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Q:  What do I need to know about going on YAF YT with info


I was going to have to use my supporting evidence, which seemed 3 other ‘listen to’ type learning, like sleep learning, to prove my point and validity.


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I was at some event with a Burning Man vibe.  I might have been there with Gorik appearing as my brother, when I saw a sign that said Burning Man camping tickets were for sale now, like from the Jack Rabbit Speaks.  I had a few white trash bags with some of my things in them alongside myself. I was relaxing on my sleeping bag on the ground.  As soon as I noticed the poster with the discounted Burning Man tickets listed I stood up and got into line directly at the tent canopy area where the seller was.  There were little to no people in line as it was still early yet and just announced.  The ticket seller, felt like Gorik’s friend Duke. 

As I approached and arrived at the counter area Duke told me I had to first go and register with the computer system nearby before I could buy the two tickets. He walked me over to the computer for registration.  It was a hecka-blocky-old thing that looked more like a stand up ATM than a computer and something straight out of the 80’s or 90’s tech wise, very out dated looking.  Duke said I had to register first at that outdated computer setup and then he would talk to me through the computer.

I stood in front of the blocky touchscreen computer and Duke began to talk to me through it to get my information, such as my name, date of birth, address, and other basic info. He may have also asked me what my favorite color was. (Email connect where I asked Gorik in W3DL what his favorite color was).  There was a small line forming behind me of around three to five people as I was just getting to the ‘input password’ screen. After that would have been the payment screen.   I needed to choose a username and password.  I quickly left the computer, walked over the line guard rail and back to my sleeping area about ten feet away where I promptly opened one of my trash bags and pulled out my black wallet belt pouch with my cell phone in it.  Then, I hurried back to the old-school computer at the front of the line.  This only took me about thirty seconds to a minute, max.  I hopped back over the single rope line to the front of the computer and said, “Sorry about that.  I had to get my phone wallet . . . wallet purse . . . wallet phone.” I needed it to pay digitally once we got to it.    It seemed I’d have to go through the whole system with the seller, Duke, for the entire process and then I’d get two passes directly from him under the tent overhang area.  I entered my email address of ‘bluesomething’ and then a screen popped up on the blocky computer screen next to the ATM computer tower asking me to select a password.  On the screen were a handful of images of traditional type playing cards.  I asked Duke, “So, I am to only choose a password from these images? Cards?”  He replied, “Yes.”

The old monitor screen set on a small table with the password images on the screen, reminded me of an old school blocky desktop Apple computer.  (Ai code of love dream connect)  On the blocky Apple PC style screen there were four or five rows of playing cards and pictures about thumb nail size.  I was to select my password from those pictures.  I thought, “Ok, this is highly unusual . . .”  then I chose and pressed the Queen of Clubs or Queen of Spades.  Actually, it seemed to morph from one into the other, possibly starting as a Spade then morphing into a Club.  I thought of the Ryder Waite Tarot and the 9 of Diamonds I just removed from my book I was working to have Copyrighted;  I next pressed the Queen of Diamond and was thinking to press the Ace of Diamonds or Ace of Spades then decided, ‘Nah, I just want these two queens, easy to remember.’  I then held up my cell phone and took a quick picture of my chosen password, since I didn’t have a pen or paper to write it down and I wanted to ensure I remembered it or could pull it up if I forgot it.  Duke seemed to apologize to me for this process being so rigorous.  I told him though the computer it was ok and that I understood, otherwise everyone would just buy Burning Man tickets all the time and they’d sell out way to fast and I said, “It’s ok . . . we’re getting there.”

I was now in another location; I was in a hotel style bedroom that was my room because of having completed the first computer interview.  I had either gotten the Burning Man tickets or would get them after I finished the next round of data input.  On my bed sat another blocky old school style PC computer screen.  This one however, looked more like an old Microsoft (grey and black color casing) old school blocky monitor PC in one setup and like something straight out of the 80’s or 90’s.  The monitor PC took a good portion of the bed.  My daughter Meadow and I were to share this bed.  It again seemed that Duke apologized to me, this time through the PC monitor on the bed.  I seemed to need to get some sleep now or just lay down to rest for a while before the next computer data input round.  The info I had entered in the first old school computers had to go in first and it took a while for it to download into the system.  It seemed to be around 10am.  There was another person in my room, a lady around her 50s with blondish hair, who felt to be Duke’s (?) assistant who showed me to my room.

Meadow now entered the room with my mom (I think) and I was looking at the bed trying to resolve how I’d sleep on it with Meadow in such a way that she’d not not kick over the PC monitor with all the kicking and turning she does as night.  Meadow commented to me about our sleeping schedules and said, “We are totally on different sleep schedules and can’t seem to get them together.”  She meant we were like ships passing in the night. She’d go to sleep around 4am and I’d just be waking up then or within two hours around 6am and we be out and about for the day, while she slept.

Now, I found myself in another bed in another hotel room, with a nightstand and lamp to my right.  I thought myself waking up from the dream sequence with Duke and the computer in actual Waking 3D Life and I was pulling out my dream journal (spiral bind sketch book) and blue G2 pen in the dark to document my experience. There was a guy in the room with me that reminded me of an ex-partner and a former writer friend of mine, but didn’t seem to be either.  Whoever he was, he wasn’t aware of my, “no talking to me” rule until after I wrote and documented my dream(s).  So he asked me, “Whatcha doin’?”  I completely ignored him and kept on writing.  My mom seemed to be in this room as well.  I leaned over to the night lamp on nightstand and clicked it ‘on’ for low light (Shadow being contemplating change dream connect).  I was stoked to have successfully found a journal to write in without any of the sometimes dream indicative problems such as: pages filling up before I can write in it, or its already full, or any other such nonsense. 

Then, I realized I really needed to wake up and write, so I did.


My daughter Meadow and I were going to get a room at the ‘hotel’ nearby.

 My parents already had a room and if not we were going to book one for them too.  Meadow and I were outside at the moment in front of a nice looking two-story house. We set down our two or three suitcases on the watering hole ledge, along with a good number of other people’s suitcases.  The small watering hole was designed like a small natural fountain-pool and it was rather lovely.  We walked a short distance away to the main hotel and to the particular section that was the ‘Harry Potter’ section of the hotel.  We walked up to the male concierge at the concierge desk to book and pay for a room.  

After I completed the transaction we were give our room number . . . one . . . Meadow and I then walked down the wide and open hall area to find our room only to discover this section was set up as large group rooms!  I look inside and saw a room around 100ft by 70ft with around 30 beds inside. There were lots of young  girls around 12 and 13 years old.  The whole place had a dorm room/camper style vibe and the room colors were largely pastels: pinks, blues, purples, and possibly some yellows too.   I looked at the sign numbers above the beds on the main far wall across the room and saw “1-30.”  I looked around to see if there were any two beds still available next to one another, there was not.  I leaned over to Meadow and told her “This is unacceptable. There has to be ‘regular individual rooms.’  We are going back to the concierge to ask-tell him we expected a regular individual family room, like what my parents got.

Back at the concierge desk I told him we had expected a regular individual private room.  He said he’d work on it.  I told him we’d be right back and that we’d go grab our suitcases with our clothes while he worked on fixing the room problem.

Meadow and I went back outside and back to the house with the watering-hole. 

That’s when I saw our suitcases . . . . open . . .  and  completely empty! 

The other suitcases left in the area with ours seemed to be completely untouched. I was very unhappy about this and someone seemed to say the owners the two-story house with this spa-fountain-pool (watering-hole) were sometimes known to do that; steal things out of the suitcases and then sell them for profit. They pointed to the carport overhang just beyond the watering-hole section and said that’s where they typically take the suitcases; also inferring the stolen goods.  I told Meadow, “We are going in!”  We both then wade-walked through the water of the watering-hole, which was the only way I could see to get to the main house entryway carport overhang area. As we waded nearer the carport, the ground sloped back up until we were on the dry cement under the carport overhang.

Next, we entered the front door of the house.

Meadow and I spotted two younger people inside; teenagers: one male, one female.  One looked like a young Chakotay from Star Trek Voyager, the American Indian male and subordinate captain to the main captain, captain Janeway.  The female had long light brown hair and was semi-attractive.  They both were very smug and wanted to know how I’d gotten in there!.  I said, “Magik.” To maintain my secrets I had used a Harry Potter style wand to ‘pick’ the locks to enter the house.  The teenage boy and girl were inside another room behind what looked to me like a bullet proof glass window, reminding me the Boulder Colorado Sheriff’s Office windows protecting the office workers.   Chakotay and the girl had already sold off some of my stuff for a handsome profit already and they were very smug about it!  They had sold off two, or three, or even five of my things already, even possibly my underwear like they were the shroud of Torin!  I was VERY unhappy with them!  They thought themselves untouchable behind their bullet-proof-looking glass window, but no matter, I used my magik again and unlocked their door and went inside the room with Meadow. We were now behind the bullet-proof-looking glass window with them.

They both tried to run at me.  The Chakotay-looking boy first, as he got near me I briefly grappled with him a bit . . . then . . . I stripped him down naked . . .

He was humiliated.

But, he still wasn’t getting the message (and needed to) and he needed to have some remorse for what he’d done, so I kicked him over by his butt. He fell onto the floor and I demanded he tell me where our clothes were!  The teenage girl just watched.  Meadow seemed to be handling her some.   I then did something further to the boys butt and pulled out a razor and put a single cut on it, to expose his a– hole.  He was extremely humiliated now and starting to feel some remorse, or at the very least shame, though he was still being a jerk.  I decided he needed something more and so I spanked him very hard, at least once and I said, “DON’T YOU EVER STEAL From ME OR ANYONE Else EVER AGAIN!”  The girl now tried to come at me from both her own foolishness and because the boy cried for her help.  I told her she was NOT to TOUCH ME EVER or to even try to lay a finger on me, or I’d do exactly to her as I’d just done to the boy! Meadow watched.  I then let the light haired brunette know I meant business and I grabbed her and flipped her onto the floor and used my Magik to tie her hands like she was a pig to be roped.  I demanded again they tell us where our clothes were!

The, I went back over to the boy, stood him up again and hugged him in a very seductive menacing way; in a similar fashion to how Colin Farrell’s character in ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ film did to the butch haircut boy he was playing; I then sexy-like grabbed his face and put my mouth and face by his ear and whispered to him, “Where are my things!?  What have you done with them!?  YOU WILL TELL ME!” I then lightly and disgusted gently shoved him back and away to let him know I’d further embarrass and humiliate him if he didn’t tell me immediately.  He seemed fully ashamed now.  I was disgusted with him and his idiot cohort girl.   The boy sheepishly told me where my clothes were.  He pointed to an area nearby saying what’s left of my things; i.e. not already sold off to the highest bidder; was over there, like he’d already gotten a million dollars for some of my clothes and items he’d already sold off. My things all seemed numbered with restaurant-like table numbers and like they were part of a Federal evidence crime scene.

I again grabbed the Chakotay-like boy, this time by the scruff of his shoulders-neck-skin areas and threw him back and gently away.  This time I’d ‘dusted him off first,’ like a bad guy using someone for information and that I was now tossing aside once done with them.  He and the girl tried to say they or others wouldn’t like me very well for doing this.  I told them I couldn’t care less if beings like them liked me or not or if their (idiot) friends or followers liked me or not.  I then told them, “You are NOT good people and I don’t need ‘friends’ like you . . . in fact . . . nobody need friends like you.  Who wants to be friends with liars and thieves who just steal their things and clothes as if their own to sell.  I sure don’t.”

With that, I left my clothes there for the moment telling them I’d be back with our suitcases to carry it all away again.  I warned them if they tried anything foolish (funny business) in the meantime, like lie and call the cops to try to say I was robbing them . . . I’d further humiliate them with the truth and prove that it was all my stuff and would expose their entire operation of theft of the likely hundreds of others they’d stolen from as well.  They seemed to have an Area 51 style factory warehouse attached to the two-story home that may have been parading around as being the ‘garage.’ But, if felt more like a Warehouse 3 (TV series, Warehouse 13) type place and they had it filled with stolen goods they’d sell off.  They had been running their black ops theft mission of illegal sales out of the warehouse.  I let them know if they tried anything foolish with me, I’d be happy to let the investigations go on because I was innocent and the evidence would show that and it’d reveal all the rest of their scams.  They were like Hillary Clinton with the Russian Collusion and fake investigations that exposed her. 

I went back outside to get our suitcases and told Meadow to wait there and keep an eye on them and that I’d be right back.  She had enough magik to keep an eye on them and remain safe if they misbehaved again.

. . . Then, I woke up . . .