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Pre-Sleep Directive: Need to know and be prepared for later this week with Gorik. Love, Peace, Joy, Passion, TFMEW3DL



I was in a house set upon stilts over the ocean waters. It had a doc attached to it that connected to the shoreline.  Inside the house sat a mother with her daughter.  They looked like Cinderella and her daughter from the Once Upon a Time Series. The mother was an attractive black woman and her daughter half black, half white, with brown black hair and a slightly more Hispanic look.  The father was extremely abusive and both the mother (his wife) and his daughter were very afraid of him.   The father was afraid of me. He reminded me of a friend of mine’s mother’s boyfriend in Waking 3D Life from my teenage years, who was extremely abusive and my friend and I called him ‘Derrick the D-ck.’ This guy was like that guy but, also with a blend of an Italian friend of mine also from around my teenage years, who was a shyster, though likeable. However, this guy was bad news and he would physically hit and abuse his wife when not in front of other people.  It also felt he would possibly rape the mother and then afterwards rape his daughter.

(DV Evil school marm and daughter paying for crimes https://aristoneart.com/2018/11/19/2018_09_27_sept-evil-school-marm-and-daughter-paying-for-their-crimes/ pswd: twinflame ; Insurance Agent gets zapped by his own device https://aristoneart.com/2019/09/14/2018_11_03_nov-rumple-wants-me-still-insurance-agent-gets-zapped/ )

It felt the mother was attracted to me, as if I were a male.  I didn’t mind.  We all knew I was more masculine in nature.  I asked the daughter if she was ok for now she was. She felt safe with me there, her mother too. They knew I was the only one the dad was afraid of and that I could handle him . . . with my magik.   I asked the mother now if she was ok.  For now, both of them were ok.  They both told then told me verbally, that I’m the only one the husband/father was afraid of.  I was sort of like, “Who? Afraid of lil’ ol’ me?”  But, I knew why and I said, “Good, he should be afraid . . . very afraid.”  I then asked the girls, “Are you guys hungry? Do you want something to eat? Like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or cheese pizza?”  I looked around the home, it was largely a darker wood interior and appearance wise looked like a boat dock, designed as a home.

The father came home now and entered through the front door off of the connected shore dock.  He looked like the Hispanic father of one of my daughter’s friends in his late thirties, and who was also known to be somewhat physically abusive to his wife and family. As the dad came inside, he noticed I was there and he knew he’d better behave himself . . . or I’d terminate him.  He also lightly reminded me of Tarik, my last romantic partner (as of today 2.22.2019, 12 years ago) and I thought of the abominable snowman in the Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer animated movie, after he had his teeth removed by the elf and was sticking his fingers in his mouth.

(DV escaping ICC Prison with my Twin Flame http://aristoneart.blogspot.com/2018/01/20180109jan-escaping-icc-prison-with-my.html)

I asked the mother and daughter if they’d like to play a game of cards or a board game with me, possibly Labyrinth or Sorry.  Both of them wanted to play with me. The dad decided he wanted to get in on the actions too and said, “Yeah, I want to play too.”  But, instead of all of us playing together, he had only the mother and daughter sit with him at a separate table and play a game of cards(?) with him.

Outside the home a very dark storm was brewing. (DV I brew storm https://aristoneart.com/2018/09/15/2018_03_18_mar-ssp-guys-and-storm-i-brew/; DV 2019_05_12_MAY GORIK GUILTY OF CRIMES – LANDON CANT UNDERSTAND OR COME – ROBLOX CASINO CITY – PC FEDERAL CASE REOPENED – I MAKE THUNDER STORM APPEAR – SCAR GORIK LEFT ON MY LEG 22 STITCHES; 2021_02_22_FEB I get wet from rain while trying to fly)

The dad was trying to pretend he was a nice guy and a good dad.  But, he basically never came home to spend time with his family except to abuse his wife and daughter to fill his own pervert needs; then he’d go back to ‘work’ whatever job he had that kept him busy most of the time. I watched the family as they sat together at a heavy wood table.  The mother and daughter did not want to play with the father anymore.  But, they were afraid of him and what he may do to them if they didn’t play his game.  I continued to observe them from a short distance away and scrutinized the dad.  He knew I was watching him closely, so he’d not dare to harm either one of them, though I could tell he wanted to.  He was trying to impress and convince me he was a good dad.  But, we all knew that was never gonna happen.  To try to convince me he said, “See, we are just playing an innocent family fun card game.”  The mother then said on behalf of herself and her daughter to the dad, “We are done now and don’t want to play anymore, because you’re a bully, dangerous, and harass us.”  She knew she could say that now, because I was standing there . . . watching . . . to ensure he behaved.

I went and sat down at another table nearby and the mother and daughter now came and sat down with me to play a game with me.  We may have played the Magic Forrest Tree game and then started a game of cards. I recalled seeing the 9 of Diamonds, possibly the 8 of Clubs, and 5 of Hearts.  I also saw the 9 of Pentacles (Earth) from my Angel Tarot Card deck.  (DV Meeting Gorik Nip Kaplin in astral class, in DreamWalker Kindle book) The dad came over, sat down, and joined us.  We all played cards together briefly, but the father knew I was coming to get him; or rather I was come to get the mother and daughter and he would be toast if he interfered. (Dream Pancake Virus Death Spots evil king and daughter would be toast if they tried to harm again https://aristoneart.com/2019/01/31/2016_07_17_jul-pancake-death-virus-spots/ pswd: newmoon; DV handling SSP bullies, emailed to Corey Goode 12.24.17) He again felt the need to convince-state, “See, we are all just playing together nicely.”  However, the tension in the air was palpable.  (Dream Vision (DV) Cheaters card game https://aristoneart.com/2020/05/30/2019_08_09_aug-dc-legends-guy-beat-up-cheaters-card-game-setup-patricia-plausible-deniability-gnk-ridiculous/ pswd: roughdraft444 ; DV predestined plane crash and they are to go with me now; https://aristoneart.com/2020/07/21/2019_08_27_aug-handling-gorik-kids-beauty-pageant-predestined-plane-crash-3rd-dog-avoiding-gorik-and-changing-murder-energies/ pswd: magiksands)

It seemed something else happened briefly and I was in a completely different dream scene and speaking with others; then I was back in the same space with the family and I was threaten-informing the father if he ever laid another hand, or finger, on the wife and daughter again, for any reason, in any inappropriate way . . . I’d kill him.  He knew I meant business and he was becoming more afraid of me by the moment.  I then, told the mother and daughter they were to come with me right then.  It somehow felt I was the new man in her life, but not yet sexual with her in any way as she’d sort of first need to be energetically cleansed for that, like tested for Aids or Rabies or something to ensure she wouldn’t unwittingly transfer a disease to me if we were intimate.

The dad wanted to interfere and stop them from leaving with me.  But, then, suddenly he completely freaked out and went crazy insane with fear. The storm outside was now just about upon us and the dad jumped up from the table and immediately ran to the main front door down the doc-like house length, opened the front door, and ran outside screaming like his hair was on fire, and promptly closed the door. He acted like I was going to kill him right then and there. Somehow I could see he’d ran out into the rain storm and fell off the dock into the ocean waters below and died.  Her’d first hit his head on something and was knocked unconscious, or like something else horrible had happened to him first.  Regardless, to whatever it was, he died.  

The mother and daughter were grateful to finally be free of him and they came with me now inside the house.

I walked over and stood near another table; my parents were now in the house and seated at that table.  We were all going to now play a game of cards with my parents.  Before I sat down, I began talking with the mother and daughter as if my daughter Meadow’s bio-dad was my dad, to relate to their current situation, and I was saying, “Yeah the guy was a total jerk and did nothing for me ever, aside from donating his sperm and DNA for this.” indicating my physical body and then I continued telling them how he was never there for me or anything else, and how he’d not even gotten me shoes, aside from child support and my mom buying them for me with the money for that short period of time she collected it. 

Then the mother said, “But, isn’t that your mum there?” and indicated my mother, “ And your dad?” and indicated my dad.  Then I remembered, ‘oh yeah . . . he’s my dad!’ and I was really relieved and stated, “My mom would never cheat.” I said that basically to reassure myself that my dad was actually my dad in Waking 3D Life and not ‘el creepo.’  I still wanted to be more sure though somehow, like having a DNA swab to make sure I wasn’t switched at birth or something.  It didn’t feel like I’d been switched at birth and I also had a lot of my dad’s physical features; yet I still found myself wondering a little.  Either way, I was grateful to have them both as my parents and felt very blessed.

Then, we all now sat down together at the table to play a game of cards with my parents.

6:16 am


I now found myself living in an old school town, with campsite type constructs as most of the villagers homes.  It felt like I was living in the wild-wild west with the Yoders (Amish village or Puritans village).  I was not into any of the religious bent of the town nor did I like the old-school no-tech lifestyle or this era. Yet, I seemed to live here with my 18 year old son and 11 year old daughter.  They looked like the two kids in the Christmas Chronicles film with character names of Kate and Teddy Pierce, both with dark brown hair. My son, who looked like Teddy, was a good and hardworking boy with medium dark brown cropped hair that laid flat against his head. We were semi-poor.  But comparatively to most of the villagers, we were fairly well-off and I had a husband (the kid’s father) who was a working man.  I was both myself observing and the wife. (Similar to when I was in the Squid Octopus dream where I was the one girl, but not me, but I was very connected to her and her experience.) 

This dream and village felt like a memory of a past life of mine.  My husband, the children’s father, was somewhat abusive and I wanted to get away from him and the marriage.

My son had now just finished making a 3 foot long by 2 foot high wooden sign that he hung around his neck to display.  He had hand-painted on it the information for the Alida’s Grocery Store and it read something like, “ Since 1852” and had an arrow pointing, ‘this way’ to Alida’s ‘for today’s fish market deals.’  My son was ready for his first day of work at the grocery store.  I said, “Are you sure about this?”  as this did not feel like his passion or what he truly desired.  He felt to want to go to college for law school or art. But, I couldn’t afford that too well, so he was going to work a day-to-day job doing the grocery store business and likely work his way up to management and maybe one day own Alida’s, or buy his own grocery store.   When he was around me, he acted like this was what he’d always wanted because he knew how hard it was on me money wise and he didn’t want me to feel bad about not having the money.  I was unhappy to see him take a type of ‘dead end’ boring day job.  My son continued to act excited about his first day, so I decided to be supportive even though it felt like he was making a big mistake and I didn’t want him to do that; make a choice regarding the rest of his life based on money and not following his heart.

My daughter and I headed back to the main village area with my son wearing his heavy-looking wooden sign proudly around his neck.  We walked with a group of people I thought of as no-tech/low-tech and as typical groupies/lovers.  I didn’t like being in this time period one iota!  All the women wore those dumb bonnets and were expected to be subservient to the men in what I viewed as ‘groupie relationships,’ where everyone just hooked up with the first guy or girl who’d have them, to be in a relationship/marriage and do the typical ‘groupie’ family-slave thing.   

We now arrived at the main town area after a very short walk along ‘Main Street,’ which was dirt streets lined with tent homes and a few businesses mixed in.  A storm was coming.  A big nasty one. With thunder clouds and lightning.  Some folks lived in what looked liked a square blow up bounce house, only it was actually a tent with a screen for a roof.  There were a lot of tent-homes lining the street and only one actual building, which was the grocery store, Alida’s.  The wealthiest people in town owned it.  They also seemed to have invented toilet paper, or their store was the only place to sell toilet paper and they were rich like the TP inventors. 

Then, I thought I heard thunder.

My son was unhappy with me, because he felt he was being controlled by me and he wanted to get out from under her (my) thumb and that was part of his reasoning for opting to work at the grocery store rather than receive help from me to go to college.  He split off from my daughter and me, and headed over to the grocery store building.

I was now standing with my parents from current Waking 3D Life and telling them how a storm was coming and all these people were going to get wet and their things were going to get wet and ruined.  I felt a little bad for them, because most of them could only afford a tent.  We had an actual single room cabin for a home, with a single bathroom and small basic kitchen setup.  There were only two other villagers who also had a cabin for a home.  I told my parents we should go back to our cabin, but they wanted to do the ‘western’ thing and were like, ‘when in Rome. . .’ they wanted to experience the time period to the fullest.  We seemed back in time 100 years. (DV in world that lost tech, secret motorcycles that work and crystals that chose me, emailed to CG 7.3.17) I did not want to experience this time period at all(!) and I said, “I don’t care what they did 100 years ago!  I’m going inside!” I began to head back to our cabin.

On my way back, because of the rain looking to be any moment, I tried to stop under the rich man’s restaurant overhang near their 50 steps up stairway to the main section of the restaurant. As I stood there, a restaurant server told me no one could come in until evening, because it wasn’t open yet.  But, I could see there were some rich people sitting inside and eating, likely finishing from the morning restaurant hours breakfast and/or brunch.  I said,  “Who does that make sense to? One of the only covered places in town and you’re not open to help the villagers and give them shelter.”  Most of the villagers just accepted they were treated like they were (poorly) and didn’t try to go to the restaurant for shelter.  I could see candles and fairy lights lining the stairway up and fairy style candles on all the tables.

I called for my kids to come with me.  Both started to come to me, then, they both began to run away and fast towards my parents.  I hollered for my son, “Jerome!” (or something like that, or Jeremiah or Jerry) “Come back here . . . Now!” But, Jerry continued to run off and his sister ran off after him.  I ran after them both, calling and calling, “Where are you going!?”  My daughter turned and told me as they ran where they were going, but I couldn’t hear her and so we all ran and ran.  I saw them both come up to a vault-like parking garage door, open it, they went through, and then I saw and heard it click closed just as I arrived.  I thought for sure it was gonna be locked shut, but I tried it anyways, and it opened!  (DV space ship, white pills, super speed and date with “Jerry Seinfeld” and ‘math’ tournament, emailed to CG 7.23.17)

On the other side of the door, I saw a bus or train arrive at the station area and I saw my daughter give her brother, my son, a quick hug goodbye.  I ran over toward them saying, “Where are you going!?” My son quickly grabbed up his duffle bag and took off to get on the bus or train and said, “Military.”  Then, he was on the bus and gone before I could even reach him.  My daughter had known he was leaving for the military and she also knew the exact time the bus or train was leaving; so she’d ran after him to say goodbye.  He was going to military training boot camp.  I began to cry.  I didn’t even get to hug him goodbye. I felt bad my son felt he couldn’t even tell me about this.  I just wanted him to be happy.  But, he knew I’d not have wanted him to join the military. But, I would have supported him, if it truly was his heart’s desire.  I felt like crying.

I woke feeling like crying over my son leaving me.  My daughter stayed with me after that.


Prior my son leaving for the military dream sequence . . .

I lived in a home like my childhood subterranean Camino, California, home; in my downstairs bedroom.  I was married to an abusive man (the father of my children).  I didn’t want to be with him anymore.  I was mostly only with him for the money, though initially I’d married him because I loved him.  But, he’d changed after we were married.  I felt no emotional attachment to the man anymore and was working other financial deals with another guy, who might possibly be or become my future boyfriend.   My soon to be ex-husband seemed to be the same extremely abusive man from the first dream sequence who’d died.  I wasn’t worried about him harming at this stage, as I had no feelings for him whatsoever and our kids didn’t like him either because he seemed to hit them on occasion and/or me too.  But, not too severe, as he knew he’d get turned in to the police if he was too bad, so it was more like ‘shove-hit’ type things and more abusive based spanking-beatings for the kids.

I was talking with my boyfriend-ish guy now in my bedroom, who was like an old sea pirate ship captain, making me think of Captain Nemo and 21,000 Leagues Under the Sea. He was asking me how much money I needed.  I didn’t really want his help that way (financially), as I didn’t want to owe him anything later for it, but he seemed to ‘owe’ me for some reason and he wanted to make it up to me.   He said, “So . . . you need $60,000 for the boy (my son) . . . and $7,000 for you . . . and $6,000 for the girl (my daughter) . . .”  I responded, “Yeah . . . I guess so.”  The 60k seemed so the boy could go to University and get a high paying job/respectable career as a doctor, lawyer, or possibly even as a pastor.  This Captain Nemo-like Pirate ship captain liked me a little bit romantically.  I sort of liked him a little bit that way too, but possibly more for my money needs, I wasn’t sure.  The Sea Captain had another man there with him as well.

My soon to be ex-husband now came near the bedroom semi-drunk. He was gross to me.  As he approached the door and came inside he was saying he wanted to help too financially; but he didn’t have the kind of money I needed.  We already seemed divorced and if not, we were soon to officially be divorced within a day or two, so it was the same difference to me.  The ‘husband’ knew I was ‘done’ with him and that I wanted nothing to do with him anymore.  He was trying to be nice now though to change my mind, but none of us were fooled in the room and so he left.

Captain Nemo was very attractive to me and looked similar to Kurt Russel in his 50’s and he now began to tell me he would have to go on a ship run to get/make the money.  I was then uncertain if I wanted to have the money because he’d have to do that and wasn’t as ‘rich’ as I’d thought him.  But, he really seemed to want to do that for me, to help me and he told me it was ok and he didn’t mind it.  It felt like his ship run was going to be like one of those two to three month Alaskan fishing boat runs my brother Kyle thought to do during his college years with his friend Tom during the summer.  I don’t recall him ever actually going however, but, he’d thought seriously about it. Captain Nemo was going to help me because he wanted to. I wasn’t so sure I wanted him to go do the ship run thought, because I wasn’t so sure I wanted him to leave me.

Now I found myself in a parking garage.

I had somehow gotten some type of round 2 ½ foot diameter and 8” thick item, that seemed to be something like a large wheel of cheese (DV my SSP role, Tevis Cheese, and Andrew VanDeen jealous emailed CG 10.19.17).  I was on my way to Captain Nemo’s car.  For some reason Nemo thought I was going to his car to steal the cheese wheel, when I was in fact en-route to put it inside his car for him to have.  As I headed toward his car, he began to follow me and was trying to stop me.  A lady dressed in 1950’s style white hospital clothing-garb and a matching little white hat seemed to be the parking lot attendant; Captain Nemo approached her and told her to ‘get me’ and to try ‘to stop me.’  But, it was too late, I was already at his car and I opened the backseat driver side door and placed the large wheel thing inside.  I was about to close the door, when Captain Nemo caught up to me and said, “What were you stealing that!?” I said, “Oh come on, we both know you didn’t have this in your car before and I’m returning it (giving it) back to you, its rightful owner, because you should have it because you deserve it.”  He softened a bit, and I closed the door.

He then grabbed me and I said, “You know . . . you’re so much drama/trouble . . . But . . . You’re SO DAMN Sexy!” He lit-up to hear that! And was like, “You think I’m sexy?” He was suddenly very turned on by me and he put both his arms around me at my waist and he pulled me in and he French kissed me.  We both wanted it.  (DV Portal Glyph Kisses, emailed to CG 7.8.17) He felt to be shoving his tongue as far into my mouth as possible, if he could have had it in the back of my throat, he would have.  My mouth felt closed more than I’d have liked especially since his seemed wide open, he didn’t care.  My tongue also felt small and thin, while his was thick and full.  He tasted a little bit bad to me, like metal/metallic, so I didn’t fully enjoy kissing him and wanted to try again later; (like the girl in the movie I’d just watched kissing Connor to cover for the fact she and he were hacking the fiancés financials and the gal told Connor after that he was a bad kisser. But, Connor wanted to try again later and so did she. They both had also actually enjoyed the awkward kiss as they just interacted that way with each other in general, saying the opposite of what they really wanted and meant.   So, while I didn’t really enjoy the taste, I did enjoy the kiss.  After we stopped kissing, he asked me how it was and I told him as gently as possible he tasted like metal and he should probably brush his teeth.  I tasted sweet like sugar and candy to he and I.  He wasn’t offended and might do something about his mouth as I was willing to try again later after that.  He really seemed to like me and the kiss wouldn’t have been so bad and more enjoyable had he tasted good too. 

(DV A.I. armpit tickle hurt https://aristoneart.com/2019/09/29/2018_11_30_nov-ai-guy-armpit-tickle-hurt-he-cleans-up-for-me/ password protected)

Then, I transitioned to the town village with my kids scene.