(C) 2018 All rights reserved Ari Stone

I found myself in a very high security building structure. It was so large, it qualified as vast. There were many stories and rooms, similar to a San Francisco building that covered an entire city block. It was extremely fancy, modern, sleek, and very Intel Silicone valley style.

I snuck in now through their alarm systems by becoming invisible and passed through their walls and was now inside. I was checking things out for fun. I was also curious about what they do inside. I was also there to throw a monkey wrench in their gears by proving (by way of showing) how flawed their systems were.

I flew and floated around inside . . . and . . . got spotted! Oh . . . They did not like my being there!!! (lol) They wanted to nab me BIG TIME! One very boss-like guy wanted to nab me in particular and bring me in for questioning. He sent ALL his security guards after me! But, only one or two at a time per building section. Reminding me of the ICC prison escape dream.


The security guards were trying all sorts of things and just as they would get near me . . . I’d pass through the floors to the lower level, or go through the walls to the next room, or fly up and through the ceiling to the room above. They were getting very frustrated! (lol) They got close a few times to nabbing me, even almost touching me, but, then, I’d pass through something and a new guy would have to follow me from the new section area I entered.

There was a main ‘Smith’ style agent after me, that reminded me of the Mafia Son guy chasing after me dream. He was determined to catch me! He always seemed to be following me with the one or two other security officers, possibly one of them was Duke. The Mafia Son guy was radioing in and doing all kinds of things to try to corner me.

I now entered a room with a huge pool that was lined with lovely windows to let in the sunlight. I seemed to get into the water and did a back float for a minute and them a forward breast stroke. The Mafia guy entered the pool room. He was attracted to me, but trying to stay focused. He got into the pool water with me and began to swim toward me and was very close, almost touching me. He radioed his men to be in all the surrounding rooms. He had gotten wise to my wall-pass-through-game some and now he had men in every surrounding room ready to nab me. The Mafia Guy was now just about to touch me and at the last second . . . I passed through the walls to the outside of the building!

I was outside now floating in the air and decided to go back inside, guess I hadn’t caused enough mayhem yet. (lol) So, I went back near the Mafia Guy and then went invisible again and passed into the wall. I knew he had men in the rooms on the other side of the wall, so I just stayed inside the wall, seemingly as ‘one’ with the wall.

I now moved around the building through the walls as if a ‘spirit.’ (I was somehow reminded of the dream where mama Earth wanted to marry couples.) I then moved around inside the floors. They couldn’t find me but, they knew where I was! (lol) They were always hot on my tail but could never quite seem to catch me. I thought of my shapeshifting for my animal prisoner sanctuary love dream.

I became visible and entered a large atrium now and wondered if this was the atrium I cleaned the ceiling of, in another dream, using magik. The security men came in and still wanted to nab me. I flew up toward the ceiling just out of reach of their hands, barely above their fingertips and so close I could almost feel their fingertips touching me . . . but not quite.

Then, I went invisible again.

I flew over to a balcony area and decided I better leave before they sent everyone in the building and caught me. (lol) I was like a spry faery to them. Zip-zip-zing-zing . . . here-there. . . GAH! . . . everywhere . . . nowhere . . . they were frustrated . . . trying so hard! So close! And yet . . . no banana’s . . . lol!

I passed through the window, on one of the uppermost floors of the skyscraper building and was outside floating in the air. It seemed to be night. The guards now turned on the yellow searchlight beams to get me. (lol) I noted their prison guard fences and barbed wire. It seemed they might emitted a tall beam upwards toward space; reminding of the CERN mesh metal capture nets; and as though the beam to space could be used to keep me in. But, I wasn’t worried I knew I’d be ok and find my way out. I figured, the ‘beam’ was probably just another lie and not a real thing anyways. Just another story they told of something like, ‘the beam shot way up to the moon and back.’ It was possible Saturn might have been involved somehow as well. I was reminded of the Mirror World dream where I unsealed the room that the announcer inside the boring little room was trying to convince me I would be trapped inside forever and after a few minutes I decided I was board and leaving and so I spoke my language and unsealed the door and left..

This CERN vibe building also reminded of the CERN building dream with the fans on the rooftop and by extension Terry Perry and the vortex delivery systems and how there were two versions of her.

Three or four birthdays also seemed involved, with one being my own.