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Q:  What do I need to have shown to me?


I found myself on the second floor of the mall with Gorik, again appearing as my brother, along with some others.   I entered into a small convenience like store similar to the lil mom and pop one in Camino, CA.  I was looking down isles with a mini shopping cart I was placing candy into to buy.  I had three things in my cart, a mixed bag of candy containing candies such as: Snickers, Hersheys, butterscotch candies, and other similar types of candy.  I had a single piece of another kind of candy I couldn’t quite make out what it was and maybe a palm size red bouncy ball.  One of the two guys directly with me was my ‘brother.’   We were there to meet someone, a contact,  at another location in the mall.  Gorik told me, “come on, hurry up, we have to go.”  I decided I didn’t want all of the candy in my mini shopping cart after all and took the cart over to the register.  Habib, an Arab Indian man seemed to be the checker and I said to him, “I don’t want everything in my cart.”  I was in a hurry now and didn’t have time to do a credit card payment. 

Gorik didn’t want to wait any longer and went to the main mall section.

I pulled the one candy item that I couldn’t make out what it was, out of my cart and handed it to Habib to ring it up,  He told me it was $1.36. I said, “Oh good.” and I pulled out $2 in cash of my $3 from my black cell phone wallet and handed it to him.  He rang up the sale and counted back to me my change, giving me silver coins and copper pennies in a stack.  I thanked him and he said he’d put away the other two items for me.  I thank him again and headed out to the main mall section on the second floor to find Gorik.

I spotted him and went to main mall are where he was at, but I didn’t go over to him at his location, I just stayed nearby and in eye site view.  There was a big husky man that felt like Gorik’s friend Duke in W3DL and who stood about a foot taller than me with wavy-curly black hair.  Duke spotted me and came over to me in a very stealthy-like fashion and began to mumble talk to me, “What, do you want to be spotted?”  He said it like I was being super obvious about looking for a secret mall contact because I was playing it off as if I was looking for a friend.  I thought Duke was being over the top obvious by looking all MIB style, though is seemed he wasn’t completely over the top because he didn’t seem to be wearing the MIB glasses to go with the rest of the look.  He also felt to be something of a computer hacker kinda guy. I asked Duke if the game was to pretend we were a couple and if we were to kiss or something.  He told me nope and was sort of thinking me a groupie for a moment because of that.

Duke then began leading me toward the quarter wall overlook seating a little distance away and stopped as we approached and stated, “Here, you need a shot of this.”  and he pulled out what appeared to be a Icee Spray candy that felt to be the blue color. I opened my mouth and then paused a moment to ask, “What’s it for?” he answered, “So you can hear me better.”  It seemed the ‘spray candy’ would help me decode whatever language he actually spoke, like he was an alien or something that spoke in chitters, crackles, numbers, or even clicks and pops (Mantis race?)  Duke spritzed one spray into my mouth.

Various mall shoppers continued milling around our location, but most went around us as if we were inside a reasonably sized circle with a certain radius for distance.  Duke again directed me toward the seating area, “Come with me.”  The ‘candy’ now began to take effect as we walked.  Everything around me seemed to do a weird “Bzzzzzzar” type sound, as if it was a film camera focus pull-in made just for ears and in particular, my ears.  I was hearing everything ‘the same’ only I was now mildly giddy and everything was extremely strange. . . sounds became more ‘milky-like’ and I felt I could almost see and feel another wave length, density, or dimension, and as if I was walking through it at that moment.  I could feel the sounds around us as being thicker. I was trippin’ and exclaimed softly, “Whoa . . .  that’s neato . . .” It was as though I was seeing things psychedelically only it was for ears and hearing.  The ‘spray candy’ had made sounds so thick I could almost see them.  It was very cool.  I seemed sort of intoxicated, only I was completely sober, but my state of mind was very different.  So much so, I had to lean on Duke to walk.  My hearing/sound senses were so heightened I needed my grid lattice energy field to be directly touching his grid lattice energy field, as though it was to remind my lattice again how to walk.

I continued trippin’ on this new and cool experience as Duke was now telling me all kinds of things to do with our next contact and something to look for or expect. We reached the quarter wall cement bench seat area and Duke sat down.  I was totally trippin’ out on the effects of the ‘candy’ and how I was experiencing sound, I sat down on Duke’s lap.  He held me for a minute as he continued talking to me some more, then I said, “This is so weird.” Inferring my altered state and how I was totally trippin’ fascinated by it all and the sounds.  The candy also made it so I could only hear him, though I definitely was hearing all the sounds around me too, only they were more muffled and muted.  But if I wanted to, I could full on pick and choose what sounds or conversations I wanted to hear . . . anywhere . . . even miles away . . . or in another country.  All I had to do was focus in on what I wanted to hear and all the other sounds would be muted and muffled background noise, unless I chose to focus directly on them. I was stoked on this and acting like I was on LSD seeing auras or something, only this was for ears and hearing.  Yet, I was fully cognizant.  I was so amazed and even overwhelmed that it was like I was drunk too, but definitely not drunk either.

I was now laying on Duke’s lap and trippin out fascinated. Duke responded, “Never had that reaction before.” Apparently, most people noticed nothing and even he himself didn’t seem to notice the effects like I was experiencing either.  Most people would get a spritz and then they’d hear the other person better and that was pretty much that.  I sat up again on Duke’s lap and the rest of our group came over now, including Gorik.  I slid off of Duke’s lap now and lay down on the cement bench seat with my head resting on the planter part.   Gorik asked, ‘What’s with her?” Duke replied, “I gave her the spray.”  Gorik responded, “huh . . .” it felt when he’d had it before and had maybe a lightly more heightened than most reaction, but nothing like what I was having. I scooted over some more on the bench and made a spot for Gorik between Duke and I and Gorik laid down to next to me on my right and next to Duke’s left.

An attractive half-black/half white man also came over and sat down next to me on my left and a very tall female, reminding me of Wendy, to his left.  Gorik and I now sat up and he introduced me to Alex.  But, I already knew Alex and we had already seen each other in the convenience store earlier.  I slipped my hand to be holding Alex’s hand between my leg and his.  We were all sitting so close to one another that we all were touching the person next to us.   I told Gorik a lil’ sheepishly that Alex and I had already met. But, that we’d not done anything more than hold hands or go roller skating together.  Gorik wanted to also hold my hand now. So I awkwardly slipped my hand down between my right leg and Gorik’s left leg and held his hand as well. We all lay back down again and Alex grabbed the Wendy’s hand too.  We all held hands for a few minutes as we talked some more.  I needed to be touching someone to help ‘ground’ or ‘stabilize’ me. I still felt like I could just ‘go up-up and away and fly off to wherever’ if not touching someone. 

We all sat up again as Andrew approached now.  Alex and I stopped holding hands, as did some of the others. Gorik and I continued to hold hands a little longer until we both felt a little awkward about holding hands so long being ‘brother’ and ‘sister,’ that we let our hands naturally appear to part.  Gorik and I both spoke some with Andrew.  Andrew then asked me about holding his hand too, which I didn’t, but everyone was cool with that.

Now the ‘contact guy’ arrived and was giving us specific info about something, like brownies, or something that was a dark poop energy and I thought of the ‘poop’ (technically yogurt) emoji. Whatever the contact was talking about was very important and reminded of a handful of dreams. As he was talking about other things too he seemed to be pulling them out of a black trash bag, as if that made it and him stealthy.  He was going into specifics about people, places, and things to look for and I heard him hecka clear and knew exactly what he was talking about. Once he finished we all got up and parted ways for the time being. 

But upon waking, I could not recall what we’d talked about.