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There was something (an energy) that was taking over people in a town.   I was at my dad’s car dealership looking for Tarik, Meadow’s biological father.   I came upon a man and spoke with him for a minute or two.  He told me Tarik had just left and was now at the village nearby.  (Village Pod People to be re-awoken dream)

I left the dealership and went to the village.  I arrived to see the village was a deserted hill-area, with no homes and the people living there were like blanks as they wandered around.   I watched them go inside a church where they got taken over.  I realized the village people were all possessed and that I needed to pretend I was one of them.   

The possessed people were ‘peaceful’ people so long as no one tried to tell them the truth of what had happened to them and that they were slaves to a false consciousness.

I asked a man where Tarik was.  He told me he’d wondered off “in that direction” as he pointed.  I acknowledged and headed off in the direction he’d pointed.  Tarik somehow reminded me of a plane.  But, a very different kind of plane, it was shaped like a “W” and the plane flew in the direction that would have the most wind resistance.

I looked up and saw the alien craft arrive.  It was responsible for the community being mind controlled.  It shot twice with two rays of false consciousness to hit the people.  I was able to safely avoid them.  They shot a third time, I decided I’d had enough and it was time for their deception to end.  I noticed the presence of a small being next to me on my right that was also my friend, and felt to be my daughter Meadow, who was almost two.  

The false consciousness was being shot out again, now for a fourth time. It looked like a white-blue sphere. I went and stood directly in its path and held out my hand at it and spoke in another language.   As the sphere of false hopes and lies got nearer my hand, I emitted and radiated my energy light (greens and yellows perhaps).  I felt more powerful than ever and I spoke two to three very strong and powerful word sentences and sent the energy sailing back up and away.   

I had won. 

Somehow I was also a spaceship and a motorcycle too. I was still trying to find Tarik.  I continued to head in the direction Tarik was, only now I was riding there. I spotted him and he was wandering aimlessly, but in his mind of illusions he thought he had direction because he was with a girl. He then was gone again and I could not locate him. I could only feel generally where he was and then I would head in that direction.  He was like a pooka and every time I got near him, he was gone and already somewhere else.

Then, I woke up.