2017_02_25_FEB Galactic Rescue

2017_02_25_FEB Galactic Rescue

Q: Most helpful for me to know right now? (Right now)

I found myself riding passenger in a black SUV with Andrew.  We were driving down Highway 50 at dusk away from my childhood home in Camino.  I was very comfortably recline-sitting in the passenger seat next to him.  We were talking about various things when I asked him if he’d read my dreams and dream book yet, and what he’d thought about what I’d written. He acted very nonchalant and cryptic. I didn’t recall an answer, just a grin.

As we drove, Andrew told me he and his girlfriend, Belatrix, had problems.  I told him I already knew that and didn’t think it was nearly as good as he’d have everybody believe it was and that she was controlling him.  I placed my hand on his knee as he continued to drive us down the highway.  He then told me she was from a ‘family,’ a ‘special lineage’ family. “Name brand” cabal family and that he had to do some things to appease them, to keep safe.  I said, “Don’t you want to live your own life now?”  You don’t have to do that anymore.”  Then I asked, “How long have you been having dream problems for?”  Andrew replied, “twelve to fifteen months.”  I gave him a look of, ‘uh-huh’ to which he said, “Why?” I responded, “You know . . . that’s when I began doing more Twin Flame/best possible life path partner work.” I was then silent.  The message was registering in his consciousness. Andrew then gave me a look and a slight head nob toward himself while putting his hand not holding the steering wheel out for me to hold, and so I did.

It was fully dark out now as we pulled into a parking lot. Andrew parked the SUV.  We got out and walked toward the building still talking.  I told him how I didn’t care about what he did in terms of pet peeves, like if he needed to fart once in a while, he could just go for it! I didn’t care.  (DW VLOG 3.9.2017)  Or put the toilet paper role on in the different direction.  I didn’t care, it didn’t change anything.  I just loved him for who he was, just the way he was right now and hew was ‘home’ to me.

We entered the building.

I knew we were going to see Belatrix somewhere, it felt Andrew was leaving that relationship now and we were on our way to find her, so he could tell her.   We arrived at the playground and I saw Belatrix sitting on a swing on the swing set.

Then . . . all hell broke loose . . .

I knew it was all an elaborate trap and that more cabal were on their way to try to take all of Andrew’s soul essence and they knew this was their last chance to be able to try to take it with Andrew’s consent.  I’d had quite enough of Belatrix’s antics.  She was still trying to control him through sweet talk and seduction, as his puppet muster.  I knew she was cabal and she was not to be allowed to control or negatively influence Andrew anymore.  I flew up to the top of the flag pole near Andrew and I boomed out in my very deep voice and in my sacred language, summoning my strength, my voice sounded similar to when I protected Andrew from the scout and sent the scout being back home through a portal for a tribunal. In that dream my deep rich voice tone had surprised me, but this time I expected it.  I boomed out even more loudly with my deep voice and came back down to the ground as Andrew made his way over to me at the flag pole.  I protectively put him behind me and used a different language and tone of mine, softer, gentler, quieter so only he and I could hear and I placed a quick protection spell around Andrew first.  A silhouette of purple was now around his body, then I quickly placed one around myself, followed by a third around both of us.

I knew I’d be fine.  I was dressed in white.

I boomed out again in my extremely loud and deep voice and tongue again at Belatrix.  She was trying to fight it, but she could not. I saw a thick box of white light energy form around her and it seemed to shield and block her negative energy, while it was also simultaneously being drawn out.  The cabal portions that had taken over that beings form were most of who she was, around 99% of the being that animated the body leaving only a scant 1% or up to 3% at most of the original soul of the being. I felt sorry for that original being, as all the blackened essence was drawn out.

The deed was done and the blackened soul essence was now fully removed. Belatrix’s form was now limp on the ground, though not dead.

This had to be done in order to protect Andrew from the harm ‘they’, the cabal, had intended for him all along.  I knew ‘others’ were coming and we had little time to get out of there.  I called upon my light family to finish dealing with Belatrix as Andrew and I were still dealing with physical forms that we needed to get out of there right away in order to continue our work in physical fashion.  I felt five specific and more human-sized white-light beings that’d come to help Andrew and I.  I now also felt hundred’s of other white light entities from all over the galaxy here helping Andrew and I now.  The rest of the white light family was handling the rest of the dark energy matter and the remaining matter of the original being as well as the physical form.

Andrew and I began to walk quickly away, back toward the way we’d entered.

We made our way back to the hallway to head out the same way we’d come in.  But, now ‘bad’ people were coming in the entrance and heading towards us. We were about halfway down the hallway toward the door when a ‘kid’ of around 19 years old (who felt be a Marine or front line army guy) came toward me and two others went directly for Andrew.  The ‘kid’ was interracial mix of black and half white but those two together made him Mexican somehow.   I knew what he was there for, to kill Andrew.  I grabbed his face with my hands and began to push-poke his eyes, then pinched his nose shut with my fingers.  He grinned at me, as he was breathing out his mouth.  Andrew was in the background physically fighting someone.

I began to grip the kid’s face as hard as I could, as if palm-gripping a basketball, and squeezed.

I sucked out his soul; his ball of light; into my hand.

It was soiled and dirty pink energy. I then visualized the white light cleansing it, healing it, but not fully, just enough for him to remain safely in my cupped hands.  I held the soul in my left palm and cup-covered it with my right hand.  The physical body of the being I held was now slumped on the floor, soon to be dead if the essence was not returned.  We didn’t have enough time for me to do anything more than the fast ‘once over’ cleanse I’d already done.  I would have done more and returned the soul to its form, but we simply didn’t have enough time and if I replaced it, then the kid would just keep coming after us to try to kill us and that was unacceptable to me.   The kid had directly interfered with our lives, thus giving us (me) permission to directly interfere with his life.   I would not let any of them harm Andrew.  Andrew was my number one safety priority.  I knew I would be fine.

But, Andrew, needed to fully wake up . . . to remember his abilities too . . .

With what little time we had, I turned back around and went very quickly back to the playground cupping the soul-essence in my hands with Andrew follow and talking with me.  I said, “In my defense and on my behalf, he was going to continue to try to kill us.”  Andrew looked at me like, ‘So, you killed him first?’  I said, “No. But, I did have to remove his soul to be reworked, and I healed and cleansed it, but it still needs more work to be done on it with greater white light.”   We arrived back at the playground and I opened my top cupped hand (the energies stuck to it) and blew the energies off my right hand and motioned upward with my palm and sent it off to be further healed and I released the light form to the white and to the light beings still there, to also handle this soul as well.   I turned and told Andrew we didn’t have time in physical 3D for me to restore the essence back to the physical body of the kid this lifetime and for that I was sorry, but not guilty.   We had to protect and honor ourselves and they chose to try to interfere in our lives, so had given us (me) full permission to interfere in theirs.

Then I told Andrew,  “We have got to go!”  He agreed.

We walked quickly away from the playground and back into the hallway and passed by the slumped body.  We were just about to the door to exit when more ‘bad’ guys came in.  I put Andrew behind me protectively, to shield him from being recognized and to hide him and said to the military guys; as if I was one of them; “They’re that way.” and I pointed down the hallway toward the playground where we’d just come from.  They went past us and Andrew and I quickly went out the front doors and got back into his black SUV suburban.

We got in and locked the doors.

Andrew was again the one driving.  It was very dark out now.  I thought there must be a crescent moon somewhere out there, but could see none.  Andrew backed up a little ways with the headlight still off and turned and smiles at me.  I placed my hand on his knee.  He turned the vehicle around now and began to drive us toward a place he believed was safe, in what looked to me to be complete darkness.  He was taking us to a place that was for him in the event of an emergency.  I didn’t trust it.  I felt it was another cabal trap, for if they failed at the playground mission, and they’d nab him at the ‘safe’ house they’d setup for him through their network of people.  Many of those people were Andrew’s most trusted and even life-long friends or business associates.  I was on high alert still.   Andrew was still in ‘daisy’ land and on a cloud of trusting people and things that he shouldn’t because of his good nature.  He was mistaking other’s for also having a good nature. He was too ‘relaxed’ about it all in my opinion.  Because of his naivety, to him, there was nothing to worry about.  He still believe his ‘safe’ house, would be ‘safe.’  I did not.  But, I hoped he was right anyways.

We drove a little while in the dark and pulled up near the front door of the ‘safe house’ and walked inside.  Andrew proceeded to the kitchen.  I kept trying to tell him we needed to leave.  He picked up the old school wall-plugged-in touch-button phone and dialed a older gentleman he knew, named Wendle, and he proceeded to chat with him.   I was concerned about the call being traced.  Andrew seemed to have a plan.  But, he also still seemed a little too naïve, as he’d been under their influence for quite some time.  I wondered if appearing naïve was that plan and maybe he actually had something up his sleeve.

I looked around the room while I waited and noticed an odd orange-yellow-white plastic box.  I wondered if it was a generator of some sort, or a future-tech-something for power.  It was  about 2 feet square.   Andrew finished talking on the phone finally and instead of hanging the phone back up, he left it dangling toward the floor.  I then heard someone talking in the house and said “Shhhhhh….” To Andrew to listen.  Then, a young girl came down a set of stairs.  Andrew went over to her, he’s apparently known her for years.  I tried to warn him, she’s not what you think . . . or who . . . you think she is.  She was evil, cabal.    Now there were a total of four other people in the house.  3 young girls and 1 older male.  I knew what was going on, but Andrew was still naïve and thought all these people his friends.  I knew better.

I spoke my language was about to soul suck out the evil girl as Andrew handled the male, when I saw a round small orange light blinking in the distance.

Andrew was now shielding me with his body when a reverse-style blast went off.

At first the force of it blew us away from it briefly, then it began to act like an enormous hurricane type suction, pulling us all toward it.  We all made it to the wooden blue front door with a central window on it.  I made it just outside the door to the wall and was being suctioned hard to it, as though on the Gravitron county fairground ride. Andrew had also made it just out the door and was being sucked up hard against the door.   Two of the three girls had made it to the door and were hanging onto the window opening with legs flying back toward the inside of the house along with the older male barely gripping onto the door also with legs flying back toward the suction in a horizontal postion.  The evil girl didn’t seem to have made it.  The male was barely hanging onto the door by his fingertips when he lost his grip and flew back into the blast.

It felt like the blast suction lasted for hours, then it finally stopped.

Andrew was exhausted.  He’d not slept in possibly over 24 hours.  The two innocent girls were now passed out on the ground outside the door.  Andrew, exhausted, still grabbed and carried one of the two innocent young girls towards the SUV and I grabbed and carried the other one.  He put the first girl in the far back row seat and then adjust ed the seat so I could put the second girl on the front back row seat.  Suddenly, my daughter Meadow was there now with us.

I got into the front passenger side and scooted to the middle seat and Meadow got in next to me and closed the door.   I again placed my hand on Andrew’s leg, just above his knee and asked him, “Are you ok to drive?”  He confirmed he was and I said, “We have to get out of here now and go somewhere you’ve never been before.  He said he’d just posted to Facebook he wasn’t feeling well.  I said, “You have got to stop doing that, it gives our position away.”

Andrew drove again with the headlights off into the dark.  I asked, “Can you see?”  he replied, “Yes” I said, “From all your martial arts training?” “Yes.” And he nodded.  We drove down a narrow soft dirt road through what looked like a rain forest.  I was beginning to see what I felt Andrew must see, to be able to see enough to drive.  There were blue star light sparkles everywhere.  Like patched of stars and things also semi-glowed.  I saw the 2 girls behind us begin to rustle and wake.

I was tired too and still on high alert.

I felt the two girls were energetically ok energetically (safe for us, innocent) but, we needed to drop them off as soon as possible.  Andrew was now so exhausted he was about to fall asleep.  I asked again if I should drive and he indicated, ‘No, we’d be fine.’   I told him, “We need to at least get off the main section of the dirt road and stop in the turnout we just passed.”  He continued to say we’d be just fine.  I told him we need to be as inconspicuous as possible, he was driving down the middle of road instead of staying on out proper side of the road, and should not draw undue attention to ourselves and we needed to pull over into the turnout.

He continued to say we just fine . . . then . . . he passed out.

A big rig truck zoomed by us and barely missed scraping the sides of the SUV.  I didn’t even know how it had managed to stay on the road!  Andrew then woke up and finally headed my advice and backed up the SUV into the small turnout and promptly fell asleep.

I remained awake and alert and would try to rest if it felt safe enough to do so.

Then . . . I woke up . . .