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I was in a house that was my home, but I didn’t recognize it from any place I knew in Waking 3D Life.  Myself, my family, and a large sized group of people were celebrating something.  My mom, Tja, had prepared a lot of food dishes.  I went over to the tables to grab myself a plate and only found old food on the table that seemed like yesterday’s left overs.  At first, I thought that was all there was to eat, so I went into the kitchen to get something else to eat and then saw all the freshly prepared food that was the actual meal in a variety of separate dishes.  I found 5 pots on the stove: one with turkey in it, another with stuffing, then mashed potatoes, cranberries, and gravy.  I said, “Yeah, I’ll get some of these instead!” I also saw shucked corn kernels with butter and salt on the countertop nearby.  I think I got some stuffing, mashed potatoes, and gravy, then I headed back out to the main areas where everyone else was.

There were a fair amount of people and it was all ‘our’ family and friends, but more like distant relatives on my mom’s side, like from Texas that I didn’t really know; along with old church friends like Harold and Josephine. Harold and I used to enjoy sarcastically teasing each other when I was a kid.  I walked over to a table with a wedding-like cake set inside an open-lid box and I decided to get a piece. Harold was nearby looking like he wanted to get a piece too.  I began trying to cut my piece quickly so he could get one next, but I was having issues (Dimension rescue of little boy dream connect) as apparently the cake had been frozen and was still thawing out. The cake was now suddenly more like a Dairy Queen chocolate dipped ice cream cone with frozen hard Dryer’s or Bryer’s ice cream inside. I was wearing my hair down and as I tried to get a piece my loose bangs kept getting on the ice cream cake and I’d have to move them out of the way as discretely as possible.  I still thought Harold wanted a piece and that he was patiently waiting for me to hurry up and finish getting mine already, so I tried to move it along faster and was successful.

After getting my piece of Ice Cream cake, which was more like a Dairy Queen Ice Cream cone, I walked over to another table with more desserts. Harold and his wife Josephine followed me over.  There seemed to be vanilla pudding (?) on the table, but it was still unmade and was powder yet inside dry packets.  It may have also been custard or moose.   The three of us were now reading the powdered desert packets (?) and looking things over direction wise. I began to read the directions aloud from on the packet.  Jo asked me a question about the cooking process and I explained some things to her to answer her question about it.  I now thought maybe it was dried/powdered ‘Jello’ (?) in the packets. We all decided whatever it was, we were going to have it.   

After that, I decided it was time for me to go sit somewhere and eat my ice cream cone (Counselor Troy advises Gorik dream)  Harold and Jo began to follow me to sit next to me. They were both super churchy-religious talking about ‘Jesus this’ and ‘Jesus that;’  so I told them, “I haven’t done any of that religion stuff in years.” I knew they’d be put off by my comment and me if they were still too engrossed in it all, and they’d likely not want to sit with a ‘heathen’ like me.  I was correct, they were still too religious and they both sort of mutter-talked like I needed to be ‘saved’ and I walked off.

I decided to not go to the main family sitting section and instead went to another area that was more like a mall food court, only about four times smaller.  I spotted a black man sitting at a small two person table having a conversation with a 19 year old boy who was a lil ‘Eminem’ rapper style.  The black man reminded me of the actor from the Green Mile and the Shaw Shank Redemption, John Coffey.  I decided to not be afraid or put off by his rough and tough appearance and sat down at the table next to theirs and began to bite eat my ice cream in a cone and was now getting ice cream on my forehead as I ate. 

I had also somehow, simultaneous to sitting down at the table, gone into the living room and turned on the television (Ai code of love in my Enteka DreamWalker book) and I tuned in to NBC or ABC channel for a Christmas special (?). I thought it might be like watching a kids show on Nickelodeon or Nick Jr or the like.  My daughter Meadow was now near me and the bedroom with the adjoining wall to the TV living room. Set against the wall was a coffee table similar to the one in my living room now near our kitchen, with beautiful carved chocolate color woods and a turtle shell type grey and white marble top finish.

Then, I was again more present in the food court setting.  I sat alone at my table with a handful of ‘strangers’ to me.  I was semi-eavesdropping in on the black guy and kids conversation.  The black man was apparently ‘channeling’ as he was talking with the young man.  The young man had, had a hard, tough, and depressed life, and he was telling the black man how one day a dog (Like my niece’s Wolf Dog) had followed him home and saved his life and how they were now like BFFs (Best Friends Forever) then.  The young man then told the black man he had a surprise waiting at home for him.  The Eminem-style kid made it sound like a lovely beautiful thing waiting.  But, then I saw what he was talking about as if I’d flicked a TV channel change, but I hadn’t, and the scene shifted as if a movie scene cut-to another scene.

I was now seeing the Eminem looking boy totally naked. But, no sex organs showing possibly a scrap of tighty whiteys underwear on (Gorik dream tighty whiteys) and his entire body was covered in blood from head to toe.  I thought I was looking at the crucifixion of Jesus and how he’d be all bloody hanging on the cross (Baby Jesus dream and Jesus is jealous, Andrew VanDeen).  The guy was hanging from the rafters in a barn like building with a high up peeked and vaulted ceiling.  It was semi-like a log cabin with lots of woods and wood siding. He’d wrapped the now dead dog’s intestines around his stomach and had hung himself from the rafters above. 

I was again seeing the black man and the kid at the table and I continued to listen to the boy narrate the story. It was then I realized the kid was already (?) dead and the black man, John Coffee, who played the character Michael Clark Duncan in the Green Mile, thought he was channeling the kid and didn’t know the Eminem kid sitting directly in front of him was not physical bodied. 

I was again seeing the boy dangling from the ceiling rafters, he’d not tied the intestines around his neck and had only tied them around his stomach area.  I said to myself, “Why am I seeing this? What is the deal with this? This is too gross. If I’d have known this is what they (the TV show) were going to play as the ‘kids’ show, I’d never have turned on the TV to watch in the first place. What a ‘gross’ special.” I decided I’d seen enough of this ‘special’ (physically challenged ‘special’ faery and rough drop off with bear dream). 

I was again back at the TV room with the two TV remote controls and two TVs. Both of the Televisions were very old school boxy things and also rather small. (Ai connects)  My 11 year old daughter Meadow was again nearby and I said to myself audibly for her to hear, “That was so gross . . . who does that? And how is that a kids show!?”  I tried to change the channel, but all the stations were that same ‘Christmas’ (?) special.  I now said to Meadow, “This is a (Christmas?) Gross Special” Now Kermit the Frog was the news Anchor host and he began talking. I finished my incredulous comment-question to Meadow, “This is a kid’s show?” Now Kermit the Frog said, “. . . But . . .  oh . . . it was a daring rescue!”  I said, “Wait . . . What? . . . he’s still alive?”  I got the impression the black man was going to realize through his conversation with the Eminem kid at the table that the boy was a ‘ghost’ or spirit or rather ‘soul’ visiting him and the Eminem kids had come to the John Coffee-looking black man because he knew he could both see and hear him and save his life.  The kid was extremely calm.

Since I couldn’t seem to change the channel to a new, better, or different story and because Kermit the Announcer Frog had said it was going to be a rescue, I went around to the front side of the sofa couch and sat on the floor with pillows all around me.  I had it built up sort of like a bunker.  I thought I heard the announcer state it was like a ‘redrum’ style movie, and then he said it forwards, that it was a murder mystery style movie and was again stating it was a ‘daring rescue.’(Clay balls and Redrum style message I write on the wall dream in Dreams the Missing Text Book by myself; and Murder mystery game dream connect where someone actually dies; and my ‘brother’ seeks the murderer dream connect)

I was now settled into my bunker like seating and eating a plate of Mexican food and debating making some non-GMO popcorn to eat while watching the movie.  I still was not keen on the show and I hoped it’d get better and not be, or show anything else, more graphic and gruesome. (Goliath of Gath lion tares/rips open bloody animals with Scar dream.)

There was a lot of other details and things occurring within the dream, but this is what I recalled.  There was something more significant to the pudding (Jello?) conversation with Harold and Jo at the round desert banquet table. (me talking with piano guy playing beautiful music in the pool dream connect) n