Around 5 am


I was sitting inside a small-ish class-like room with about 20 others.  They all seemed to maybe work with Gorik, but maybe not ‘all;’ maybe just the girl sitting next to me, on my right.  The girl to my right was talking about all of Gorik’s ‘problems’ with me.  She was no longer protecting him or his bad behaviors.  I was telling her how I kept on seeing Gorik needing to be tested for ‘diseases’ or the like in my dreams.  I was lightly fishing around for answers to if he actually had something in Waking 3D Life that I needed to know about. 

The girl to my right had a piece of white 8.5” x 11” paper in front of her on the desk, when she sorta just blurted out, “He has Staph (staff?) infection.”  I then asked in a sorta beat-around-the-bush-fashion; without really saying it; if Gorik has stomach issues then.  She then said something like, “He takes Tums for (ulcers?) pain in his stomach.” or the like.  I realized she was no longer concerned at all about keeping any of Gorik’s problems or ‘secret’ health issues, or etc, private anymore and I took this into consideration about what I might tell her about me, just in case.

There was a lot more going on.

Then, it was time for everyone to have a dinner break. Some chicken breasts were being fried in oil in a silver pan and some chicken breasts were being boiled in water.  A man, who looked like Red Cooper, was in the room too. Red seemed curious to get to know me better.

I intentionally went to the back of the food line, to ensure everyone else got to eat. My mom was preparing the food. Once I got to the front of the line, there was no cooked chicken left for me.  The guy in front of me got the last cooked piece. It was now my turn and I said to my mom, “Please don’t tell me there isn’t any more cooked chicken for me…” but it was so, there was none.  My mom held up a quart hefty zip bag with a piece of raw chicken breast in it and offered to cook it for me.  I put down my plate, very upset, verging on tears, and could barely get my voice and words out the first try. I tried to speak a second time about how upset I was and barely got out what I needed to, “Why can’t anyone ever care about me?  Or think about me?  I purposefully went to the back to ensure everyone else got a piece.  Why can’t anyone ever think about me like that and care enough about me too? I think I’m going to leave and go cry somewhere now.”  I was not going to wait 15 to 45 minutes for a piece of raw chicken to cook. 

I left the room very upset and so as not to ‘publically’ reveal my abilities and powers.  The girl I’d been sitting next to still wanted to talk with me some more.  But, it was like she’d done something to offend me (like with the food, and not caring about me) and so I left.  She almost seemed sad and forlorn and desperate sounding.  Like when I ran away from home as a teenager and hid when my mom came after me, calling for me.  I’d never heard her so sad before or after that day.

I was now outside.  It was night and a beautiful clear starry sky.  I began to cry as I walked to find a ‘hiding’ spot.  To ‘hide’ I dissolved into being aether (air?) particles, or a type of dust particle and was essentially invisible.  Somehow, it seemed it was the girl I’d been sitting next to fault I was so upset.   She seemed like she might be Red’s daughter.  Somehow it seemed her fault there’d been no food left for me or she’d done something else I didn’t really liked and that I was offended by.  Yet, I’ given her no indication of my being unhappy with her or our conversation while we sat next to one another and talked.

I then decided to fly up high into a tree in case I wanted to be visible and not findable, or have anyone near me.  The tree was a very deep forest green color and somehow seemed very Dr. Seuss like (Peggy Sue DV connect).  I was about 30 feet up in the tree and about a quarter from the top.  I sat spread eagle on a tree branch and was fairly shrouded by bushy almost pine-like but very soft deep forest green needle bristles.  I made myself visible and reformed into my human form, but I was too uncomfortable to remain seated in the tree like I was. 

The girl, possibly Red’s Daughter, Natalie, came outside now trying to find me and to sort of apologize.  She seemed to be a lil groupie-like-fanish-type style, but she was also sort of a social status equal to me. But, not an equal to me magik wise.  I decided to come down from the tree and dissolved back into the aethers and was again like invisible particles as I hovered about 4 feet above the ground.

I saw Natalie looking for me.  She ‘knew’ I was there but she couldn’t quite find me.  She could sort of ‘hear’ me. To ‘tease’ her some I went right up to her face (as invisible particles) and did a deep breath and exhale on her face and may have said something to her to seem ‘ghost-like’ from her perspective. (DV I show girl I am a ghost and place my hand through her head) Natalie both heard and felt what I did!  She wanted to catch me and to apologize some, but more cause she sorta thought me god-like-status and wanted to associate with me because of that and to sorta ‘catch’ me to even observe me like an experiment.

I continued to focus on being invisible and she sorta knew where I was and was following me the whole time and almost on me, but she couldn’t quite place her proverbial, or literal, finger(s) on me.  She seemed even a lil forlorn about it all. I lost her for a few moments, as she went looked around a sectional for me. 

I then went into what was like a small ocean tide pool (Gorik and Duke in tide pool DV) as aether particles.  It reminded me of the ocean in Tonga (DV Tonga Jet and Meetings) and the photo I took of the Eel in the waters.  They were very clean and clear.  I submerged myself and thought for a brief moment I might not be able to breath under water, but then decided I could if I wanted to, and so I could.  I then shapeshifted into being the Fishman form, (DV my Big Fat Italian Family) and looked again like the Fishman from the film “The Shape of Water.”

Natalie was near my position again.  I came out of the water looking like the Fishman, but to Natalie I was still largely invisible.  She may have been able to see a wisp of my face and wisps of my upper body.  She was still sort of forlorn calling for me, even semi-desperate to apologize.  I wasn’t really mad at her, I just didn’t want to deal with her and how needy clingy she seemed to be.  She was sorta apologizing in  a light desperation way for me to, “Please come back…” and a ‘she’d-not-meant-to-hurt-me’ kinda way.   She tried again to find and grab me and got really close, but I was fully aethers (mysts) again and not catchable.  I then flew away as a myst-like form to another location.

I was now at a new location and seemed to be indoors, inside a store that was an indoor-outdoor type shop.  There were 2 old school pay phones and one casino-like juke box.  I went over to one of the payphones when Red (?) showed up and put a quarter in the very pay phone I was standing in front of.  A female automated voice came on and said, “It’s one dollar and fifty cents to make a call.”

Red could see me. 

I worried briefly he might ‘rat me out.’  But, he seemed to like me some and was not wanting me to get caught or in trouble. But, maybe he’d say something if it was in his best interest, as he might have been a sort of bounty hunter.  It felt Red liked me more than he didn’t like me, and his focus was on getting the pay phone to work so he could make a call to a female co-worker or assistant.  He was talking out loud to me about what he was doing.  He was basically ‘narrating’ his choice to walk from the first payphone to the second payphone to see if the second one worked and was also stating as a joke to be funny (but I didn’t laugh) that he knew the first payphone was only 25 cents to use; he chucked as he stated that; and finished his ‘joke’ about the payphone telling him it was $1.50 to use, when he knew for a fact it was only 25 cents.  He found that amusing.  Red was looking for more quarters and dimes to insert into the talking pay phone to get to the $1.50 amount; if he couldn’t get it to work for less.

I felt ok with Red.  It didn’t feel he was going to ‘rat me out’ and even as if he was trying to protect me now, from the others.

I then thought I woke up and that I was writing about Gorik inside my current red covered journal.  The girl seemed to there looking over my shoulder as I wrote my initial Dream Vision notes.  I wrote them diagonally as I do and seemed to be taking up most of the page.  Red may have been there looking on at what I was writing too. I sort of tried to hide my journal for privacy reasons, but it was still there and in the open for seeing by those nearby.

Then, I woke for real and documented this Dream Vision. e