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Q:  What is my next step on my most peaceful, joyful life path, and winning my lawsuit this year?

I was inside a house like my Grandpa Rose’s. Clean, elegant, and upscale. I was a little worried about break-ins, but none of that ever happened.  I went around the inside of the house checking doors and locking them; as I was going to leave.   The home felt more like the vacation house my Grandpa and Uncle owned in South Lake Tahoe, rather than a regular daily lived in home.

There was a grumpy-guy who came in and asked me about a paper-type letter-thing with something on it like it was about me(?), but not really and like he was trying to say I needed to respond to it.  But his paper was more like when something breaks around the home, my dad fixes it.  So, whatever was in the letter, wasn’t really anything for me to fix, but someone else would do it and the guy didn’t really want or need my help to fix it.   He was going in and out of Grandpa’s house like he had full access too and maybe even lived there sometimes.

He was really grumbly and needing to move his car (?) out of the garage, but he had blocked himself in with another car.   There was something like 4 to 6 cars total in the garage, including my Spark car.  The grumbly-guy was acting like he was in a hurry and needing my help to move his car; but he didn’t really want or need my help, he just wanted to complain and grumble more than anything and he wasn’t going to let anyone really help him anyways.  He was super irritable about me and behaving like it was my fault he had to move his car and like I had done ‘whatever’ it was.   It also seemed he’s asked me for the key to open the garage door or asked for the garage door opener with the buttons on it.

The grumbly guy was now going in and out of the house in a semi-hurry to move his stuff and vehicle out of the garage, reminding me of a guy I met at an art show with his really drunk wife that he literally had to hold back from me, as she kept on wanting to touch me and be within inches of my face. (lol) 

I went back inside the house through the door to the garage to lock more doors. I needed to lock the door to the garage and the laundry room door, which was the room I just entered into from the garage.  (Money laundering spotlight runs dream connect)  I passed through the laundry room door to the main house and went into a brightly sun-lit white room.  I looked around and out the windows to ensure no one was there, I was concerned about this and felt like I was leaving because it was safer for me elsewhere.  There was no door to lock in this room so I went to one or two more rooms and lock-checked other doors.  Everything was already locked and pretty good. I went back to the garage now to leave now.

The grumbly-guy was in the garage with all his car doors open and the car he’d parked behind himself was positioned T-bone style. He was griping at me like to help him with his car problems and like I should move the other car, but he’d not really let me help even though I was willing to.    I began to wonder if maybe he was a thief there pretending to know my Grandpa.  But, he seemed he did belong there and he was hecka unhappy about the car he’d parked behind his car.  My car was in a row away from his and I could back out without any problems from the garage.

The grumbly-guy kept acting like his car situation was all my fault, yet at the same time he knew it was his own problem and that he’d done it.  So, he was trying to act like he knew what he was doing and like he had to take and put things in and out of his car, with all the doors open, till he got it all. I sort of looked at him as he looked at me and I quizzically asked, “So . . . do you want me to help? . . . Or? . . .” He didn’t really want me to help, he just wanted to be mad and grumbly about whatever he was mad and grumbly about with his situation that he’d created.

I decided I was going to get in my car to leave.  As I got to my car door and opened one, I closed it again as I thought, ‘Oops, I need to lock the laundry room door to the garage.’  But, the grumbly-guy was still going in and out some, so I didn’t know if I should lock the door or not.   I went back to the short stairwell-up of about 5 steps to the platform to the laundry room door.  As I arrived back on the platform I noticed the silver garage key hanging on a key nob.  The key looked like my bedroom door key, but was the key to Grandpa’s main house.  I pulled out my key blob from my pocket to see if it was my bedroom key and saw on my key ring the same ‘matching’ key, only my key was gold like my home’s main house key. (Silver and Gold TF’s Dreams Connect) I also very prominently noticed my Spark car key on my key ring. 

I thought to myself, ‘Why is the house key right here at the door like this?’  All someone would need to do was break into the garage and then walk up to the door and use the key and since the garage was open already there it was.  I still didn’t know if I should wait till the guy was done or if I should lock up.  I seemed to decide the guy should get done and do it and like I asked him too if I could lock up.  I still wasn’t so sure he really belonged there in the first place, though it seemed he did.

The grumbly-guy seemed to now have 2 people in the garage helping him move cars.  They moved the car from behind his car to be outside the garage.  Then they even moved my car outside the garage and parked it.  I was like, ‘Uh . . . that’s my car and I could have done that . . . and it wasn’t even blocking your car.’  The grumbly-guy was still all frenzy-activity and grumbly-irritable about having to move all the whatever stuff he was moving and he was acting like he had to get out of there in a hurry.

I went ahead and locked the deadbolt on the garage door and left the turn knob lock unlocked.  I tested and turned the door knob and pulled on the door, it was solidly locked.  I wasn’t really sure there was much point in locking it though, since the ‘spare’ key was right there on the key nob and it seemed to belong to the guy. I figured, I was going to be responsible and lock up even if the guy wasn’t done; as I’d been entrusted to lock up the house anytime I left, so I did. 

The grumbly-guy now had his car backed out of the garage and he could pull out anytime.  But, he was still being all hella grumbly about it all and now was going in and out the garage with his car. He now had 2 or now 3 male helpers.  The helpers all seemed to largely ignore me and were focused on moving all the cars for some reason, except 1 or 2 cars that were my Grandpa’s, they left those alone.  They had 3 cars outside the garage now and my car. They seemed to have pulled out one more car from the garage and there were 2 cars left untouched inside.  I wasn’t sure, but there may have been one car parked in front of where my Spark car had been in the garage and sometimes it may have even been behind my car, so I was grateful they’d moved it so I could get out easily.  The grumbly-guy was still acting like it was somehow my fault he’s been blocked in; though he also knew it wasn’t and like that made him mad the most. 

The guy was very irritated the whole time he was moving stuff around.  He was aware of me, but the other 2 or 3 helpers not so much, and they weren’t all frenetic like the grumbly-guy.  One helper seemed to be Duke and he was just calmly helping the grumbly-guy move things around so he could leave.  Yet, even though the grumbly-guy could leave . . . and had his car outside the garage . . .he kept on doing things and staying around; like he was waiting for something or for me (?).  He seemed he didn’t really want to leave and like he had to, ‘go-go-go . . . . now-now-now . . .’ then, he’d have something else to do, or get, or move.  He seemed to also want to sit and smoke a cigarette and like he had a used ashtray in his car and like maybe he and I were going to smoke together a drag or two.  (Me and guy smoking dream and Gorik ritual). e