2018_06_30_JUN Overthrowing the Nazis – Thwarting Hitler – Village Pod People to be Re-Awoken


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Directive:   Need to know most this week about Gorik and me direct 3D interactions by 12pm (noon) Friday.


I found myself in a long room space located in a village-town being taken over by a Nazi regime.  Most of the people in the village thought they were to do just as they were told, including my Uncle Joel, Aunt Ingune, Uncle Albert, and Aunt Kathy.  The Nazi regime was trying to actively get me.  I would say “No” to them, fly away, and/or thwart them.  We all had suitcases.  I was telling my friends Jared and Tja to pack up the rest of our things into the suitcases. Some suitcases were already packed. We each had one.  I told my daughter Meadow to stay close to me. 

The jerk Nazi-like guys were telling the approximately 15 people in the room, including me, what to do. Some of the other people were listening and doing as they were told but not me, Tja or Jared. I said, “No way!” and then started telling the people to ‘fight’ back and say ‘no.’  The Nazi guy that looked very Hitler style was trying to make me follow his orders and his ways.  He came near me now with a few other Nazis and tried to grab me, I flew up to the ceiling out of their reach and near a tall  piece of furniture I thought might be a dresser. I pushed it over and it fell on top of the Nazis.  I quickly flitted about packing up more things into the suitcases.

Another Nazi-guy was now trying to grab my white-blond haired Aunt Ingune; who suddenly reminded me of a piece of cauliflower.   I flew down to where the Nazi oppressor was and tricked him into a suitcase and zipped it closed with him inside it! Then, I kicked the suitcase out the door and it dropped off a five foot high ledge and knocking the guy out.  I told Aunt Ingune, “Fight back.” She saw that I had just beaten a Nazi and was winning, so she decided to start fighting back and told her husband Joel to fight back as well. Uncle Joel began to fight as well, even with all his physical maladies. Jared and Tja were protecting Meadow while I was helping Aunt Ingune.

The Hitler-looking-guy; with the ridiculous mustache; was trying again to directly get me, but every time he’d get near me, I’d fly just out of his range and throw more furniture onto him and his handful of Nazi henchmen he’d have with himself also trying to get me.  They didn’t seem to have any weapons, they just wanted everyone to think they did.  Hitler’s henchmen were now beginning to question some things, as they were seeing me thwarting them and ‘not having any of that!’ I used some magik too, and tie bound their hands if they got too near me. 

The Nazi’s seemed to be winning against the others. Jared and Tja were contemplating following Hitler because they saw the others were not winning.  I said, “NO! Follow my lead!”  I flew down to where the Nazi’s were and pretended for a moment to cooperate with their regime and went over to where the other people were that were seemingly losing for the moment and I said, “NOW!” and I continued to move furniture in the way of the Nazi guys and put another Nazi guy in another suitcase and told the village people to do that too.   The villagers finally got the message and started to also bind up the Nazis (Not Sees) and were taking back their power and control and were now getting the Nazi’s out of the room.  

The Nazis seemed to have taken over most of the rest of the village already.  These were the last of the village people the Nazis were trying to capture and place in their prison camps.  Myself, Meadow, Jared, and Tja subdued the rest of the Nazis in the room and then we got into Jared’s big SUV and drove away.

There was lots more going on, something to do with three title things I put together for court. That did the trick.  Three bullet points, that were caps lock headers even in Times New Roman font and those told the attorney Lucinda, “No” and were like a bullet proof vest and death blow to her and the rest of the Nazi’s.  ‘They’ did not like this, but there was absolutely nothing they could do about it whatsoever, they’d screwed up . . . royally.  These were like the final nails in the coffin.  Like horse shoe spikes.  ‘We the people’ had won, the others were to go help the rest of the village.  The others seemed taken over by the ‘pod people’ and they were going to reawaken their family and friends now. Especially, now that they saw they had won inside the building, now they were ready to try and handle the rest in the town.

W3DL (Waking 3D Life)

November 13, 2018 Mesa District Civil Court – Motion to Amend the Complaint (State level Statutes Trade Secrets case  – Not Federal Intellectual Property case. My motion to Amend the Motion for Remand was granted December 3, 2018 and my case remanded from Federal court back to state court December 3, 3018)

December 11, 2018 Mesa District Civil Court – Motion to Set Scheduling Hearing (Included as exhibits: Amended Grievance filed with Texas State Bar against attorney along with her assault charges and included the permanent lifelong Protection Order against Defendant)

December 11, 2018 Mesa District Civil Court – Motion to Impose Sanctions on Defendant (included evidence that Defendant fabricates evidence for court records including the malicious prosecution case)

December 27, 2018 Mesa District Civil Court – Motion for Permanent Injunctive Relief (attached Proposed order to declare the hundreds of emails sent by me to Defendant and attached Dream Visions, discoveries, and etc be legally declared as my Trade Secrets.)