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Directive:  Let me experience/explore a new magikal skill/ability I have. Love, peace, joy, destiny path where I am with my TF in W3DL this year.

“Time unknown”

Stories spun as if by me, but it the touching user’s style stuff.




I was in the middle of the ocean near a Europe type land mass.  There was a guy with me in the middle of the ocean waters, we could not see the shore.  He was very whiney and bicker about being with me.  Big waves were rolling by all around us, a storm seemed to be coming.  We had to navigate the huge rolling waves to remain safe.   I had on a bright orange life vest.  He did not.  I seemed to also be holding something like a box-package in my right hand as well, that I was taking somewhere.  I also was grabbing and holding the guy with my left hand and somewhat with my right hand while also holding the package as well, to keep him afloat. (Partner’s life vest dream in Enetka Tulina DreamWalker book)  The guy was also grabbing onto me, without me he’d be lost out in the middle of the ocean and would drown.

He was very bickery with me about how I do things, and how I would swim right at a big wave as it came towards us; like a surfer; only I didn’t need to dunk my head or body through the wave as I’d simply go over the large roll before it’d crest into a crashing wave; and I’d keep us safe by avoiding them. The waves came from all different directions. The guy was continuously grumble-complaining and saying stuff like, “Why do you do that!?” and “We ‘should’ be doing it ‘this’ way.” or “I don’t like doing it like this.” and “I want to do it like ….” and “Why are you holding onto me?” and on and on he’d whine. He also seemed to have a mild cold.  Finally I said, “Look, you don’t have a life vest; if you want to go off on your own and swim out in the middle of the ocean and storm all by yourself and want to go in the direction away from shore (he wanted to go opposite to me) and you want to drown/die in the ocean by doing things your way . . . then you go right ahead and do that.” He seemed to swim off a few feet away from me and he couldn’t get his face out of the water and he began to sink like a lead brick. I went and rescued him having let him see what it’d be like for him without me for a minute and to finish my statement. He briefly had a vibe like a friend of mine from childhood, JP. I continued once I had his head and ears above water again,  “ I’m going to shore; and I’m holding onto you to keep you from drowning. (Guy I save by removing his boots and giving him a stack of floating books dream connect) I’m not holding onto you because I need you to stay afloat. I do this for you!  It’d be a whole lot easier for me to just leave you here and not have you as dead weight.  So you just go right on ahead and do whatever you want.  I don’t ‘need’ you and in fact it’d be a whole lot easier without you.”  With that, he finally shut up and was still all hella grumbly-grumpy about having to be with me; but he stayed with me as otherwise he’d die in the ocean all by himself.

We were now near the European land mass shore and I was seeing the overview of the land as if a map.  I wasn’t sure exactly where we were but it felt like someplace like Iceland, which really should have been called Greenland and vice versa.  We may been in the Netherlands or possibly Germany.  (Upon waking I looked at a map and Sweden was a strong potential location as to where we were) (Pangea map trip and other connecting map dreams)


Now the grumbly-bicker guy was on the shore with me and he was still complaining about things.  I kept on calling him ‘Baby,’ like that was his name.  So I’d start a sentence like, “Baby….”  Then state my thought as if I’d said his name.  I did that quite a few times and he was really unhappy about that too and grumbly-whiney said, “Why do you keep calling me Baby???”  He was following me around in a counter clockwise direction around a white flag pole mounted in a rounded cement base, with nice grass and flower planter boxes around it in a circular pattern as well.  I said, “Because you act like one . . . Baby . . .” I continued “You whine about this; you whine about that.”

As we continued to go around and around the circle arguing; I spotted a baby purple snake in the planters looking ready to strike from being fearful.  Then, I started to say ‘baby’ even more to bug the grumbly-guy and to ensure he got the message that he acted like a baby and to prove my point. Then I told him, “I also call you Baby because that’s the only way you listen.”  He was again grumbly-complaining. I began to point out the poisonous purple baby snake in the planters that’d been watching us as we’d been going by it in the circle and arguing.  I pointed out to him it was looking like it’d maybe try to strike.  The snake had a look in its eyes like it was my former black cat Billy animating it.  It had a lot of fear.

My bicker guy friend was then like “Watch out, he’s going to strike.”  I then saw the snake slow-launch-float itself into the air at an angle heading for my face.  The purple snake was about the diameter of my index finger and about two or three feet long.  It was looking to bite me on the nose or chin.  Just as it got within inches of my face, I grabbed it with my left index finger and thumb and held it tight right behind its head in my solid grip.  It wanted to bite me really bad, but couldn’t.   I knew now I had to kill it, as otherwise it’d just keep trying to bite me to inject its poison venom. It had a baby Rattlesnake type vibe, meaning it wouldn’t be able to stop injecting its venom once it started because it didn’t have the control built up yet to do so.  It also seemed he’d be like a bee and once he used his stinger (venom) once it’d also die.  I wasn’t originally going to kill it, but now I was because it was unreasonably fearful and it’d brought its own demise upon itself.  My bickery guy friend said, “You know you have to break-snap it’s neck…”  I said, “Yeah, I know.” with sort of a sigh. He continued, “You know he’ll just keep trying to kill you if you don’t, right.?”  I replied again, “Yeah, I already know all that.” 

The baby snake was now showing its medium length fangs and trying to put it’s fangs onto my index finger near its throat and couldn’t; then it tried for anything of my skin it might be able to reach, but nothing was within its reach and I ensured to keep it that way.  It was essentially completely immobilized at its head.  It then tried briefly to get me with its tail, but I realized I didn’t need to do anything about that as it wasn’t a scorpion or the like and it wasn’t a threat.   I continued to hold it snuggly behind its head between my fingers. 

I felt very calm (no anxiety or fear) and I then snapped its neck with the same two fingers holding it somehow, and the baby snake began to split-splatter-spray purple venom from its two fangs.  The guy said, “You gotta continue until he is fully dead.”  I again knew that, but he reaffirmed that for me that I had to hold it firm until it fully died, as it was still dangerous until then.    Then, to finish the job, I seemed to break-rip-open it’s jaw as the final death blow. (dream connect Dangerous snakes I rip apart and terminate to protect others. I am the only one strong enough to do so. Trump comforts me saying the first one is always the hardest) Because, this time was not my first time to kill a snake like this, I was basically fully emotionally detached from the snake and its fate, as I’d already done this before and this was what the snake had wanted by its poor choices of actions and behaviors.  With its neck broken and it jaw snapped apart, it’s head was now withering like a slow-deflating balloon and as if a dead animal shriveling on the road side after days in the heat. The baby snake continued to spit-spray every last bit of purple venom it had left and was very near the end of its life now. He’d also used his one shot at the venom sting and failed, and his life was over now with that decision as well.

I was mildly concerned the whole time about getting venom sprayed on my fingers but none seemed to get on my skin and if any did, it was a non-event as I never felt any pain or stinging.  But, I was going to wash my hands with soap and water after this was done anyways to be on the safe side.

As the baby snake was dying, it continued to try to bite and spit venom at me, but he couldn’t really move at all in my finger grips and he couldn’t get me in any way.   I continued to hold him firm behind his head as he continued to deflate at his head and become like a dried dead animal on the roadside. 

The snakes head was now mostly completely flattened and shriveled and his soul was leaving the form.  I waited a little while longer for the soul to fully leave and for the form feel fully dead.  I waited another two or three solid seconds or longer moments.  My guy companion was still bicker whining about things.  It finally felt the life force of the snake was fully gone and not going to try to come back, it was dead.

I then took its withered and flattened head, and lifeless body, and set it in the planter box that went around the flag pole.   The guy continued to bicker-whine talk to me as I told him I was going to go and wash my hands with soap and water even though I probably didn’t need it; I was going to for good measure.  It was better to be safe than sorry.

As I began to walk away to go and wash my hands, the guy was again bicker-whining about having to come with me to wash my hands too. I finally said, “Look, if you want to navigate this (new) land on your own, you just go right ahead. But, I’m washing my hands with soap and water before I go anywhere and I’m not in a hurry to get anywhere.  I’m just enjoying the journey and what ‘is’.” He was again very grumbly about things, but again decided to stay with me.

We were now standing in front of a sink that reminding me of the hallway bathroom I had when living in Pollock Pines with only a single sink set in the countertop surface.  I turned on the water and used the bar of soap next to the faucet handles. It seemed to be an oatmeal and walnut-shell exfoliating bar; that was also like the special art-bar soap for removal of paints from the skin. I washed both of my hands very well with the soap-bar and any possible venom was washed off by the water.  I took my time, ensuring I did a good job rinsing off any potential venom from my hands and even lightly up my wrists; then once finished I turned of the water and set the bar of soap back on the grooved sink-counter-soap-spot.

My guy friend was still being extremely grumbly about being with me the whole time.  But he was decided he was going to stay with me, as he didn’t know what to do or where to go in this new land; and I did. I also told him at one point I had secret 007 type places to go and stuff to do, and if he left me, he’d not get to see those things.  I also told him, he’d have to behave himself to go with me.  He seemed he was going to do that as well.


Me and this guy were set to be partners and like we were to be married even though it was sorta like we didn’t choose it.  (dream connect Legend of the Bear Love)


I next found myself in a large lab-prison-compound. A crime doctor, or rather a PI (Private Investigator) guy, or top detective agent, had finally caught the mass serial murderer guy he’d been after for years.

I watched as the PI guy placed the serial murderer in the high security lab prison cell.  I seemed to be there because the PI guy wanted to me to see what was going on and what had happened, almost like I was an assistant deputy learning and observing.  I seemed to actually be observing a memory of the PI’s  from a past event he’d lived and he’d wanted me to see this to ‘learn’ the truth about what had happened. There were two or three others also in the jail-cell room area with us outside the jail cell. One of the others seemed to be the PI’s actual deputy and generally went everywhere the PI went, even sort of like a shadow to the guy.

The PI guy interrogated the old man.  The murderer appeared to be around his 70’s and had a longer rectangular shaped face with deep wrinkles like Abe Lincoln and silvery-grey and white goatee, but full face stubble that also went up his cheek sides.  He was tall, slim build, and very smug.  He was not an attractive man and I thought him gross by way of looking at his energy. He was very ‘sick’ and twisted. He reminded me some of Squidword from Sponge Bob.

The PI guy may have also abused the murderer prior to placing him in the jail-cell and some during the interrogation. It seemed the PI’s daughter (about 11 years old) had been one of this pervert serial killer’s young girl victims. The serial killer typically liked and killed girls around the ages of 10-15 years old.  Because the killer was now ‘old’, he’d likely be in prison for the rest of his life.  I didn’t really care that the PI guy had abused him, though I didn’t agree with abuse, I would not dispute it due to this guy being a perv and nasty and gross.  He’d killed many girls over the years for his nasty pleasure. 

The PI guy now took the Old Man and placed his hands behind his back and cuffed him inside the old school black-grey-barred jail-cell.  The evil old man didn’t care and was his usual snide jerk-type self.  The PI guy actually had him right at the break point and he’d even broken some and he was talking about his dirty deeds. But, then the PI guy made a big mistake, unbeknownst to him at the time. 

After cuffing the murderer, the PI guy took zip tie looking magnets strips that attached to the cuff chain link center section and used those to attach hold the murderer in a stretched out laying potion on the floor with his hands more so over his head being pulled towards the corner of the room.  That part was fine.  But, then the PI guy put a clamp-like thing on the magnet strips.  It was actually a ‘metal’ tile nipper tool. It was initially holding the guy down on the floor by clamping the magnet strips with it.  The magnet strips somehow went the few feet to the corner of the room and were attached there at the corner of the walls near the base of the floor.  

After the PI guy left, and I seemingly with him, the Old Man escaped. 

Then, I was seeing how he’d done it.

I was observing the Old Man back in time just after the PI guy had left.  In the prison-cell the serial murderer had somehow gotten his hands in front of his chest, like he’d been placed in the cell that way.  I thought, ‘how stupid it was to place any kind of tool-weapon in the cell with him like that.’  The tool (nippers) were originally thought by the PI guy that they’d keep the evil old man from moving at all and it did . . . initially . . . with him on the ground and his arms pulled forward toward the corner, as if he’d been drag beat to that position.  Then, once everybody left, he’d used the tile nipper tool to easily cut through the magnet twist ties. (dream super magnet I use that causes guy to crash in rain storm and he complains about his back; and zip ties in car dream)  Then, he easily snap-cut apart the handcuffs, by cutting the connecting chain link with the nippers.  Next he used the tool on the black-grey metal (steel?) bar sectionals and cut out around three to five pipe sectionals, so he could get through.  Once out, he’d made his way out of the compound and escaped.

The old man was also the way he was because he seemed to have been part of this lab-prison-compound’s experiments in his youth.  He was like a ‘monster-project’ experiment that’d turned him into what he had become.  The PI guy had years later been sent to recapture him and it’d taken him many more years after that to accomplish it.

I was no back in ‘current’ time again.

The PI guy and I were in another office type room; about three rooms away from the prison-cell area with a few other lab security worker types with us.  Word got around the compound quickly and to us that the murderer escaped. The PI guy was told by the person informing him of the escape, that the old man murdered other lab workers along his escape route and that it was rather gruesome the next two rooms that we’d pass through to get back to the jail-cell again.  

The PI guy, his deputy-sidekick, and I, entered the first lab room. I saw one dead lab coat employee, possibly female.  The second room was more gruesome and had three dead lab doctor workers in it and sort of like the other lab workers, as acting crime scene cleanup crew, had tried to sort of clean up in this room a little bit and had moved two of the bloodied bodies.  All of the bodies looked more like a l slightly bloody pink steak and color and were even sort of blurred out a little bit as if a blur filter was put over them.  Two of the dead bodies had been moved out of the main path walkway areas and had been set next to each other side by side. The third dead lab worker body was set on the counter top nearby, but that was along another wall of the room. One of three dead lab workers was possibly female, and the other two male. It looked like the blood had also been wiped up some in the room so it was mostly clean without much blood on things. 

The PI guy thought maybe I’d be disgusted to see this and had sorta warned me before hand it was grueling what the old man had done.  But, I wasn’t anxious or otherwise nervous about it, as I’d already knew this had occurred and expected it to be a part of his escape process. (Government guys breaking into government bunker in creepy clown game dream connect?) So, I’d already set aside any feelings I might have had, knowing this type of ‘crime’ scene was to be expected.  It was likely he’d left a trail like this all the way out.  We arrived back at the prison-cell. The PI guy and his deputy began to inspect the area.  

As they were inspecting the area, the whole compound was now under attack.  The murderer had apparently decided to go on a killing spree for sport instead of leaving and had let out two or three other prisoners.  We all had to leave and get out of the compound immediately!

I was now placed in charge of helping a mother with jaw length wavy blond hair and her tweenage daughter escape the compound.  (100 years in past I protect mother and daughter from abusive husband who runs out screaming like his hair is on fire and he dies) The three of us began to head out with a group of around twenty to thirty others. We were significantly ahead of the rest of the group the whole time, though everyone was running out of the compound as fast as they could.  The murderer was treated as though a monster on the loose.

As we ran through the building the murderer killed around three or four others as they tried to escape, (dream connect fake train track to steal people’s hopes and dreams, military) he was trying to get us, but was not ever in visual range. But, some of the other murderers he’d let loose were now near us.  I had to fly up into the air to both attract their attention from the mother and daughter and to avoid their hands trying to grab me. I was just safely out of their reach, they couldn’t touch me. It seemed like they were bloody, with ‘blood on their hands.’

The mother, daughter, and I, now safely made it to the exit doors and went outside.  It was night out.

The exit lead to a large open football/soccer type field and reminding me of the public middle school I attended with red and white team sport uniforms. The field was lit by various tall post spot-lights, so we could see well enough to continue running towards the parking lot area around the building.

We safely ran around the compound building corner to the mostly darkened parking lot and then ran up a small paved hill to another parking lot section that reminded me of the upper backside area of the Placerville dealership location.  In this section there were at least a dozen brand new cars being stored.  I saw a very sporty and nice looking very shiny and mostly black commuter car with silver accent trim. It was very stealthy and sleek looking. I thought the mother had a key for the car, but she did not.  I thought the murderer guy was close in tow as I was seeing the headlights of another car heading up the hill towards us. I empathed and verbally told the mom to not worry, as I’d use my magik to start the car.

The other car was honing in on us and finished coming up the paved oil chip like driveway and entered the open chain-link-fence-gated area we were in.  Their headlights shined directly at us now and the vehicle was heading straight for us.   I went around to the driver side door as quickly as possible.  It was locked.  I willed myself through the door and it took a little more effort due to the lower density vibrations I was dealing with, but I was successful and now sitting inside the vehicle and in the driver seat. I immediately unlocked both the front and back passenger side doors and the mother and daughter quickly got in. The other car was looking ready to T-bone us or block us in.

I used my right index finger and pointed it at the key ignition on the steering wheel column and used white light magik as the car key and turned my right index finger as though a skeleton key were attached to the end of it, but it was white light, and the car engine roared to life. (Skeleton key escape dream)

Then, the mother told me the car approaching us was there to help us and pick us up. It seemed the driver of the coming vehicle was male and somewhat her friend and or security officer even.  Essentially, I believed her but said, “We are in this car now and we are going to use it.  But, we can follow them.  You can ride with me or your friend?.” She chose to stay with me in my car and we drove out the dark parking lot.


Now, I was seeing the murderer guy out and about walking free, like he was some regular decent ordinary person.  He was in a modern airport like place and had just walked by unsuspecting and unknowing of his evil deeds police/security officers.  The two or three police officers seemed to nab someone near the mass-serial-killer for some petty crime of theft or the like.   The murderer though old looked clean cut and well groomed and had on a new clean outfit. He looked to even have showered, so he looked completely normal and not like a prison convict escapee.  I was disgusted someone as vile was out and about and these police-cops were unaware of it to even do anything. 

I watched the evil old man look pleased as punch with himself as he got on the down escalator, he was coming towards where I was, though he hadn’t noticed me.  I could see him smiling smugly to himself as went down the escalator looking for his next young girl victim.  He got off at the bottom of the escalator and the place was now like he was walking around a more carnival games booths area.  I seemed to be there with Meadow.  But, I was actually her too.  Meadow sat down at a sort of shoot-em’-up-bang-bang type water spray gun game, like shoot and knock over the yellow ducks with the water stream. (Evil duck guy thwarted dream).  As the adult standing next to the young girl, Meadow, I had a chocolate ice cream cone I was eating.  As the young girl sitting, I had out about four or five or even six of my things on the surface top around the attached toy water shooter guns. 

The murderer man came and sat down next to me as Meadow. I appeared around the age of 11, The murderer then tried to take one or two of my things.  I told him “No, those are my things.”  He put them back, not wanting to make a scene and get arrested for petty theft or open harassment in broad daylight.  Though he wanted those things; but not too much; he was only interested in them for the emotional response he might be able to generate.  As Meadow, I was aware he was questionable behaviorally, but I was not going to be fearful as that would engage him to do more.  So I just spoke to him as if a normal older person stranger.  He had a light vibe like an acting teacher I worked with on books in the past. Because I was interacting with him normally, he was behaving himself. As the adult with the ice cream, I may have shared one bite of it with him. (Sumali baby I share ice cream with dream connect)

Then, I was in a different scene and setting and even like it was this same murderer guy but different somehow.  He was younger like my age or in his forties and his energies were better, different, cleaner, and he was to be my new marriage partner and like we both wanted to marry each other, but also like neither of us had chosen it somehow too.  It was sort of ok though with us both, but we both may have sort of griped about it. and the

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