowl.  As I was deciding, all of the bowls in the set turned into plates too, so all the items in the set were no use for holding cereal with milk. 

A very nice gal from behind the service counter came over to the section where I was and said, “What do you need luv?”  I explained I needed a bowl, some Rice Crispie cereal, some milk, and a spoon, for a guy whose cereal I had ‘mistakenly ruined’ by pouring my water into it (cooties). She totally understood and went off looking for a bowl to give me.  While she was off looking for a bowl, I came up to the main service counter section where she’d been. Immediately next to the glass display case, I began opening and closing drawers on a food item storage unit, to see if there were any mini cereal boxes of Rice Crispies inside. The food storage unit was similar to what might be seen at a complementary hotel breakfast self-service area.  I continued to open and close the opaque shiny black drawers.  There were three to four open and close hinged pull down doors I didn’t know were there to look inside.  

My friend Amanda entered the cafeteria, spotted me, and came over to where I was. She asked me what I was looking for. I said, “Cereal.”  She began to show me where the ‘secret’ hinged pull down compartments were and explained to me how to open them, then she showed me by opening and closing one, saying that maybe Rice Crispies were in one of those.  I thanked her, she told me I was welcome, and walked off.  I continued to open and close the other ‘secret’ hinged compartment doors.  I didn’t see any Rice Crispies inside any of them either. I thought maybe I saw some mini Tony the Tiger Frosted Flakes cereal boxes, but those weren’t Rice Crispies so I left them inside.

The nice gal from behind the service counter returned near the main ordering section with what looked like to me a mini upside down chef’s hat set on a thick white paper or plastic plate. (DV Ai Andrew magnetizes others to the ground to worship him, but not me) I went over to the main are where she was and saw inside the mini-chef hat was a white liner reminiscent of an In N’ Out Burger wrapper (DV Gorik in Burger King) shaped like the hat.  But, the liner was more like parchment baking paper.   The nice gal said she looked everywhere, but this (the hat and plate) was all she could find.  I’d not seen any bowls either while she was gone.  She filled up the hat bowl with Rice Crispies and handed it to me, it was heaping full and almost overflowing.  A big line had been forming to my right during this time two to three people wide and was rapidly extending back toward the double entryway doors. The nice lady reached behind the counter and gave me two almost empty one gallon plastic jugs of milk.  One barely had any milk in it at all, but maybe enough to fill the four or five inch tall hat bowl.  I didn’t really know how much or how little of milk Daniel liked in his cereal, so I decided I better just bring both jugs with me to use up the last of the almost completely empty one and then use however much else he needed from the ¼ full jug.

I then shook the cereal in the hat bowl, as it was about to overflow, and I was trying to get it to settle more into the bowl; instead I shook most of the cereal out of the hat bowl and onto the paper plate and countertop. I looked closer at the cereal still in the bowl and it seemed to actually be flakes and not Rice Crispies shaped cereal at all.  I thought, ‘Well, maybe these Rice Crispies are a ‘flakes’ shaped cereal.’  I chucked to myself as I thought about how I used to call certain people ‘flakes’ for not doing or being what they say.  (lol)

I was now trying as quickly as I could to put back as much of the cereal into the bowl, that’s I’d accidentally shook out onto the plate under the bowl and from off of the counter top.  The nice lady helped me as best she could as well, to put cereal back into the hat bowl.  The hat bowl then suddenly shrunk down shorter in height to be only about a half inch to one inch tall from it’s previous height!  I thought to myself, ‘Well, maybe this’ll just have to do cause this is all I (we) could find bowl wise around here!’  There was only a thin layer of dry flake looking cereal on the bottom of the hat bowl. I thought, ‘Oh well, that’s about all Daniel had left to eat anyways, so maybe this will just have to be enough.’  It felt he should have been full now anyways. 

I was now trying to figure out how to carry everything back down to where Daniel was by myself. Two one gallon jugs of milk, the cereal hat-bowl on what was now a super thin paper plate that could blow away in the slightest gust of wind, even a gentle breeze could cause problems.  I picked up the two one gallon plastic milk jugs with one hand and the now paper thin plate with cereal on it with my other hand.   For some reason I also now needed a small paper plate too that was there and I grabbed that too and was doing a sort of juggling act as I attempted to carry it all in one trip. (DV juggling act I magikally changed my clothes to Matrix garb. I like the announcer) I was not sure I could do it all in one trip with how I had everything.  I interrupted the line again for a moment to speak with the nice lady. She was very eager to help me each time.  I told the nice lady, “I might need to come back and make two trips . . . unless . . . maybe I could get a lunch tray?”  The nice lady then pulled out a brownish-reddish lunch tray for me to use.  I thanked her yet again for her kindness and help because she was so polite to me even with the huge line of people forming. The people in line seemed ok with me interrupting, even though they all were lightly in a hurry, they all just patiently watched me. The line crowd had a pastel sky blue and white energetic overtone.

Then I woke up. a