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Q: Need to know about my “situation”

“He” gushed about the techniques used.  Something I said in relation to a ‘correction’ that was added and that needed to be input in ‘his’ (Gorik’s? Burt’s?) records. It was in reference to the ‘How to stay safe’ image match to Burt’s stuff and my blog post yesterday.  I saw my rainbow colored message and like it connected with the airplane ride to “Tonga” and the hotel with “Fred” meeting.



Me, Jared, and Tja went to visit our old Camino home, only to discover it wasn’t there anymore.  A ‘new’ smaller and shoddy house was there now.  I didn’t understand why anyone would do that! Demolish a great home/house and replace it with a smaller crappy one in its place.

No one seemed home at first, so we went inside the garage and then through the main downstairs entry door and stood in main house entryway room. The room was modestly sized with a vaulted ceiling and a pile of rubble inside it that was our ‘old home.’  It was about 10 feet square and around three to five feet high.  There were a few intact looking household items mixed in the pile, but mostly it was a pile of rubble, with no cement!  The ‘no cement’ feature was extremely unusual as our original home was subterranean and made of cement walls and had a solid cement foundation.  I didn’t know why they did this; leave a pile of rubble in the ‘new’ house.  The ‘new’ house was small inside and not that great, like a lumber-mill-row-house or something and may have even had wood exterior siding painted a light pastel yellow.  Inside it felt a lot like a mobile/modular home unit.

Jared and Tja were looking at the rubble pile in the middle of the entryway room. Tja noticed a super comfy looking futon sofa bed that was folded out halfway between being a bed and a sofa and she went and sat down on it, stating how comfortable it was.  I continued to look at the rubble pile very suspiciously and said, “I know that we ‘sold’ the house . . . but, aren’t they supposed to tell us (the Original Builders) when (before) they demolish the place?  Isn’t there some type of rule about this?  I mean look, this is highly unusual (odd) there isn’t even any cement!”  I thought of the fake California fires being started with the blue sparks in the sky. 

Jared began to pay closer attention to the rubble pile and commented, “Yeah” meaning that he saw what I meant and agreed it was odd.   He didn’t know for sure if there was a law, but he thought maybe.  I continued to talk loudly, sort of knowing the older couple owners (like Ma and Pa kettle style couple) in their 50’s or even 60’s might be home.  I talked loudly about how: ‘isn’t there a law’ and ‘suing’ and stuff like that.   Then, I sort of spotted the couple.  I could see them downstairs a little bit, in the more basement area of the house, from my vantage point.  It seemed they lived down there and didn’t come upstairs to this section very often; which largely only had our ‘old home’ rubble pile and the futon near the edge of the rubble. The wall furthest across from me had a lot of ceiling to floor length windows that covering most of the wall and overlooked the backyard.  The main kitchen area was located near the window wall and a glass windowed door. The kitchen a kitchen-nook vibe.  The couple downstairs noticed us now and quickly went back into their hiding spot below and out of my view. 

A door now opened upstairs from the other side of the stairwell opening (Like in the other dream I had with Jared and Tja in our ‘home’ in the city, where I protected the ‘bunnies’ from the sniper).  A man who looked like Grandpa Dan stepped out of his office-bedroom and rapidly headed towards the kitchen area.  I said, “Excuse me . . . Can I talk to you? . . .” He was muttering, and mumbling, and grumbling to himself, I continued “. . . about this . . .” inferring the rubble pile. Dan put his head down and walked as fast as he could and them went out the back glass-windowed kitchen door.    Somehow he’d managed to have the couple follow him out or he had them even go outside the door in front of him.  They were all outside now and sort of out of my view.

I told Jared, “That’s highly suspicious.  I think I’m right and that there is a law saying they can’t do this, because if they were in the ‘right’ he’d not have bolted off like that.  He looked very agitated as soon as I said, ‘Excuse me can I talk to you.’ and he bolt walked out the door after that looking all hella guilty…very suspicious.”  Jared agreed and even more so now thought there was a law and that he could ask his lawyer friend.  But, he wasn’t sure his friend would know the answer, but he knew I was really good at researching these types of matters and I probably knew more than his lawyer friend anyways.

I could now hear Grandpa Dan yelling at the Ma and Pa kettle couple.  He was livid with them and said, “Don’t you know you were supposed to invite them to the demolition!!!!!!!” He was yelling extremely loudly at them!  And I could just hear the couple’s very soft reply, “We were supposed to?” Dan continued, “Didn’t you invite them?!!!” “No.” came the next soft reply and “We didn’t know.”  Dan continued, “Now they can come back and take everything back away!!! ALL OF IT!!!”   The couple gulped.  Dan was livid! He finished yelling at them for being so stupid and not doing that.

I looked at Jared and said, “Yep, looks like I’m definitely right, there is a law and we can sue them (I was thinking of my approximately $64,000 bill to Gorik in 3D) for what they’d done.  I began to think of myself as being like my Facebook friend whom I thought might be a lawyer. Then I saw myself being comfortable and used to my new role in life, apparently suing people to make and earn a living.  I said to Jared, “I guess this is my new ‘job,’ suing people. At least, on the bright side, I’m good at it.  Seems to be a gift (talent) I have and am supposed to do since it keeps coming up and I may as well get used to it.”

Grandpa Dan came back into the house and gave a brief glance at us and put his head back down immediately and made a B-line for his office-bedroom again.  He was MAD! The couple seemed to have remained outside. Dan went inside his office and strongly closed the door refusing to talk to me or any of us.  He was incredibly frustrated by the stupidity of the couple.  It seemed we’d somehow sold the house to Grandpa Dan first, and then like he’d sold the house to the couple, and the couple lived there now with Dan as part of the deal. Grandpa Dan vibed of being wealthy like someone else I know. 

I told Jared, “I think it’s time to go now.  We’ve seen enough here and know what we need to know now for sure.”  Jared agreed.  Tja was just about asleep on the futon mattress now saying she was so tired; like she’d been in the Wizard of Oz poppy fields or something; and that she needed just 5 or 6 minutes to sleep.

I thought, or hoped, that maybe later the couple would try to offer us a deal to mitigate the court suing.  But, I’d have to see what the offer was and if it’d be worth it, something of equal value to me if not monetary cash.  I went over to Tja on the futon and gently shook her with my hands as she groggily replied, “I’m so tired.”  I responded, “No, no. I need you awake and you mustn’t go to sleep. We need to leave right now. UP, Up, UP.  You gotta get up now.”  Jared came over to where Tja and I were and told her as well it was time to go and that we had to leave right then.  Tja finally got up and we headed out. 

It seemed my ‘brother’ was with us partly the whole time and even my ‘daughter,’ but, mostly it was just me Jared and Tja.  If my daughter was with us, she was appearing younger again.

For some reason, I remembered our entry as being through the second floor window, rather than the main entry door.  We all now were making our way up an extremely rickety square spiraled stairwell, that didn’t really even qualify as a stairwell. I was reminded of the minecraft square spiral up tower walk with my daughter dream.This stairwell was more like a stacked tower of furniture and chairs, and similar things, rather than the rickety paint peeled wood stairwell it was alleging itself to be.  The stairwell floors buckled at each wood panel I stepped on, was barely even two feet wide, and would teeter-totter (shake House dream and Builders dream where I infuse mama Earth with love and light). The top landing type area seemed even worse. As I got near the top, I grabbed a table leg or wood chair leg to steady myself, but it wasn’t really attached so I still had to balance myself.   

Two long haired cats had followed us up the shoddy stairwell, they were only partly adult cats.  One of the kitties really liked me and I thought he was mine. The table-chair leg I was holding wasn’t helping me any, so I threw if off the edge to the downstairs.   I had made it safely to the top, with Tja and Jared close in tow.

I made my way over to the window and slid the window up to open it and then very precariously climbed out onto what seemed to be a large air conditioning unit for the ‘new’ home but it reminded me more of a swamp cooler. The brown mottled colored kitty that really liked me, followed me out the window now and onto the cooler. Tja climbed out next and then Jared with a body pillow in his hands.  He then went to close the window, as he grabbed the cream colored blind to pull it down first it broke off instead and he lost his balance and fell down the two story height and hit his head on the ground. He was very still and clutching the body size pillow to his chest. 

I quickly climbed down the rest of the way and ran to his side saying, “No, no, no.  I love you.” And I placed my face next his and held his hand.  Jared then woke up and said, “Oh, not my head again.”  Tja came down and quickly joined me by her husband’s side.  I told her to phone 911 for an ambulance. Jared said, “I’m ok.”  He did look fully cognizant, awake, aware, and not groggy or harmed at all.  I seemed more shook up about it all than he did and he reassured me again that he didn’t need an ambulance and he just needed a minute or two to recover.  I was still worried some for a concussion effect.  But, I was gonna wait and see how he was doing in the next one to three minutes. 

I then realized the mottled brown tabby kitty that had followed me out wasn’t mine (Lilly?) and that he had to stay with the other kitty for now (Snowy?), but I’d see about going back for him later to get his papers.  The other kitty seemed to want to stay at the home, but was thinking he might want to leave too now because of how much the other kitty liked me.

Then, I had a dream about a Zombie race and the breakaway group, which was affirmed in W3DL by the Florida Zombie alert a few days later and Gorik tweeted a link to the same Zombie alert a day after I had gotten and seen the alert.