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Overcoming the “Prior” Agenda through Love – no fighting

I was debating getting my birth certificate by mail or in person. I then was taking training in a class, as if I were in school.

Gorik and I were challenging the ‘system lord.’  He was again appearing as my brother Kyle and his wife, Meryl, was appearing as my sister in law, Trudy. There was a crowd of people where we were at.

I had crystal rocks that Trudy and Gorik wanted.  They wanted to steal them from me, or take them.  Gorik tried to trick me out of them for Trudy.  But, I knew and let her have some.

The teacher than guided all of us from the classroom area to where there was a man who looked like the main “Prior” in the Stargate SG-1 series. He was tall with pale whitish skin.  Anyone who wanted to could have a showdown with him, and challenge his ways.  Those who failed to beat the Prior, he made them follow ‘his’ path. 

Myself and Gorik went forward.  Gorik planned to ‘fight’ by way of trickery and deception. He intended to steal the Prior’s staff, by way of the con and sleight of hand, when it was his turn.

But, I was set to attempt first. 

I looked at and upon the Prior and telepathed to him why I could not ‘follow’ or do his way(s).  I said-empathed it in high and honorable vibrations of love feelings.  I then telepathed my intent to show him my ways, through a hug, and then requested permission to ‘hug’ the Prior. It was granted to me, and I then moved in and put my arms around him.  He was very tall, I only came up to about his chest with my head, and felt much like a kid full of love, faith, and trust.  I then placed my arms around him and gave him a deep and meaningful hug and let the feelings in my heart (love) expand to include him in my aura.  I telepathed to him that I could not harm anyone and that my way was to honor and respect all.  I then focused fully on expanding the love vibration emanating from my ‘heart’ around he and I to at least 10 (to 100) times its current strength.  The, non-visible to others (human) eyes, white light became very vibrant.  The embrace ended and he said “this one does not have to follow my ways” and telepathed to everyone, that ‘my’ path was higher than his ways could ever be for me.  He deemed my path honorable and trustworthy. 

Gorik and the other ‘fighters’ however were expected to continue to follow the Priors orders.[i]

After proving my honor, I then stood floated to the above top left behind the group as a sovereign individual who was respected and did not need controlling as I had mastered it and exceeded it from within. 

My goal was to ‘Add’ to the man (Prior).  Gorik’s was to take away.