2018_06_07_JUN Valentine like Document I Sign in Crayon

©July 20, 2018 Ari Stone

2018_06_07_JUN Valentine like Document I Sign in Crayon




I found myself inside a type of school-house.  This was the place I was supposed to teaching the other students . . . and the teacher.


A delivery guy arrived with a bunch of mail while I was in another adjoining room speaking with someone I thought might be my mother.  The delivery guy spotted me and I looked over at him while still speaking with the lady.  He gave a type of ‘oops’ look and walked back out of the room.  I thought he was there to deliver something privately to the lady I was speaking to.  He reminded me of the photographer guy in Decoy Bride who was always following around the famous blond girl trying to have a private wedding with the writer guy.  During the whole show the blond is very angry with this photographer guy for always being there and ruining all her secret wedding attempts. However, by the end of the show she realizes the writer guy she’s trying to marry is nothing like what she wants and she finally speaks with the photographer guy and discovers he is all the things she wanted.   Anyway, I now lean over to my mom/lady friend and I say, “I think you have a fan who wants to talk with you, without me here.” Reminding me of my meeting in Waking 3D Life with a man named Neal.  With that I concluded our conversation and headed out the same direction the delivery guy had gone.

I rounded the corner and went into the adjoining room and the delivery guy came over to me, saying he had a delivery for me.  Oddly, it felt like this delivery had been served on me by the lady I was speaking to, that I thought might be my mother.  It turned out the delivery guy hadn’t wanted to ‘present’ it to me in front of her, as it seemed it would have violated the rules of service or something.

The delivery guy now handed me something that looked like a Valentine’s Day gift and it had chocolate cake in four equal square parts each inside of white square packages. Reminding me of my Twin Flame dream connect.  He now set everything down on a long counter top surface, along with a scrapbook that also looked like a Valentine’s Day card.  He said, “You are to sign on the line where the ‘X’ is.”   I looked at the opened card and there was way too much other stuff already on it.  The card itself was very colorful, rainbow, and textured.  It reminded me some of my Spider Web etched artwork in the blacklight lit shadow box.  It appeared someone had also used crayons to color it.

I grabbed a pen to sign my name near the ‘X’ on the bottom of the page. Even though there didn’t look to be enough room, I tried anyways. The opened card now looked more like I was signing a Wedding guest registry book.  I was able to write “V.C.” for Vi Coactus meaning ‘having been forced’ or ‘having been compelled’ and as I tried to sign my first name the paper was so waxy the pen ink would not come out. I looked at the pen closely, it also appeared to be empty. I set the pen aside and grabbed a second pen that I thought had more ink in it.  I went back to the ‘X’ spot at the bottom of the page, only to discover now that even the small amount of space formerly there had filled in with colorful stuff and textures.  The guy now vibed of the MIB guy I saw in the Giant dream and where I left the negative future timeline, he also sort of seemed to be licking his lips.  I said the delivery guy, “There’s not enough room here for me to sign.” But, I tried again anyways.

I decided to try signing in a second spot more toward the middle of the page, with the second pen.  I again signed the V.C. and this time started to sign the cursive letter “A” of my first name and seemed to only get halfway; so it looked like an open “C” instead. I said, “This just isn’t cutting it for me.  These pens stink! I need to try to writing on it with something else.  I spotted some restaurant style crayons nearby and pitch-flung the second cruddy pen aside with my fingers and stated, “I’m gonna use a crayon instead.”  The delivery guy was now saying to me how my ‘boyfriend’ had said, done, or expected ‘such and such’ like this from me, like I’d use a crayon instead.  Looking at the sheet with my crayon in hand, I said, “I can’t sign with a crayon in the second spot marked, there’s not enough room.”  The delivery guy indicated basically anywhere was fine.  I replied, “I’ll just sign down here (a third spot) where there’s enough room.”  The delivery guy commented again that my ‘boyfriend’ had expected that . . . me to do something unusual.  I said, “He’s not my ‘boyfriend.’  I don’t even know the guy.”  But the delivery guy was not thinking us ‘not’ a couple, because apparently a gal had been following (Stalking) me around this whole time (and I just now found out) and she was taking pictures of me, like I was a stalker to tail. She seemed to have also been sharing and showing those photos around about me too.  So no one believed that Gorik and I weren’t a 3D couple.

The delivery guy asking me to sign the documents seemed to sort of like me and wanted to be like me too.  But, he was being respectful because I already ‘had’ a boyfriend! (lol)  He seemed aware of my magikal abilities and like he wanted a ‘piece of me’ and he thought the boyfriend foolish for letting me get away.

It seemed I both gave up trying to sign the book, or did sign . . . with crayon . . . and the V.C. then my freeman on land style name. Only instead of signing my full first and middle name I only placed my initials with a dash after the first initial and a colon after my middle initial, then signed my last name in cursive. I wondered if this connected with my “AC” vents dreams.

The delivery guy was now nervous and pacing around the room and had even more things to ‘give’ me from the ‘boyfriend,’ these things were designed to give the illusion of this being a nice thing to sign for something as nefarious as stalking papers.  He was now handing me a bundle of red roses, perfume, and a heart shaped candy box with chocolates. A couple of ladies from Earth TV were looking on at me very suspicious now. Both were growing more suspicious of me and my ‘Gorik’ dealings and of all the photos they’d taken of me ‘stalking’ and how those were going to be ‘evidence.’  But, they still weren’t so sure their ‘photos’ would be any good because I’d not gone anywhere near Gorik.  So, all their photos of me were only of me doing things alone, like walking down the street to Home Depot or the like, with one light post in the frame.  But, they were looking at me like, “Yeah, she’s the one.” They were a little concerned their allegations with the photos wouldn’t hold water though, because it was always just me alone in the photos and they’d in fact been stalking me to even take so many, even around a hundred or so.  I was a little worried if they’d photo’d me in the privacy of my own home and bedroom, but thought oh well if they did, I am sincere about what I say and who I am, it doesn’t matter where I am.  I looked up briefly at both of them so they knew I saw them and they both squirmed a bit.

The delivery guy was now saying word was getting out now about me and my ‘boyfriend’ as if we’d been photo’d or caught together by people.

Now the delivery guy came near me and gave a fun and playful goofy smile like a childhood friend of mine, whom I’d made a spoof Monty Python style video with for her history class and where I wore a blue pom-pom on my head and was “Patsy” clacking boxes for my horse and we also did a toilet paper commercial. Anyway, this delivery guy also wanted to learn my magikal ways and he was also respecting the ‘boyfriend’ . . . that I didn’t have! (lol) but I let that be . . . I let it rest . . .

I then decided it was time to leave this ‘ridiculous’ school group I was teaching and wait for them to ‘grow up’ and continue the litigation aspects and move forward as needed and correct everyone later.



I found myself now inside a large room with a swimming pool and large second floor indoor balcony overlooking the pool.  This was the new school I was to teach at. I was in the water naked with another girl I was holding.  She seemed to be my ‘girlfriend.’  She wanted me to hold her intimately, so I did. She wanted to be fully with me.  I said, “Too bad we both have female bodies . . . unless . . . how do you feel about me being male?” She was ok with that.  I remembered my true roots and shapeshifted to be more male. We spent some intimate moments together in the pool and even water roll danced around a bit.  Then, one to three others entered the large indoor pool swimming area. I shapeshifted back into my female form and we were both fully clothed now as we got out of the pool.

The guy near the pool seemed to be the New School teacher and the two gals may have been the two ladies who’d taken all the photos of me.

I went upstairs to the balcony overlooking the pool.  I was speaking with a handful of others upstairs, around four or five, about my magik and what I can do.  They wanted me to show them some things. I proceeded to say, “I can jump safely off of anything high, like this balcony overlooking the pool. I can land on the floor safely below.” We were at least twenty feet above the pool level floor, maybe even thirty feet.

The male instructor down below, who also vibed of being the delivery guy, was completely flabbergasted now as he looked at the pool my ‘girlfriend’ and I had just come out of. He said, “This pool is rigged with at least a dozen . . . even 15 to 16 . . . red-crosshair laser beams!”  He was looking at the red laser beams going all across and inside the pool, reminiscent to a high security room. “The beams go across here, here, and here, and all through here.”  He was pointing to all the areas my girlfriend and I had rolled around and through. “They were all set to ‘kill’ mode with just one touch or break of the beam! How did you do it?!”   I replied (not giving away my secrets), “I guess it’s just cause we must have rolled all around in exactly all the right ways.”  He was still down below saying, “No way.” as he puzzled over it trying to figure it out and thinking maybe we’d deactivated the lasers first. But, he looked and saw we hadn’t.   I added sort of loud and clear but also under my breath too . . . “Well, maybe it’s just cause I’m magik and protected and nothing can touch me because of who and what I am.”  I didn’t yet reveal I could make anything listen to me and do what I told it to do OR not do when I wanted.  Like how I speak with door locks to make them lock or unlock.


Now, it was time to show the upstairs group and the guy next to me upstair that what I said was true, about being able to jump safely off of anything high.  The instructor guy, Ken, down by the pool thought maybe I would splat.  I climbed up onto the half wall that was the railing and jumped off the balcony and slowed myself near the bottom landing on my feet safely on the first floor.   It sort of felt like when I’d done a banister slide down a stairwell rail first instead of an actual jump (in another dream), but here there was no banister, so it was obvious I’d jumped and landed safely.  It felt about 1/8 of the jump wasn’t quite perfect but definitely good enough to work and very self-evident what I’d done and they were impressed.

I walked back up the steps saying, “Here, let me do this again and I’ll show you something else.”

I got up onto the banister half-wall top again.  Ken thought the first one to just be lucky, like maybe he’d seen me do a foot slide somehow instead.  But, he was also super hopeful and excited that maybe I’d actually done what he’d witnessed.   I now put my arms up and out like an airplane and then just leaned forward and let myself fall . . . it looked like a suicide was in progress . . . and as if I’d just dropped of the Twin Towers building to have a free-fall before death. . .  as I got about 12 to 6 inches off the ground in my “X-like” position and as though a sky diver still at the height of the dive about to smack the floor, instead I did a light bounce as if I hit a mini trampoline made of air that broke my fall.  I had placed a force field layer of energy. I then was standing fine and dandy.   The teacher came over to me now very excited! He wanted to know what else I could do!  I responded, “Pretty much anything” and I thought of my rainbow spheres I manifest with my hands dream.

The teacher asked me, “Can you manifest (he actually meant teleport) the cake from upstairs?”  I said, “Sure.”  I then began to visualize the cake in my left hand and saw a close up of my hand palms. They were reddish purple (blood and veins) with some yellow spackles.  The colors were all very subtle and the only really noticeable colors were my typical pink-peach flesh tone.  Nothing was happening.  I then spoke my language and blew into my hand palm, then something started to appear.  I made mention how sometimes manifesting things can be a little harder for me.  So now, I began to use my right hand above my left hand (palms facing each other) and I began to do my “3D printing” method and it began to form the flat pancake-like Flan cake from upstairs into my left palm.  I moved my right hand faster now and then so fast it was not anything possible with an ordinary human form; even thousands of miles per hour in a blur, like when I was Figment performing the military vibration fix dream.


The pancake was now forming beautifully, though still a bit slower than I liked.  It was almost fully formed and complete, just a tiny corner piece gouge to fill in, then it did.  I now showed the guy the completed cake in my hand.  He’d been excited and watching the whole time!

Now he was asking me, “Can you make it into a hoodie from upstairs or into a cloak (Little Red Riding Hood style) so that way I can wear it and when on long journey’s I’ll have food to eat.”  I wasn’t so sure about the value to that, but indicated, “Sure, I could probably do that.”


Then I woke up . . .