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I was outside some type of stone walled building near some people on steps.  There was a semi-famous guy.  But, I didn’t know who he was, just that he was famous.  I realized I was in a dream and wanted to try passing objects through myself and myself through them.   I picked up a book and passed my hand through it; then I tried to walk through the table next to me.  I got my body about half inside the table, it seemed both hard and soft.  I wasn’t sure how far I could make it or if I’d get ‘stuck’ in it, so I came back out.  I may have tried to leave a handprint depression in the cement sidewalk ways.  It was like a ripple in the 3D realm, like throwing a large pebble in the water.

Then, I decided to ‘sort of’ show off, but not really, I was just tired of being unnoticed.  So, I decide it was time for me to do more things to be noticed.  I flew up about 15 feet and sat on an invisible cloud where the semi-famous guy could see me. He was like, “How did you do that?” or rather, “How could I do that?”  I said this is a dream, I can do whatever I want.  He seemed only halfway perplexed. (Shapeshifting for my animal prison sanctuary love dream connect) I told him he could probably come up too, so long as he was with me, until one day when he could learn it too.

Then, I saw a very rude, snobby, high-brow, and fancy clad lady with a tall white and yellow feather, and jeweled hat on her head.  She just put a girl down for not being rich and attractive like her.  I did not approve. The girl she’d put down was crying.  I flew down and landed next to the rude lady and decided to shrivel-disappear her right hand.   I told her what she’d done was unacceptable behavior and until she apologized sincerely she’d have no right hand to use anymore.  I put out my hands and tried to visualize her hand as a nub.  But, it didn’t quite work, instead I turned it into a super shriveled dark hand, like I’d just aged her hand 1,000 years mummy-style.  She was horrified; but very calm about it appearance wise trying to act cool like nothing happened. 

An SUV limo pulled up and parked alongside us at the curb.  The lady with the fancy hat got inside the front passenger side.  I tried to finish the job right, but instead it seemed all of her began to go mummy-style.  I wasn’t sure what had gone wrong.  But, she seemed now a shriveled old lady and dying.  Her mother driving the limo was also a very fancy posh nosh lady.  I said to the mother, “This is what happens when you are rude and cruel to others. She will be restored (just fine) after she apologizes to others that she’s hurt and sincerely means it.  Otherwise, she will likely die, even though all I meant to do was give her a nub on her right arm.”  The snob lady daughter inside the vehicle was now listless, very tired, and very falling alseep now.  They then pulled out and left.

Then I woke up.