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Directive: Next step with Gorik

6:24 am

I found myself at the Shingle Springs dealership, but it was different than the actual one in Waking 3D Life. I seemed to be ‘The Boss’ or the boss’ kid, so I had special privileges.  Yet oddly, it was also like it was a scam and a ruse, because I didn’t really work there, but everyone thought I did, so I went with that.

I stood in the hallway across from the ‘girls’ (accounting) office facing the parts department counter and sliding glass window.  I was also somehow simultaneously in the service department as well with a group of legitimate dealership employees. 

I said something and someone slid-popped(?) something to me on the floor.

Then I (as possibly a 40’s aged man) was lie-telling the legitimate employee group in the service department that I was Roosevelt (Orange Poison Gas-Area 51-CL- DV connect and Ruse de Guerre).  For some reason this had to be done in order to get the people to work with and for me. I had one or two security people in the group, who looked like legitimate employee workers.  AS the 40’s aged man, I looked like Tom Hanks in his 40’s or 50’s.  While I was this man, I also was not him as well.

There was more stuff going on, I couldn’t quite pull back in. 

Then I (as Tom) went to the main showroom floor by going outside the building, then back inside to the main showroom floor through the front customer entry door, rather than returning through the inside  hallway by the girls accounting office (Doctor I help with files Dream Vision connect) and parts department window. By going outside the building and re-entering the showroom through the customer door, it somehow made the place as if it were a new location and like we’d travelled to it and were just now arriving. 

As Tom, I also looked very aged and old.  

I was now, as Tom, inside the building with a group legitimate dealership employees that I was running my ‘scam’ on and told them I was Roosevelt.  They all believed me.  I’d done a small amount of doctoring up of one paper, where another man had signed it saying I was Roosevelt.  But, he was also part of the con job and part of helping me fool people to believe me at my (fake) word.  As Tom, I was almost sort of surprised at how easy it was to fool people.  I then went with my female assistant to the main next person that I had to pass their identity inspection.  The next person was a legitimate dealership management level employee. 

As Tom, I entered into the manager’s office and saw a man sitting behind a desk in his chair.  My female assistant and I went and stood in front of the manager’s desk with a green or black chalkboard behind him attached to the wall.  The man behind the desk looked like an older Jim Carey with aged face skin.  Now, I was both the Tom-Hanks-looking man and my usual looking self standing behind the manager at his desk and watching the scam being run.

The Tom-Hanks-looking guy was planning a 3-day heist. Tom now addressed the manager and said, “I’m Roosevelt.”  The Jim-Carey-looking manager looked over his paper, a single white 8.5×11 paper with a Word Doc type of chart on it: 5 rows and 2 columns. In the two times narrower right hand column, were typed names and the left column was for the manger to sign next to ‘Roosevelt’s’ typed name to verify he was Roosevelt.  ‘Jim’ would be the second person to verify ‘Tom’ as “Roosevelt.’  With Jim’s signature on the paper, he would be the second person to verify Tom and this would thereby ‘prove’ Tom was Roosevelt.

I wondered if ‘Tom’ (whom I knew to be Gorik – DV about ‘Tom’ emailed 8.26.2017 with Trump Labs DV group) had any of the Roosevelt bloodlines in him at all (Vanderbilt DV connect?).  Jim sat at his desk and put on his spectacles as he looked over the paper. (FBI DV April 17, 2019) which also was a Q&A of sorts as well.  Largely Jim would just verbally ask the questions and once satisfied with the answer he would sign his signature in the box-spot next to Roosevelt’s typed name box-spot and would later sign and date it at the bottom of the sheet.  Jim asked Tom some questions now and largely took Tom’s word that he was who he said he was.  Jim didn’t ask to see Tom’s actual driver license ID or credit cards because of the first guy signing off on the paper. Jim simply asked Tom, “Do you have your driver license and credit card with you?” to which Tom replied, “Yep, I’m Roosevelt, and definitely carry those and can pull those out if you like at any time?”  I knew as well as Gorik, that it’d be his ‘real’ identity on the cards and not his fake ‘Roosevelt’ identity. Gorik had only ‘wanted’ to do the heist per say, so he’d not have to work with his dad . . . little did he know . . .

The manager now got on the phone and was looked more like an old Richard Dean Anderson (Alaskan mining with MacGyver DV connect – emailed SBA 7.10.17) and his face was very aged and weathered looking.  He told Tom he had his dad there today, thinking his dad a legitimate co-worker, with that he phoned the dad to come into the office from the showroom area to verify Tom’s identity as his son, rather than look at his IDs.  Tom, who was actually Gorik, stood there expecting to be exposed as a fraud. . . instead . . .  an old weather-face man walked in with a Squid Word/ Bart Simpson hook-nose-old-neighbor vibe and the old man was Tom’s actual dad. His dad  was frauding as a Roosevelt too.  Tom was very surprised when his actual dad came into the room (and not the real Roosevelt dad) and his dad greeted him with a sort of clap on the shoulder and brightly said, “Ah! That’s my Boy!”

The manager at the desk was preparing now to sign off on Tom’s papers. Gorik, hadn’t really expected the manger to sign his papers, though he’d needed Jim’s signature in order to do the 3-day heist. Gorik didn’t really want to do the heist because he didn’t want to do all the work involved. He was actually trying to lazy get out of doing the heist by not getting the second signature, so it’d look like he wanted to work, but ‘circumstances’ prevented it. Gorik had left for this heist specifically to NOT work with his dad . . . only to discover his ‘dad’ had set up the whole thing to trick his son into being forced to work with him, by letting Tom (Gorik) think it was all his own idea to do the heist.  Tom couldn’t say anything now or he’d be in deep sh*t if he exposed himself in front of the legitimate dealership manager.  So, Tom played along and greeted his ‘actual’ dad as if he was his ‘Roosevelt’ dad.  This satisfied the manager (who was looking like Jim Carey again) and he signed off on the paper next to Roosevelt’s name. 

Oddly, I was a part of this heist team as well.  Then, in came the motley-crew-heist-workers of some of the most unattractive people I have ever seen.  I was a stunning beauty compared to them.  They all seemed like they were the kids who got picked on in school as the ‘super freaks’ and were now doing heists like this to be socially accepted.  They all came into the room (about 15 of them) and sat in chairs about 10 feet behind the manager and his desk. The manager was again looking more like Richard.  The Roosevelt fraudsters stood facing the group as the dad began going over the heist plan.  He was talking about the heist as if it was a 3-day-rush-car-sale, where the dealership would funnel in 40 to 50 real cars from the factory thinking the heist crew was actually selling the cars for the dealership profits, but the money obtained would then be funneled into an (off-shore?) bank account that did not belong to the dealership.  By the time the legitimate dealership workers could figure it out, the heist crew would be packed up and long gone immediately after the 3-day heist-sale.   Where the heisters would have gotten all the cars for free, as the dealer had already paid for them, then Tom, his dad, and the motley-crew would get all the funds.

I sat in a seat observing all of this.  It all also seemed to have to do with foam. (Nazca Being and Dimension Rescue DV connect – sent SBA 6.15.2017)  I wondered how it was that I was somehow a part of this motley-crew too. (DV Parachute military – sent SBA 7.3.17)   But, it seemed I was more an observer not expected to sell or do any of the heist type stuff and like I was a part of the team . . . as the girlfriend of one of the Roosevelt’s (?) Who actually were Stone’s somehow, like me, and that was actually why I was there.  Like this was ‘family’ business.

 My new puppy Arthor also seemed to be on my lap and I’d protected him too at some point.