2018_01_21_JAN Peggy Sue and Gorik

This following dream sequence has to do with the legal situation I am currently in.  I didn’t realize in January when I had this dream that I would actually be opening a lawsuit.  But, I was left no choice as this person consistently refused to respond to my inquiries of why he’s been using my materials since 2017 and saying he isn’t.  I am still watching to see how this continues to unfold in Waking 3D Life.




I was at a ski resort high atop a mountain. There was an elephant. Very large. She had been used to being abused. I had somehow paid for her and was now sneaking her out. She seemed almost like a light brown Dr Who or rather Dr Sues Horton Hears a Who type elephant. There two, but I could only get the one for now and somehow I snuck her out and had her now in a secret ‘free’ stall playpen area and I was reaching around my hand around the wood gate and I was lovingly rubbing her trunk it seemed her name was Peggy Sue. I kept pet rubbing her trunk, somewhat sensual sexy-like to entice her and because I loved her. I also knew exactly who ‘she’ was in 3D.

I got her to come out of her pen and to come with me. She wanted to bring her guy mate (?) too, but I told her I couldn’t right now and that it was already hard enough (not a lot of spaces and places to hide an elephant!) to just get her out and find hiding places. I had somehow already paid for her and done the work and I’d unlocked her jail cell (pad lock master lock?). I seemed to have her now and we’d gone to another section.

First, Peggy Sue, seemed to need to play in muddy water and shoot it over her and head and over herself. She’d never really gotten to ‘play’ before. Now there were peanuts nearby too and she started to grab those with her trunk and to shower them around herself and she was about to eat one, but I stopped her, cause I didn’t know if they were GMO peanuts or not, or if they were certified organic. She was like, ‘who cares.’ I said, “I do. Cause one will kill you whether or not you’re even allergic.” There was a purple Mars Bar vibe, connecting this with the giant I was helping dream.

I took Peggy Sue to my tree fort (?) perch palace on top of the mountain. It was more like a Penthouse. There was a controller lady there, that I thought might be the original seller looking to have Peggy Sue back or she hadn’t even noticed Peggy Sue missing yet.

Peggy Sue was very sweet, but she was sorta getting into things in the penthouse and thinking to go back to the controller. I told her, “No, no. You can’t. You’d just die there.” She was gingerly following me as quiet as an elephant in the room can!

I put in my white music earbuds and then took them out of my ears and showed them to Peggy Sue and how they worked. They kept me safe and protected from the lies in the ‘regular’ world and I could just be in my own lil’ world and listen to my own music and sing and dance along to that instead of all the drama. She seemed to really like that.

I was navigating us out of the penthouse and down to a large barn with green hay and where we could see the other elephant. I again told Peggy Sue I can’t take him just yet. He seemed to now be singing the sad song of longing and was trying to break out and free too. I pet my elephants nose and with my ear buds in and my old school ‘ham’ radio, ok AM/FM portable radio I used to have; I seemed to turn that on to navigate our way out with help away from the rest of the challenges. Most of the challenges now were heady and not actual, such as, “I dunno if I can leave or not.” Or “I dunno if I should or not.”

I kept on having to ask Peggy Sue if she was happy now, and she was. I asked her if she liked having her freedom, she did, but was nervous about what to do with it. Then, she was suddenly wearing a big Mexican sombrero, like a famous dancer type on her head. She reminded me of Choco, the movie, and bad non-relative famous guy who was like a version of Elvis and thought to be the good guy, till the end of the movie when the kid discovers the good guy is the song writer who’d been helping him the whole time and that the song writer was his dad too and not the famous guy.

Peggy Sue wanted to be with me romantically, I told her soon, knowing exactly who she was to me.

Then, Gorik was tweeting about a young girl who was ‘coopting’ his stuff and I wasn’t sure if he meant me or not; as he seemed to be talking a cute young blond, like the one with the older brunette in a YouTube series that talks about some current events and metaphysical topics or like the sweet but mousey gal that was Gorik’s assistant.

He was tweeting, ‘if you see this young pretty blond posting like she knows about this stuff and steam, she’s coopted my work and made it her own.’ I mused about this not sure if he meant me and I knew if it went to court, I’d win, cause I’d already sent all my info to him first and then he and Andrew presented info like it. So, legally (if he was talking about me) it’d look like he was the liar and con man and I the innocent victim being smear campaigned by him . . . and that wouldn’t look so good. He was rather angry and upset about this ‘whatever’ and now he was talking to an older attractive fifty-ish blond lady about it all he was trying to test present his case to her about this ‘girl’ coopting his stuff. He seemed to be referring to my Giant Blog post. But, he couldn’t really honorably say it was coopted and then he said to the lady, “Well except for that part . . . and that part . . . and I owe her still for that part. . .” How he was saying stuff reminded me of my Uncle Joel, “ . . . and that part is actually true and I owe her for that too . . .” He was getting very flustered now realizing he couldn’t even claim that because he’d already said so many things similar to what I’d already shared with him in dreams. He was miffed about all of this and also about his personal experiences with me in dream realms. If he said these other parts weren’t true too he’d prove out to be a liar. He was looking for a fast-easy way to quash/quell . . . me(?) before I ever even got started.

He wanted to warn people I was a liar, but he couldn’t because that was a lie and he’d be exposed; even more so than my (?) writings were already telling and he’d prove out to be the liar in the end. He was extremely frustrated by this revelation and realization. More unhappy because he knew I was true and right and genuine and didn’t fit his narrative of ‘fight’ or that I was a liar using his stuff. Digitally and electronically it’d look like he was using all my stuff, including the axe story . . . he was fumin’ but more so distraught about it all because he was finally being forced to see the truth, he could not do or accuse me of any of those things because they truly were my stories too and the coincided with his and if he said anything, he’d look like the liar and thief because of all my emails that already proved I’d already shared the info about stuff and quite some time before he ever did and it’d look like he coopted my stuff, rewrote and readapted it for his story.

Gorik was then apologizing to the blond gal saying he had used some of her stuff (me?) and her services for personal assistance and that he owed her (me?) for at least five other things as well.

So as he’d been trying to say I made stuff up, he was then instead saying, “Oh well, except for this cause I did use that; and except for that, cause I did try that, and I did do that with her . . . and oh . . . yeah (sheepishly) that too . . . and I’m sorry. . . I do owe her for that too.” He seemed to soften too now and became more like a snow capped mountain top (like Mount Vinson or Adams) with each I’m sorry and realization that he had indeed used a lot of my stuff and like each one was a tweet he’d formerly shared, but like the info had my words and stuff and like he’d posted or used is as though his own and he was realizing now more and more things were ‘my’ stuff he’d actually used and been using. So, he was distraught and frustrated now even having to apologize for these realizations, because he’d not even noticed these before now and he’d thought-planned to attack her (me?) before as a liar. But, now he’d seen the truth and that he’d used ‘her’ stuff . . . and quite a bit.

I continued to observe and just see what “is” and to not jump to conclusions and see what he’d choose in 3D and deal with that. He seemed he was not going to say anything publically or try to pick a fight with me (?) like that because he saw he’d lose. This was what frustrated him the most, he’d used ‘my’ stuff and not the other way around.




There was a male teacher and it seemed I was telling him of stuff regularly that I’d seen and then he’s follow the pattern class. I also lightly seemed to be him too.

There was a small group in the class, around six including the teacher. At first we were escaping the main classes from a bad Queen of England(?). The teacher began to show the class some things and everyone was running, then I was to teach the class.

I needed to teach them how to clean and I had to first clean up after them. We arrived at a small tree fort and went inside, the room space was small but adequate. It was also a mini hide out for us as we’d also been laughing as we thwarting the evil witch’s ways.

Inside the cubby-like room I said, “Why do I have to clean up after all of you?” and I also stated, “You need to learn how to clean up after yourselves so I don’t have to do it all the time.” I and the teacher guy also seemed to have a used car salesman vibe and as though we were wearing brown suit outfits.

The student each held an odd rectangular shaped item, that looked to fit a forearm inside them, giving the impression they were for armor or like shin guards, yet looked to me made with leather sofa pillow type materials. I also thought of pool floaties. I said to the students, “What are you supposed to do with these?” and the reply was they were ‘protection’ measures. I truly thought these things utterly ridiculous. But, if these were the things their beliefs were in, then I’d not scoff at them but show them what they needed to truly learn and use their object like it was of it, because the belief was important.

I grabbed one of the forearm looking objects from a student and looked inside it and saw dust particles. I put my forearm inside it and the dust stayed covering the inside and I pulled out my arm cleanly. I wondered when they’d even last used these things considering all the dust. I picked at the dust a little bit with my index finger and the object reminded me of a 2×4 as well with a 3” – 5” opening.

I looked down and around the room and spotted a floor shop wet vacuum nearby, it had two hoses coming off of it, but the students had placed one of the hose end back onto itself, so the suction would be clogged as it would suck itself back onto the vacuum housing. I knew what would happen from this and proceeded anyways.

I took the other hose section, turned on the vacuum, and used it to vacuum out two forearm objects of theirs, the vacuum was getting super smelly now like stinky sock feet, I continued anyways and began to vacuum out the 3rd forearm object, I knew the motor was going to burn up, but I didn’t really care because it wasn’t even truly necessary and the students needed to learn better ways to clean their objects anyways, like using Melaleuca products and white paper towels. The air smelt horrible now.

The vacuum motor cut out and the unit stopped working altogether. I said, “Ah, well that was to be expected” to the ‘secret spy mission teacher’ that it didn’t really matter and then to the students I knew that was coming, but I had continued as the students needed to see first-hand the results of what happens when they put the second hose back onto itself like they did.

The students were looking at for answers and I said, “It’s never gonna work like that and burn out eventually.” I looked at the vacuum thinking it was more trouble than it was worth, but walked over the few paces to it anyways and said, “Huh.” The students looked at me and said, “Well, what now? Why didn’t you stop it or fix it if you knew it was gonna break.” I replied, “Because that’s not the lesson. You needed to see the consequences of your actions and choices . . . poor as they were or may be.”

I lifted off the second hose from the vacuum housing and saw it was melted some from how hot the air going though it had been, it had even melted the black-grey wet vac housing where it’d been suctioned onto it. I thought I might have even seen it catch fire at one point. For some reason, I thought of the Bate’s Motel guy and Burt from Burt and Ernie. I went ahead pushed the thumb switch to the off position for good measure and did some sequences with a five slider riostat wall switch.

Then, Gorik appearing as my brother again, was chasing me and seemed to be a sneaky thief sniper type and like he worked for the Queen of England, but also not. He was trying to catch me because he wanted to be as stealthy as I am. He had matching black canvas style shirt and pants with lots of pockets.

We ran by a Jeep and he caught up to me and was trying to say he was like me. I said, “No. No, you’re not.” I then grabbed and lifted up the long windshield wiper blade of the Jeep and wiped it clean between my index and thumb by sliding my fingers down the length of it saying, “I too can teach you how to do this and not use the blade as a razor type blade. I can even show you how to remove it and use it to make beautiful music by using it like a bow for a violin.” But, Gorik was still a little ‘hell bent’ to prove to me otherwise, per my typical brother’s style. He was starting to look at how I was doing things, but he was also trying to ‘nab’ me. So I bounded away.
Gorik caught up to me again and for some reason he felt the need to pick me up to carry me. So, he sort of lifted me up (but it seemed I was too heavy for him) and carried me two to three paces and set me down again. I said, “Erm . . . ok . . . thank you . . . I guess.” We were back by the jeep again and also being pursued and it seemed ‘they’ caught up with Gorik, but didn’t ‘catch’ him per say.
Then, Gorik did all these crazy style back bends and poses and then he seemed to ‘fell over’ and was laying on the ground now like the lazy panda cartoon character I love and reminding me also of a gelatinous blob saying, “OOOOoooooohhhhh . . . .ooooohhhhhh . . .MY BACK!” I looked at him with my ‘Seriously?-I-don’t-believe-you-fully look.’ He continued to lay there complaining, “It really hurts” and “I think I broke my back from all that trying to carry you!” I looked at him with eyebrows raised and quipped, “You didn’t have to pick me up . . . so why did you?” Gorik, seemed to think maybe I hadn’t heard him correctly regarding how much pain he was in or he’d been looking for sympathy and pity which I gave none but compassion instead, either way he now stated even more loudly and intently, “MY back, I BROKE my back!!!” I was like, ‘Geeze . . . God Lord . . .’ still not fully taking him seriously. I could tell he was in a lot of pain so I thought about calling the cops for emergency services.

I waited a few moments more and watched him. Gorik now got up and began to do what looked like flying squirrel style back bends and yoga poses, then he returned back to the ground to his pancake style position and then he finally peeled himself up off the ground as though a shadow person, but he was still fully in his 3D corporeal form. He now finally seemed ready to listen to what I had to say. He seemed like a secret service black ops CIA kinda type guy, but like he’d failed miserably . . . because of me (?) and now he wanted to serve with me to learn my way. He saw how healthy I was always was and he wanted to be more like me and that too. Gorik realized he could not steal that from me and realized he may as well work with me and learn from me and how I do “it” and other things too. He wanted to be more like that . . . me.





I was now upstairs at a ski resort in a log cabin style banquet room. I was there with my parents and various extended family and friends. We’d all finished eating steaks, which had to do with the snake in the cuckoo clock dream. It was now time to pack up and head out.

I began to gather up a LOT of things. A lot of the things seemed to be my daughter Lexi’s and most everything I had to collect was comprised of multiple pieces. Where normally it would be one thing, but here, it was like 10 pieces that made the one thing if it were assembled. There was a camera, a hair dryer with 7 to 12 attachments, and a train set amongst many other things. My old favorite black cat Billy seemed to be there too. I looked around for help and everyone else had already gotten up and left. I thought, “OMG there is no way I can carry all this to the car in one trip!”

I began to sort-of mad-text my mom to ‘tell her’ . . . ask her . . . where everyone was and that I needed their help to carry everything.

The party now started up again with everyone there, but they were now seated at a different table behind me. I found a one gallon hefty zip bag with a blob of blue opaque slime inside it; like the slime I’d made before bedtime and I opened the bag and began to play with it a little bit. I moved it around the zip area of the bag to get the slime off the zip track. Then, my friend’s son Willy asked me what I was doing and that it looked like I was having fun. He indicated he might want to make some slime with me later. I stopped playing with the slime and zipped the bag closed.

My folks came over and began to help me gather up things. I collected the hairdryer (reminding me of a vacuum) and all its parts along with a handful of other items.


Then I woke up . . .