Garage Hacker Kids Fail to Steal My Car – KnockOff Andrew and Gorik like me – Baby Tortoise

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@2:32am (but really 2:22am due to clock being 10 minutes fast)

Dream Message Recall

Gorik is about to go down in flames.  Due to all my writings and in particular the avoidance and evasion performed.  I was telling a couple about my motions, that were like works of art, and how one in particular was revealing all his failures and how it was very obvious now.  It was even obvious to the very hard-nosed lady.  It seemed I was ‘relating back’ things as well, that was really the nail in the coffin.



I found myself in my upstairs bedroom in what was an alternate version of my former Shingle Springs home.   I was having a feeling that my car parked in the driveway was at risk of being stolen.  Just then, I saw an old orange colored car at the base of the steep driveway hill.  It reminded me of one of the older muscle cars my ex-husband fixed up and sold around a year or so ago.  I could hear it’s engine.

I jumped up and went downstairs in my pajamas.  I told my dad on the way out to come with me and that I thought someone was trying to steal my Spark car.  It was night and thereby dark out.  I reached the door to the garage and turned on the outside lights. Then, I opened the door and went into the garage and pressed the garage door open button. As the door rolled up I saw a group of about four teenage kids running off. I ran toward the garage door and ducked as I went out the opening with for still rolling up. I looked and noticed four of our cars still in the driveway. But, my spot was vacant!  I said, “No, no, no . . . They’ve got my car!”  Dad now came out the door to the garage.  I was very unhappy.

I ran about a quarter of the way down the steep driveway slope and saw all my personal info stuff thrown out on the ground.  I saw my ‘what to do if in a car accident’ question and answer fill-in hand booklet, my car insurance papers, and registration papers in the plastic sheath with the rest of my info. I was relieved to see all of those still there and quickly gathered them up.

I looked back up to the top of the driveway and saw my car was actually still parked there, but it had been moved to be nearer the start of the driveway’s steep slope down  I went back up the hill to my car. All four doors were locked.  The kids were still at the base of the driveway waiting for me to leave.  I ran toward the open garage door and hollered to my dad, “Call the cops!   They are still here . . . waiting!  Call 911 NOW!  Go, GO, GO!!”  Dad was now hollering for my brother Kyle to come down to beat up the boy kids.  But, Kyle was sleeping and only just then woke up and still had to get ready to come down to outside.

I went back over to my car. The doors were unlocked now, so I quickly locked the two driver side doors. I could feel the kids coming back. I quickly ran back into the garage and pressed the garge door button to close the door.  I hoped the kids would leave while we waited for the cops to arrive, but they did not.  The kids came back up the driveway and to my car again.  They were only momentarily detoured by the two locked driver side doors and then they went around to the passenger side doors and discovered them still open.  They got in my car and were trying to hot wire it again.  They reminded me of Paul Walker in the ‘Fast and the Furious’ street cat racing film.

I told my dad, “We have to go back outside again… NOW! We can’t wait for the police/cops to get here, it’ll be too late!” I pushed the garage door open button again and the door opened.  I ran outside after the kids again.  They were a small crew of teenagers around the age of fifteen; four boys, and two girls. About one-third to one-quarter down the steep driveway, they had set up a computer garage-hacker style table with a PC screen on it.  A chubby blond haired boy with spike hair was doing things on the computer screen.  They had their full garage computer hacker setup right there on my driveway. They were like high-tech crime ring kids. The chubby blond haired boy had a heavy audio jumper cable coming out a sound board type screen-device and was wearing a sound head set.  (Robert Jackalonie tares up his own church to try to get me to perform magik and Andrew returns my wallet dream connect)

I went over to the smaller boy, who looked like Meadows guy friend Xyler, with sandy brown colored hair. I knew it wasn’t Xyler from Waking 3D Life, so I went over him and grabbed him from behind and immediately placed him in a choke hold. I threatened to snap his neck with my hands.  The Xyler-looking boy sort of laugh mocked me, like I wasn’t doing it right, so I relaxed my grip and then re-gripped him correctly and I was then cutting off his air supply some.  He was still rather non-plush about it all and saying he didn’t care (like he was expendable). Then I said to the blond kid, “If you don’t stop it right now . . . he gets it!” The chubby blond kid was unphased and responded, “So what, you don’t think I actually care about him do you? Or that it matters?”   I realized the kid I had was expendable.  

I went and grabbed the ring leader chubby blond kid and placed him in a throat choke hold and told him “Tell them to STOP right now!!”  He wasn’t really gonna do it.  I then reminded him, “The cops will be here any minute now, so if you continue to ‘hang out’ here . . . that’s fine . . . then they’ll nab you!”  The two girls were sitting with their feet up on the little black fold out PC hacker table, like my little art table I keep in my bedroom.  One of the girls, seemed to be a Jersey-call-girl type and was smacking and chewing bubble gum as she talked.  The blond guy was getting the message . . . some . . . then, he was ordering the Xyler-like kid to go steal my car right then; like they’d electronically and digitally hot-wired it. 

Xyler was heading up the driveway toward my car, I ran after him knowing him to be Gorik and I grabbed him and then jumpped on top of him and pinned him to the ground.  I was fully on top him and choking him again, while pinning him and his arms.  He was still trying to act like he didn’t care. But, he did.  I then placed my face extremely close to his and even growled at him; he was actually scared, but trying to not show it and overall doing a fairly good job of controlling his emotions.  Then, in an extremely menacing, and deep, and low voice, to instill proper fear in him I said, “Do you know what your biggest mistake is!?” he was still not ‘caring’ . . . then, I shored up my grip on him and even re-slammed him onto the cement and gripped him in an even more firm hold and finished answers the question for him about what his biggest mistake was, “Trying to steal someone’s car who already sees the future!”  He was actually becoming very afraid and worried now about what else I’d seen and already knew about him.  I let him let his mind run wild, so he’d be instilled with too much fear to try again.

I ran through different dreams that I could recall and didn’t see any others directly connecting with this one aside from the ‘Creepy Clown Game’ one.  Gorik was very worried now. I told him very menacingly, “You picked the wrong person to steal from, and you and your friends are to leave immediately!”  He was very concerned, but still trying to act like he wasn’t.  He was also now gently concerned for his life. 

I believe they then gathered all their ‘garage hacker’ equipment and the girls were sorta like, “aw, do we seriously have to?”  They didn’t seem to believe or understand the totality of what had just happened. Not the brightest crayons in the box.  They were more like, ‘hot chicks’ the guys brought along to stroke thier egos with.  It seemed they were going to leave before the cops got there.

I went back up to my car again and it seemed the ‘kids’ had left a handful of license plates from other states in my car.  They seemed to have them on hand and would use them when they were trying a heist like this and they’d slap on one of the other still current license plates to the next stolen vehicle.  There seemed to be a plate from Washington, Georgia (Peach – James and the Giant Peach film), Kansas, Kentucky, Penn State, maybe (maybe) Florida. They were stolen from other vehicles for use on heists like this to replace plates really fast and drive off unnoticed if cops were busy looking for the other actual plates.

My brother, Kyle, was still trying to get ready and never made it outside.  My dad had successfully phoned the cops. The cops seemed to wear those light brown to medium brown uniforms (Forrest Ranger John dream connect and Brown Pajamas Creepy Clown Game dream)

Around 5:55am  


Leah and Able

I was with my female art director friend, leah, and her husband, Able, along with other artist type friends and a small crowed of people.  I was talking and sharing with them all about things I do and they all were liking me as a person.  I was sharing some now about my dreams and then it was like I’d just woken up from the dream and I began to write it in my journal. 

I sat on the floor and I wrote two to three pages in my journal.  There were lots of pages already written on (even 50 -100) and insert sections with one-quarter pages on them.  There only seemed to be one or two sheets left of the full sheet pages, that were similar to a clean unused white note pad.  I began to write my dream story on the one-quarter page sheets.

Leah was right there next to me and being respectful not to interrupt me, another artist friend I thought of as being hard-nosed might have been nearby too and also being respectful of me writing.  I seemed to answer two or three questions from them or others with very short answers and/or to say I was writing and I’d talk after.  No one was rude or pressuring me to talk.  Leah, was telling a handful of others to wait and back off until I finished writing. She was very sweet about it.   I was writing with a thick round tipped pen and recalled as I was writing that I may have been using a red similar thick tipped pen in the car thieves dream sequence just prior, where I was marking evidence with it and even using police yellow/black crime scene do NOT cross tape.

I finished writing, stood up, and walked over to a table where a fake (knock-off) Andrew VanDeen and knock-off Gorik Nip Kaplin stood.  They looked ‘sorta’ like them but ‘weathered’ (Ai connects).  They both were sort of Andrew and Gorik but ‘knock-offs’ still.  I then addressed the five to eight others at the table and said, “Their scams aren’t even effective with these knock-offs.”  But, the knock-off Andrew seemed impressed I even saw and knew this about he and Gorik.  The friends at the table asked Andrew, “Should we nab her?” Andrew put his hand up to tell them no and he stated something to the nature of, he found me fascinating and was impressed and curious about my abilities.   He basically told them ‘no’ because he was curious about me and impressed, so none of his friends acted.  The Gorik knock-off was sort of looking at the Andrew knock-off for clues and cues regarding me and if it was going to be ok for him to get to know me better.  Andrew didn’t care if he interacted with me at this point.  So Gorik Kraplin (as some called him online) was still waiting for further permissions, even from the higher ups, which may have included Grandpa Dan.  There were other conversations between the knock-offs and the others at the table.  Then, I decided to leave and go talk with other people, maybe even about the knock-offs.

I walked over to a small home movie theatre room (Jack Nicolson Movie Premier dream connect?) where a handful of others were inside and it seemed to glow from blue LED rope lights inside. I spoke with a male and may have eaten a bite or two of popcorn.

Then, I went back out of the room and walked and talked with Leah and other friends of mine.  It was a little bit Harry Potter party style as most were wearing the Harry Potter plastic fun-party glasses.  I walked into the middle of a small crowd of ten to fifteen people with a strong color vibe of blue and wearing blue jeans.  I lost my footing though and slid to the ground and was worried for a moment that I was going to be trampled, but everyone went over me and I was completely unharmed.  The people that had gone over me turned around and apologized for semi-not seeing me there, even though we’d all just been talking prior to me slipping.  They all crowed around to help me up.  I told them it was ok, I’m ok, and I understood.  I remained seated on the floor and a cute 12 year old nerdy little boy with sandy barely blondish-red tinged hair and ‘blond’ freckled face came over to me.  He was also wearing Harry Potter glasses, but his were yellow-white rimmed.  He sat down on the floor next to me and I began to speak with him in an old English accent and said, “Well now, you’ve got yourself a nice spot of glasses on now, haven’t ye?” He replied in jest with a fun accent too saying something like, “ Why yes, I have.” His spectacles were bumble bees and had eyes even on the main glasses part, but looked more like the bumble bee’s butt on each lense.  I commented again in jest about his spectacles and picked up a more normal English lightly steampunk pair of glasses and held them up as if a face mask (masque) on a stick over my eyes and English accent said, “You got it down” regarding his accent and to also help me save face for us being on the floor still. But, we were respected as being ok, even with the floor fall through.   

The boy and I continued to talk as Leah came over and asked if she was bothering me and I replied, “Not at all.”  I greatly enjoyed play talking with the boy. Energetically he reminded me of Mogli from the Jungle Book, the boy raised by wolves and who had a bear friend.  It seemed the boy thought having the spectacles would make him see.  I knew this was not the case; but he’d learn that soon enough and I told him that as well and that he’d soon see that and I’d teach him the truth and about my methods (love) and how to do it/that in time.  We both then did in jest and play two times a playful lift our spectacles up and over eyes and faces and then down and then up again together.

Then, I stood up and woke up.

8:54 am

Message Recall

‘They’ were trying again to say that my stuff was theirs and trying to somehow steal it using some Avengers Super Hero Movie and like I saw the notification for part 6 of 6, of their behind the scenes. They were failed.


I found myself at a farm-like place.  I saw a husband and wife couple. Behind a chain linked fence with cement flooring, I saw a large land turtle inside. The pen was its animal sanctuary home.  I went inside with the Turtle.  The turtle seemed to have been rescued by the couple because it had been sick or the like prior. There was a little baby turtle inside the pen too, that really liked and loved me.  I had the “Emo” (Elmo) red throw blanket. But, in the dream it was much larger and covered a lot more area and was more like a quilt thickness wise and reminded me of my baby blanket with the little red house on it and the car.  The little baby was getting along well with the big turtle that may have been it’s mama, so I decided I would get up and leave, when the couple/owners came and had to take the mama turtle (?) for shots or something.  The turtle almost seemed like a sick fish getting shots or a fish getting meds put in the tank with it. They headed out now with the turtle and I got up with my blanket and began to follow them out.  But, the baby turtle got up too and followed me turtle style and didn’t want me to leave.  I mumbled and gently hollered to the couple, trainers, a little bit away now if I could stay with the baby turtle.  They said I could stay with the baby turtle and that he’d been a little sick too, but my love was healing him as he’d been sick from not having love, so I stepped back inside the cage pen and closed the chain link gate door and lowered the latch.

I gently threw out the blanket to be unfurled on the ground flat and wide as if making a bed on top of the cement ground. I then laid down on the blanket and the baby land turtle about 1 – 1 ½ ft long by 1 -1 ½ ft domed shell crawled itself over to me and nestled in next to me and my shoulder area. She(?) really loved me and was very happy there and wanted me to stay with her for as long as possible.  She was very sweet and reminded me of Peggy Sue and the Airedale dog who loved me, and the papers I was waiting to have officially signed to say the dog was mine and in the Peggy Sue dream I’d paid for her.

The baby turtle trusted me completely to take care of her and keep her safe and nurse her back to health.  She wanted to stay as close to me as possible.   The mama turtle was now being brought back and placed in the pen again.  But, the baby turtle still wanted to stay right next to me and wanted me there with her.  It seemed to be night out and the pen felt like a dog pound kennel.  The mama turtle was now warming up to me as well, because of the baby turtle wanting me with her so much to feel the healing love.  The mama turtle also seemed to know that my being there would also heal and save her too and she also wanted to the feel the love.  I was semi-surprised by all of this but pleased and delighted as well. I especially loved and was fond of the baby turtle, but loved the mama turtle as well.  They were both so beautiful and special to me and I was honored to be there with them and that they trusted me so completely as they did and loved receiving my love and compassion for them.