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Emailed to CG via SBA email October 29, 2017

October 28, 2017

@11:24 pm

Directive: Important to know for the unified in Love timeline and (of course) with my TF in 3D. Something nick-nack-paddy-wack-give-a-dog-a-bone cool (lol)


I have to be careful about what I share about the vampires.  But, I already knew this, cause I was inside a cloud already and seeing these things.  The ‘bunnies’ may have had something to do with the vampire ascent (children) and needed to be careful about that, seemed what I was sharing was ok so far,  I already knew cause of a checklist I was using in the cloud and had certain stuff checked off ok. 


Now there were suddenly access tunnels under my feet. It was as if I were in the ocean and a mermaid; only not. (Dream Vision conjured to my kingdom) It was more so the circular access hatch to the tunnel was at my feet and lead to the mer-kingdom, or through it. Atlantis? Or “AL” something or other . . . ALtean? ALatian? AL-lyn?  I felt like a vampire all throughout. Like a count of Dracula.  I thought of the count on Sesame Street and Counting.  (Dream Vision (DV) Mansion and Counting DV dated March 30, 2004)

About 7:41am

The Bates Motel guy was a vampire too.

There were radiant berries on the path, raspberry color; but blueberry style.

I was now with a group of guys, plan prepping for typical(?) military stuff.  It was more like I was just travelling with them to keep an eye on them. (DV Military Figment Vibration fix, sent SBA 6.28.2017)

We drove in a small caravan of vehicles, around 3 or 4, and arrived at a B&B hotel that was rather a dive. (DV Mathew owns a B&B and ancient coins connect) This military group also felt like my ‘YWAM’ buddies. We pulled up in our vehicles for ‘real’ training preparation. 

Even though we’d arrived at the B&B hotel in separate vehicles, it also was as if we arrived in a bus or van together.  The building looked like a low budget hotel or apartment complex and had fuchsia colored Bogenvelia flowers around the building. (DV I rode my cart to Gorik’s and Argon warning sent to SBA 8.3.2017)

There were approximately twenty of us and we all got out of our respective vehicles and went inside approximately 5 to 6 different rooms all on the second floor, with 3 to 4 people per room.  I was in the room the Commander was in. I seemed non-military, along with another guy and girl. The room had a small kitchen, a living space, two bedrooms and a shared bathroom between them.  The carpet was a nappy brown-orange color and extremely low pile, almost cement-like.

I went and stood inside the small kitchen area with the Commander.  There was something like a bee hive on the floor.  It was cone shaped, with the widest end set on the floor.  The military men were using it to practice target shooting(?) with their airsoft(?) pellet beebee guns. (DV Teacher I scold for shooting his gun in class and go to tell the principle on him – sent to SBA 10.17.2017)  It felt like the beebee’s were a neon green or neon orange color. The bee hive also reminded me of an ant hill and had a hole at the base, like a mouse entry hole.  (DV – DC Legends and Screw Plate – sent to SBA 9.25.2017) The kitchen itself was rather gross. Everything had a dirty vibe and if cleaned, it would still feel dirty. It was overall like being inside a gross trailer home.

It was now around 6pm.

I questioned the military Commander (Sergeant?) about shooting indoors, as it seemed they might have been using ‘real’ guns.  I was thinking, ‘how is that going to work? If they shoot inside, they’ll make tons of bullet holes in the walls and it’d be like swiss cheese.’  The Sergeant-Commander chuckle-laughed at my naivety, saying they had pellet guns.  But, the beebees felt like metal beebees, more-so than plastic airsoft beebees, so I was concerned knowing metal beebees could do damage, leave marks, and/or become embedded in the walls.  The beebees felt to be made of steel. (Which for some reason made me think of Danielle Steel, the steamy romance novel author)  The Commander grinned at me.  He was intrigued by my keeping an eye out on him and his troops. He seemed to like that I was sort of like a mother-hen about everything going on.

At some point I was telling the Commander that I had ‘skunk’ dreams and was talking about them as if I had seen them in the ‘Druids moving through the vents’ dream with the CDs (sent to SBA 8.14.2017) and as if they’d now turned up in three or four other dreams.  Yet, consciously, I did not recall having ‘skunk’ dreams. The Commander grinned at me again.  I thought maybe some skunks had been in the dream where the little girl, Harmony, had calmed the wolves. (sent to SBA 10.24.17)

The commander and I left the dirty kitchen and went into the living room. In the far corner of the small living space, was a section sort of like a dance floor.  

The Commander now had two very large Lucky Strike(?) matches. He was going to try to light one match and then use the lit match to light the second match.  The matches were as thick as my index finger and about 7 to 8 inches long with an obvious red match head, tipped with a white-cream-yellow color.  The commander set an unlit match on the floor.  He then pulled out another huge match, that became small for him to light as a regular match by folding back the matchbook cover and pressing the head between the cover and the strike zone. He then rapidly pulling the match out and successfully lit it.  It was then a huge sized match again.  I briefly thought of the very prominent Tonga matchbook in the Mosaic Acting System book collage I did. (DV – Tonga airplane ride, meeting, and tea with ‘Morgan Freeman.’) The Commander now threw the huge lit match out toward the huge unlit match on the floor.  As the match went through the air toward the ground, it reminded me of light pink colored nunchakus with puffballs on the ends and of a knit beanie. As it went through the air the lit match did weird curve loops and finally landed next to the other matches head on the floor.  Instead of lighting the second, the fire went out.  He’d failed his first attempt.

I was now questioning him on lighting fires like he was with the matches.  I was thinking about the floor and concerned that burn marks could be made or that he could burn the whole place down. (DV- Gorik and Andrew failed-dangerous slit experiment – sent SBA 10.19.2017)  The Commander grinned at me again and then proceeded to tell me the place was rented, so it didn’t matter (to him) what happened to it.  I gently reminded him, “What about the people who own this place?  How might they feel and how much might it cost them to repair the damages? And could the pittance of money you paid for the room of $35 to $45 per night be enough to coverthe damages? Including bullet holes or beebee removals from the walls?”  The owners felt to be Mexican and/or American Indian.  It seemed the military guys had mostly only been preparing to shoot to this point and maybe only shot off a few small rounds of 3 to 4 bullets each round. Again, the Commander grinned at me. He really seemed to enjoy being questioned, but he was still in a, ‘he’ll just keep going like he’s always been mode’ unless I prove/showed him something better and/or different.’

The military commander really seemed to still think there was a war somewhere he was going to.  I couldn’t think of one for the life of me except the old ‘Dessert Storm’ one and like that was where he thought he and his troops were going.   I couldn’t help but think, ‘he’s a real trooper’ (lol) and all his preparations were completely unnecessary as he was preparing for problems that didn’t even exist; I thought his time would have been better spent investing his energy into creating beautiful things like Jacque Fresco and his beautiful futuristic cities and community from the Venus Project.

The Commander now lit a second match and tried again to light the one on the floor with the lit match.  This time the first match lit the match on the floor very briefly, but then both fizzled out immediately, as if a dud firework. He gave me yet another grin. Then, with a twinkle glint look in his eyes of ‘what do you thing about this eh?’ he pulled out a brown wooden staff about 3 to 4 feet long. (DV – Jolly Rancher cherry style stick)  It reminded me of a broom or mop handle, minus the head.  He now lit the rod on fire and levitated it about 5 feet above the floor, reminding me of Moses and the burning bush story in the Bible. (Lover’s card Tarot connect with Joseph of Arimathea and Glastonbury Tor?) The rod fizzled out too on his first try and was now a black charred rod. Then, suddenly, the rod was like new again. The Commander lit it all ablaze a second time. He seemed to light it by telekinesis.  This second time, it stayed lit.

I was now a little worried about, ‘what if it falls on the floor and lights the entire place on fire or creates black smoke and sets off the alarms? . . . or what if . . .  ?’  He was however levitating the rod over the dance floor like section in the far corner of the small room and it was covered with a vinyl flooring or terra cotta type tile, so it wasn’t as likely to catch fire too readily, like the carpets might have where he’d been throwing the matches to light one another.  The Commander again grinned at me. He was amused and liking my reactions and concerns. While I was concerned about the possible dangers of the fully fire lit rod, it was very beautiful all lit and glowing as it was.  The entire length of the rod was on fire.  The Commander then said he didn’t care about the possible damages to the B&B because they weren’t staying the night anymore.

I asked the Commander when we were rolling out then, if no longer staying the night. He asked me if I wanted to know in ‘military’ time or ‘regular’ time.  I said, “military time is fine.”  He seemed surprised someone like me even knew what the heck military time was! (lol)   He then replied, “Two-hundred and eight, is when we leave.”  (He may have also said, two-hundred and five) I said, “Two-hundred?” then it registered with me he was saying it all grouped together like 20:05. Though technically he’d said 20:50 it was really 20:05 or 20:08; which seemed to mean we were leaving at 12 midnight or 2am and that was correct and he affirmed it as correct for me.  He was rather intrigued by me and my responses.   I was still going to try to get him to see that there was no war, that all his training was unnecessary, and that there were so many better things to do that were much more fun and would still also be challenging; like mini putt-putt (mini golf). (DV golf dream connects and DV I get a head set and enter Ender’s type game)

It was suddenly time to ‘roll out’ and the Commander told the 3 to 4 other men hanging out in our room to, “Roll out.”  The Commander then went outside the room and onto the hall landing area and went down the outdoor hallway to the other rooms telling the rest of the troops it was time to get up and go.  We were all now leaving the B&B and getting into our vehicles again. 

One of the girls with us, likely non-military, didn’t like all the night driving.  She was concerned about all the wild animals that could pop up and onto the road in the dark; such as deer, skunks, and etc.  She didn’t want to drive at night anymore because of these concerns.  She reminded me some of ‘Shay’ the Teddy Bear Ai girl that I gave the code of love to. (DV – I give Ai code of love) She was very unhappy about the dangerous night driving and she wasn’t going to do it anymore and so she was now going to ‘tell on’ the Commander(?) to the principle or lead Commander, or both together, to put a stop to it; or she would see about being reassigned to a ‘day’ planning group-troop or the like.   I found myself agreeing with her.  The Ravi looking guy was with her and going to go with her. (DV poltergeist dresser and astral class)  I felt like I was somehow going to be going with both, like first I would be going with the girl in her vehicle till it was a little later like 3 or 4am when it’d be twilight hours and no longer pitch black out, then like we’d catch up later with the main military troops when they woke up all the way, or she got reassigned to another troop.  I figured no sense putting myself at unnecessary risk, when I could just head out a little later and safer.


Then, I was in another room and at another location.  This room was possibly even the military troop’s destination.   I was relaxing awake in a bed with my male and female companion friends.  There were only three or four other ‘students’ in the room.  The guy and the girl in bed with me seemed to sort of like one another.  I sat up in bed and looked to where the teacher was sitting up front behind a desk.  It was likely Alvin the astral instructor, but he was looking like my Uncle Albert.

‘Uncle Albert’ was talking about dreams, astral travel, and work.  He also seemed to be talking about my Trump dreams and was using them as examples, but he didn’t seem to realize they were my Dream Visions. He was fairly knowledgeable, but still only what I considered intermediate-advanced.  We both knew I knew a whole lot more than he did, but he didn’t really like his views being challenged. Yet, at the same time he was open to being taught new things and ways that may conflict with his currently held (maybe semi-staunch) views and opinions.  If challenged, he’d likely be a bit grumpy about it. 

‘Uncle Albert,’ was now saying something like, “all people appear in dreams and astral, looking like themselves” or something ‘silly’ like that.  It felt like Uncle Albert was a combo-soul at the moment of Alvin and another soul.  Even though Alvin said that to the small group of us present in the room, he knew better and knew what he stated wasn’t true.  But, stating things argumentatively was his was of asking someone to ‘prove’ to him otherwise.  I raised my hand to answer before he even finished articulating half of that thought, because I already knew, and then I started to interrupt him to talk and then stopped myself, apologized, and let him finish his sentence. (lol)  He then stated he didn’t want me (or anyone for that matter) going into some big long discourse about it, or to be there ‘all day’ and to just reply in 1 to 3 sentences only! (LOL)  I was now sort of smirk-smiling because I knew it was because he didn’t want to have to try to defend his possibly erroneous views against too much (contrary) evidence.  Alvin, looking like my Uncle Albert, motioned to me now that I could answer.

I put my hand down and said, “That’s not true. People show up all the time looking like other people to convey a message or energy vibe; such as a personality trait, pattern, or behavior.” I then more thought projected the rest to him about the guy I had seen in the CERN dream; who’d appeared looking like the tough bully guy in D.C. Legends of Tomorrow who later in the TV series turned good and how in Waking 3D Life I confirmed the actual visiting soul was someone else. I affirmed the visiting soul by asking a new acquaintance in Waking 3D Life about a backpack seen in the dream, that the actual person regularly used in waking 3D life and about a personal life situation that had occurred and that I saw in the Dream Vision, that I had no way of knowing about. (DV’s DeCeRN_files_…. sent to SBA on 6.25.2017)  I next thought projected about how Robert the radio show host appeared to me as Robert De Niro to show the Italian connections.  Lastly, I thought projected to Albert how he himself was now appearing to me as my Uncle Albert, whom I knew he was not.

The instructor, Albert was like, “Ok…” his view being very challenged now.  He’d seemed to think that only himself maybe showed up in dreams looking like other people aside from me, and that not everyone else did it too! He then said to me, “That’s enough from you.”  (lol)

At some point during my short response, I’d gotten up out of bed and sat on the floor in front of the instructor’s desk, that somehow seemed to help make my point.  The Ravi-looking guy spoke up now and agreed with me and what I had just said.

Then I was in another location . . .

TRYING TO PLACE A PICTURE. NO LENSES IN (DV Council Meeting Connect – Sent SBA 8.8.2017)

I was now in my old Camino downstairs bedroom with the same guy and girl that were in the bed with me in the astral class. Alvin was in the bedroom as well with me and no longer looking like my Uncle Albert.  The three of them were sitting on my former queen size bed with the brass frame.  I was sitting on the floor trying to glue into a modern black frame a giclee art print of mine.  I was using Elmer’s glue and seemed to be making a mess!  Like I had glue all over the front of the artwork, though I’d tried to keep it only around the edges and to glue press the artwork to the frame.  I then set something on top of it.  It seemed almost like I was gluing together a puzzle and setting it now in the frame. (DV Trump water puzzle – sent SBA 8.30.2017)  The image might have been my “Space Station” Energetic Portal Design with/or “Peace Harmonics” overtones/overlay. 

I placed a layer of pink tissue paper on top of the glued-up artwork side and then placed a cardboard box(?) on top of it.  Then, I realized the tissue was now stuck-glued all over the top of the art image. I lifted off the box to see if I could peel off the tissue safely.  I was able to get off a small section of the tissue, but that was all I could do without risking damaging to the artwork, so I figured, ‘Oh well . . . guess that’s how it’s supposed to be.’ and decided to just see how it turned out. 

While I was trying to set the artwork, I was talking some with the guy and girl on my bed and the more ethereally-present teacher, about what I was trying to accomplish.  The instructor-teacher seemed to be criticizing and judging me the entire time.  But, it was more so because he just didn’t fully understand my processes and that was his way of communication and getting answers he needed; so, I wasn’t offended.  I thought him ok.

Now I was having an enormous amount of trouble trying to lineup the artwork in the glassless frame.  I just couldn’t seem to do it right. So, I decided (again), ‘Oh well, guess that’s just how it’s supposed to be.’ and I set the glass in place as best I could.  The teacher was now in his critical way of getting answers saying, “Why are you doing it like that?” I then, took the glass out again to try one last time to get the artwork placed better.  It was a little better, but not by much! (lol) So, I put the glass back in the frame and said to myself, ‘Oh well, it is what it is.’ I then set the stuff (box?) back on top of the artwork. The teacher then said, “Why don’t you do it like this…” or “you ‘should’ do it like this….” or “You shouldn’t do that…” (DV grumbly guy and purple snake) He could see all the trouble I was having. The box(?) I’d set on top of the artwork seemed to glow a golden-yellow and I thought of the other dream where I was using a cardboard box, in a prison camp, to send and receive(?) messages to and from Gorik before the massive lighting struck the camp. 

The teacher seemed to think the solution was to fit the image into the frame like everyone else had done with all the other millions of pictures in frames and like I should be ‘in control’ like that of the framing process. But, I knew better, (DV Magik Powders, elephant turns into a man and signs papers for me – sent SBA 7.29.2017) while I was think-expecting it to also turn out like that, or rather ‘should’ turn out like that, I also knew each thing was unique and carried its own energies and was best to not try to control it and just allow things (energies) to be as they needed to be and to let them sorta form themselves as they would; even if they turned out somewhat differently than I may have expected, it was their right too, to express themselves as need be.   I figured it’d correct itself in time, or just be it’s own unique creation to appreciate it “as is.” 

I didn’t feel the need to ‘control’ the process or the outcome. I think this bothered the astral teacher because he seemed to like think-controlling-things by way of process and he thought all things must be done a certain way to achieve ‘exact’ results every time and like one must only do it that ‘one way.’ But, to me, that was just boring! (lol) I like to just allow things to happen and see what “is” and deal with that and anything else that might come up whenever or wherever it does and happens.  He seemed he might be getting a little bored too with his method, (DV creepy clown game and boring room connect) but he’d invested so much time and energy into his method(s) that in order for him to be cracked out of his same old ways, he needed to criticize others like me in order to glean answers.  I didn’t mind, I knew eventually he’d come around.

I was now done with the artwork and went to the dresser.

I was now looking into the vertical mirror the right hand side of the dresser, near my work desk. I pulled out a purple color contact lense to put in my eye to wear.  I put in the right eye lense just fine.  But, the left eye lense was now hard and had a dried up spot on it that began to crack like glass.  As I touched the dry lense and tried to rewet it with contact solution it instead shattered and broke, like the purple glass in the DV with Ginger (sent SBA 10.22.2017). I decided again, ‘oh well, guess I wasn’t meant to wear these after all.’ I then took the other purple lense out of my right eye, and grabbed my blue lenses.

One of the blue lenses was flipped inside out, so I flipped it back and put contact wetting solution on it. As I was getting ready to put it into my eye, the lense increased in size and was hecka thick and filled with watery liquid and was like a large gel thing the size of my hand! At first I was thinking I’d shrink it to fit my eye . . . but nope! (lol) I then literally range it out like a towel and it didn’t break or tear and I got it to shrink a tiny bit but not enough and then it was the size of my head! I had really wanted to wear my blue lenses (or any color lenses for that matter!).  As I set the blue lense on the dresser, I again thought, ‘oh well, guess that’s not gonna happen today’ and ‘guess I’m just meant to ‘wear’ my natural dark brown eyes again today.  I did think briefly to maybe try my red lenses. 

I sighed, as I felt it was prob necessary for Gorik to look into my eyes and see directly into my soul to know the truth without my having on any eyeball veneers. (lol)

Then, I woke up . . .

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