©July 20, 2018 Ari Stone





I found myself in a hotel like room with my daughter Lexi.  We were on two separate beds with a nightstand between us.  The clock on the nightstand had the numbers glowing 4:02am or 2:04am in red or blue light.   The room was mostly dark and had a Spaghetti Factory style Victorian lamp also on the nightstand, reminding me of the one I saw when in a race with Andrew and we took a short cut through a house.   Inside the nightstand drawer were Tarot and Oracle cards.  I pulled them out to do a card reading.

I sat on the bed and began to do a personal card reading for myself.  I felt a dark shadow being’s presence enter the room.  I wasn’t worried, though I felt it.  My daughter seemed to feel  it’s presence too and I said, “Are you ok?” She understood my inquiry to meaning, if she was too scared to sleep and if she knew what to do to protect herself.  She said she was a little scared, but ok.  I told her she could call on me anytime, Waking 3D Life or in dreams and I would be there to help her.  She understood and knew that too, then she proceeded to fall fast asleep.  The lighting was very dim and even though I knew Lexi was there in bed, I strained my eyes looking to ensure she was there.  She was.  I worried a little briefly for her safety, but I knew she’d be ok.

I now averted my attention onto the dark entity in the room and began to speak my language and was feeding the dark energy love to fill it’s belly to full.  The dark energy may or may not have left but its darker vibe presence was now lessened.   I was wishing for my Twin Flame (TF) to be there with me, but I knew my TF wasn’t really ‘there’ anymore and this dark shadow entity had something to do with that. I looked within myself and could not and would not be angry at the entity for this, as this would not solve, fix, or heal the situation.   I sighed, I certainly did wish for something better . . . different.

I finished up my reading and put everything back away in the nightstand drawer and leaned over to the lamp on top of it and clicked it off.   I decided to try to sleep and I again could feel the black energy presence and feel its fear (not mine) and its desire to try to enter my dreams to possibly try to eat me.  I responded to its negative desire and thoughts with, “Go right ahead.  I don’t care, once you do that, I get to change you . . . and with your permission. . .”  The dark entity stopped his forward movements towards me now. He was thinking about it.  He wanted it and he also was not sure about it.  The shadow life was all he’d ever known and it didn’t know what it’d be like to be ‘different.’  The entity was moderately scared, but contemplating it and I could feel it asking what it might be or become if I changed it.  I said, “I dunno, you’ll still be ‘you’ but different.  Maybe you’ll first just want a simple experience , like as a flower, like a Daisy or something.”  I thought of the AI (Artificial Intelligence) entity extraction dream, where I removed the AI entity from a guy who’d been largely controlled by it since a child and without the entity inside of him he was like someone with amnesia that didn’t really know who he was or where he’d been.

With that, I drifted into a sort of troubled sleep state, whereby I maintained my awareness of the shadow being and tried to get some rest as well.