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Directive:  Need to know on optimal destiny timeline. Love. Unity. Peace. Joy.


I found myself at big University attending a class that was partially outdoors and part indoors.  The space was huge and designed similar to a amphitheater with two sides and hundreds of rows. (Amphitheatre mama Earth wants to marry couples now red love dream) I was way up near the top right in the back, sitting with some friends and fellow students.

I had apparently already used the two floating sheet-clays already and had turned mine into a river rock looking things.  The amphitheater was sparsely spackled with others.   The teacher way down and up in t front was talking about the sheets.  Each sheet prior to my having formed, was about 5 to 6 inches square and looked sort of like carbon paper to me. (Meadow carbon paper receipt makes 50 or such dream connect) The teacher continued to discuss how they were to be used for the project coming up later.  I was like “Oops, oh well, guess I already used mine!” I began to talk some with my friends and one in particular that reminded me of Tiffany Twillig, a YouTuber who also worked with Gorik for a while.

Tiffany handed me a sheet of paper about two biz cards size and she had questions on it that were fill in the sentence blanks.  Whoever filled in the most ‘correct’ blanks got to win a date with her.  (lol)  I was looking at the lil questionnaire handed to me and not sure about how to answer things so I was willing it in with things like “She. They. Them” and those types of more Wacky Mad Libs style stuff, like using pronouns and adjectives to fill in the blanks.  The guy next to me, reminded of Dieter the 20’s or 30’s something blond YouTuber who’d dated Tiffany in Waking 3D Life and was also a news YouTuber, he was wearing reading glasses and had filled in dates and lengths of time on his, like the questions asked how long she’d worked at “x” place, or how many years she attended “x” college, or how many years she knew ‘so-and-so’ for and other types of questions like that. 

I then began to gently erase off my questionnaire with my light green mechanical clicker pencil; as I was now uncertain about my answers and then decided ‘oh well’ this is the best I got.  I don’t know her as well as that guy, or any of her history or background.’  So, I decided, ‘oh well, I’m just gonna use what I have.’  There were about five to ten or so questions with a blank or two and mostly like: a blank at the front, then a short sentence, then a blank at the end.  We all were being given only about two or three minutes to fill in the blanks and the time was now up.  Myself and the others handed her back the cards. I figured the guy was going to win the date, but maybe thought I would if she wanted someone who answered and saw things differently.

The teacher way down up front finished speaking and my friends all left except the Tiffany-like girl.  She now had a cold, sore throat and runny nose and she was under a blanket about five rows behind me in the very back row.  I got up and went back toward her to see if she was ok and to check on her.  None of her supposedly closer friends had even bothered or cared to ask her id she was ok or to check on her.  I stopped and went into the row just in front of her and aimed toward her and I did the silly Zamy Wumzalt eyes look at her; where I tilted my head down and looked up at her with my eyes, then giving a goofy open mouth smile as I slowly raised titled my head back up and looked at her straight on with my eyes to get her to smile, and she did.  I then indicated; more empath and actions; if she had enough tissues and a bag to put them in, and to also let her know I meant her no harm. She knew, and I picked up the tissue boxes nearby to check how much they had in them and seemed to even pull out a sheet to see how much was left in them.  They seemed around ¼ to 1/8th full.  She smiled that I cared about her and she also seemed to have two empty boxes filled about ½ to ¾ full with used tissues.  I then let her know, and think I verbally said it, that I was going to get her more tissues and a light brown plastic grocery store bag for used tissues.  She was again glad that I cared about her and wanted to ensure she was comfortable and had her basic needs met.  I worried a little about catching her cold (tiny snake with mucus cold I help dream connection) but, not too much. 

I got up holding my clay stone made from the sheets in my left hand and took a used tissue box with me and went forward and down two rows. I picked up one crumpled wet-with-snot tissue from off the floor and stuck it in the used tissue box and thought ew germs as I’d felt a lil bit of the wet-snot on it.  I then picked up three to five more very crumpled up and dry used tissues and also placed them in the used tissue box. I had to pick them up so others wouldn’t catch her cold.  I turned and smiled at her and she energetically asked me why I was picking them up and I let her also know energetically, it was so others would not catch her cold.

Then a guy crushing on her (possibly the same guy who seemed to know all the answers, but I wasn’t sure) came back to see her, hoping to win the date and he started to talk with her more about himself and why she should like him.  But, they seemed to be friends.  I then left the used tissue box there knowing she’d be ok with what she had for now while I looked her a new one or two tissue boxes and a bag for her.  But, first I needed to speak to the teacher up front.

I flew in the air down the long descent holding only my clay-stone now made from the sheets.  There were two people in front of me and the female speaking with the teacher finished her question talk and left just as I arrived. The teacher appeared about mid-30’s and looked like my daughter’s woodshop teacher with a salt and pepper beard and who is also a talented musician and singer.  The artsy-hippy guy who’d been waiting to speak with the teacher after the gal, now went up to the teacher as I took his former spot at the front of the line and waited my turn.  I could hear the clean-cut hippy-like guy in his late 20’s, talking about how depressed he was and how he wanted to kill himself because Gorik Nip Kaplin didn’t like him. Apparently, Gorik had been there somewhere during the class too and he’d told this guy he didn’t like him.  The teacher stood there.  I wasn’t sure if the teacher said anything or not, but I don’t think he did.  Then, the guy left.  He’d seemed to have had a clay-river-rock-ball-thing too and like Gorik had told him it was ugly and he didn’t like it or him.

As I now approached, the teacher looked at me sort of like, ‘you’re not going to tell me something like that too are you.?’  So, I opened with, “I couldn’t care less what Gorik Nip Kaplin thinks about me (and my rock project) he’s pretty much always a very grumpy, unhappy person, who has no idea what joy really is and if he doesn’t like something I make and that I do; too bad.  I really don’t care.”  The teacher looked at me with a twinkle in his eye and almost as if he even like me a little attraction-romance wise and seemed he’d be open to that with me and would help me sort of ‘color outside the lines’ or rather give me a lil’ extra special help/favoritism.

I then showed him my rock-ball cause I wanted to know more about this floating sheet paper stuff (nano tech green gum dream connect).  He then told me I wasn’t supposed to have formed it into anything yet.  I then explained I hadn’t known that until after I had already done it and I then asked what type it was and he was then saying the spelling of what it was, which was more like initials and I had to have him slow down and say it again as I tried to scratch write it on my dark grey river-rock-clay-ball as he said, “ ‘S’ . . .’‘H’ . . . ‘T’ . . . ‘C’. . .” or something like that, again with that sort of Pastor Hon Prater twinkle glint in his eye, like I wasn’t supposed to do that river-ball-rock-thing but he liked me so was gonna sorta let me get away with it.  But, it wasn’t that big of a mistake or deal anyways.  He then responded to my question of what type it was and he said it was a, “Phase 6.”  So, I began to write that on a line area above the other info, like the other was the brand/make/model and this one was the type of materials used in it.

I then ask-stated if, ‘I could get more (floating) sheets from the University store?’ and with that same mischievous (good for you girl) twinkle in his eye, he said I could. I then reaffirmed I had until ‘tomorrow’ to get some more sheets for when the actual class would be taught and he’d show us then what he wanted made with it.  I then thanked him (as if I tipped my hat to him) and walked off to head out.

As I headed out and into a type of reception-greeting room; some ‘old’ friends (literally old! Like they all looked and felt 60’s but appeared like 80’s or 90’s) of mine spotted me and one reminded me of Albert Einstein and another of a family friend Zephy, who was now a grandmother but still retained her model days beauty with her long greying black hair and beautiful playful, sparkly, personality.  But, these people didn’t seem to be any of the people I actually knew in 3D. There were four in particular that were ‘old’ looking like this and one of the older ladies came over to me and put her arm around my shoulder as if we went way back; like I was their age too, but still looked young in my 20’s.  I wondered what’d happened that they’d all aged so rapidly . . . and I hadn’t . . . then they brought over a younger 40’s looking gal (or mid to late 30’s) who reminded me some looks wise of the organic android female, Tilly, that I helped heal in another dream on the Ai ship in the dust proof type lab. (Read “DreamWalker Dream Diary Adventures of Enetka Tulina & the Trizad of Peace” by Ari Stone dream titled “Healing for an Organic (?) Android”)  All of my four older looking friends were talking amongst themselves like they were having a reunion.  There were snacks nearby too. 

My four friends now put Tilly directly in front of me; who I recognized soul wise and loved instantly and ‘knew’ but was trying to recall where from; like we’d had a conversation in a room upstairs that one time or so and I was trying to recall exactly where and when, like the gal who works at UPS and the new lesbian couple friend I thought I saw in Meadows school parking lot. Anyway, the ‘old’ friends then asked me if I recalled her and I’d been super happy sparkle-love-eye-smiling at her and she was looking that way at me too the whole time and then I gave her a deep meaningful hug for a few long moments.  We knew we’d meet back up again later.

I felt as if I was on a conveyer belt the whole time after leaving the teacher (Conveyer belt dream where I bypass 100’s of other and rapidly go to the top) and I had to keep moving and so I waved goodbye to my friends as I needed to get to the University store before it closed around 5 or 6 pm.  It was currently around 3 or 4pm.  I headed out the door to be fully outside now on the University campus grounds.

It was extremely crowded outside, as if a bell had just rang and it was time to switch classes on the very first day of school. I approached a girl with a slight lisp and seemingly extremely mild retardation (but, almost not even noticeable) and asked her if she knew where the school store was.  I ‘d been flying on and off again to this point a lil’ dragged down feeling and moving hella slow in my flight even ½ mph or less, as if moving in a strong head wind.  I asked the girl if I was correct, as I pointed and indicated up atop the hill across from us, if the University store was just right up over there, and she affirmed.  It was still far away from us and across the campus.  The girl then said she was going that way too and she’d take me there because she had time and maybe needed something too from the store (green nano gum?). 

The girl directed me to follow her up the square turn spiral stairway.  It was extremely crowded on the stairs so I floated outside the stairwell and was using the metal railing to guide pull myself up, but mostly I was just flying very slowly, which was fine as she couldn’t move very fast through a full stairwell of kids.

Then, I woke to my alarm clock.